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Waiting to hear back from dr Mel Ortega. My first...

Waiting to hear back from dr Mel Ortega. My first choice if I'm staying in the US. I need feedback from u guys. Looking to have a beautiful round big booty and small waist aka Kim K/ nicki menaj . Has anyone done this from out of state and had to fly back home? How'd it go? And how long did u stay in Mia?

Seeking perfection

Seeking perfection

Still waiting for a call back from Vivian from spectrum/ Dr O.

Waiting game

It might sound gross but For those of y'all who had a bbl, what is it like to go poopie following the surgery? And do I really have to stay two weeks cooped up in a recovery room in Miami? What am I supposed to do all that time bored out my skull?

Bbl question

So I'm on this site everyday and I saw something that has me worried. This question is more for the drs I think. What causes some one to revert to their original but size after a bbl? Is there any, any way to avoid that? Also what is fluffin actually mean and how long does it take?

No response

I've emaike my coordinator Karla at spectrum as to what exactly do I need to bring, when I shou book my flight, should I lose some weight and has Dr O even looked at my photos ahead of time. No response. So frustrating. I am anxious and scared shit at the same time

Last minute

So my surgery date is about a month ago and me being the procrastinating person I am, I wait til today to have my lab work done. I hope it's not too late and everything is well with it. Any new Ortega hotties out there have ant recent bbls? I'm still always doing my research. I don't even know where I'll b staying at this point. When do I find that out!!!????

It's official

Yes! 9-19-17 I will be a Blinski doll. His work is so amazing. Sad that I missed the deal he had by one day tho. That's what I get for procrastinating. So excited. Gotta lose 10-15 lbs first. Anyone have info on escape recovery house. Any one going in September and want a surgery buddy to heal with? Hit me up or leave me a comment about the dr or the rh. Ttfn
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