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Hello Realself Ladies! I just wanted to share my...

Hello Realself Ladies! I just wanted to share my journey of my BBL (and hopefully a Tummy Tuck by next Spring). I have two kids which has changes my frame from 5' 6" -128 lbs to now 160 lbs. I've seen a few surgeons who have told me that I need a TT because of separated abdominal muscles but I should use the fat they can harvest for the Brazilian Butt Lift first and then come back for the TT later.

I really enjoyed my consultation with Dr Ortega on June 24th (2 days ago). He was patient, kind, professional, thorough & answered my 10 million questions and concerns. He took time with me and didn't make me feel rushed. He gave his honest opinion about the concerns I expressed. He also shared that I may not have enough "good fat" non fibrous fat to do what I'd like to do. I have to gain 10-15 lbs before the procedure. Ugh!

I was told that before by Dr Salama & Dr Mendieta. Found out Dr Gurami (sorry if it's misspelled) works there also. Ghurami does not have the same prices as Ortega.

I was happy to know, through my research before going to the appointment, that Dr Ortega has been a surgeon for 28 years. He also was very thorough in explaining the BBL procedure and that he "does NOT" inject any Fat into the Buttocks Muscles at ALL! He explained that it is a RISK that is NOT worth taking! I asked why & explained that I thought it was a part of the procedure. Dr Ortega said that some surgeons do their procedure that way but muscles are VERY VASCULAR; full of blood and that blood circulates throughout the body. As a result of injecting fat into the butt muscles you can have an embolism where that fat lodges into a vein, ling, heart, brain or other area of the body which could result in DEATH! He said it has happened to other surgeons before and if if happened once to someone else there is NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON to make it a part of his practice or procedures! I loved that! He does NOT use drains for his BBL procedures. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

He was not trying to Up Sell my sister or I who both had our appointments that day on other procedures. He was very courteous, knowledgeable and explained each question we asked thoroughly. He got points in my book!

Karla was also very sweet and genuinely concerned about my care and questions. Right now they are offering a promotion for Brazilian Butt Lift of $4500 which includes 12 Lipo sites. The deposit is $500 Non-refundable!!

*My only concern is that there is only 1 Person working in his office that has had a BBL by him. (All of Mendieta's & Salama's staff had their BBL's) Mendieta's were perfecto but with an almost $10k price rage with a $1,000 deposit.

The surgical coordinator who had her bbl by Ortega has a beautiful figure. He added "hips" she said and fat to mostly the lower putter crests of her buttocks. Her Body was absolutely amazing!! She has a Really Naturally Beautiful look. He did a great job on her! She had a tummy tuck but I can remember if she said that he did it or another surgeon. She is a pretty Hispanic lady with a short bob & mom of 3 who said her mom had a procedure there & she decided to have her BBL with Dr Ortega. She is on his website & YouTube testimonials-- which should show the patients before & after (pics or videos) so the viewer can see the testimonial and the TRANSFORMATION. It was a little shocking to see her there because of the way she is portrayed in the video as just a "patient" when she really works there. On the positive side , she is extremely friendly, showed us the work he did & it was nothing less #Amazing!

I had a really great experience and think I may go with Ortega. I asked Karla for a week to place my deposit at the protected promotional price of $4,500 BBL OR $5,000 with recovery house, food and care giver. She gave me until Wednesday July 2, 2014.

I'll be posting additional pics of my before and wish pics for you ladies.

If anyone has had a BBL by Ortega with In the last 2 years pls message me and share your experience, pics and contact number.

I'm excited but nervous! I really would like to do this once and get really good results. Until next time...

Still doing me... Still researching Dr Mel Ortega

just wanted to add some more pics of my before...

Doing some homework & research...on Dr Ortega

i don't know if I mentioned that I asked Dr Ortega if any patients passed as a result of surgery with him. That is how we got into the conversation about injecting fat into the gluteal muscles and the complications that arise from it including death... etc.
So, I went ahead and did a Google search for "plastic surgeon physician malpractice records" in Florida... the state site is for the Florida Department of Financial Services... pls search your state respectively.. this is what came up: https://apps.fldfs.com/PLCR/Details/MPLClaim.aspx?id=30581

Great NEWS: He has NO Malpractice cases that someone has passed away, but there were 3 claims about 20 yrs ago that appear relatively insignificant; to me. 1) face lift - the person's skin keloid. I'm not sure if that is only on the surgeon or if it's the type of skin a person has.
2) Butt implant that didn't seem to take well from the explanation the state has on their site. seems like they were placed & then removed.
3) 3rd case was thrown out by the courts. So it must not have been that serious.

*My comfort level hasn't been rocked. My biggest concern is how many of these BBL's has he done? I was told by Karla that he is one of the pioneers of the procedure. he is actually just down the block & on the same side of the street as Dr Mendieta. Karla says he does about 2-3 BBL's per day. I asked to see pics and was only shown two. Hmm... ????????. She did make an excuse as to why she didn't have more available for patient review. I hope they realize how important it is that they have this stuff. I found Dr Ortega through Realself not by referral. ????Open to your comments and thoughts ladies.

Here are some wish pics.. Dr Mendieta said that he could only put 300 cc's of fat in each cheek and that I would end up with a hart shape ????! Though his staff's behinds look fantastic; a siesta has to have a lot more junk in her trunk than that. I say, "If it can be harvested, Please take as much of it as possible and filler up!" That's where Mendieta went on the chopping block.. he prices helped him get cut also.

More before Pics

Want Classic Hour Glass....

Will definitely be taking advantage of Dr Oretga's 12 Area Lipo "Special" that's included in $4500 BBL. I Received a call from Karla asking for Deposit saying the promo rate ends this coming Monday but as I'm researching I've noticed that Dr Oretga's BBL has been this price for a while. I don't want to feel or be RUSHED! My goal is to do this procedure once and Once ONLY!

Can we have it All: price & the figure of a life time?

Ortega's Price Is a really awesome price! I agree with ElleRenee. He's the only surgeon offering that aggressive of a special in FLORIDA!! For what it's worth, he should run it for 30-60 days! get ALL is BBL Dolls to post RS & add to his brand as the BBL KING of Miami! But Beyond the price for 12 areas of Lipo + BBL etc., which is undoubtedly EPI; I'm looking for a lot of RS Before & After pics to really be able to see his BBL style?

-For example for $9,800 Moises Salama's patients have that "Pear" shape... small waist -n- more rounded hips! He has over 700 RS Reviews with tons of before & Afters!

- Dr Andew "J-Curve" Jimmerson gives you "Snatched!"- flat stomach, small waist & a Donk for $10k!

A Gurl like me needs a Butt on a budget! I'm hoping Ortega is my answer!
- I can't really tell Ortega's style based on a few B & A pics. I'm sure he's very skilled, but I just can't pinpoint his style! I'm waiting on his reply to my email so that I can move fw with deposit. I WANT a "Cosmetic" Surgeon who can help a Sista inflate that ass in all the right places! Yaas Dolls, I want a Jaw Droppa! Two Bubbly Capital D's!

LOL, No shade or disrespect. Just my personal opinion for what it's worth. I don't rely heavily on any surgeon's web site bc of photo shop & posing like on Mendieta's site; curved backs & pushing out the ass to get a good shot. But he's not a "Bubble Butt", "Shelf-Life" or "Donk Surgeon"; you'll get a shapely butt but not a Donk etc!

Can it be Done?

Changed Surgeons! Going to Dr Jonathan Fisher!

Hey RS Dolls! Happy 4th of July! It's great to be free & doing ME!! Well since my last post, I emailed Karla @ Dr Ortega. I haven't received a response as yet! No harm, no foul. I had a consult scheduled with Dr Jonathan Fisher at Vanity Miami so I went ahead with that appointment last Tues 7/01/14.

That morning I weighed myself before leaving to Miami. Gained a little now 162lbs. Killing myself to eat more, but still eating healthy. Not liking the feeling if being full & heavy. Any ways, My appointment time was 1 pm. I got there at 1pm sharp. At about 1:35p, I was called back by Leah, my surgical coordinator. She was nice. Kind of a fast talker. I had already read all of the "stunts" that Vanity pulls or tries to pull. I already got a quote by Dayana for $4,000 which includes all blood work & surgical medical testing, 6 areas of lipo sculpting & fat transfer to buttocks. When I sat down with Leah, I was a little surprised but not too surprised based on the RS reviews I read on Vanity's antics.
First, she fast talked and asked for $5500 for Fisher! (Be a good listener & document everything she says - leave your excitement outside the door because now we are talking MONEY) she told me she would in include post op compression garment & 3 free 1 hour lymphatic massages at their location closest to my home, which is Plantation area, but I would have to pay for two additional lymphatic massages at $180 total for both. *And that price includes: All Dr visits with Fisher.
*12 areas of lipo and fat transfer to buttocks.
*garment included
*pre-op blood work & EKG.
That was all good and fine with one MAJOR exception! You guessed it. The price is not near what I was quoted! I went back and forth with her determined to get what I wanted if they were getting what they wanted!
I got her down to $4,500, & was comfortable with that providing they honored their part if the agreement (12 areas of lipo etc). So I got it all in writing.
Here's where the surprise came in:
(1) she asked me to take off my shirt so she could examine me! {WTF, Bish you ain't no Doctor!!! Crossed my mind} I've never had a surgical coordinator touch me let alone ask to examine me! What medical school did she go too again?
{2} Then she asked for 50% deposit before I even saw the Dr!! That's crazy to say the least. I told her that in a nice way. By repeating to her a few times: "Let me see if I have this correct; you want ME to PAY you 50% deposit [pause] ( she's smiling and nodding her head up & down) BEFORE I see the DR??? I said it a couple more time before she got the message.
Nah, Bish that's not going to happen!
Dr Fisher was in surgery. She let me know that it would be about 20 minutes. I finally saw him after 3pm. I was greatful because he made an exception to see me as he apparently wasn't supposed to be scheduled to do consults that day due to him going on vacation this week.

Dr Fisher Review

????I was pleased by Dr Fisher. He is very polite, respectful, thorough.. thorough... Thorough, humorous and down to Earth! He took his time to explain all the details of my BBL & TT. I told him that my TT decision will be based on how my BBL goes. He said, "Fair enough". He took time to look at "Wish"pic I have of his patients that I found on RS, mainly of RS Super Doll "VanityVixen2014". That Diva is Snatched and her transformation is absolutely Amazing! Look in' like she's walk in' around with 2 Hams on her back side! ASSo-lutely Fisherfied & ASS-tastic! He was so willing to answer any more of my Q's. He asked me if there was any thing else he could answer for me. I left feeling confident and assured! Our consult was about 30 mins long, though he had a patient that they were prepping for surgery! I was never rushed, nor was he!
I felt comfortable enough to pay he $4,500 in FULL at that TIME. Before paying, I did express all of my concerns to Leah; about what I'd read on RS about their office being run unprofessionally and running late. I asked to be either the 1st or 2nd patient scheduled for Fisher on 8/05/14. She said she put that request in. I will receive a call the day before telling me the time I'm scheduled for.

I looked at the paper work after ????leaving and realized Leah has 10 areas of Lipo not 12. & their cancellation policy with patients rights. I asked her to correct the invoice and send it to me. She said she will. I emailed and will call Monday to follow up. I also asked for a completed copy of their cancellation policy as they have you to sign blank documents. Not Cool.

????(Shinanagance) After paying for the 2 additional massages at $180 and $4,500 for BBL Procedure.
????Leah tells me she received an instant message from her Boss (no name given) saying that the 5 massages are $350 and that she (Leah) is not authorized to give me what we agreed to and I paid for!
She said either I would need to pay the the difference or she would have to issue a refund.
I told her she has to honor what she agreed to and I paid in full for! I asked her to call her boss to her office. She quickly said, "she's not gonna come down here for that. She's busy"! Ok no problem. Either she was lying or they are going to eat it! I told her to call me the next day if she has any Q's or issues arising from her boss & the massages. WTF, is wrong with these people? They'll Bate & switch you if you let 'Em! I left there at 5:44pm. Ugh. Several Red flags.

Still on the path to a Newer Me! Scheduled for 10/28/15 with The Queen Dra Duran

I apologize for the delay in updating my Blog. Ultimately, I did not go with Vanity. They staff was playing games. Wanted to charge me over $1100 more for my surgery and massages. I finally got fed up of the stress and run around of dealing with their unprofessional staff and called American Express (the card I paid in full with for sx) and DISPUTED the charges. Told them what was going on and they issued a full credit that became a permanent charge-back to Vanity.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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