40th Birthday Gift to MYSELF! Rami Ghurani/BBL/I HOPE I PICKED THE RIGHT DOCTOR :( - Miami, FL

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I'm scheduled for my BBL with Rami over Spectrum...

I'm scheduled for my BBL with Rami over Spectrum on May 26. I'm so excited I finally made the decision to get this done but not sure I picked the right doctor. I know he does great work but I really don't see a lot of reviews from other women that hat had surgery with him. Is it me or am I being paranoid. PLEASE HELP.

Wish Pics!!!

Ladies...I need reassurance! Give me hope when it comes to Rami!

Any More Rami Ghurani DOLLS out there!!

Just wondering if there are anymore Rami DOLLS out there....
Please tell us/me about your journey. Would love to see some before and after pictures.

And Now The Countdown Begins!

Not so Patiently waiting for my transformation. VERY ANXIOUS!


Woooohoooooo! Cleared and now more waiting lol!

Booty Buddy!

do you any of you ladies know if you can use the Booty Buddy on the plane? I don't want to purchase it if can't use on my flight home.

I'm a bit CONCERNED!!!

It starting to really bother me that Dr. Rami Ghurani is not very popular amongst the ladies here on RS. I've been waiting for weeks for more pictures of his work to appear on RS and Instagram but no luck. :(

I can't belive this guy is working at Encore! :(



I just got word that I wont be meeting Dr. Rami for a consultation before my surgery. My surgery is scheduled for the 26th of May. I need to go to the Spectrum on the 25th to pick up my prescriptions and make final payment...I really thought I was going to meet with Rami on the 25th. Is this normal practice?

The day before my surgery!


soooooooo......long story short: I was scheduled for 11am surgery but due to complications with an earlier surgery Ghurani fell behind on about 3 surgeries mine included which surprisingly enough I was okay with. Since Ghurani and his assisting nurse gave my husband and I the courtesy to explain to us what was the delay. My only complain was this office was FREEZING but they do give you blankets to cover yourself. I have to add Kudos to my husband for having so much patients during this whole waiting process.

Ghurani eventually came in to my room and was so professional, I this very moment I knew I pick the right doctors for my BBL. He explained to me in detail from beginning to end about the procedure. He is a gentle and kind soul. He marked me up and gave me so much confidence that my surgery was going to be a complete success. He was extremely honest. Ghurani explained to us that BBL's are extremely painful SX, messy and long recovery, but all worth it at the end. He said that I will be a bloodly mess and I will have a lot of leakage. AND THEN HE SAID WHAT I DID NOT WANT TO HEAR.........HE WILL PUT 2 DRAINS IN...1 IN THE FRONT AND 1 IN THE FRONT :(

At this point, I'm marked up, then the anesthesiologist came in about an hour later as me a few questions and proceeded to put an IV. HE WAS AWESOME.

I'm marked up, IV is in, and then about another 45mintues later the anesthesiologist come back to my room and escorts me to the operation room. On the way to the operating room, I saw Doctor Mel Orgeta and he was extremely friendly. At this point, everything seem so surreal and real at the same time. The operating room was filled with so many nurses and people; all I could think of was WOW this is really happening. So now, I'm laying down on the operating table and I'm just staring at the ceiling like WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING LOL! Ghurani ask me, "So what type of music do you listen to", I told him I like all types of music so he proceeded to get his Ipod and but Aventura (Spanish music) lol and about 2 seconds later was out for the count!!!! LETS DO THIS!!!

I was surgery for about 3hours and in recovery for about 1 hour. All I remember was a nurse getting me out of the bed and walking me over to my wheelchair. I was rolled out to the front of the office where my husband was waiting for me. He said my I was a swollen mess and he could barely recognize me. WHATEVER, just get my fat ass in the car and take me home. I always remember being rolled out to the elevator and go down to my SUV, where I laid out in the back....on my stomach.

Mind you, my drive from the clinic to my sister house in Fort Lauderdale is about 45mintues but who cares I was still drugged up and didn't feel a thing. I get to my sisters house (God bless her) She almost passed out when I exited my car. I had blood completely all over my dress and my sister screamed out loud THAT I WENT TO A BUTCHER SHOP LOL. My sister was a mess...the poor thing. I then walked inside the house and passed out in the room. I slept on my stomach and 5 weeks later I'm still sleeping on my stomach.....THE WORSE THING EVER :(


My first couple of days, I was managing just fine. I had my husband at my side and my sister was great with helping but boy oh boy my 3rd day in is when my nightmare began.

1st of all, if you are not use to sleeping on your back...you are in for a hell of ride. This was my biggest hurdle. I had fat grafting to my hips so I could not sleep on my sides or on my ass so I had no choice to sleep on my stomach. I cried everyday and month later I still cry. I slept standing up lol, I tried sleeping on my knees, but the only realistic way to get some sleep was on my stomach. I was sleep deprived and this caused my emotions to go from 0 to 100 real quick :(

2nd...the drains are so annoying but necessary. I had to lug around these damn drains for days.

3rd....the pain meds suck.

4th...lipo suction hurts! I felt stiff and numb all at the same time.

5th...being swollen in the ass area is very deceiving. Swollen ass is much better looking than healing ass LOL!

6th...peeing was so hard and uncomfortable.
I didn't purchase it but I wish I did.....GIRLS MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO BUY THE EZ PEE....i think that's the name of it.

7th....going number 2 is not fun. please buy stool softener and prune juice. I did the deed about 3 days after sx.

8th....my appetite was barely there. Make sure you eat and drink a lot of water. This is easier said than done but you have to.

9th....the whole faja and foam situation. Its really painful and please make sure you ask about your 2nd stage faja. Spectrum only provides 1 faja and after a few days it wont fit you anymore so be sure to ask about the 2nd faja and MAKE SURE YOU WEAR IT LOL. Trust me there are going to be days you are going to give up and throw that shit in the garbage because its to uncomfortable but don't.

10th....oh boy these damn massages. So, you must get these massages and prepare yourself they are painful. I had 2 while in Miami and none since I came back home to NY. :( NOT GOOD

11th....and mentally prepare yourself not to seat....FOR MONTHS!!! I purchased a Dr. Miami BBl but to be honest....you can roll a towel under your thighs and has the same effect. The BBL pillow hurts tremendously after a while.

The pain is manageable but its a hell of a ride.

I will continue my story tomorrow and more pictures to follow.......

and my story continues......

I had a few follow up visits. The next day after my surgery and 5 days after that.

The next day visit was with Ghurani's assisting nurse. All she did was take pictures of me and check my incisions and my 2 drain. The 2nd visit was with Ghurani (Thank God) He was very pleased with the results and so was I. He removed the drain from my backside and the drain in the front side had to stay in for another few days...The only problem with that was that I was traveling back home to NY. Believe it or not Ghurani showed my husband how to remove the drain....YUP my husband removed my drain 5 days later and it hurt like HELL!!!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!

Now the emotions, regets, and doubts take over you body and I'm finally back to work.

I'm sure this is normal to feel all these emotions but it really takes over your mind. So all in one day, I feel happy, sad, regretful, doubtful and every other emotion.

The first few days back home, I lugged around this damn drain, my back was killing me which it still is but whatever and I was sleep deprived....not a good mix.

But just 2 weeks into my surgery my body looked SICK.....I was a hot mama lol but I tell you...your body goes to so many transformations it bananas! So Now I'm back to work and walking around with all this ass lol. I received so many compliments. IT WAS GREAT.

Mind you, I have to drive more than an hour to get to work. Driving for an hour while sitting on the booty buddy was no joke but I had no choice.

Playing dress.....Still very happy with my results!

Love playing dress up. I purchased a bunch of new dresses and my old dresses fit me but just FIT ME BETTER!!! At this point none of my pants fit me but that will soon change :(

Stilling playing dress up lol


Fast Forward 3 weeks later and there's been alot of changes!

Here we are 1 month post ops and emotions are still running wild. Call me crazy but my worries are getting the best of me. I have more booty than I've ever had and the tiniest waist line but I feel like I've lost a lot of volume. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but I know my body. Don't get me wrong I love my results but I wish I had more volume...more vavoom!! Please don't think its Ghurani's fault...everyone recovers and heals differently its just how my body dealt with the fat. As I said before swollen booty is more appealing than healing booty lol. Now I understand why women go for round 2.

This experience has been overwhelming at times but at the end all worth it. As my husband says, Doctor Ghurani has changed my body forever and for that I'm grateful.

loving my body more each day!

I still go through many emotions. I have days I overly happy with my body and some days not so happy. I believe this is normal. Overall Im super content with my butt, stomach and hips. I praise ghurani on his work.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Thank you so much for your amazing work on my body!

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