38 Y/o Mother of 2 Desperately Trying to Get Her Body Back - Miami, FL

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I have not seen the doctor yet or talked to him...

I have not seen the doctor yet or talked to him but my surgical coordinator is really nice. She is easy to reach and has answered all my questions thus far. I have done so much research on BBL for years and Dr. J Fischer seems to do an amazing job. I pray he gives me great results as well.
I have not had the surgery yet but I'm so excited and can't wait.

Trying to get ready for my big day

Can anyone tell me what faja they used?
Did you buy your own or just use the one from vanity?

Getting ready so excited can't wait

Fight booked hotel booked car booked just contemplating if I should stay a full 10days. Any suggestions?

Just started buying my supply

I know most of the ladies on RS staying at a recovery house or condo. I'm not. I'm staying at a hotel. It was much cheaper and really nice.
So I just staring buying some supply I think I'm going to need.

Trying to lose wt

I need to lose 40lbs to have my sx but for some reason my wt is not moving down. I'm stressing like all hell. Only 2 months before my sx date and 40lbs to go????


Does anyone know if Dr. Fisher will orders an anti-thrombotic agent ei. Heparin or lovenox for the people who need to fly back home?

Losing weight

I'm losing weight slowly but it's coming off just hope I reach my goal weight. I need this weight to come off fast ????

Big day getting closer

So I got an email from my coordinator surgery date move to 6/27 with Dr. Fish I'm getting really nervous. I'm praying all goes well So now it's a count down. Still trying to lose weight. I've lost 23lbs so far but would love to lose at least an other 20lbs Going to start the shock diet see how that works also praying that does the trick for me 4weeks until my big day

Per op labs

Ok so today I faced over my per op labs. Now I need to get medical clearance from my doctor. They want a repeat UA and an X-ray of my neck and bc I have a history of asthma. So I'm praying my doctor clear me. I also have about 15-20lbs to get my bmi down great.
Now the heat is really on. Praying I can do all this in time.
And stressed as hell ????

Count down

Ok so now I only have 4 days until my sx. I'm nervous and happy at the same time praying all goes well. Oh and I still have to lose 4 more pounds but trying my best. This weight just doesn't want to come off. I never had a hard time but now I do go figure.

paid in full

So today I paid in full got medical clearance and paid for the garment and lipo foam
I'm so excited but nervous all at the same time 2 days left

Today is the day

Hi ladies today is my big day. Can't sleep just a little nervous. Only 6 hours until it's time can't sleep and have a bellyache but I'm sure it's all normal. Praying really hard that all goes well and that I come out fine. Well I love the hotel I'm staying out room is awesome and right on the beach so they family can have something to do while I'm recovering. Pray that by tomorrow I can go walking everything is so close to the hotel I don't need drive. I was wondering doesn't anyone know a massage therapist that will come to me and to the lymphatic massage so I don't have to drive back and forth.

Back home

Got home on Sunday still not feeling great but a little each day

Up date

So today was an ok day I went to the mall and walked round for about 1hr which is really good. So the thing is if I take the pain meds I'm ok but if I don't I have pain and I don't really like to be impaired so I hold off until the pain is about a 9:10 then I take the meds but I guess I'm just a hot head because my doctor told me to make sure I'm take the pain meds every four to six hours anyways thank God im recovering well and fast. Here are some picture before and after I'm praying at it all stays because I have seen a small decrease in size but that's because swelling is going down I'm hoping. I have some pictures from when I was losing weight to now. I'm going to continue my weight lost my final weight goal is 135. Have a lot to go but one day at a time and my doctor said this is the best way to go about it and the weight lost will make my booty look nicer and bigger. As my waist shrinks in size my booty will appear bigger.


Today was a good I had my first massage in NY today. The lady is awesome. So I did my first 5 massages at vanity and had to wait 7- 10 days after drain was removed so today was day 9. It made me feel much better I'm going to try to get about 20 massages not including the ones I did with vanity. I don't want any lumps and bumps I want it to be as smooth as possible with the least amount of scar tissue. As of right now I'm loving my results. I'm praying it stays just like this.

Today's results

I'm praying it stays just like this


Can anyone tell me how to up date my review or do I have to start all over
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