38, 5'8" 230lbs of Fluffiness - Miami, FL

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So I have been on and off of this sight for an...

So I have been on and off of this sight for an entire year now. I've finally decided to go with Dr. Fisher in Miami, Fl.. My experience with the team at Vanity Cosmetics has been great thus far. My assistant Margaret is the absolute best. I received immediate response and I can't wait to meet everyone in person.

Southwest is my BFF..

So the airlines were having a 3 day sale.. I got roundtrip for my procedural dates for a shocking $197. 97.. No bullshitting!!! My date is set, my deposit is paid and now my flight is booked.. I am definitely on my way to being Bootylicious

Recovery Houses

I am having a hard time finding a recovery house. Do I really need to be at a recovery house. Can someone tell me how long was it before you were up and moving around after a BBL...

Geeeeshh...Anybody ????

Gaining weight is so easy,but losing weight is HELL! I already knew I needed to lose weight. I am currently 233lbs. With my height and to havs my BMI at a 30 I need to be down to 203 before my procedure in November. Can I do it YES I CAN! Do I want to NO.. lol.. I have changed my way of eating this week and I've actually lost 3lbs.. Yaayyy me! 3lbs down 27 more to go. My actual goal weight by November is 190lbs. I don't want to be skinny I want to be thick fine.. Lol.. Would anyone like to share their weight loss tips?

Just a Few Wish Pics

I don't want anything to extreme but I also don't want to pay that much money for nothing... I really think I'm just gonna let Dr. Fisher work his magic. He's an artist and I trust he will know what best works for my body.. Buuuuttttt I do like how natural Amber Rose looks..

Weight Loss in Process

I am doing GREAT... I'm down 15lbs and now I'm looking to a recovery house.

Changing My Mind

I have been watching Dr. Fatima Almonte and I have decided to switch to her. I think she will give me the better results.

Changed My Dates

My job isn't going to let me off to Thanksgiving so I decided to change my date to March 14th. That would allow me more time to lose more and tone.I've changed all my flight info and booking with Xanadu since you can bring one family member. 4 more months and I'll be all Fisherfied...lol

Excitement is taking Over

I am sooooo freaking excited. My day is almost here. I have EXACTLY 60 days until my SX date. Yes you heard me 2 months..????.. I have started this darn Herbalife to lose this weight beg its I go. I need to lose 15lbs each month. I can do that with no problem.. So anyway ladies please please help me out.
My SX is set and 1/2paid off?
My Flights are booked ?
Now I need my RH.. Which is Best??Keyla's, Joyful Recovery or Miami Escape.. They all offer such great amenities..

Back to my Original Doctor of choice. ...

Well I have decided to just go ahead with my original choice. Dr. Fatima Almonte. I have been following her for yearssssss anyway. The reason I decided to go back with her is because I have been pregnant 7 times, once w/twins and it's no way possible that this stomach is snapping back into place. Sooooo it's either I get it done right the first time or have to go around with loose skin everywhere until I can go in again for a TT... Of course I decided to go with Opt. 1... BBL, full Lipo, and TT.... Same price, different doctor

Tourist Card

I purchased my tourist card today. It's good for 1 yr. Now I just have to get around to doing my passport..

Time is winding down

My flights are booked, my RH (Sanctuary House) is paid in full, Passport is in and I owe Almonte $600... I am so ready to get this down and over with. I have many mixed emotions. Some days I think of saying other days I think of being perfectly fine (literally) ???? I know this is a part of the journey and I will be ok in Jesus name..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am so so excited. I go to Dr. Fisher in March. My patient consultant named Margaret is the freaking best... So far I have nothing bad to say about any of them.. I am looking forward to allowing him to resculpt this body of mine.

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