Im 40 Yeras Old 2 Kids 5.4 170 Pounds - Miami, FL

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Im happy because my dream is in october 27 with...

im happy because my dream is in october 27 with the best dr jonathan fisher in miami florida...i pay ..8,000$ because they do lipo in the normal 12 areas for bbl ..and lipo in arms and full dream is like kim karda...i hope the dr he can do nice job for mi..i have like one year waiting fo happy too...i put more pics after bbl....i just pay my deposit for keyla's recovery home..she is very nice ..she speak ingl├ęs and spanich..i have everithing ready ...

this is perfec formi..i hope

Im here in vanity

Im so nerves ...i fly this morning from new orleans ...i hope dr fisher do the best for mi..because i live my babys with the baby sad..i love my babys..3 years and one sad


Everithing is ok..i have my bbl happy because no problems...i dont see how i look ....i need to see me ...tomorrow i put pics the dr is nice person i talk with the dr around 40 mts i tellme i do the best i can

Fisher b..

This is my new b..

Its ok is no like Kardashian b... Its ok for the moment

Exacly 4 weeks

Today i have for very happy with my small waist before im 34 inch im 28 inch...everything is ok ...maybe i want more b...maybe

This 26 i go to see the dr fisher

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