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Hello Ladies, first off I would like to say that I...

Hello Ladies, first off I would like to say that I enjoy looking at the photos of these beautiful transformations, and it gives me so much hope and inspiration to go ahead and maximize my life with a BBL. I'm hoping I could have it done in March of 2015 in Miami by Dr Hasan. All my life I have felt out of place due to me having a flat butt, I have used padded panties and all tried creams squats exercise to get a booty! It really messes with your self esteem when everyone has a butt and you don't it takes a toll on you, I've been picked on bullied and all do to not having any butt from family and in public by other ppl. I just want to be able to slide on a sexy dress or pants and my boyfriend says Damn babe that ass looks great in that! He loves me for me but he knows how self-conscious about my butt! And he supports me to the fullest,so does my children and mother because I'm finally doing sometching for myself for a change and a plus I can wear a bathing suit to Puerto Rico when I go in May with my fabulous new body for the first time! With all being said ladies thank you for being an inspiration and keep maximizing your lives with your hopes and dreams because they will come true!

37 yr old Mother of 3 soon to be a Glamma

Before pics

Ready to be Snatched in the Waist and Phat in the Butt!!! ***Future Hasan Doll***

Im hoping these before pics will load....

Wish pics and Duh!! I forgot to list my height and weight!!! *Future Hasan Doll*

Sorry sisters, I forgot to mention my height and weight which is important... I'm 5'9 1/2 and I currently weigh 193... I have a few wish pics and so does my boyfriend but I think he wants me to have a great big ole monster truck ass!!! Lol... We shall see how far this shall go with that dream..LMSTBBAORH!! (laughing my soon to be big ass off really hard)

My supplies

Hey sisters....just checking in and to let you all know I purchased some of my supplies and my boppy and lipo foams should be arriving by Monday...and I'm ordering the lady urinal today. Every other week I will be buying something else that I may need and I'm glad I get an employee discount for my things due to me working at a big pharmacy chain...and compression socks are no joke with their prices...I bought these Zip up ones for 20 bucks I tried it on and they feel good and tight....

playing around with the PS app...

Boy I tell you this app ain't no joke I got some serious donk BOL!!

PS app....

Big Booty Judy!! Lol

if I can mold myself into this shape!

Just messing with this PS app... I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!

that waist and azz tho! PS app...

that waist and azz tho!!!!

Hasan dolls...

One question...how is Hasan on booty projection? Please help a sista out...Thxin advance!

I can't wait til I'm Hasanified!

Hello my sistashs! I hope everyone has been blessed so far and enjoying their new donkage! Hopefully I will be paid in full by the First week of February if so I will be trying to be booking my date for the first or second week of March so I can go ahead and book my room and pay for a few massages while I'm there..

Yesterday changed my life...

Hello sistahs... Yesterday was the worst day of my life. My first ever and only Grandbaby passed away in utero. I will never know how it will feel to hold touch kiss and have precious moments with my first born grandbaby such as the first tooth, first word even the first step of walking.. Can you all say a prayer for my son,girlfriend and I as we grieve the loss of their baby. God bless...

more wish pics and questions

Hello ladies.....got a few questions for you...How can I find pants and skirts that will fit after I have my new body? Right now I can wear between a 12-14 in pants I just don't want to wear dresses and skirts all the time. Where can I look for some jeans and pants please... The Countdown is real!!!

I'm finally paid off!!!!

Hello my sistahs! I paid my remaining balance along with my garments and lipoboard since I have the foams already. My date for surgery is February 25th 2015!!!! I'm so excited which means I only have 26 days til showtime in Miami!!!! I finally get to have the booty that I have always wanted and I will have my grandbaby watching over me from Heaven!!!! The countdown is real no longer a reality! Its going to happen! Any dolls going in around my date?? Let me know so we can pray before we go in..

Did I miss anything??? And help with area hotels near Hasan surgical center...

Hey sistahs!!! I'm still working on my supplies but I believe I got majority of it . if I missed anything let me know. I'm going to pick up some gowns and footies and bedroom shoes and some sport bras so I can be comfortable... Here's the pic of my supplies... And if any of you are familiar with the hotels in the miami area near the center which ones would you recommend? Please help

Selfie Stick...

Hey sistahs! I wanted to tell you all about this selfie stick I bought... I bout it because I like full length pics of myself...then I thought about it... With being sore and everything from surgery, I know its hard to take full pics of yourself so I decided to use it as my post op pic tool... It extends out almost 4 feet long! And I only paid 10.00 for it you can buy it in Walgreen's and CVS stores....it's a great buy... This will definitely help out a lot so you don't over exert yourself from straining trying to take a pic....

I hope I can achieve this look with projection also...

Hey sistahs you think I could pull this off.. This is a pic of me before and after with the plastic surgery app... Please chime in on this... This isan actual photo of me..

Super Duper Nervous!

You guys would not believe the dream I had the other night!! In my dream I had well nightmare I had my surgery and when I woke from it to look at it and it wasn't there it was worse than before my surgery no ass at allll! Talking bout crying!!! My boyfriend had to wake me up.... And I'm already nervous because my date is for next Wednesday.... Smh

Vets... How will I be able to drive post op?

Ladies... I'm going back to work after 2 weeks after my surgery.. I stay approximately 4 minutes from my job vehicle wise but walking is 25 mins...what can I do to preserve my booty driving? I have my boppy and what else can I use so no pressure will be added..does anyone have a pic of how the pillows are set up in the car? Please help that would be the only time sitting...my job consists of standing all day...

Super Pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my lab work done two weeks ago and guess what they fucked it up!!! The did the total opposite of what needed to be done! And I have surgery Wednesday! So I have to have do it all over again in the A.m. so I can have it by Monday a.m. so I can be cleared to come Tuesday if not I can't have my surgery...do any of you vets know where I can gety blood work done asap before Monday???? Please help

Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!!!

I went back to my Dr office raised all types of hell this dummy only submitted for just the CMP test not everything that was on the script because she didn't understand what was said on it...so they sent me to the actual lab to have the rest done stat per Hasan and Samantha so I can get my booty Wednesday at The Lord's will.... Hopefully they can get the results later today...or tomorrow.... Now my Dr just has to give me my clearance to go ahead...

The Next 48 hours!!!!!

Hey sistahs!!!! Got my labs back and everything is good to go!!! My Hemo is at 14.5!!!! In my entire life I have never seen it that high before! Boy taking those irons pills sure works!! I'm so excited and nervous because my Boyfriend isn't able to come.. My parents are taking me which I was surprised with my Dad coming along but he said he needs to make sure his baby girl is OK and he wants to be the first person I see when I come to...Yes I'm a daddy's girl 4 life! At first he wasn't too happy about it but when we had our chitchat I explained why this was so important for me to do this..then he gave me my blessing to go ahead... So with that being said.... I'm ready to throw that ass in a circle!!! Lmao..Miami I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!

I'm in Miami Bih!!!

I'm in the city of Big Ole Donkey Asses! I'm so excited!! Hola at y'all later!!! Muah!

Guess What!

Soooo.... I'm first to go in @ 5:30 a.m. Yes!!!!! But of course he told me that I will have some loose skin but that is fine and told me if I want a revision I can because I still will have more to add...so he said he will be getting 4000 out and still have fat left over...he recommended a TT but I declined along with the 3 extra areas to make it 15 areas and it will take longer also...but I said I will think about that later on! And why nobody told me I absolutely bucky naked to take the before pics? Lawd I said so I can't get no paper thongs?? Lmao!!! I can tell you on thing we definitely see ourselves differently in the mirror but when someone takes photos of you its a different whole ball game!


Well sistahs its that time to hit the sack and lay on these ole flat ass cheeks of mine for the last time!!!!! I love you all and see you all on the other side of bootilicious land!! If you all would pray for me I would greatly appreciate it! Sweet dreams and big booties reign!!! Muah!

I'm ready I'm ready!!!!

Its almost time to be Hasanified!! I am on the way to the booty!!! See y'all on the other side my beautiful sistahs!!!!!

Lord I come to you and ask you to keep me safe and covered in your blood. I will never leave or forsake you...Keep the Dr and nurses hands steady and guide him to make the impossible possible for me. In Jesus name I pray Amen...

In our words See Y'all on the other side Sistahs!!!!!

I'm officially Hasanified!!!!!!!!! He did that!!!

Wow!!!! I am at the hotel resting I walked for a lil bit with my parents when I looked at myself in the mirror I cried...I got soooo much assss I don't know what to do now...lol thank you God and my sistahs for your prayers!!!!

Good morning sistahs!!!

So I went to my follow up and when Dr Hasan walked in and said Damn look at that Ass you got!! As he discussed about my skin being very damaged on my stomach area I should get the TT later on but he seem some of it is tightening up. He showed me how he rounded out my squareness back there and snatched the brakes out of my waist...Im very satisfied with my results also...Well my mommy is here to give me my shower and change my garment also so wish my luck on that..oh BTW I just been sore not any pain at all...

3 days later...

Well hello my dear bootilicious and future bootilicious sisters.. Well I'm 3 days post and I'm feeling pretty good minus the soreness and the bruises I'm doing everything what I'm supposed to do... My support team consists of my parents,boyfriend, children and sister they all take 6 hr shifts so no one gets tired.....That shower gave me life yesterday but I did overdo it... I got dizzy for a few minutes..but the kicker is putting on that damn garment!!! Lawd sweet baby Jesus had me darn near crawling to glory.... Just had to hola at you all...love ya!!

Day 6

Hey sistahs just checking in.... As soon as I get naked to take pics my mom swarms in says why you take the garment off I said to take pics...she said that will have to wait...lol I took a shower and noticed the bruising is going away alot and my waist is shrinking also... I got a massage yesterday and good lawd that ish hurted....my stomach Is hideous right now...but I forgot to tell y'all my measurements prior to sx it was 42,49,36 and when I measured today I was 42,34,49....is that a good thing

from flat to Phat

Just showing my before and now.. This Arse has come a long way... what y'all think

more pics

Just cruising through to say hello and give a lil update .. I still have a lil swelling at the bottom of my stomach but I expect that... I went back to work n it was all eyes on me...And I measured again and I'm 42 30 47 and I'm softening up already..and I still have to get used to having a BOOTY... And I see I have some great curves.. .

Debuted my new body....

Hey sistahs.. Tomorrow my new booty will be a month old!!! Time has flown so fast... I'm measuring at 42 30 46 now.. Me and my son girlfriend threw a surprise bday dinner party for him and my thoughts were this... I guess I can show my family and friends my new transformation today since it was my son's first time seeing me also... I got hella jealously n hate from some family and friends which I expected but I don't care at all....with that being said I LOVE MY NEW CURVES!!!!

stage 2 garments...

I need help finding some smaller garments what websites can I get some from?

Hey Sistahs!!!

Hey my beautiful sistahs! I know its been awhile since i posted due to me work so much. Im measuring at now 40,32,46. still having minimal swelling in my stomach and lower back. I forgot to mention i ended up being burned during the lipo process on my stomach waist area.. it doesnt hurt but ill be glad when my color starts back coming in. i have neosporin and silver cream to help it heal better and faster. i can wear a size small in dresses and about 10-12 in pants now i jut have to get used to having a gap between my waist and pants from having a smaller waist. My boyfriend is going to take me to go get fitted the weekend so ill exactly know what i can wear... And im getting a whole lot of attention now...which i expected... Also i believe i have recruited atleast 8 women that wants the surgery done.. we need to get paid for referring women to our surgeons or some type of discount on our next procedure..lol Yall be blessed! Good night

2 monthmonth Assiversary!!!

3 Months Of Carrying This Ass!!!!

Hey sistahs! Can u believe its been 3 months already to this day of me being Hasanified! My measurements are currently 40/29/48 my booty has been eating I guess cause it went up..lol I had a guy say my ass ignorant and disrespectful because it was in his way and it kept staring at him...lol!!! And it is so soft and jello jiggy my kids says it has a mind of its own... And I'm currently single again because my ex couldn't handle me getting all the new found attention but I was with him every day unless I were at work. But any who that is his fault... I'm thinking about getting some fat added to my hips and a lil spot at the top of my booty to make it a lil bit more rounder at the top next year....

boy shorts....

It's been 4 months.....

Hello sistahs!!! It's been 4 months since I've been Hasanified!!! I'm still single...plan on being that way for awhile...still holding between 47-48... Still thinking about getting fat added to my hips, and to the top of my butt so it can be rounder and a possible mini tuck.... I feel a lot more confident about myself also with what I choose to wear....

1yr Assiversary

Hello My beautiful family! It's been awhile since I've been on here. I've been dealing with my daughter being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It is a disease I wouldn't dare curse anyone with. My measurements are 36DD/32/48. Still single just focusing on my daughter to get her back healthy and helping her get ready for her dance competitions. Y'all Be Blessed
Miami Physician

He is truly a sweetie pie and too funny when he found out I was raised here we had a full blown convo on the food and the school that his son attends here. He was straight to the point and listened and answered all my questions!

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