41 Year Old ,2 Kids and in a Happy Relationship Just Want to Feel Beautiful for Me. Miami, FL

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So I have been dealing w vanity for about a year...

So I have been dealing w vanity for about a year now I'm ready to book my date but not sure of I should wait till I have all the cash was quoted 4 000 but they change it all the time ....can't wait to do this ..but nervous at the same time my boyfriend will be coming with me not sure where I will stay yet ..but iam dead set in getting this done

getting the $$

So just did my taxes once the check is in my hand no going backwards I eat sleep dream of this new body

which dr. to go with

I have been hearing hassan isn't coming back is that true ladies ???

updates please

Any news on dr. Hasan ,when he will be back ? still waiting for my check so I can get this done ..I have been hearing alot of reviews with dr.o ...it's such a hard decision to make but if you gonna spend the money you want what it's worth meaning the best results ..

the cost

Does any of my beautiful dolls feel guilty of the expenses of the sx , I can't help to feel bad ....but I deserve to feel good too right ? I do everything for my children but I feel like this one time let me do this for me ...give me your input ladies am I the only one who feels like this

need this waist snatched

Here I weigh about 180 not sure to lose any before sx

wish pics

I would love to have my waist like that and my butt a little bigger


Question for my ladies who already had surgery did your breaststroke size go down after losing the weight ??


So , question for my dolls , has anyone had a problem scheduling for April with Dr hasan ?? And this question is for my vets from 1 to 10 what is the pain level after surgery ...getting close so getting scared

vanity get your stuff together

So confused so dr.o isn't coming back and either is Hasan than wtf doctor is left I had my heart set on hasan ,

other doctors

Has anyone ever heard of Dr mandietta? Considering other bbl doctors


Feel like I'm back at square one, I want to get it done in miami by Dr hasan , but I seen a closer dr .in ny , might be able to do the same thing .in refuse to pay a high deposit to vanity when I hear they won't refund your money. I also am checking out dr Salma work idk confused , I want to get this done in mid April


Starting to feel frustrated I have my money for my surgery ...waiting on doctor delvechio to get back to me for my consultation ...I want to do my surgery on may the latest ..vanity keeps calling me I don't know what to do


Consultation on Monday with Dr delvechio , excited

still deciding

Man this isn't easy , I don't want to deal with vanity but there quotes are reasonable ...I'm thinking mabe Ortega what's the deal w him any vets out there to give me some input ..but my heart wants delvechio but man $$$

securing my date

Putting my deposit down with Dr. delvechio ,tommorow securing my date may 19th baby

60 days away

60 days till Iam a Delvechio doll , paid my deposit ...surgery is may 19th , super excited

almost time

Blood work done just need ekg , still need a few supplies anxiety is kicking in

changed the date

Got a text from my coordinator peg , they need to change sx date up.... so my new date is may ,13th , it's getting closer I'm getting so nervous


11 days till Iam a Delvechio doll so excited


Can any vets tell me what to eat or drink after surgery and the must haves for surgery , my sx is may 13th

dr delvechio

Consultation tommorow in new York , excited

pre op

So had my pre op in ny met dr delvechio he was really nice office was organized answered all my questions and met peg who was really nice as well , surgery date may 13th excited to get this over with already

day of surgery may 13th

Drove to Philly , I couldn't believe I didn't have anxiety ...I just wanted this to be over with .....checked in at hospital signed a bunch of papers waited for dr d to mark me up I remember him saying you need hips girl and joking with my boyfriend ...got my iv started and went back to operating room I just remember it was warm in there and u was knocked out. ..woke up to the nurse telling me I need to eat something. .she needed to get out of my face lol I just wanted to sleep my procedure started at 1100 and I left the hospital like 500 ..drive home was terrible ..I literally felt like I had bricks n my ass I liked my shape I just need swelling to go down had my first massage on may 17th it hurt a little but she did her thing ..I'm so tired of laying on my face ...this is so uncomfortable hope it gets better ooo I also threw up first day propably the anesthesia thst made me sick my boyfriend has been taking care of me I love him so much here is my pic


Had my second massage today , need that swelling to go down can't wait for my appetite to come back

2 weeks in

2 week post op , getting my energy back slowly , however this heat is no help , still tired of laying on my face went to see dr delvechio last Monday and he had to drain me ...ladies stay compressed getting drained is no fun I almost fainted he took out 12 syringes of fluid ...sucks no massages till I see dr delvechio again not this monday but following ..fluid is going away ..just my vagina area is very swollen .and I like my booty so far it def gets attention lol just hope I get my stomach right ...simple things I miss sitting and sleeping on my back n cuddling with my man ....ooo and taking a number 2 ladies be prepared it's no joke ...

laying on my sides

Iam 2 weeks 5 days post op , so happy to hear dr .delvechio said I can sleep on my sides that made my day ..I can't tell you how much I hate sleeping on my stomach ..just waiting till Monday to see him so he can drain me ...I have alot of swelling and inflammation my butt still looks great ..hopefully the days will get better now ..

week 3

Ny visit to get this seroma drained , dr said mabe 2 more times and that's it...I've been wearing my ab board and drinking caneldula tea ...not as sore ..still no massages till after I see dr delvechio in philly next week

one month one week post op

Went to ny , doctor d said one more time to drain seroma and I should be good also reccomend ed I wear a looser garment my de prada was giving me a dent , hopefully goes away with massages ...body is looking better every day love my butt , hate the garment ready for all the numbness to go away I'm one month one week post op ..

2 months post op

2 months post op ..seen Dr delvechio Monday in NY..july 11th no more seroma ..he said stomach looks great ..he took pics for his instigram ...loving my results still getting massages they do help ladies

2 months post op

This was a picture I took at Dr delvechio office 2 months post op

3 months post op

Today I'm 3 months post op my booty lost some volume with swelling going down still numb in some areas and I still have some asking in my stomach and where my seroma was its hard now in lower abdomen will be seeing Dr Delvecchio in September ..maybe I will get a TT to Mame my stomach how I want it and whatever fat I have left he can put it on my upper booty do give it more volume n I'll more hips so we shall see how recovery goes I'm still getting massages weekly ..and I'm still wearing my de Prada Faja ..to help mold my stomach so really hoping I don't need tummy tuck but I knew this going in before surgery

Not all what we think

I'm not saying I don't love my results its definitely better than what I had ...but I don't know about spending all that $$ tho I just think we see these huge asses right after and we ate some that is what we will have ..I had no ass so I'm not complaining ..I just think they should show before and after u are healed to give is a better view of realistically speaking ...I still have a large lump its hard on my right side of abdomen ...see Dr Delvecchio in September may be a round 2 .but a TT so my waist can be smaller and the fat can put more in my booty ...

3 months post op

I don't take a lot of pics but here are a few

all.most 4months post op

Before n after results after swelling went down

Four months post op

My appointment is in October .can't wait to see the doctor since I was rescheduled .its a shame because I have this lump ..but aftercare isn't the best .still getting massages .my buttooks good however if he thinks I need a TT I most likely will add the fat to my butt for more projection .I'm still loving my results minus my stomach my back looks great

10 months post

I still have my dent .thinking of round two ..with a tummy tuck a little hips n butt for projection love my tiny back

10 months post op

10 months post op

Miami Physician

Now going with Dr delvechio

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