38 Years Old AAF Scheduled for BBL with Liposculpture - Miami, FL

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Age 38 years old African American Wt 200 pounds Ht...

Age 38 years old
African American
Wt 200 pounds
Ht 5'6"

I have considered having plastic surgery for 2 years. I had 3 consultations (2 in Georgia and 1 in Florida) prior to paying a deposit and scheduling surgery. I live in the Southeast. I am amazed at the options I have in terms of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be performed in a surgery center or a hospital. You can have local anesthesia versus general anesthesia. I am nervous about the surgery center as opposed to a hospital. My main concern is experience, skill and safety. I also looked a several before and after pictures. I wish that I could talk to actual patients :) Since my surgery is in a surgery center, I wanted to know how far it was from a major medical center. Frankly, how sexy is having a great butt if you experience blood loss, infection or worse. I also need to be able to communicate effectively and know that my family is contacted (and communicated with immediately) so traveling outside of the US was not an option for me. I am having a pre-operative physical and lab work with my personal physician. Before photos-coming soon :)

How did I chose my doctor! Mel Ortega Miami, Fl

I was impressed with his interest in my overall physical health and my ability to have a safe surgery and outcome. The screening questionnaire was thorough. He recommended that I lose weight. I felt that he would have declined my request for cosmetic surgery if I was not healthy. I needed to know that the surgeon was concerned about my health and not (his) wealth!

Good genes or good doctor-my wish pics

These women look fabulous! I can't tell if they were born this way or had some assistance but the look amazing :)

BBL before pictures


Before pictures

I never realized how nervous I would be showing my naked butt to real self and the world!

My body

I am so glad that I am pursuing this surgery. It is forcing me to eat healthier, love my body and exercise. My butt has flattened with age and lack of exercise. I have cellulite, dimples and poorly defined waist. I

Weight loss and nerves

I have been working on losing weight since my consultation. I have lost 8 pounds. I have more than enough chubbiness for the procedure. I am a little worried about having the best results. I am also surprised at how nervous I feel. I have never had surgery.

Medical Clearance and Full Payment complete!

I am a little less nervous but my lab work was reviewed by the medical director. I received my pre-operative instructions. I am excited. I have planned and prepared for 2 years. Its finally going to happen. :)

Surgery Buddy for June 5

I have read about having a surgery buddy. After reviewing my pre-op and post-op instructions, I need a surgery buddy....

BBL complete!

I had my surgery today. I actually feel pretty good. I am really swollen. My mouth is very dry. I have not used Percocet or pain medicine. I feel stiff and sore but I am not having severe pain. Dr Ortega and his staff were great!


I am not disappointed with my doctor or my results. I have an awesome doctor and surgery center. For the travel, lodging, swelling, discomfort and the anguish that I caused my family-the procedure is not worth it for me. I will post pictures when the bruising and swelling subside.....

I have an amazing butt! I can't believe it!

I have significant improvement in my silhouette and curves. My butt is absolutely ridiculous and fabulous! I am glad that I chose a male plastic surgeon. I have significant improvement of my flanks, bra roll, love hands and back fat. I definitely felt a little down and anxious especially since my family was not supportive. I am so grateful to Karla and Dr Ortega. (1 week post op pictures to follow)

6 months post op

I am very happy with my decision to have plastic surgery. The post-op period is difficult. I am very pleased with my results. My scars are minimal.

Surgery Buddy

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck on 08/24/16
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have been pleased with my experience from the moment I found Spectrum Aesthetics. I was assisted with my initial questions by Victoria. I reviewed my pre-surgical clearance, questionnaire and confirmed my procedure with Karla. I am impressed with everything that I have read about Dr Ortega from his website, realself.com patient reviews and before and after photos. I can't wait for my procedure in June.

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