40 Yrs Old Mother of 3. Miami, FL

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I'm hoping for a smaller waist and nice full ...

I'm hoping for a smaller waist and nice full booty with projection . Upside down heart . I already have hips no need for more. Tired of having the back fat under my bra line and the love handles gotta go. I feel like I've selected the right doctor to do the best job. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I've done tons of research and I personally know women who went to this Dr. As well as other Dr's.

BBL done March 2nd ,so happy I did it !

My BBL surgery was 3/2/16. I made arrangements to be dropped off at the new life recovery house the night before. Could barely sleep those last few days being excited but also nervous not knowing what to expect staying at a recovery house away from family and friends. Never nervous about my Choice of Dr. I did months of research before making my final decision . I have friends that have gone to several other Dr's as well as Dr. Medieta, he is considered the Picasso of Butts. His entire staff from beginning to end is amazing and helpful . Never waited long for a reply from email or call back. Unlike other Dr's I had contacted for a consultation. The Price is higher than most but like most things in life , you get what you pay for. You can't put a price on safety, cleanliness, and perfection as well as the outstanding experience ! Here is the website for the recovery house. Www.anewliferecoveryhouse.com The house is new. Exceptionally clean. William and Yani are sweet and caring. If you would like to call the number is 786-301-1516 William, Yani 786-641-9671. I will be honest because it is a fairly new business they have a few things that could be improved . However they make you feel like family and they are there for whatever you need. I checked other houses much more expensive and no availability for my time frame. I feel the price is fair and overall the service was good. You can email me if you have more detailed questions, mprissie35@gmail.com
I have before and after pics I will post eventually. Day 1,2 not so bad as far as pain Day 3,4 was probably the worst of the days for me. Most uncomfortable is sleeping on stomach , so I ordered curve cure chair and mattress I'll be using bed and chair 2 months , I will sell garments and chair and bed all like new asite you go down in size so quick you have no time to wear the compression garments. Between Dr office 150 each and online I've spent a lot. So email if you need garments before your surgery ...lymphatic massages make the world of a difference. I had four at the recovery house 2 since I've been home going to get at least 10 total. I'm a massage therapist and I own a spa so I know the benefits! I'm doing everything normal except sitting directly on my rear. I even went back to work day 8. Not up to a 100% but I am not one to do nothing. Good luck ladies, hope this info has been helpful.

Here are some before and after pics

Happy with results . Should have done it sooner.

3 week update

I am still bruised a little and swollen. A little tender still on the right side to touch but nothing unbearable. The curve cure bed and chair really helped to be more comfortable. I really hope I don't lose any more volume on the booty. I'm anxious to see what I look like after 3 months

4.5 months after BBL

Love it and would do it again. I get so many compliments from men and women about my shape. I feel likr zi could lose 10 pounds and firm up still.

So far the office has been great. Just had my preop on the 17th. Surgery is set for March 2nd. I will be recovering for 7 days in Miami at ....anewyourecoveryhouse. I will post before and after pics.

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