40 Year Old African American Nurse with Two Adult Children Who Wants to Do Something for Herself - Miami, FL

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I've been researching the bbl procedure for some...

I've been researching the bbl procedure for some time and once thought this was unobtainable for myself until someone I knew had the procedure done. I had the privilege to remove her sutures and saw what an awesome job Dr Ortega had done, I called and spoke with Karla at spectrum and made that commitment, I paid my deposit and it's been ago from that point on. I am a little nervous and have many questions (some are repeated questions...LOL). I've found this site to be very helpful and addictive. I welcome any advice and precautions. Dr. Ortega will be doctor and I'm scheduled for surgery 9/24/14. Oh yeah, I've lost 40lbs over the course of two years and have become very active. I want to step up my sexy just a little

The count down begins. Surgery is 9/24/14

I'm so nervous now that I'm a month away from my surgery date. Grrrrrr

I need help!

I've learned that I need medical clearance however, my Dr has no appt available until Oct my surgery is scheduled for 9/24/14. Everything is paid for my bbl dr is ortega. What my options?

change of plans

I'm flying into ft Lauderdale on Monday 9/22 to get a physical before my surgery on 9/24. My md had no appt until mid oct. Has anyone else had a physical before surgery that sees ortega?

ladies I need your help

Do I need to have my Mirena removed before my surgery and if so, how soon? My surgery date is 9/24

diabetic wanting a bbl sooooo bad

Anyone here had problems with surgery because they are diabetic? What medical clearance was needed for a diabetic? Please help!

my surgery has been canceled

My labs were abnormal so they canceled my surgery today.

So I've had my surgery 8/28/15!

This has been a long process! I was canceled twice after my original surgery date back in 2014. I was canceled because my labs were abnormal. I was doing a lot of partying and not taking care of my diabetes. I got serious focused on my health, started the hcg diet, lost 30lbs, lowered my bmi, lowered my HGA1C (measures your diabetes control). I was finally medically cleared! My mom, daughter, myself flew to ft Lauderdale, drove to and stayed in Miami. We actually stayed 9 minutes from spectrum. We arrived on 8/26 got settled located spectrum, grabbed something to eat and back to the hotel. Checked in at spectrum on 8/27 paid my $15 my final payment. I got my prescriptions. The ladies in the office was cool. My surgery was scheduled for 11a on 8/28. I had to be NPO after midnight. I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't sleep. I arrived at spectrum early because someone cancelled and they called me in. I took a pregnancy test as part of protocol before surgery. Then I was called to see Dr ortega. He's very nice and knowledgeable. Very realistic in his results for you. He instantly told me I needed a tummy tuck. Then he began to draw on my body just like they do on tv. Then it was time to sign consent for surgery and the wait began. After an hour, it was time surgery! I was nervous as hell! The anesthesiologist started my iv asked my where I'm from and I remember waking up in pain. Dr ortega placed 1400cc's in each cheek. That liposuction hurt like hell, I was so swollen. I didn't drain at all! The first 3 hours after surgery was the worst. My female urinal SAVED my life! My mom and daughter took very good care of me and I will be for ever grateful to them. So let me try to post some pics.

One year update with pics. Surgery was done 8.28.15 by Dr Ortega at Spectrum

Its been one since my surgery and i wouldn't change a single thing. My life has changed for the better. Im so happy i decided to do this
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Karla at spectrum has been awesome. She has replied to all my questions in a timely manner.

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