42 years old mom of 9 grama of 5.5 - Miami, FL

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So I have been thinking and thinking about getting...

So I have been thinking and thinking about getting a few things done since my last pregnancy. I have 6 boys and 3 girls. They are 25 25 22 18 16 12 11 4 and 1. I want a BBL TT BA BL and LIPO if it's not covered with the BBL. I have decided on DURAN. I contacted her on Monday she got back with me on Wed. I just sent back the information requested. I'm hoping she gets back with me really soon with a price. I want to have the procedures done in November December. I figure this way I'll be pretty much healed for the summer. I have read a lot of the reviews and noticed that recovery has been from 4 to 6 months. I want to get this done because I feel so ugly since I had all my beautiful children I mean they just took the beauty with them. I will post pictures of me with out clothes as soon as I get a surgery date. Mean while I'll post one with clothes. I'll update as much as I can and will also do YOUTUBE videos as a visual adventure. Which I'll post that info as soon as I start that. Thank you for following my reviews and I thank you for letting me follow yours. Anything you want me to cover or any questions you have please let me know. I'm a very honest straight to the point person.

Planning my new body

No i have been on Instagram searching body types and I found what I want. I'll post pictures. I am still waiting on a quote for the surgery. I don't know if the holiday is affecting the time it's taking. It took 48 hours to get a reply from the initial email and it's been about four days now. I don't know if that's a long time or not but it is when your sitting around waiting on a reply from a strange person you sent naked pictures of yourself to. I have a lot of time to research this since I have been sitting in the hospital with my son now for over two weeks now. Hopefully we go home tomorrow I miss my bed and my house. Well here are the pictures tell me what you guys think about my choice. To much or nawl?

Still searching

Still reading lots and lots of reviews. I read the cdc article and it made me research more. I'm loving a lot of the reviews keep seeing different doctors work which causes me to second guess my choice. I have gained ten pounds do to my work schedule 13-14 hour days five days a week. Any suggestions on doctors would be great. I want mommy make over by some one who does great boobs!!!!
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