With 2 Kids Ready for a Makeover. Miami, FL

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I'm a 40 year old mother of 2 teens ready for a...

i'm a 40 year old mother of 2 teens ready for a makeover over the years i've let myself go to waste lol. Now i'm coming up on a new birthday a major mark in my life and i'm ready to get some BOOTY!!!. So this lipo and bbl will start me in the right direction. i'm excited, ready, and nervous at the same time. Would love to have some insight pros and cons i'm going with dr. osak.


Has anybody had any surgury on their arms and thighs. i was thinking about it but im also thinking of dieting to get rid of it.


im switching over to dr. ortega cause i missed dr. osak special n ortega has a special going on. has anyone worked with him or his staff. any reviews? help im getting an bbl n breast implants.

decisions decisions

i knew this would be a challenging process im saving up all my vacation time for my surgury. i plan to have done by my birthday so a week before so i can heal some and then make my "official" appearance lol. im so excited

Weight loss

i have to lose about 20lbs before surgery. My doctor choice is still up in the air i'm checking out all the reviews
and info trying to make the best decisions i want a sexy body but i want to only do this once. i dont know how big i want my booty but i want some hips to cause sadly i have none lol. where are you ladies getting the "wish" pics from?

decisions 2

Well it looks like i'll be using dr. macadoo instead of odak, by now we all know the story ????. i'm looking for work on bigger women done by macadoo. i want my results right because i don't have the time nor money to waste ????????. anybody knows or have results from him. i'm about 200lbs.

Small waist n sexy booty

Can't wait


Any ideas on how much damage can be done to your booty after surgury by sitting? i have a desk job i know i can stand some but will i have to stand the whole 8-9 hours? i figured during some of that time i can lean on my chair.


is it me or does it seem like alot of fake profiles are popping up? i like this site but i want real results, updates, and stories not someone trying to dog out one doctor while trying to push you to another doctor etc. lets be honest ladies no sugarcoating expecially for the ones who has never done this. this will be my first time and im doing a lot of research and sadly with any surgury something can go wrong. i like to read your experiences, opinions n results!!!


did anyone do an in person consultation or did u just tell them via phone, text, or email what u wanted? did u send in pictures of yourself and all info? or did you have to wait the day before or at the surgury appt. what needed to be done?


i'm so addicted to realself lol. i'm not much of a website person but so addicted i love reading the updates, pictures, and etc. i can't wait until my surgury and my daughter is helping me out so i can do it earlier yayy i'm so happy!!! i'm now having an bbl and thigh lipo. snatched waist, hips, and smaller thighs yepp i have some dressy rompers and thigh scrubbing does not go with them lol. i'm using dr. ortega his ig page results are nice af i'm so excited.


So unfortuately i cant have the bbl and thigh lipo together cause they can only take out 4 liters of fat and baby i need all this gut gone lol so it looks like i'll be doing 2 surgeries ughh wasn't really planning that but hey right now i want my waist snatched and my bootay sitting high and saying " hey there hey there" lol. so after this i will do a mommy makeover and thigh lipo if i havent lost the weight. yes i'm a work in progress. so i'm on my mission to lose beween 50-70lbs. any suggestions? im starting the lemon detox and slim fast..


i've been doing a lot of researching and have found that prices do change ALOT. if you see a price and you like it you better put a deposit on it cause by the next time it would be much higher. when i first decided on this i was all into dr. osak bc his work was REALLY good big butt tiny waist!!! now looking at these other drs and looking at prices, work, n reviews and its not as snatching as i would want them. and them the offices arent honoring this or that and telling u different stuff is frustrating. i'm determined to have this done (it looks like i'll stick to the end of the year) cause i don't want a rush job. so ladies i'm following everybody. hopefully prayerfully i can get it done by my original date of september. my birthday present to myself!!!

Shelf butt

i see alot of heart shaped butts has anyone had a shelf butt done? thats what im leaning towards that big round can hold a lil cup butt lol!!! big butt tiny waist

So Readdyyy

i've decided on breast implants and bbl yesss i can't wait!!! Bigger boobs, tiny waist, and bigger butt!!! Weight loss is a must to achieve the look i want as per the dr. and me. Can't wait!!!

So Readyyy

i've decided on breast implants and bbl yesss i can't wait!!! Bigger boobs, tiny waist, and bigger butt!!! Weight loss is a must to achieve the look i want as per the dr. and me. Can't wait!!!

patient vs impatient

im impatiently patient waiting on my sx. i need to lose weight on focus on setting things in motion. i've been dragging along lately cause of some personal things but now i'm back in full gear. ana from vanity emailed me about specials but they were basically the same ones. except dr. valls is doing silicone breats for $3700 humm never heard of him but i'm changing to dr. macadoo he's turning out good work and he did my friend so i'm switching to him. i'm leaning mote towards a hotel for a few days just to get the drains out and then home to finish my massages and plus i have help since really the recovery house is not needed if you have help and the massages i'm getting off of groupon for cheaper. iCAN'T WAiT!!!


i haven't been updating in awhile. i've been trying to decide on the best doctor and best time. My procedure will be done around my vacation and my vacation kept getting changed (my fault) bc i seriously need to lose at 60lbs (my goal) for the best bbl i don't want to do a second sx for this so prayerfully the 1st time will work (unfortuately i want know until then lol) so i'm working on my weight loss. i really want a SNATCHEd WAiST ANd BiG BOOTY. i want a flat tight stomach,some hips and big booty!!!

Consultation with dr. Mcadoo

On my way to Seduction for my consultation and deposit yayy fingers crossed that i get my dates and that this quick. lol!!!

Yayyyy!!! dec. 21st

Consult was with coordinator denia. Seductions is really nice inside and out. Everyone spoke offered something to drink while waiting. we were late coming from out of town so all and all it was a 2 1/2 visit bc they did us both. denias very nice and good didnt sugercoat anything lol. it was a nice pleasant visit and now the waiting begins lol. i need to lose 30lbs for the best results but im going for 50lbs.

diet pills

So i've been taking hydroxycut diets for almost 2 weeks monday -friday but on the weekends i always manage not to (shrugs) idk why that is with my Sweet Sweat band which i wear allday cause i walk off and on on my breaks at work. i can truly say i sweet alot now idk if its from the waist trimmer or the fact that its hot as heck here lol... i'm going to discontinue the pills and do my green smoothies with a salad for lunch with grilled chicken or fish and veggies for snacks and lots of water and exercise. wish me luck cause this bbl will be a new beginning for me i'm hope i can get my implants done at the same time but i want know until 2weeks before surgury but i did put a deposit down on them also sooo you know the waiting game..fingers crossed lol

i'm switching to dr. macadoo

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