37yr Old 2 Kids BMW (Body Made Wrong) - Miami, FL

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Ok Ladies have always had a flat butt with no...

Ok Ladies have always had a flat butt with no hips, and big breast it never really bothered me until later after having kids i guess when butts started becoming lIke this big thing, but yes now it kills me to not have one not to mention when I was younger I was smaller overall so it didn't look as bad now that I'm older and have had kids I'm bigger and it look sad it's hard to find clothes nothing looks good or fits comfortably , and after my 1st son who Is now 21 I developed Rectus Diastasis that's where you stomach detaches from your muscles and your stomach just hangs, so I had an abdomina plasty didn't make me flat, flat but 100% better so now it's no stomach to help hold up my jeans or no ass so it's really bad but I was not gonna do the BBL bcus I had sum complications wit my first surgery so I had just said forget it but over the years I just have gotten tired so I made up my mind to go fo it I was researchn Dr. Jimmerson, but after all my research I have decided to go with Dr Fisher I am nervous and excited all In one my date Is May 26 and I will keep you guys posted and post pics of post and pre GOOD LUCK TO ALL LADIES!!!

Preparing for my Big Day

Hey ladies just keeping you guys posted I was told to loose 10lbs but I'm going for 15lbs I started off at 198 lbs on 2/28 I am now 189lbs I'm so excited and nervous just can't wait till its over to see my new body CUM ON MAY 26

Gettn Prepared

SX date cumn fast 5/26 super excited still tryn to stay focused on loosn only got 5lbs to go but I wana do 10 more currently searching flights everything else is paid in full and set Gretel at the home away house has been nice and hlp full so far

READY!!! SET!!!! GO!!!!

Hey ladies haven't been updating but I'm all ready to go I got all my stuff to gather and i'm so ready, and nervous, and excited. If there is any thing any of you ladies can think of that I may need, or that may help me PLEASE!!! let me no Thanks Ladies ...

Still Preparn

I'm dwn 11lbs total and it's all good now I pray I can keep it off untill I leave "na let's go turn this mess into a miracle"!!!!

Finally done


So so happy

Pre Op

This is my pre op lord he did a miracle like magic bcuz i was messed up he gave me life again vanity was not as bad as people say they wasn't the best but they was not that bad


I'm just droppn n to update u all I'm doing great, and lovn my new body I will post pics


I'm 6 months out I'm still satisfied, but I wud like a lil more tkn out n put n lol.. scheduled for round 2 in Feb
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor great work I love this man he is awesome absolutely awesome and friendly helpful as well as professional

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