Bbl & TT? Or do them separately?? Miami, FL

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I'm looking for anyone that has done a brazilian...

I'm looking for anyone that has done a brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck at the same time?
I'm a mother of 3, in my 40s
My weight right now is up to 164lbs after I've gained. I am 5'6". I
I'm scheduling in to get mine done in Miami with Dr Mendieta in October but am unsure if I will be happy with 500cc in each cheek and how much pain I'll be in from the 2 surgeries at once?
Help please!?!

My flat butt

Flat butt and ugly tummy

Not sure what I should do?

Originally I wanted to get a BBL and a tt done at the same time but I can only get 1000cc lipo'd if I get both done at same time. So I'm not sure if I should just get the BBL done first!? I'm not sure if 1000cc will be enough to give me the shape I want!?
I don't want a huge butt! I want nice roundness and hips and a small waist. I'm from a small town so I don't want it too noticeable but yet I do want it noticed!? If that makes sense!? Lol
Any suggestions from anyone!?

Still undecided if I should get a tummy tuck and a bbl

So I'm still so undecided it's driving me nuts!! I constantly check rs to review other people's experiences.
I'm just torn about whether I should get both procedures done at once? Could I please get some feedback from you all!?
I have had lipo done in the past so will that affect my fat now that will be added to my butt?
I don't want a huge butt just curvier hips and side view with a tiny waist.
If I don't have much loose skin on my TUmmy does that mean my scar will be higher up?
Please help me!

Any other Mendieta patients?

Anyone other bbl that went with Dr Mendieta? How was your results and experiences?? I can't stop thinking about the surgery and everything that'll go with it! The surgery, the pain, the healing, what I all need to pack with me?
I'm planning on staying in Miami for 2 weeks after surgery since I'm from canada.
Will I be smaller when I leave after 2 weeks? Or still really swollen? Will I be able to walk around outside during the 2 weeks or will I be too sore?
Is the massages necessary? Do they help? And what are they suppose to help with?
I know I know I have tons of questions!!
Help veterans!!

So down and disappointed!

So I've decided that I will get a few more doctors advise through consults before I choose the right one for me.
I just got off the phone with a dr in Toronto and he has told me that I don't have enough fat to lipo out!! He said maybe 200 from each love handle!!
I've gained weight for this already!!!
I know the pics are hard to tell but I do have lots of fat!
Dr Mendietas office lady told me that from the pics I sent them that the dr said I'll have enough!?
I'm confused and disappointed!
I have a phone consult with Dr Salhauzer in 2 days so I'm praying he comes through for me!!!

Phone Consult with Salhauzer

Just got off phone with Salhauzer!
He told me he would recommend doing both TT and BBL at same time. He said he would be able to get enough fat to give me the desired shape I want!
Anyone else out there have both done at same time? Pain? Recovery?
Help!! I want to get both done but I don't want the bbl to be not worth it or have an excruciating recovery because of getting both done at same time!

Need info from others!!

I'm so torn as to whether I should get both a bbl & TT or do them separately?
How is the recovery of getting both done at the same time?
How do you sleep if you get both done?
Is there damage to the hip fat that's injected if you lay on your sides on a boppy pillow?
Any tips, thoughts and suggestions would be so much appreciated!!

Places to stay new Bal Harbour

I'm scheduled for my tt and bbl with Dr Salzhauer January 14!!
I'm getting very nervous and excited!!
I will be staying there for 14 days as I'm from Canada and want to wait to travel after I've healed a bit.
Does anyone have any recommendations for hotels close to his office that won't cost an arm and a leg but still nice!
I'd like them close to restaurants like fast food, grocery and drug store as we won't have a car!
Thank you

Getting closer!! 1 month!!

Getting nervous with my TT and bbl coming up Jan 14/15!!!
Anyone out there have any tips and info from getting both of these surgeries done at once? Please!!

2 weeks away from getting a tt and bbl with Dr Salzhauer

Happy New Year to all!!
Anyone else out there that can share with me their experience with getting both a tt and bbl and lipo all done at the same time?? And what doctor??
I'm getting so nervous I'm only 2 weeks away from getting it done. January 14 is my date.
I have our flights from Canada booked and our hotel booked.
My bf will be coming with me for 12 days while we are there!!
Please anyone be able to share tips and their experiences!

Looking for recovery place!!

I'm freaking out!!! My plans may have changed to have my bf with me in 10 days for my surgery in Miami!!
Can anyone tell me of places near Dr Salzhauers office that provide recovery services??


What is the best types and brands of garments for after getting a tt, bbl and lipo!?
Also, where can I get Maxi dresses!?

Surgery coming fast!

I see my statuses say I'm 3 months post. That was for when I first scheduled. I'm not sure how to change that or my ps!?
I'm getting extremely nervous! My surgery is in 8 days!!!
My bf and I will be flying to the states, Miami, on the 12th!!!
This is getting very real fast!!!
I have bought nothing yet!!
I have no idea what to pack for clothes!? I would imagine I will be in the hotel for the most of the 10 days after surgery?
Can anyone help me who has gotten a tt bbl and lipo all at once!? I'm really needing support!!!
What are the necessary supplies to buy?
I don't want to buy a bunch of unnecessary things.
I purchased vitamedica post surgery kit. Anyone use this?

Surgery done!! Bbl, TT and lipo to full back, flanks

It's day 3 after my surgery. Oh my goodness this recovery is something else! I'm nauseous, sore and tired! I knew it would be hard but you have no idea until you're in it!
I'm very swollen and bruised but so far it looks amazing! Just wish I could feel more ecstatic about it but it's hard when I'm in so much pain.
My tummy gets a burning ripping feeling when I move around. Anyone ejse get that? I keep looking but there's no blood.

8 days post

These surgeries together are sure a hard recovery!
I'm 8 days post and it's been a roller coaster!
My first couple days were bare able then went down hill fast!
I had severe diarrhea caused from the antibiotics. I had to go back in to the surgical centre to get rehydrated after 2 days of feeling very low energy, diarrhea every hour and zero appetite!
After getting rehydrated I felt so much better. I did end up with red bloody looking diarrhea again the day after but we are unsure if it was all red Gatorade!?
Today was much better as I didn't have diarrhea. Dr Salzhauer did put me on probiotic pills so that is hopefully helping that situation.
I go back into see the dr tmro for another follow up visit before we leave to go back to Canada in 2 days.
As for my results I'm seeing, it's hard to tell at this point as I am still very hunched over and still so swollen.
The butt does look bigger but I'm sure the shape is being affected by the swelling as I'm still early in recovery.
He did tell me at my first follow up 2 days ago that he put 1200 into my butt and hips! So that seems like lots??
Anyone else out there that has had both surgeries done at once that can give me tips would be so appreciated!!

11 days post BBL, TT AND LIPO to full back, flanks and pubis with Dr Salzhauer

So My bf and I made it back to Canada yesterday! Wow what a long day!
Left our hotel at 3:30am to catch our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta. Had a 1 hour layover there which was just enough time to get to next gate and pee. Then the next flight was from Atlanta to Minneapolis. Same thing an hour layover. Then from there to Bismarck then a four hour drive home!
By the time we got home my entire body was aching and sore! And my legs and everything were so so swollen!
We slept for about 14 hours off and on! Lol so we did get caught up on that!
Now it's just to figure out a routine here to recoop!
I haven't taken anymore pics as of yet as I am still so swollen in my tummy and back so it's not showing me much shape.
I sure hope that the swelling goes down soon so I can start seeing some positive results to all this surgery!
Dr Salzhauer and his full team are truely amazing! He is so compassionate and makes time for you whenever you need him! I am so amazed by him!!! Now I hope to see the results I wanted!
I'll keep updating!

15 days post TT and bbl with Dr Salzhauer

So I can't believe it was 15 days ago already since my surgery!
I'm recovering more and more each day it it is a journey.
I'm not in much pain just mainly discomfort. Discomfort from not being able to sit and lay down without lots of pillows. And now I'm starting to get itchy I guess from all the lipo.
Its definately a long road of recovery I know.
I'm still quite swollen on my back and flanks from the lipo. Plus my tummy is still swollen from the TT and I am still walking hunched over. The dr said it could take a month or so before I'm walking straight.
I'm getting concerned that my butt is Shrinking already or that I didn't get enough put in my butt! I know it's hard to tell becuz of the swelling but I'm concerned that once the swelling goes away and I lose some fat cells that it won't leave me with any more projection than what I already had!!! I'm starting to really worry!!!
I'm trying to keep calm and hope for the results I wanted! That's all I can do right now!
Happy healing and best of luck to all other patients out there!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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