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Like most of you, I have been on this site for...

Like most of you, I have been on this site for almost 3 years and I am just now updating my profile. I just got some basic info from Laissa from Vanity Miami and I AM SO EXCITED to have begun this first step. Dr. Hasan has a special going on for $4,000 if you pay cash ($6,000 I quoted is for my recovery house stay and massages.) She was so very nice and comforting. Going to send her my pics this week.

Love the roundness and projection. That is the look I am going for.

I just emailed my pics to my coordinator Liassa-YUK!!

Most of my life I have been in pretty decent shape, small waste, nice sized boobs and nice little perky butt. The weight is so very hard to get off as I get older and when I do get in shape, my butt suffers tremendously. I will have a flat tummy and a somewhat flat butt-Ewwe! After looking at my pics, I can't believe how much I let myself go. I want to lose some weight, maybe 10 lbs before February. I wan't my face to slim down a little. I can't believe that after 3 years, I am finally posting pics and writing update....OMG. The thrill is overwhelming and I just love this site for having so many woman that can relate. So very comforting.

Going to wait until November to put a down payment.

With so many horror stories regarding coordinators at Vanity, I decided to not put a down payment as I expected to do a week ago. While I am still going to go with Vanity and Dr. Hasan for my surgery, I fear that once they receive my money, the attention that I am getting now will immediately dissipate. I am going to Florida in November for an event and I am going to do my in person consultation then. If all goes well, I will make a payment then. At least I know over the next few months if I have any pressing questions, my coordinator will be more likely to get back to me. I am still so very excited and just can't wait to get a new booty.

More butts I Iike

Looking through Google pics and found more pics that I like. It's less then a month before a I travel from NY to Florida for my consultation and down payment.

In bed looking at Real self reviews and getting more excited.

It's the evening of Halloween and I an in bed watching Lock up Raw and looking at booties on real self. I am flying out to Florida in less then a week and am both excited and nervous about my consultation with Hasan on 11/6/15. I hope to put a down payment and schedule my surgery for mid February. I'm from NYC and the men loooooove a fat booty. While my butt is not flat at all, iit is nothing spectacular. I can't wait to have the daaaamn booty with a tiny waist. While I know I can achieve a tiny waste by diet and exercise, a fat booty won't come with it. That's why I am opting for the BBL. I am so excited and feel I made the right choice with Hasan. My only concern is that he is going to give me too much hips. I do not want big hips at all!!! I just want him to round them out, cus I have none and give me sick projection. I want to lose about 15 lbs before my surgery. My goal is too look like a fit chic with a sick booty. I will post about my consultation as soon as it's over. Sending prayers up to all my real self bbl sisters. I pray for smooth surgery, great results, no complications and quick healing!

Had my "consultation."

Wow, so I wanted to wait until I could give this update posting my undivided attention. So here it goes...I fly into Florida from New York, 2 days before my event that was 4 hours away so that I could have an in person consultation with Hasan. Luckily I have 2 good friends who live in the area that I was able to stay with. My friend takes me to my 9:30 appointment on 11/6/15. I am so excited to finally be in the place and see everything up close. The women that work there that are not dressed in scrubs have their make up done and some have big booties. One lady in particular as the biggest weirdest looking butt, it really looked like a but job gone wrong. It was really high and far apart, weird,...anyway, I wait maybe 30 minutes or less and a SC by the name of Margaret comes for me. She tells me that Dr. Hasan would be unable to see me for my consultation because he is in the process of doing a "mommy makeover." She proceeds to tell me that she is not sure why my coordinator Anna scheduled me for that time. In addition to Hasan being unable to see me, my coordinator wasn't there either. Margaret was very nice and we immediately connected because she too is from NY. She answered all of my questions and took her time with me. After speaking with her for about 35-45 minutes, I decided that I wanted her to be my coordinator. It just made sense for me to change to her since I had actually met her in person. She indicated that that is not something that they like to do ( take on another coordinators client) but I explained that I am the patient and this my choice. While I was disappointed that I did not get to have my consultation with Hasan, after reading all off these real self post over the last few months, I kind of had an idea that that was going to happen so while I was disappointed, I wasn't devastated. I prepared myself for this. I am realistic in what my expectations are in terms of costumer service at this place, while I believe that no matter what, we as paying costumers should receive great costumer service, however I knew that coming into this that this wasn't the case with vanity and I accepted it (longest run on sentence ever.) Anyway after our conversation I decided to book my surgery! I put my $1,000 down payment, scheduled my surgery date left there skipping! I am so very excited about receiving my surgery and I just pray my new coordinator Margaret is responsive. I am going to start ordering my supplies and sending them to my friend that lives in Fort Lauderdale so I don't have to carry all that stuff on the plane. Now to find a recovery home, I have only researched Moni thus far and it seems good. If anyone has any other recommendations, please let me know! I will be posting a little more frequently now as my surgery is exactly THREE MONTHS AWAY! Omg!

Gained a lot of weight

So I was already over weight and have gained more weight and my BMI is over 31. I want to lose weight before my surgery on 2/10/15. I don't want to have a flat tummy, fat butt and fat face and fat arms. It is not a good look to me. Today, I will start my weight loss journey and start the gym!

Moni is already booked :-(

I sent Moni from New Body Recovery an e-mail and she is all booked up for my date of surgery. Now I need to find somewhere else ASAP!

Still haven't booked a Recovery Home!!

I don't know who to book, every time I lean towards one place, I find a horrible review on it. I am so conflicted!!!!! Help please!!!

Found a Recovery Home! Cosmicare

I am so relieved!!!! I was looking for a Recovery Home for quite some time. My surgery is less then 2 months away and I was getting super worried. I decided to look into Cosmicare and I was sold. Kesha the owner answered my questions quickly, I am very pleased with the services that she supplies and although the Miami location is new, she has tons of experience in her other RH homes. The Cosmikit that comes with staying with her is a nice extra. There are a lot of little extras that she takes time to incorporate into her care there which for me shows that she is really looking to make the recovery experience a comfortable one. She sent me a welcome package and was very clear on what I would receive, the payment and refund policy and answered every single one of my questions within 24 hrs. I got an overall sense of professionalism with her that I didn't quite get from the others. So needless to say, I am very happy with my decision and will be giving you ladies a play by play once I get there.

Received my lab orders today.

I just can't believe how close the day is getting for me to get a fatty! It is so nerve racking, yet so exciting. All I do is look at booties, research BBL items, read up on tips from fellow real self dolls and imagine my fat butt. This website is so amazing. I can't begin to tell you girls how helpful you have been. Thank you for being so transparent and posting every detail on your journey, surgery and post op experience. So many people benefit from the info posted. BBL for me in 45 days!


Hey dolls, I just can't believe that my day is coming. I am nervous, in disbelief, anxious,etc.. I decided to fly in the day before my pre-op and just stay in a nearby hotel/motel. Does anyone have any suggestions??????

Hasan cancelled

I didn't want to believe it when I saw post from some Dolls. Hasan has indeed cancelled all surgeries until the end of March, beginning of April. Just got my official confirmation from Vanity. I have to process all of this to see what's my next step. My heart goes out to all the other Dolls that had upcoming surgeries with Hasan.


So I received the "official" call regarding my surgery being rescheduled. I thought long and hard about it last night and I decided to just wait for Hasan. I am very fortunate that I added insurance to my flight and will not be losing any money ( I suggest all of you dolls get insurance on your flights) and my RH allows you to switch dates 2x, so I won't be losing money there. Additionally, my job is flexible with my time off so I will just postpone my vacation. I really wanted to be faja free before the NYC summer but at least I will still have a few weeks before the summer hits to heal. This will also give me the opportunity to lose a little more weight. I did want my face to slim down a bit before surgery. I have to be positive because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it at this point. If come April, there is a problem again with Hasan, I will DEFINITELY be going with Fisher! I can't go through another delay.

My theory on Hasan's absence

Again this is just my personal theory. I think Hasan had planned to take a lot of time off and Vanity did not want to tell anyone. We all know that Vanity itself is about the money and not necessarily the customer service. Announcing that Hasan would be out for a few weeks/months would mean that many of us would have just opted to schedule our surgeries when he was around. Vanity fearing this, did not announce it but rather chose to let us schedule our surgeries and make all the expensive travel and post op arrangements then hit us with the "he had an emergency" crap. This way they would be able to start shuffling people around to other Doctors and not lose as much revenue with Hasan being out. They don't pride themselves on customer service, we all know this so knowing that it wouldn't sit well with us was probably really not a concern for them. They don't want to give us a definite date because they would be faced with the same problem, people opting to wait until Hasan comes back and losing money. I know Vanity clearly recognizes the hold they have over the United States "affordable" plastic surgery market and although they know that there was going to be an uproar and people requesting refunds due to Hasan's absence, that loss still would have been if they would have just been ethical and been upfront with us. I think that they know that no matter what they do, they will still get decent business, unless everybody opts to go to DR, which many of us are not comfortable with. Like myself (bows head in shame), I am still going to go with Vanity despite their terrible customer service and handling of the Hasan "emergency,". I can save to go to a better facility but I would then have to wait until maybe the end of next year for my procedure or beginning of next and that is not an option. So that is my point, I consider myself to be a reasonable, intelligent woman, yet I am still going to Vanity for surgery. This is why they do what they do. I believe Hasan is still in the country and just taking some well needed time off and will be back earlier then expected. Curious to read what my other Hasan dolls think. Please post.

Love these butts

Vanity - Decisions Decisions

One minute I am positive and optimistic about Hasan being back by April, the next minute I am panicking that he won't and I will have to go with another surgeon. I find myself looking on real self 100X a day. I am not looking at Fisher's, McAdoo's and Osak's before and afters. I know the 2nd most popular Doc is Fisher but I see too many girls that have a shelf and weird flatness to their butts. I need to try and stay off real self for a while (doubt I will be able to) and calm down. I just want a nice round basketball butt with sick projection and aside from Hasan, I am not sure who can give me that. I have to relax and try and refocus on losing a little more weight for surgery.


Hello there BBL Dolls,

I pray all of you who have had to switch from Hasan to another Docter who have already had their surgeries are doing well and are please with your results. To all of those who are still waiting for there date, I hope the waiting time goes by quickly and your heart and mind are at ease. My surgery date was supposed to be in a week from today (2/10) and it is now 4/7. I have come to terms with it and have taking this opportunity to lose more weight so that my results could be even better!!!!! I have been going to the gym and eating well. I have lost 7.5 lbs and want to lose 10 more. I was told not to go under 170. If anyone who changed from Hasan to another Doctor, please post the info. I am very curious to see where most people went ( I am guessing its Fisher). I just want to get as much info as possible because if Hasan is not back by my surgery date, I am going to have to get a new Doctor. Please post! Thanks Dolls, I get so much comfort and info from you dolls its unbelievable and invaluable!!!! Thank you! XOXO

OK, What's going on?!?!?

So who is left to perform BBLs @ Vanity??? Just got wind of the Osaka debacle. Is it only Fisher? ? Are they just trying to get there last bit of money before they close down the place completely? ?

Now looking into Doctors in NY.

So with all that is going on with Vanity...I am scared. I am scared that come April 7 ( my surgery date), Hasan is not going to be back and Fisher will be booked. If I don't get it in April, its not happening for me this year. No matter how much weight I used to lose, my butt would stay nice and perky, at 40 that is no longer this situation. I have been losing weight and already see my butt deflating. I don't want to go through the summer being fit but with a flat booty. Although I can't afford a NY Doctor, paid most of my surgery and nearly all of my Recovery House stay, I am scared that come surgery time, Vanity is going to pull something else out of their booties, leaving me high and dry. I am currently thinking about paying half my surgery in cash and the other on credit (if I am approved.) I have currently sent a consultation request for Dr. Schulman and Dr. Del Vechio. Lets what happens. Not committed to changing from Vanity yet but I really do need to explore my options at this point.

Its a No go for Vanity

Hey Dolls,
I have decided to not have my surgery done at Vanity. I was scheduled to have my surgery on 2/10 and had to reschedule to 4/7 as a result of Hasan going MIA. I have been a nervous wreck fearing that Hasan will not be back in time for my surgery date and then having to go with any Vanity Doctor that is available or having to change my travel plans all together. On 2/17, the day I was supposed to be flying back home, I had to have my appendix removed!!! Everything, I mean everything happens for a reason. Had I had my surgery done on 2/10, I would have been rushed to the hospital the day that I was supposed to come back home. Even worse is that I probably would have just endured the pain, attributing it to my surgery. My appendix could have certainly exploded and I would have been stuck in Florida, recovering from BBL, Lipo and Appendectomy. I contacted Vanity and Roxane said that I have to wait 8 months before I get a BBL. Meaning my April date would now turn into October. Since I have been having so many reservations about Vanity and Hasan not returning, I decided to not have my surgery performed there. I have been praying on it and with now a second delay, I feel like it is a sign. I am going to save my money and go to either Dr. Del Vecchio or Dr. Schulman. I have done some research and I have heard anywhere from 2-6 months after appendectomy is ok for BBL. Lets see what Dr. D. and Dr S. say. Sad that I am probably not going to have a big booty this summer as I had hoped by happy that I didn't get my surgery as planned. I have already requested my refund from Cosmicare today and Vanity. Waiting for a response.

Vanity Refund

I requested a refund from Vanity today and awaiting a response. Does anyone have any recommendations, suggestions, tips on how to make sure they give my money back if I run into any problems?? Please assist!


All I can say is that I love Kesha. I requested a refund, she responded to my e-mail super quick and will be processing my refund ASAP. I know receiving a refund from Vanity is going to be a challenge and not having to worry about my refund from my recovery home is comforting!! Although I do not know her personally, through our e-mail correspondence over the past 2 plus months, she seems to be a great business woman and a genuinely compassionate person! So grateful.

Dr. Del Vecchio or Dr. Schulman?? Decisions Decisions

Will be having consultations with them both in the next few weeks. Any Post Op Dr. D or Dr. S dolls out there??

I don't know what to do!

I am so tired of being unsure about my BBL decision. I have gone to 2 consultations in NYC and am afraid that they are not going to be aggressive enough. When I look at before and afters from Vanity and the Dominican Republic, they are so much different then the BBL. I don't know what to do, I want to get this over already.

Here I go again!!!!! Back to Hasan????

Oh my God. I can't believe this is happening again. I know all of you got the news just as I did. I had put my surgery off because I couldn't decide where or who I wanted to go with. I got my initial deposit back from vanity and decided to have my surgery in New York. But because I couldn't decide which doctor, I kind of put everything off until I got that text from my patient coordinator saying that Dr. Hasan was back. Now I am back on real self looking at pictures all over again deciding when I can do this. I am just worried about giving my money to vanity again. But Doctor Hasan is by far the best doctor for my BBL. I was scheduled to have my surgery with him in February until he went missing. Now he's back and I'm torn. I'm leaning more to yes then no but still uncertain.
Dr. Anthony Hasan

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