4'10 128 Lbs Getting a Bbl with Dr. Hasan. Miami, FL

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Hello everyone. I am scheduled to see Dr. Hasan...

Hello everyone. I am scheduled to see Dr. Hasan on December 9, 2014. Never thought I would write a review because I was fine reading about everyone else. I had a breast augmentation doneon August 3, at Coral Gables and my ps was Dr. Jacob Frieman. So far, I love my results. In regards to a bbl, Coral Gables gave me an offer of $4000 to do my whole body with Dr. Frieman. Since he's great only for breast augmentation, I opted out. So now I am working with a pc at Vanity. They quoted me $3500 for Dr. Hasan and Dr. Fisher at $4500 since I was "a smaller person." I know Dr. Fischer is exellent, but $4500 only included the usual spots. With Dr. Hasan, my pc said $3500 would include the lower abs, flanks, and thighs. I still was not sold on it yet bc everyone was saying he wasnt board certified and i was reading other negative stuff. People are quick to judge when they dont know the whole story. After weeks and weeks, I did decide on Dr. Hasan because I love his work. The total due would be $4000 and also includes my arms. My paperwork still indicated the bra rolls which I replaced with the thighs. My first concern is more of body contour, but if a bbl can be fitted into the equation, thats fine with me. Dr. Ortega, who was also a contender, produces too much booty for my liking. I am really really short. I want a bubble butt but nothing too dramatic. I think Dr. Hasan will give me the results i am searching for. I love readying aBout the Hasan dolls, and thank you so much. I will have to search for hotels, and cars, and massages. I will not be paying real house for their services. I dont think It would be worth it.

before pics

Some of my before pics

Paid my balance. Surgery is coming near.

So I just paid off my balance so that I can get my lab work done soon. I dont want to get the ok then they ask me to do more work. That seems like the trend there. Anyhow, This was worth a shot. I ask my coordinator if I could get my faja for free if I made my payment of $2000 today. She said you're killing me and spoke with a supervisor. They ok'd it. Its doesnt hurt asking. Next thing is getting my medical supplies such as lipo foams, ab board, arnica gel and pills, tylenol... My BMI is 27 or 28, so I am below the the 30 mark that Dr. Hasan is so anal on. Getting excited. I hope I wont be in too much pain. When I had my BA done in August, a scale of 1-10, it was a 2. My favorite work of Dr. Hasan has been stella_bella. She looks amazing. By the way, I was able to get a six nite stay from various hotels for a total of $450. That included taxes. Travelocity kept giving $30 off $100, $40 off $150, 15%off, and cheap tickets had 25% off. I ordered basically each nite with different codes. I have two weeks left, wish me luck. This is so exciting!!!

Pre pics

I gained 4 lbs since I first joined. Just got my labs done and waiting on the results.

in fort Lauderdale

Hi ladies, I'm in fort Lauderdale and am heading tomorrow to Miami. Getting my pre-consultation w dr. Hasan. Hopefully it can go smoothly. Wish me luck.

surgery tomorrow

Hi ladies, I have clearing for surgery tomorrow. Dr. Hasan was astonished that my coordinater sold me a bbl package that didn't include the back. So now I have to mix
and match, trade the
back area and not lipo my arms or thighs. They wanted to upcharge bc $3500 included 10 areas (the special for that time). I added arms for additional $500, but on dr' s advise that i have more than 4000cc of fat if I do my arms. Its a little confusing. I paid for the massages there. Expensive!! Thank you for the well wishes. Hopefully I can update you tomorrow.

I'm hassanified

Hi girls. I've been drugged up and finally feeling better. Quick pic.

first pic post op

almost two weeks

Hi ladies, its been a struggle. Its been emotional and hard not lying on my back. Dr. Hasan was quick. He was friendly, and straight forward. The bartender, the aneseiologist was a young cutie. No wait, the place was clean and organized. The only complaint was my first massage was scheduled for 1pm and then changed to 3pm. I told them I needed a place to lie and sleep after first day post op. They complied. I would tell you to get two garments before you arrive. You will be leaking and have no choice to buy a new one at Vanity for $120. Be prepared. Buy abdominal board, lipo foam ahead of time. Its cheaper. I didn't go w Marian at massage professionals. Just tired of these decisions and went w vanity. My overall experience was great. Manager was friendly.

quick pic

loose skin a thing of the past

hello ladiesI used to have a big pot belly with stretch marks Dr Hassan said that my belly could have really really loose skin but after the swelling is going down its been about 2 weeks and my skin is tightening up very well even with a few liquid pockets. its feels like i have abs now. I am loving my body. I am confident I will get the hour glass I never thought I'd get.

My photos aren't too clear, smh

I am about the 1 month post mark.

Hi ladies, I'm still loving my results. My butt has started to soften. I still feel very achy and tight. My butt has gone down considerably, but that was for the good. Dont forget that I'm only 4'11. My butt is way bigger in person than. n the pics. My Belly is flat but I need to watch what I eat or ill get big again. Dr hasan didn't
lipo my thighs, arms, nor the Vijay jay, so I need to hit the gym. Wish my waist could be more hour glass, but dont know if that could be possible since I can feel the abs n muscles. Dr hasan warned me am out the stretch marks on the belly. My skin has tightened and doesnt sag, but the stretch marks aren't pretty. I've looked at other dolls from different docs and they bruised so much more. Only 1 breast and the vajay bruised that was it. Just waiting for the butt to drop some and giggle a little. I still wear my cg but wear the waist clincher more. Tightened it by sewing it smaller. Big mistake, I swelled. Take it on and off now so the body can breathe. Hope all is well with you dolls. Xo


Miami Physician

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