40+ W/3 Children Lipo 360° & Modest BBL Pre-Surgery Tips - Miami, FL

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1)Take your iron pills. With lipo surgery there is...

1)Take your iron pills. With lipo surgery there is a massive amount of blood loss. Building your blood supply is important in your recovery. Otherwise recovery will be difficult because you will be too tired to eat, walk, and begin normal activity.
2)Do NOT wear tight garments on your butt during recovery because you will lose too many fat cells. The garment Dr. Miami gives post surgery that are VERY tight on the butt. Looking back, I should've cut out the material around my butt to allows better fat cell survival.
3)Choose your recovery house wisely. Having a friend or loved with you as support is more important than you can imagine. Especially if you have a difficult recovery.
4)Dr. Miami requires you take Xanax the day of surgery to relax your anxiety. Being in a relaxed state meant that I have no recollection of my pre-surgery meeting. I never showed the doctor my wish pics. I couldn't have a coherent discussion about my questions. Looking back, I would not take Xanax before surgery. I'm not an anxious person and I could handle it without the meds.
5)If you have your arms lipo'd, ask the doctor to place the insertion points UNDER THE ARM. This placement is very important because you don't want two scars on the back of your arm which screams plastic surgery.
5)This process can be very emotional post surgery. It'll pass and you will love your body and decision.

7 Week Update

What to expect: After having lipo 360° and BBL you can expect swelling, therefore wearing you compression garment is still necessary and helpful. The garment allows your shape to form naturally and prettier. You obtain the dip in your back above your butt which forms a beautiful projection. The skin will heal tighter. You will still experience numbnes throughout the torso and sharp pains through the torso. You butt will still be tender to the touch yet soft and absolutely normal to your partners touch. My results are great regarding the lipo. I had a modest BBL but I do not want to lose anymore fat. I actually wish I could've retained a little more:) I'm having a dermatologist look at a scar that to insure t doesn't keloid. I'm told it's better to correct scars as their healing vs. an old scar that has healed. Hope this helps!! I will post pics soon.

My stomach had ripples after lipo:-(

BAD NEWS: After lipo you can develop fibrosis. fi·bro·sis is defined as the thickening and scarring of connective tissue, usually as a result of surgery or injury. GOOD NEWS: It can be fixed! I met with Dr. Miami for my follow up and I showed him an area that was of concern. My skin had ripples in certain places. I assumed my skin didn't tighten. Not true! Dr. Miami told me to massage the area to break up the scar tissue or get a professional massage therapist who specializes in post surgery massage treatments. I massages the areas mysel and voila! My belly is smooth and flat!

UgLy Scar from garment. Pictures attached

In my previous post and updates I have complained about my scar from wearing my garment. It's really unattractive. I encourage each and every woman reading this to CHECK YOUR BODY DAILY after surgery. If not, this pic is an example of what can occur from the compression garment scarring your body from the prongs that lay against the skin.

Lipo tube scar

This is a pic of one of 10 scars from the lipo suction tube and or drains. I'm using bleaching cream to blend the discoloration to match my complexion. My dermatologist says it takes a year for full recovery from scars. I don't like them. But, it's a small price to pay for a flat belly and the butt of my dreams. Just sharing so that you're well informed of the ups and downs of lipo and BBL.

Odd crease and is gone!

UPDATE: One of the complaints I saw about Dr. Miami is that his patients have an odd crease on the right side of their butt. I had the same issue. It popped up about 8 weeks post-op and completely disappeared at 10 months post-op. The doctor and others shared your body takes a full 12 months to heal. I can't share medically why the crease appeared and disappeared but I'm so happy my derrière is natural without any odd creases. Dr. Miami' work is one of the best!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salzhauer is excellent with procedure and technique. He is VERY neat with his insertion points leaving your body with minimal scars and places them in places on your body that you can easily hide. Some surgeons are messy and clearly don't care about symmetry or less than obvious scarring. Tue doctor is does a great job with lipo, he's aggressive and removes ALL your fat. However, he knows exactly how to make your results even and perfect. Dr. Salzhauer also has a great technique with blood supply. I can't explain it medically but the bottom line is 1) he reduces the chance a patient will have a blood transfusion. Because of this technique it 2)increases the retention of fat cells. Which is a HUGE PLUS! The recovery nurse said Dr. Miami patients recover better and bodies look better than other patients. Post surgery, Dr. Salzhauer was very patient with me and answered all my questions and gave me excellent follow up care. The downside is I should've requested a video consult before surgery and I don't agree with two of their policies: 1)I don't believe that Xanax is needed for every patient before surgery. It's voluntary. If you're not an anxious person, consider not taking it so you can be aware pre-surgery. 2)I believe the post-surgery garment is too tight on the butt. I would request one with the butt out or cut the butt out.

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