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I alway wanted a bigger bubble butt but didn't...

I alway wanted a bigger bubble butt but didn't want implants so I was working out a lot with many, many and mean lots of squads and exercise for my but from YouTube but never saw the results that I really wanted.
And then my older Daughter started saying that she was gonna do fat transfer to her but and my respond was! Whaaaaaattt? Can you do that?? So I started on goggle and found RealSelf which was very helpful for me and exciting very exciting Lol...

So I had multiple Consultations with different Dr's and finally decided for Dr. Ghurani here I seen his awesome work on lots of chicas lol..

27 more days til my sx... Yeeeeiii...

I already Have air tickets, motel, and may get a car rental too I'm getting to Miami two days before will try to have fun and enjoy to the max those two days.
After sx! Mmmmmm will see how it goes.
Since I been reading a lot of reviews I kinna have an idea of what to expect! pain and discomfort I'll be Lol....

But very excited though I have very high expectations and I know Dr. Ghurani will deliver based on pics and girls comments he's the Man :)

Wish Pics

Some Idea Lol..

Updated price to $8799

I decided to do LIPO in my arms too I'm counting my day!!!

More Pre-Op Photos

Done on one consultation

Butt I want bigger rounder butt and more hip...

Lab Work on Wednesday 21rst and I'm soo nervous ????

Getting closer....

At my Drs Office

Just waiting for my Dr to do my lab work I must say I'm very nervous ......

Nice Hips Pics

Faxed My Lab results today

Faxed my Lab Results and Medical Clearance Letter today with the rest of my bal paid yeeeiii...
My HGB is 14.5 and HCT 42.5 I'm guessing is good Lol..

Dr Ghurani's Practice Administrator

I See everyone talking about Nancy and since I started communicating with Dr Ghurani's office I been talking/Emailing Thania I'm confused Nancy is no longer with him? Does anybody know????

Nice Perky Butts in dresses

Love The round butt and nice hips

More pics lol

I can't stop looking for good pics so here are some more Lol...
Is getting closer yeeei...

My BBL is paid just waiting for my day :)

Soooo ready to have my booty done by Dr Ghurani I feel relax now that I have my test results done and my sx is paid and just waiting in a few days will be that happier girl in Miami in pain but happy hopefully very happy Lol...

Ready with medications

So today I got my antibiotics I was missing this and is very important to not forget infection med just in case.....

Not happy with my body.. :(

That will change soon I'm getting more excited than nervous :)

What kind of Vitamins to take before Surgery???

Ladies Some help please, I see everyone writes about taking Many different vitamins before surgery I was told to take only Iron but will email Dr Ghurani Tomorrow to ask him...

More meee

More pics

A little update

So got to Miami today got here at 12:45 had a reservation with economic car rental and when I went to get the car the price was from 10 a day to 36 a day so had a bad experience there but other than thar everything has been gone good :)
went to walmart to get the rest of the stuff I needed and now relaxing at my hotel and excited because will meet my dr tomorrow....

Yesterday was my sx I made it and my experience has been amazing with Dr Ghurani...

My booty is exactly what I wanted I hope stay I'm doing great Dr Ghurani he is the best I'm very happy with my results and hopefully stay this big because is big and on the pics don't look so big and loving my hour glass he gave me and big booty this is just a short update will be back soon... Love it. ????????????????????

A little update

Just walking lol

1rst Massage today...

Today I had my first massage and was a little painful but hey sooo worthy after the massage I felt amaaaazinng!!!!!...

My measurement as yesterday
06/09/14 I forgot to post it Lol....
Waist is 31" 1/2
Butt is. 43"

Dr Ghurani's Satisfied Patient...

My experience with Dr Ghurani and Thania has been amazing they both are very friendly, knowledgable , Very professional and they really care about there patients. I feel very comfortable asking any question to either one ,they responded quickly and there is no stupid question Lol.. I like their enthusiasm and willing to help on anything...

Here is a little story on what happened on my sx day everything went awesome in the clinic and everyone was amazing they made me feel very comfortable and I was relaxed. I really trusted Dr Ghurani for some reason Lol.. I mean since I talked to him he made me feel good and took his time to explain everything I needed to know.

Thania Ross she is a beautiful young Lady Very Professional and extremely friendly and goes way beyond my expectations all the time. Shes helped me get my refund from my first hotel Doubletree, this hotel's personnel was very rude. The day of my surgery I got to the hotel in a Taxi. The driver told me to wait in the taxi that he would ask for a wheel chair and the hotel personnel told him that they needed to see me with a pic ID so the driver came back to the car and said they won't let you use one unless you go and show ID. I said I don't have one I left my purse in the room just had cash for taxi, this was the day coming back from sx so the next day I called priceline and explain the situation and they say we could refund the $ to ur credit card but the manager from the hotel has to approve the refund so Priceline talk to Emil one of the hotel managers and he refused to refund anything and said that by policy was IMPOSIBLE so I said ok find nothing I could do to make him change his mind I also explain that had bad experience with two refrigerators just the third one worked but didn't care so Thania called me to see how I was doing she would always call to check on me and I was very disappointed by the hotels issue and not willing to let me go, so she said I will call and gave her the info and phone number/name of manager.... A minute or two later she called me right back and said ur good to move to another hotel she made my day she spoke to another Manager named Juan she said that he was very professional and he apologize about the wheel chair situation and agree to refund my money for the rest of my days yeeeeeiii Thania to my rescue she is Aaammaaaaazing ????????????????????????????????.........

I'm very satisfied with Dr Ghurani's work loving my butt, hips and waist my tummy is very flat he gave me projection and a big bubble butt I got what I always wanted...

All those question marks should be happy faces.......

Where are my happy faces Lol...

I forgot

I forgot to mention that my first garment is Medium so hopefully I get the second one Friday In Small or extra small not sure will see what they think Lol..

Not sure what else to say I'm having my second massage tomorrow with Ariagna she is very cool I can't wait for the pain Lol, jk jk.. After the massage I feel much better so is so good....

Still in love with my new body

My recovery is going very well :)

Yesterday post didn't post

Yesterday had an appointment with Thania and went very well she took some pics and she was very nice to pick me up from the hotel for the second time she is such a sweetie..

I'm still with my drainage I'm getting like 2-3 ever 8hrs almost nothing since Friday but my Dr will take them off on Monday he is out of town and have the appointment on Monday.. I really wish they were taken off on Friday (Yesturday) to enjoy the weekend but he takes them off on the tenth day I guess is for my own good Lol...
Will post some pics later today with measurements again..
Will measure my arms again I haven seen difference yet I guess I need more time for arm last time I measure them were the same as before sx but I know could be because is still swollen .....

Does anybody know for how long do I need to wear the compression socks??

I just had my Third Massage with Ariagna she is amazing as a person and she does wonderful massages..

So I went ahead and measure my self after my shower today and this is what I have.......
Under breast is ... 32" and was 34"
My Waist is ...........31 and was 32"
Hip.........................40" and was. 38"
Butt........................43" 1/2 was. 40 1/2

My Arms....
Left is 12" 1/2 and was 12" 1/2 no change yet...
Right is 13" and was. 13" 1/2 half inch less on this one yeeeiii...

Inner Thighs, I see a difference but this I forgot to measure before surgery looking good tho.....


I woke up today not been able to move my back is hurting soooo much the pain is coming from the back drainage I couldn't get up to go pee this pain is killing me :(
What to do?? My dr is still out of town I'm afraid now everything was going so smooth why this? Will see him tomorrow but this is horrible pain I'm taking antibiotics so I hope is not infected or something ...


Will take my pain med and then try walking if I still have the horrible pain will email my Dr... Or ask Thania what to do

I skip this pic by mistake one day post op

Forgot to post this one...

Today my last appointment with Dr Ghurani

I had my appointment today to removed my drainage and wasn't bad at all I was nervous thinking that would be painful but no pain thank god, I love my new body very much.

Dr. Ghurani and Thania were amazing from the beginning til the end today was my last appointment, going back home tomorrow yeeeeii my life will change a lot soooo excited to start shopping for my new me Lol...

I forgot to add todays measurements

Today before my dr appointment

Breast 40"
Under breast 32"
Waist. 30"
Butt. 42" 3/4

Two weeks today.

My measurements as of today..
Breast 39"
Waist. 29" 1/2
Butt. 42" 1/2

I don't think I mention this Total fat removed 3000cc
750cc in each butt cheek .........
Doing good still in vac til the 25th ..

3 Weeks today

My 3rd week thank god, haven't lost volume on my butt switches from 43" to 42 1/2 that's amazing Dr Ghurani is the Man...

4 weeks today

4 weeks today and haven't seat in my butt yet, so will see how this goes I may wait until I have no choice but to seat I guess Lol...

Loving my hips

I would like more projection tho.

A little update my BBL Sisters..

At work I had an hour training today and had no choice but to sit on my butt, I was so worry and stand up a few times butt didn't feel weird or pain because the chair had soft cushion and wasn't bad lol..

Does anybody know when to start wearing jeans??

And when to start doing squats???

5 Weeks Today

Still not sitting on my butt just last Tuesday for an hour but that's it sleeping on my tummy..

Does anybody know when can I go out dancing??

Here are some pics with my garment

I emailed my Dr. And he replied right away I had questions

Like when to start wearing jeans and he said 2 moths, because they squeeze the fat..
When to do squats he recommend 3 months and now I can start light cardio only..

Boy short bikini

Trying on some bikinis for my vac in Vegas next month .
. I order some more didn't like this one I need my boob job done in order to wear this one lol

I got my vedette 136

Trying my vedette 136 and a dress without garment

6 weeks and 3 days pics

Trying new bikinis...

7 weeks today

Hi BBL sisters so this are my messurments as of today:

5.2" 142 lbs
Breast 39"
Waist. 28 1/2
Butt. 41 1/2
I lost 4 lbs and lost some volume too like 1" 1/2 so far but still looks good :)
I'm not even trying to lose wait is so annoying...

8 Weeks and 3 Days today

I'm still 142lbs haven't Los volume anymore I got back to 42" butt my waist is still 29" it doesn't want to go smaller I been using the cincher only any suggestions on what to do?
Maybe workouts?? Please help
Here are some pics... :)

9 week mark

I can't wait to start doing squats my Dr told me to wait 3 months and I gonna be afraid to loose my butt by doing them but I think it should help to make it bigger what do you girls think? Or what is ur experience after doing squats?? Please help :)
I was trying a high waist bikini, I need my boobs done soon Lol

10 Weeks today

I'm exited that I'm closer to the 3 month to start doing squats two more weeks to go I really hope to get my butt bigger by working out my lower body.. I do see my self sexier but I wanted more rounder and more projection here are some pics..
My waist goes to 29-30 1/2 when I don't have my cincher and dont like that I wish my waist was smaller too, I love my hips tho and that I don't have bra rolls..
My arms they look the same not worth it for me

11 Week and one day

My recent pics of my little sexy booty.

My arms pics from last weekend..

My Arms pics no difference :(
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Since I got in touch with his office Thania has been very nice to answer all of my questions/replying my email, and when I had the consultation Dr Ghurani took his time to explain everything about BBL procedure and I was very excited telling him that I wanted JL's Butt and he though it was funny he stated that most of the girls ask him for JL's butt Lol... One thing I liked a lot was that Dr Ghurani emailed me and felt very special that I could email him directly for any question I had he even reply on a weekend which was awesome :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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