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Glad to be sharing my journey and experiences....

Glad to be sharing my journey and experiences. Scheduled to have my px done in April and can't wait. It is needed as u can see and badly desired. Was told to lose 10 lbs and since I was told that, I gained 10. Going to start a exercise regimen so when I'm done I will hopefully be toned and fit all the way around.
Scheduled to see Dr. Fisher and paid 50% so far and 6 months to go. I wish it was 6 days but it gives me some time to tone. So here we go!

Lifestyle change

Started working towards my new body today. Going to tone up so once I get my lipo my ab muscles will shine through. Also gotta tone these legs so they match my new booty. Going to take pics once monthly to show my progress along the way. Planning on losing 20 pounds at least down to 169 so let's see how this works out. Just attached one of my wish pics. Can't wait!

Wish pic

Another one of my wish pics

Just checking in

I've been walking daily about a mile and I've strength trained about 5 times in the last month. Trying to get fit for my surgery in April! Can't wait. Ready to not be embarrassed about my butt... I feel that some junk in the trunk will make me more confident. I want to feel good about all of me and no exercise will achieve my desired results. Believe I've tried everything and bbl is what I am choosing to do. But for today posting some pre-op photos because I'm going to take my post ops in these same pants. Will post a nude full back photo, taken by hubby shortly so u can follow my get fit journey and see if there is any change. Thanks for your support.

Wish pics

Been literally dreaming of my bbl. Can't wait til my day is here. Viewing pictures and determining what I want and definitely don't want. I want to look au natural and nothing too huge and disproportionate. Posting some wish pics...

Counting down

Less than two months until I get what I want. I can't wait! I am ready to finally feel comfortable in my skin and clothes. Got 2 plus weeks off work for recovery and I am going shopping at Walmart this weekend for the remainder of my supplies. I already have a bbl pillow, compression stockings, maxi dresses and some tunics to wear after surgery. I priced the supplies and they are less expensive at Walmart than amazon. Oh yeah and I have a desk extender so I can stand up at work and work! I hope to do 40 work out dvds in 8 weeks which means that I will be working out 5 times a week. I am motivated to tone...just hope I stay motivated. Oh and I added chin lipo to the list. Can't wait!

Low self-esteem? No!

Thinking about my procedure and preparing for it. I told my boss what I was going to have done and she said "why?". I responded that it is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Her response was then, "I wouldn't have pinned u as someone with such low self-esteem ". I explained to her that isn't what it is at all... I had to stop and think about it and I have been thinking about it since she said it about a week plus ago. I do not have low self-esteem. I believe in myself whole heartedly. I believe in myself possibly more than I believe in anyone else because I know that I can do and I believe I can achieve anything I want to because I have control of my actions. I talk the talk and walk the walk. And in my quests for all I believe in, I have also taught others. I do my best to make sure that I am the best I can be at everything and I always big everyone up and have them strive to be the best they can be . I have a lot of people who care about me a great deal because of how I am and how I strive to make others better. I am a person who sets out to learn something new everyday and then teach what I learn. Years ago did I think I had low self-esteem? Yes but I'm past that phase. I am getting this procedure done because I want to. Because I do not like the way my butt looks and I want to look better in my clothes and nude. For me, and that's it. I have worked hard with my head held high and achieved many goals while my butt looks like this. .. I will continue to do so after the surgery. .. just with a cuter and more shaplier backside... it has absolutely nothing to do with low self-esteem. It's another goal of mine that I am striving to achieve. Every day that passes, I will be better than the day before.

Recovery House

I have already scheduled my recovery house for 6 days, 7 nights. ..1500 including lipo board, foam, faja, meds and transportation at Xanadu. But now I am unsure and hoping people who have experienced the rhs can recommend me one that possibly includes meals and good help. Thank you for any info you could give.

Bbl bed

Making my own bbl bed for back laying after surgery. It's still a work in process but comfortable already. Once it's done I am sure it will serve it's purpose.

Surgery Paid for

My surgery is now paid for 100%. Still looking for a recovery house though. Then last night someone stole my car smh. Can't believe it. At a time when I need all available funds this shit takes place. Still moving forward. .. Thank goodness for insurance. ..

2 weeks to go

2 weeks until my surgery and it is coming up so fast. I'm ready as far as supplies etc goes but still didn't get my medical clearance yet smh... planning on going tomorrow for ekg. I already got my blood work done. I'm booked with miami escape and fairly confident with my decision. I have a good feeling about Dani. ..she provided me with some invaluable information that not even my coordinator has. Can't wait to get this done and start the recovery process. I didn't work out constantly like I planned to so I hope to get some aggressive lipo done lol. Just hope my skin isn't so hangy after the procedure. Well, we will see. My procedure has already been rescheduled once so hope not to go through that again. I don't have money to burn. ..

Today is the day

At Vanity waiting to go in. Praying that God will see me through. Please Jesus keep me safe through this journey and walk with me and carry me when necessary. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy. Amen.

Made it through

I did initially post but somehow deleted it off. I made it through by the Grace of God. I am now on full day two of recovery and finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. The pain, stiffness and discomfort caught me off guard. It was serious. U will definitely require medication. Right now I am a bit shelfy and not in love with my backside but I can tell that will change. I feel confident that I will eventually love my results. Just drinking lots of water and gatorade, taking my antibiotics and other meds and walking 5 - 10 minutes every two hours. As a result I am getting better and stronger everyday. I will post pics soon for all to see the transformation. My waist and torso has been lipoed to the t. Will show you soon. Ttfn

On the other side

Well, I remember when I first found realself and researched and almost immediately made my appointment for the procedure and now I am on the other side already. That was 8 months ago and this time has flew by. I was so anticipating the procedure as it is something that I have wanted for a very long time. I was always negatively affected by how I felt about my butt. I was embarrassed by the flatness of it and wanted to do something about it for so long and now it is done. I was surprised that I could put cosmetic surgery on "lay-away". Wow how happy I am for this site and all the information provided. So as far as my procedure goes, it was definitely more pain than expected lol. I totally underestimated it. I am now 9 days out and the mornings are hard. I have to struggle to get out of bed and I then go walk around the house for 5-10 minutes to get rid of the stiffness but of course it is getting easier. You will definitely require pain pills... My shape is coming together more and more everyday and I am happier more and more each day. My self confidence has already increased internally and I see nothing by greatness in my future lol. I will inform all of my experiences with Vanity and the recover house a little later (neither were bad) but for now, her is a pic of my front a few days after surgery. Fisher definitely sucked a lot of fat outta me. :) will update soon.
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