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Hi all...just looking for some feedback on dr...

Hi all...just looking for some feedback on dr omulepu. I'm wanting a bbl and I've talked with Liz at spectrum. I see some good and bad reviews...the whole infection things scares the s**t outta me but I know that's possible with any surgery. I will be flying in from Ohio so any feedback would be lovely!!

Switched to fisher....surgery nov 16!

Excited and nervous! Put my deposit down with vanity for dr fisher. I've been dealing with Ana...so far so good. Need my blood work now. Did you guys just do direct access testing???

Ok so here are the dreaded before pics....ugh

Looking at my before pics I'm sick to my stomach. I had a TT about 3 years ago. My daughter became very sick and with all that stress I packed on way too much weight. I've never had a butt but with the weight gain it looks even worse!! And that back fat is outta control oh my god!!! Can't wait for dr fisher to work his magic...less than 3 weeks

Wish pics

I need some azzz in my life

Two weeks and counting!!!

Oh vanity vanity vanity

So far with my experience with vanity has been pretty smooth....that was until this week. I sent my labs in on Sunday and have been emailing Ana everyday to check for my clearance since I'm less than two weeks out. Well today she tells me that now I need to pay in full....news to me thought I could the day of my surgery. So I go on to tell her I'm not paying until I know my labs are cleared!! Within 5 minutes I get an email saying that I need treatment for a uti!! I don't feel like I have a uti but whatever. So now I have less than two weeks to get rid of this and get Retested!!! Also I was told my hcg had to be tested by blood and not urine!!!! Why the hell wasn't I told that in the first damn place???? Smdh!!! The best have their shit together when I get there on the 16!!!

Getting nervous.....any last minute things I need ???

I am getting so nervous now...wondering if I am being selfish by leaving my family to go have this done. But I'm so unhappy in my body...I want to fill out my clothes and not have a saggy ass no more. I'm scared tho. I have no health issues and finally got my urinalysis back and it was all clear so I should be good. Damn nerves tho ughh...I hope I have good results!!!!

Bout had it with Vanity

Ok so I'm having surgery on Monday!!! I sent my new labs in on Sunday.....just now got my clear for surgery. They want me to western union the balance...which I said I wouldn't do until I get clearance due to me traveling from Ohio. When I go to western union it says 3-5 business days for them yo receive funds. Ana says that won't work...obviously my surgery is Monday. So now she wants me to send to an individual and it'll cost $180 !!!!!! I'm not paying that!!! Wtf is the big deal about me paying the balance that day???? Anyone else had this problem with them???

In Miami

So I made it to Miami. I am staying at new body recovery with Moni. So far she seems super sweet. The house is very clean and smells fresh. I'm super nervous about tomorrow. I will be doing lots of praying from now till then...please all send positive thought and prayers my way.

Made it to the other side!!

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers...I got back to the r covert house after 7 last night. My surgery was at about 2. I'm actually feeling pretty good. My hemo was 14.9 to start so I think that is really helping. I will go thru a full review when I'm feeling a tad better. I will also post a few pics :)

First pics

Ok ladies so here's the deal. This surgery is no joke. I am just now feeling somewhat normal. The pain is very real. I went to vanity yesterday and had my drain taken out and I will be flying home today. It's still too soon to tell my results due to immense swelling but I can see a huge difference so far. Fisher did his work on my waist for sure. He was amazing. Sat with me for at least 20 minutes before I was whisked off to lala land. When I woke up from surgery immediately my top lip hurt....so I was like wtf...I had a huge and I mean huge fat lip!!! How the hell that happen I have no damn idea...probably them rough nurses there at vanity. All I want to say about vanity is the reviews are real. They aren't very compassionate. I woke up shaking like crazy and they didn't even care. Finally got me a blanket. Anyway here are a few pics...I'll post more as sweeping goes down.

Questions for you vets

I'm one week post....I'm starting to finally feel some what normal but wearing these foams and triangle is really getting to me. I'm depressed and don't even want to leave my house bc I look 30 lbs heavier than I did before lipo! So my question is...did you girls really wear these pads for the six weeks???

2 week 2 day update

Hey ladies just thought I'd write a quick update....for the second time. My first one miraculously disappeared. So anyway...at 2 weeks 2 days out I'm getting better everyday. My lower back hurts real bad and I get shooting pains down my legs. I'm still swollen but I can see changes everyday. My waist is sooo much smaller already I can't wait for my final results. Now I didn't ask for a enormous booty bc I didn't have much to start with so I didnt want a huge change where it would be real obvious that I had work done. My butt is starting to soften up a tad but I'm looking forward to when it drops a bit and gets fluffy. Here are a few pics and I'll keep updating as the weeks pass.

Itching oh my god!!!!!!

I am 3 weeks 1 day post op. The itching is driving me literally insane! Last night I laid down and couldn't take it no more. I have been wearing my foams, triangle, and faja all day except when I shower. I can't no more. I felt like I was getting too much compression on my hips and butt and not enough on my back and stomach. Not to mention it was squeezing my who ha down thru that little hole and the seam going up my ass crack. So at 2 am this morning I took it off and put on a spanx that just goes from my bra line down to my hips. I put the foams and the triangle underneath it. At least if I have an itch I can get to it now. I hope this doesn't alter my results at all but I just can't deal with that damn thing no more. It was torture. Here are a couple pics also.

4 1/2 weeks post

I am definitely feeling way better this week. My back and sides are still sensitive but not near as bad. I feel like I may be losing some of my butt. What do you all think? I still haven't had the visit from the fluff fairy yet and I have indents towards the bottom of my butt. And I have some lumps on my belly that don't seem to be going away. I do massage it everyday. I'm still happy tho if you look at my before and after...wow!

Before and after at 1 month

I was going back looking at my before and all I can say is wow what a difference already!!!! I went and had my first real massage since surgery and the lady said I still have fluid so my waist should shrink even more!!! Yay!!!

6 1/2 weeks post

Happy New Years lovely ladies. Wanted to share a quick update. I'm now 6 1/2 weeks post. I think the booty is holding on. I'm scared I really don't want to lose her now that I have her haha!!! My back and sides are still tender...Ive been getting my massages every week and still have a few lumpy spots but they are slowly working out. I've now switched completely into a waist cincher but I also wear my foams with it it's a size medium then I ordered another one that one of the ladies mentioned on here. I believe it's the vedette 403. I'll double check on that if anyone is interested. It definitely snatches my waist! It's a size small and I can't wear it for more than a few hours right now. My measurements as of now are waist 27 1/2 butt 45. Pre surgery they were waist 35 butt 40. So far I am very pleased here are a few pics and I'll post in a few days the vedette. All you beauties have a happy new year!!!

8 weeks post bbl

Hello ladies. Quick update here. I'm 8 weeks post. Still having some swelling but very minimal. My sides are still real tender but I believe that's bc that's where most my fat came from. My back is better. I also still have that feeling that my skin is ripping when I move certain ways. Worst feeling ever. I am going to start exercising to tone up. Here are a few pics. Hoping my waist will shrink some more but still way better than my before :)

3 month post

Yay!! I made it to 3 months post and this ass is here to stay! When I sit it feels so weird still. Also when I walk it feels like I have two volley balls back there haha. The hate is real. Went to Mexico a cpl weeks ago and oh my god did I get evil looks from all the women as their men drooled when I walked by. My hubby would laugh and say..give em a shake baby lol. He can't keep his hands off it. I haven't lost any volume at all. My sides and back are still sore. Feel as tho my skin is ripping. I do have a little lump on the right side of my belly button but it's not real noticeable. I rub it every day. I'm going to start doing ab exercises to define my stomach. Don't want to exercise too much...need to keep this ass ha! I'm still getting massages now every two weeks and my therapist said there is minimal swelling. I'm smoothing out real good. Here are a few pics. Good luck to all the future dolls!!

In love with my booty!

I just wanted to share a few more pics...I felt like the ones I posted before didn't do justice to my butt! In love with my results!!
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