38yrs 2 Kids Tired of This Big Belly and Flat Behind...need BBL Badly - Miami, FL

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I am 5 ft 9 inches weighing in at 194lbs wearing...

I am 5 ft 9 inches weighing in at 194lbs wearing size 15 sometimes 16... I often find myself looking at my body and noticed how pregnancy put a wear and tear on my body. I exercised and went on diets starving myself just to get get rid of belly fat and love handles but nothing seem to work. My hairstylist heard me talking and complaining about my big belly and how I wanted a round tight ass. She introduced me to real self June 27th and here I am today lined up and excited ... She had a BBL and I'm pleased with her results she went with Dr James McAdoo I've decided to go with him to.... I can't wait!

1 month before surgery and counting

more pics 1 month before surgery

1 month before surgery

Front view of my stomach

1 month and counting

Time will no longer be a factor....

Hi dolls...just got home from a Caribbean cruise I gained 9lbs at least that's what my scale is telling me I refuse to believe that. My procedure date is fast approaching I'm very excited. Can someone say if me gaining weight is a good or bad thing?

wish pic

wish pics

Liking the Selena butt...

more wish pics

It's bin a while

I arrived in Miami as advised and planned Monday 17th August, 2015 to do labs in preparation for surgery the following day was I in for a surprise that never happened. Lab results revealed my iron was too low. So nothing was happening I was so disappointed

2nd in Miami

I was taken to Vanity where I saw the Office Manager Claudia "the saviour" she lifted my spirits and gave me some tips on how to get my iron up but I was like.... it's not my fault I just finished my period...feeling very disappointed however she told me if my iron was up by Friday (in 4 days) I can do my surgery first thing Saturday morning. Felt relieved but still disappointed because I was only given a certain amount of time off from work and that was a week wasted.

3rd Night at Vanity smmft

Well I was sucking down iron pills with iron supplements and eating steaks with greens and eggs 24 7 . All I kept saying my iron better come up or this would be a wasted trip. My iron was 10.2 and it needed to be up at least to 11 or no doctor would touch me.

Surgery resheduled for 22/8/2015

4th night at Vanity Recovery House still sucking down iron pills and steaks. I'm so sick of red meat! I keep thinking just one more day before I know what is what.

Friday new lab tests

Was taken to clinic to retake labs. I was so anxious and excited could not wait for the results I reached there 12pm was told I will know my results by 3pm. Well I got that call... my iron was up 11.7 I was so happy nothing could spoil my day. I received an email that my surgery time was 7:30 am Saturday morning and my doctor/surgeon is Dr Omulepu. I was like Dr Who? .....wtf! What happened to Dr McAdoo. This didn't sit well with me but I was reassured by my coordinator Jessi that I was in good hands. Feeling timid and anxious I didn't eat or drink another mossle. I didn't sleep that night either because I didn't research Dr O or saw any of his work before had. Went to bed feeling sad.

Saturday Operation Day

Like I said I didn't sleep so I was already up. I showered in antibacterial soap as instructed. The driver collected me from the house 7am and took me to the clinic named Encore in Hialeah same company. Just a little excited. Well Dr O introduced himself to me then he examined me . He drew on my body with a marker in three places my abs , back and ass and told me what he would like to do to me and for me for stature and best results. He wanted to do a breast lift, tummy tuck and bbl. I had to explain to him that required more recovery time and I had already wasted 5 days just trying to get my iron up. So I expressed to him what I wanted and needed him to do for me. He listened and he smiled and he said I can do that ... you see all this back fat will be gone and I will give u what you want. Becareful what you ask for he said. I told him you see dat big bubbly ass Serena Williams gat I want dat. I want big and round just like dat...lol.

Surgery staff was very pleasant they made me very comfortable

I woke up in the recovery room not aware of the time I was told that I was in surgery four hours. I was assisted to the car and taken to the recovery house I could barely walk I was still groggy all I wanted to do was sleep I meet my home nurse Barbara I barely remembered her until the next day she took good care of me and made sure that I ate soup and drank plenty fluids to keep me hydrated and to build my strength up. My boyfriend was there the entire time I don't think I would have made it without him. Barbara stayed for one night after that he was my male nurse and he was indeed a great one. I really needed that care, love and support from him in which he indeed did give.

In bed after Surgery

Always thirsty

First visit with Dr O after surgery

My goodness I was so sore in my back and stomach I couldn't wait to see my ass

Dr O did a great job can't knock it until you try it!

I'm so pleased and happy with my results this money was well spent . THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. O

No Fat Zone

I will post more pics as my body progresses but for information my waist is 37 inches and my hips are 57 inches at this present time. Imagine that! More boyfriend is extremely pleased and loving my new look even though he said I didn't need it. Be safe dolls. Dr O is awesome!!!!

Big Booty

Waist 37 Hips 57....omg

Dr Omulepu was my doctor

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