Mendieta Butt!! 38 yrs Old, 2 Kids, Wanted Better Butt. Miami, FL

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I found this site shortly before my surgery and...

I found this site shortly before my surgery and then didn't come back because of some of the horror stories. My husband literally banned me from the computer as I started freaking out about blood clots, burns, a weird looking ab, etc. SO here is my journey....

On Tuesday, Sept 13 we flew to Miami for my pre-op visit. (we did everything else via email) We went over my "wish list photos", confirmed where they would be doing lipo (for me it was abs, love handles and then he said I had some on my upper back that he might take too) they gave me the round pillow, a garment (we also bought another so that I could have a clean one while the other was in the wash), and a list of items we needed as well as the Rx's. And we were off to gather the items and check into the condo we rented on airbnb. That night we walked to smith and wollinski on the boardwalk....very nice "last meal" ;-)Surgery day: I was the first surgery of the AM, so I had to be there at 6:00 AM. They took photos, vitals, did a pregnancy test (which I have an IUD, but whatever)--note---don't go to the bathroom before you get there!! I got just enough out for the test but nothing more! They then started my IV, I kissed by hubby good-bye, and I was taken into the OR. There they washed me up and then next thing I knew I was in recovery. My husband came in, he helped get me dressed (make sure you wear a maxi dress--much easier!!) and we drove back to the condo. We had brought one of those pool inflatable floaties for me to lay on. It worked awesome!!!! My stomach was very sore and hard for me to push myself up after laying down, so he would just pull it out of the car to my waist, so I could get my feet on the ground and stand up. It was a little weird walking into the condo complex as I had a catheter in with the bag, but I just thought "I will never see these people again!" I was on bedrest the entire first day (only got up to take meds and drink beverages.) The first time I got up (was in alot of pain and thinking WHY did I do this??!), I almost fainted at how much blood came out of my belly was alarming but my husband being in the medical field calmed me down saying it just looks like a lot of blood because it is "some" blood with "a lot" of fluids. He had to constantly empty the catheter bag, even in the middle of the night.Post-op appointment on Sept 15. I had to be there at 8 AM. They got me changed, the catheter out, and then I had to pee....I was so worried about sitting down, but they said it was ok since it is a brief time and to just lean forward. I didn't do that...I sat backwards. Worked great. Dr M was late getting there and I just wanted to go home...but it was fine. I know he has a family too that he must have gotten tied up with or traffic (which is terrible on the hwy his office is!) At 9:15 he rolls in, looks me over and said everything looks amazing. He put 1200 CC in each!!! I was shocked!! I had to gain 20 lbs before surgery! That was tough. He said to come back on Monday afternoon to have the stitches removed (he doesn't use drains so that is NICE!). Then he remembered that my husband is in the medical field and said he could do it. My husband was flying home sunday so asked if he could do it before he left as I was going to stay at the airport hotel until my flight on wedneday night and would rather not have to deal with a taxi. (exactly a week after surgery). He said "if you are feeling fine, just go home with him" I was soooooo excited and to just get home and see my kiddos (ages 10 and 9). So I switched my flight on saturday and left with him sunday. we ended up spending more money as we didn't get a refund for my other flight but I didn't care....we got to cancel the hotel (so saved that anyway) me it was worth just getting home!The rest of the time in Miami, I just stayed at the condo (hubby would go get takeout) and watched cruise ships and cargo ships come and go....along with other boats. We were on the 29th floor of a condo in south beach) overlooking a marina and the downtown Miami area. It was pretty awesome. I would go outside and lean on the railing for awhile...or lay on the couch by the patio door while watching outside. Other than that I just slept alot and tried to eat healthy....and cough alot. Make sure you cough even if it hurts. It's way better than ending up with pneumonia! ;-)The flight home was ROUGH! I was in first class (row 1) and my husband was in the first row of coach...We sat on the runway waiting for a storm to pass, I couldn't get comfortable, the flight was terrible as we went thru several storms so could never really get up like supposed to....but we made it!!I ordered the curvecure bed and seat. LIFESAVER!!!! It's so much better than the buckwheat roll and the dr miami pillow that I had ordered. Definitely recommend!Recovery has been great!! I am now at 6 weeks post-op and can start working out today! I can't wait! I had been so tired by mid-day for the first 4 weeks or so that I barely got anything done around our house. I am a stay at home mom/wife, so I only take the kids to school and stay home. I can finally sit in 2 more weeks and looking forward to that. ;-) We will be taking photos tonight to send to Dr M again.
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Couldn't be happier!!! He really knows his butts! His staff is also all amazing! Wouldn't have gone anywhere else.

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