37 Years Olds, No Kids, My BBL Journey Begins Now,, Future Fisher Doll in the Making - Miami, FL

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I must admit I was very hesitant to even open an...

I must admit I was very hesitant to even open an account but after reading so many of your storys that are similar to mine in ways I felt it just wouldn't be fair. I'm 37 years old no kids and have always had an issue with extra weight around my belly and a flat booty. There are soo many people out there that I know (ie. family, friends) that are against all of this that I felt I needed to turn to the community for the support I need. You ladies are awesome weather your stories are good or bad ones they are "REAL" and that's all that matters to me.

With that being said I will do my best to keep you updated on my progress and my experiences. I have done months of research and in my area the prices seemed to be a little higher so I've decided to go to Miami where I know this is one of BBL capitals (lol). I've decided to go with Vanity Cosmetic and Dr. Fisher is my requested surgeon. I'm looking to have my surgery done at the end of the summer when it's not so busy. For those of you that have gone to this facility or know people on here that I can look at their stories that would be great. I think i'm addicted to this sight as I wake up on it and fall to sleep on it looking at all of the transformations. I'm trying to find pictures of some of dr fishers patients on African American women but I haven't been able to find many but i'm told he does have experience with our skin and have worked on a lot of us previously.

I will begin my journey by posting some wish pics along with what i'm dealing with today (UGH) not happy to post these at all but I think if it can help someone else then do it... I look forward to chatting with you all and everyone good luck with their journies....

Financial Rollercoaster with financing company :(

So where do I begin with this. I almost changed my mind entirely due to this delay as it was something I've never experienced but once I spoke to a rep I appreciated the extra security. So I applied for credit and was pretty confident that I would be approved and praise god I was. However the same day I was approved my account was closed and I didn't find out until I went to pay my deposit :(

So after numerous calls I found out that my account was flagged because I live in PA and where i'm getting the surgery in in FL and that set off a red flag. I had to send in paperwork to verify my identity and that's not it I had go through yet another form of verification. Apparently there's a lot of identity fraud in Miami so beware.

This entire process took about a week and I'm now straightened out and deposit paid :) On another note I feel I need to write a review regarding my experience with my reps at Vanity Cosmetic. I will save that story for my next post... Still anxious but excited now that my date is booked (YAYYYYYY)

Wish pic #2

I just love the fullness of this and it looks so natural

5 months to go until BBL (Date booked)

I've been a little quiet so far on this journey which will surely change. I am very excited and also nervous at the same time.. I still have yet to upload my pre op pics which I DREAD but it's me and I want to share my experiences... I've kept this secret from everyone but my boo but yesterday I finally told one of my bffs and guess what guys... she wants some work done as well and she maybe joining me in July (all smiles).. so i'm excited to know I have some support.. please continue sharing as I and good luck everyone with your journeys

pre-op pics

finally got around to the part I hate

more pre-op pics

more pre-op pics (ugh)

currently at 205lbs and need to lose about 20 pounds b4 sx

I have not had a chance to speak to the doctor this early in the process. However hoping to hear from him soon.

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