42 y. o Bbl and lipo, switch to Dr. Blinski Miami, FL

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I really didn't have the procedure as of yet but...

I really didn't have the procedure as of yet but im seriously thinking it would be a great idea for me to explore that avenue. I love many pf the pixs I've seen on his site and in love with his work. just need a round and firm butt, not too out outrageous but outrageous and natural looking butt. I've seen his work and I'm very excited to see what I can get for my money.

Will officially be an Osak doll in March

Yes guys, I've been dreaming of that bbl all day long and my dreaming has become reality. I've locked in my date in March of 2016 and I can't wait to get it done. I have six months to get everything right. Dreams have become reality.

BBL Review

Ok guys, I will be doing this sx when the King is away on his trip. I just want to surprise him in March. Is there anyone out there that will be going for bbl in March? Plus my Doc is Osak. I know lot of dolls have gone through him but I need someone to please tell me more about him. I just sat up one night n pray on it and I ended up choosing him. I hope my decision is right. I just need all the help I can get as to what to do. I'm recovering right now from lower ab, flank, back n love handles lipo. Im using the next 6 month to recover from that n prepare for my next adventure(bbl). I'm very poor in asking questions. What do I need to buy for my upcoming sx in March 2016. Please dolls help da sister out.

Almost ready

Ok dolls.. My date is drawing nearer. I can't wait for March 10th 2016 God willing to get it done and over with. I'm yesterday to choose a RH. If anyone knows the best in town please recommend it to me and sites that I can buy Faja and what I need to do to get it done. I'm trying to loose few pounds before my dates.

My date is in March

Ok I'm ready to be an Osak Doll. I contacted Margaret at Dr O. And she stated I need to loose 20lbs in 2 months in order for me to have my BBL and lipo done. God help me. I need it so bad I can taste it. Starting tomorrow I'll be entering the biggest looser contest just because it will help me to shed the fat and loose the weight faster. I'm praying that I'm able to reach my goal with my blood result good, I hv severe anemia but I'm on iron 3x a day. I know everything will be fine. I can't wait to meet and greet Dr O and Marg. 2 months and a week to go. I Ready for it. Ready to be an O doll and be snatched.

6 weeks left dolls

I'm pumped up. Can anyone please give me the best RH house, please. Need to know what I need for my trip. I'm actively loosing weight. I have 20 lbs to go and I'm doing my weight tomorrow. Need help dolls. I can't wait to see Dr. Osak. I need to start buying my stuff asap but idk what I need. I've heard of abd board and back triangle. I'm struggling, I need all the help I can get.

Help needed!!

I need to find a cheaper RH with good pt reports and can I please have a list of all I would need for my sx. I hv 6weeks left. On my way to loose 20 lbs. I'm going crazy here. I need help from all the vets dolls. Please. Thanks

A month + 2 weeks to see Dr O

Ok, guys I'm getting my work out done. I have 7 more pounds to go. My main aim is to get my iron up to 11.6. I can't wait. The big day is scheduled for March 11th. Is anyone going on that date and have you booked your RH? I'm yet to do anything. No supplies, no RH. I'm just here.

It just got real.

Ok, I have a month to go, Yaay!!! At the same time I just a nervous wreck not because of the surgery, it's because I'm just trying to do all I can right at this moment to bring my hemoglobin up to the accepted surgery standard. I've bought Pur Absorb, B12, Vitamic C, Floradix and Hemaplex. I'm not trying to overdose myself here or to create an iron overload. The only thing that is in my way right now is my hemoglobin. Thursday I'm scheduled to see an hematologist. I'm down to 192 only 2 pounds from my goal. 1 month left to go. I'm worried. Not knowing what to do. Anemia is been part of me as a little kid to now. I'm hoping I'll get a good feed back from my Hematologist. Prayers needed.

22 days to go

Wow!!! Nervous.com. I'm so nervous right at this moment. I'm grateful my dreams will come true in 22 days. Can't wait for Dr O to perform his booty wonder. I'm so lack behind, I haven't bought my plane ticket, no labs but I'm stack up with supplies. I'm seeing my Hematologist today for the first dose of my Iron Infusion and the second will be next week and I'm still loading up on my iron, taking purAbsorb in the morning, Floradix before lunch and Hemaplex in the evening. Overall getting my Hematologist clearance is good and my hope of getting my new booty is good with God by my side I'll update on the 12th about the 11th (surg day).

19 days to go and No Dr Osak????

I'm really thinking, what do you all think about having my procedure with

Omg Dr O!!!

I'm very worried. 19 days left for me and I'm devastated to find out that My Dr O has his license restricted. I'm in shock at this point. What do you all think about switching to Dr Fisher? Let Gods will be done. Those who had gotten there wish booty are the lucky ones. We are just waiting to see how this will play out.

Wow almost here

I just can't wait to get it over with. I pray all goes well and I'm just waiting to see if I will get my clearance call by 2morrow b4 gettn my ticket. Thank u God we are all in your hands, please guide and protect us in every step of my surgery and direct Dr. McAdoo to snatch n give me the required projection I wanted and the booty I desired. Ameen. No more posting till I get my clearance.

I'm devastated....

I'm down at this point. I've done everything I can, hematologist visits, 2 iron infusions, PurAbsorb, Floradix and Hemaplex, beets and all. My cycle came and my iron is down to its lowest 10.2. Now that I wanted it the most. My surgery is in 7days. Wow!!! At this point, I don't want to give up. I was told to take my iron 3x daily with Hemaplex 3x daily. So I'm Loading up at this poing.

exercise, sweat and low Iron

Omg!!! I spent all this time exercising loosing buckets of sweat and I keep wandering why my hemoglobin stays low or loosing iron not knowing that too much sweat cause loss of iron. My daughter told me about it, I didn't believe her, until I research it and damn me should say. Why did I spend all my time at the gym to exercise not knowing why my iron went down so low (10.2). Surgery is on Friday and I'm in awe at this point with myself. I really don't know I was doing myself more harm than good. After 2(750ml doses) of iron transfusion, I hit the gym like everyday n mad that it didn't work only that I was sweating it out, rather than keeping it In my body. I'm devastated. Prayers needed for Wednesday I'm repeating my cbc again. Hopefully some changes will occur, no exercise from now on.

Sx rescheduled for 03/21

Again low hemoglobin plays a great role in rescheduling my sx. From 10.2 I raised it to 10.7 in a week so my goal is to be at 11.3 and up for the next 1 week. I'm so disappointed but I believe if I can raise it up to 10.7 in 1 week I will be able to go pass 11..... in another week. Bags packed, RH pd 4, plane tkt pd 4 with insurance in case. CBC rescheduled in a week. Pray all goes well.

5 Days to go but my hemoglobin.

Again it's depends on my Hemoglobin which I'm scheduled for on Thursday. Ticket bought, RH house booked and Sunday I'm leaving for Miami. I'm sensing my monthly is on it's way. Will they do my surg? If not one thing it's another. I've been building my iron up, the first 7days hemo came from 10.2 to 10.7. So hopefully tomorrow or Thursday (2nd 7days) I might have brought it up to 11.3. We'll see. Can't wait for the clearance.

Update!!! Prayers needed. 4 more days.

I've worked so hard to get my hemoglobin up higher than 11.2. Tomorrow I'll be heading to get my CBC done again. For the past month, I've gone through too much, stress, needles, IV's a lot. So I'm giving it a try tomorrow to see what it would be. I pray my hard work pays off at the end. I'm booked to leave here on Sunday. Does Encore open on Sunday? Please help me pray, I believe in prayers, and it conquers all. If it didn't rise up, I know it's not meant for me to be and I'll be heart broken but I'm keeping my faith.

not meant to be

I finally accept that this is not meant to be. Maybe later


Well, I was told by the pre op Nurse that Dr McAdoo will do my surgery but it would be done at the hospital. Apart from the $3900.00 that was asked for prior I have to pay an additional $3800.00 for the hospital and 1 over nite stay. So I can be monitored. I was just thinking, if the payment for Encore's space & anesthesia was included in my $$$ I believe that they should give me that discount because to me its like I'm paying twice for an anesthesiologist and facility. Now my surgery will have to cost me a total of $7500.00. That's a lot but if that's what I wanted I will reschedule and try next month and less worry about my hemoglobin. I hate my Beta Thalassemic condition. Your body kills red blood cells faster than it's produces. Thanks to all RS supporting doll. I will reschedule for next month.

heart broken and dreams shattered in pieces

I'm pissed beyond words, but 4 every wrong God always find a way to make it right. I've been deprived from getting my Bbl. I can't say much because I did accept their apologies but I think I should be paid some restitution for lying to and the money i spent to fly to Miami to meet Dr McAdoo. I'm lost for words but I'll elaborate more later.


Ok dolls. I want to say I spend 4 days at this RH house. It's new, gorgeous and the staff were really down to earth. Danni and Suzanne were the best, Jessica is just a God sent, the nurse and other dolls I came across made my stay a memorable one, though I didn't hv my sx but this is the best I've had hospitality wise. So dolls if you are looking for a cozy n beautiful full of life place to stay please go online and book Miami_Escape.com. I really feel like home and hopefully will be returning soon for sx with another Dr.

Osak update!!!!

Ok guys, Dr Osak has finally been revoked from the board. It's final that he is gone and now it's the trial phase and also I hears Dr Hassan is at the hospital trying to get his stuff right so he can start practicing again. So guys Osak from been "Restricted" to now "Revoked". So those who are hiding after hours to do sx with him, please know that he can no longer do that and he is in under the radar and might be arrested while doing sx on clients/patients. Becareful and be warned.

disappointment is an understatement.

I have so much to say that has been in my mind but the few I want to spill now is, ladies if you pay with ur debit/credit card your money will be debited back in ur acct immediately, but with cash you'll have to wait for your refunds for a month. Vanity n Encore. Dr Mcadoo?????? I'll give u guys an update. Smh at the unprofessional behavior of Encore n their practices.

i made it!!!!!

Thanks to God for Dr Blinski 3 days ago my dream came true. Later

Dr Blinski

I finally made it to the other side of booty land. Thanks to my hematologist, Dr Blinski and Danni at Miami Escape. The best team ever. I couldn't hv choose a bttr doc 4 my sx. Dr Blinski is a booty artist.

Miami Escape.com

Ladies, please don't sleep on Dani, the best svc ever. I'll missed the voice of Ms Brenda and Ms Sherri so much. Danni is such a sweet heart. They made my pains less than what it would be. I'll really miss my furry friend Puppy Puppet as I've been calling her. There services are great. I'm thankful for my journey and my very happy stay at this house. The 3 big meals i av everyday. Guys don't sleep on this. They are the best. As for me, I'm taking everything one day at a time and I'm healing. I'm really and truely owing this to God and Dr Blinski for taking me in as what they've called me a "high risk", which I'm not. Through all this mess with my iron, IMADEITSAFELY.

RH.... Miami Escape

Hi Dolls, I'm feeling better enough to write this review about Ms Danni and her team. "One of a kind" their services is beyond words. They are up 24/7 helping dolls recovering with their different surgeries. From picking me up to going to my Dr's appt to my sx to all my post op appts. I couldn't thank them more. Ms Danni is a God sent. I missed these ppl so much, Ms Sherri so down to earth and always ready to do, Ms Brenda... wow!!! She's such an heaven sent and my fur-ry friend "Puppy Puppet". I missed this puppy so much. I feel i got so much attached that i caught myself crying on board my flight home. The food??? Despite with no salt was so tasty 3 times daily plus loads of snack. I must admit there are times i had taste for carry out which i sneak in without her knowing. My experience at this recovery house is a "World Class", upscale and i owe my recovery to you guys and i don't want to ever forget Dr Blinski, my miracle doctor for making me beautiful. I owe it all to him. After all i went through the Encore and Vanity. To me i felt ridiculed by Dr MaCadoo and i felt as if i was not human the way he treated me. My experience was EXTREMELY bad with VANITY. His practice i believe should be visited by the board for malpractice but i must admit the only good thing that came out of VANITY / ENCORE is the friend i found in my coordinator (Margaret). She is such a blessing in disguise. I want to use this forum to thank her very much for all the help she rendered me while i was been battered and treated poorly by the facility and doctor she represented. I wish i can really go back and stay at MIAMI ESCAPE.

Dolls is this normal????

I'm back at work after a month and I've been sitting on my thighs with my BBL pillow but I've been experiencing burning sensation on my butt chics and I'm scared this will ruin my results. Is anyone feeling the same as me? Please comment.

1 month post op.

I'm getting there. One month post op. Dr Blinski. A lot of junk in my trunk. Just as i like it.

5 weeks plus counting.

I'm loving me but still in pain and still burning sensation on my cheeks. Still laying on my stomach and can't sit. Coming along slowly. Notice my left hip is bigger than my right but i always learn to wait n not complain till my healing is final. Few dents here n there but I'm loving my results. Dr. Blinski is the man to beat.

Planning on round two

I'm happy with my results but not satisfied.
Osak Omulepu MD

I had my sx with Dr Blinski and 190 lbs lighter. So far all I'm getting is good vibes. I couldn't be happier.

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