37, Mother of Two, Body Under Construction - Miami, FL

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Initially intended to have my BBL done in the D.R....

Initially intended to have my BBL done in the D.R. with DR. Duran/Medina. They both seem to have very high ratings and great pictures with amazing results not to mention the prices for two procedures was about the cost of one procedure in the US. But ultimately I had to consider the complications after surgery and whether any US physicians would be able to address anything dealing with them. Plus my fiance was just not comfortable with me being out of the country for so long, they ask that you stay 15 days minimum after surgery otherwise they will make you sign a waiver that they are not responsible for any complications. So my Surgeon choice then became Dr. Valls of Vanity Cosmetics, which was short lived because after my quote and a prompt request of my deposit I called to ask where to send the deposit and they had changed the name to Eres. Which upon detailed research it appears they have several malpractice lawsuits and wrongful death claims against the previously named practice. That just was a little sketchy to me so I was like no way ...moving on. So I have settled on Dr. Mel Ortega of Spectrum Cosmetics, Stephanie is my coordinator and she is very helpful and prompt with responding via email or phone call. They were able to take my initial deposit over the phone via credit card and confirm my appointment date. What I was concerned about was that I was never sent a receipt or balance due confirmation which seemed a little troubling. IDK maybe I am a little doubtful from my experience with Vanity/Eres but I will reach out to Stephanie again to confirm that I am on the schedule. I am leaving some "Before" pics to show yall my beginning and I will follow up. I am currently 197lbs and 5'7" I am going to try to lose at least 35-40lbs before the surgery to insure satisfactory results. Good luck and good Health to you all.

Response from Scheduling Coordinator

Well after a email and a few calls I was finally able to speak with Stephanie to confirm my payment and get the surgery contract. I was also able to confirm that they do allow you to make several installment payments after your initial deposit is made which is great because I am a shop-aholic so once I get my direct deposit and that card is in my hot little hands I am shopping!!! So this allows me to just make the payment twice a month so that I wont have to scramble to come up with a lump-sum payment or carry all that cash at the time of the visit.

As I previously mentioned I am setting a goal to lose at least between 35-40lbs before the surgery. I have started by choosing to go with the HCG Diet food list. Now I am not taking any supplements at all. But I figured I needed a base plan to start with. So for the next 90 days I have cut out all dairy, bread, and pasta. The food list is as follows:

Protein Foods Allowed on the hCG Diet: 100 grams of one of the following at lunch and again at dinner:

chicken breast
fresh white fish

Vegetable Foods Allowed on the HCG Diet: One type of vegetable at lunch and one at dinner:

green salad
red radishes

Fruits Allowed on the HCG Diet: Option of one at lunch and one at dinner:

1 apple
1 orange
1 handful of strawberries
1/2 grapefruit

I do meal prep weekly that helps me to stay consistent and not over eat. I also do cardio training 30mins 3 days per week. This surgery is a big investment so I want to do as much as I can to insure I get the results I desire. I am not a surgery junkie so this is a means of creating curves that I was not blessed with and then maintaining them. I will give a progress report about my diet and weight loss every month to let you dolls know where I'm at and hopefully its motivation for those that have a few extra pounds to shed pre op.

weight update

Start weight as of 11/3/2016 was 197lbs
Current weight as of 11/17/2016 is 193lbs


Time to kick it in gear....Im not gone lie them holidays hit hard ....all my family can cook and all my family can eat....I gained at least 9 lbs back after February smh. I know yall are disappointed in me ...because I sure am. I am back on the wagon and trying to commit to clean eating. I really want to have great results and half the battle is being within 10 pounds of your goal weight and I aint no where near my goal weight (170). I wont stop working toward it tho I am focused on losing as much as possible until its time to catch my flight.... the clock is ticking only 33 days left. sheesh. But another piece of motivation is my best friend is getting married yaaaaye! He just moved away over 6 months ago to Dallas, TX and is getting married July 7th. I gotta stay focused !!!


I just heard on 3/09/2017 a young mother of two, died under the care of Dr. Rami Ghurani. My heart goes out to the Lewis family and I pray that this was not negligence. This has really opened my eyes to the fact that this is not a simple out patient procedure this is major surgery and we really need to consider the risks involved because we have family/friends that depend on us all. I am guilty of wanting a better figure but I don't want to risk my life for it. I pray god guides the hands of my surgeon and the surgeon's of the Dolls to be.

Supplies, Pre-Op, Labs, Time to pack!!

Well I have a good idea on what to pack thanks to all of the BBL Dolls B4 me. Since I am traveling from the Mid west and it is still winter here I will need to consider attire for the airport..... sweats and a hoodie sounds like a safe in-between. I have ordered a few cotton sundresses (4) that are dark in color i got them on ebay price ranging from $9-$12, I also got flip flops, and running shoes hopefully after day three I will be able to get out and enjoy the weather. I have of course my other traditional items robe, socks undies, etc. I will arrive on Sunday so I plan on getting other essentials once I arrive. such as toiletries, pet pads so I don't get kicked out of the hotel for bleeding everywhere, alcohol wipes and of course pineapple juice and low sodium snacks. I was told to start taking vitamins 60 days prior so I have folic acid, b12, iron, vitamin A, C. I am also planning to start a regimen of arnica pills 1 week prior. I was procrastinating on getting a boppy pillow honestly because they are so expensive sheesh so I had went on ebay, amazon, walmart, etc they all was $26-$32. I was like damn all that for a C shaped pillow wtf. So i concluded if I was going to pay that much let me see how much they want for the "official BBL pillow". On the website it showed $99 yikes!! So I went on amazon and saw it for $8.40 + 5.00 shping I was like that must be a typo but I don't ask questions when it comes to blessings. I added that thing to my cart so fast... I was just waiting on a email error saying item out of stock. But I got a confirmation email that the item has shipped so I will see if I get the real thing or not. I will leave a pic with the item I purchased I hope it was a great find but honestly when something is too good to be true it usually is. I recently got an email with the Pre-op Instructions as well as Lab paperwork so i will be doing my lab work right before I get my period next week just in-case. I usually keep a average to high hemoglobin even when i'm on my period tho. The last time I did blood work I was surprised my hemo was 12.2 and I was on my 2nd day of menstruating, tmi i know.

Hello? AnyBody There?

Well its 1 week before I am scheduled and i get an Email from Evelyn Sanchez (pre-op) 4/13/17 stating that my appointment will be cancelled with in 48 hours from this email if I do not respond. It was stated that they had still not received my preop EKG/Labs. I checked online with LabCorp and I confirmed that the info had been transmitted, it even allowed me to see my results. I also called my pcp and had them refax my preop physical results again. I have been calling Spectrum for the last 3 days leaving messages and I have not received a response or a call back. I have already paid 3,000 and I was ready to transfer the balance but I can't even verify if they will confirm my appointment. This is beyond frustrating I have emailed my estranged surgery coordinator to assist me and i am waiting on a response from her. I have been patient with there neglect and slow response time up to this point, but I have already booked flights, hotel, transportation etc. It is too late in the game to shrug it off and not be concerned. Its sad but if I ever consider surgery again it may be out of the country as there response time is better then the US.

All Clear

Well I just got the email from Evelyn advising that I have been cleared for surgery and I made a direct deposit of my balance. I asked when I would be called to confirm the time of surgery as I will probably have to come in early for labs since my surgery is on a Monday. I have to work today so I will be grabbing my last few must haves before I get home tonight. I have been feeling a little under the weather because my seasonal allergies have been going crazy and I didn't know if it would be ok to take any thing for it so I have been suffering through it. On top of that the support I thought I once had is slowly fading. My fiance initially was very supportive and encouraging when we first talked about me getting this surgery. Now for the last few months he has had alot of negative things to say, like "Oh, you finna get a new booty so you acting different," or "U aint valid because U taking the easy way out," and "U can't get in the gym and do squats?" Now he says these things and follows up with Im just kidding or laughs it off, and when I get tight and don't find it funny he gets defensive and says Oh I see you overly sensitive, etc. I usually don't respond but the last few weeks I have been letting him know how I really feel. Ladies don't let no one and I mean NO ONE, make you feel like your choices are not valid. I may be paying for the curves I want but that doesn't come with out pain and sacrifice. This is by no means the "EASY" way out. There are women that work out daily and still may not like what they see in the mirror, because of genetics. I have been slim with no butt and now I am thick with no butt. I know how to exercise but I am choosing to do this because I have a desired look for myself and diet and exercise has not been the answer to achieving that. Don't get me wrong I slay with what I was born with but I know I can do better and because this is the body I have to live with I make the choice. Everyone is quick to give there opinion on what you should/shouldn't do, or speak on how your attitude will change. Seems to me everyone else is getting BOOTY ENVY and I aint even poking out yet. Lord bless Dr. Ortega hands and give them something to really be mad about!! Anyway I will keep yall updated on my flight, hotel, and first impression of Dr Ortega once I touch down in MIAMI. Till then don't let them get U down Booty Warriors!

Touch down in MiAmi

Made it to Miami early morning it was a nice flight. Nothing but rain tho so i didnt really get to site see, although I have been to Miami many times i always find somewhere to go tht is new to me. Stopped at the local grocery store to grab some snacks, waters, & pineapple juice. I am going to turn in early and head to Spectrum early morning so i can fill my prescription and do labs b4 my surgery.

Im here ... lets get it

Ready to be a Dr Ortega Doll

Made it ... I'm a Dr Mel.O Doll

Lets get to it... scheduled for 12:30pm didn't get called til 2pm. Did Pre-op (pee in cup, photos & sign lots of papers). I then spoke to Dr Ortega who is very polite, direct, and observant. He quizzed me on what i knew about the procedure (answers was in the papers u sign at pre-op) took a look at me and said so what is more important to you big butt or body conturing, I answered honestly, i desired a better shape not a huge butt. I explained that I do plan on having a tummy tuck as well to address my apron and saggy skin, the Bbl was merely a way to shape and rid my torso & back of extra fat previous to getting the tummy tuck. He seemed pleased with my wishes as he said honestly "you have enough back there," And proceeded to make recommendations on how he could take care of all the areas that a tummy tuck could not (full back, flanks, and upper abdomen) this would maximize the complete end results. I agreed that was what i wanted, no wish pic necessary, he marked me up with two different markers to show where he would lipo and where he would redistribute. I met with the anesthesiologist, also very direct asked about previous experience with surgeries & if i did drugs or abused alcohol. He then stated he would be back to get me once the room was ready. I was called no less than 10 mins later and asked to follow him to the adjacent room and requested i lye on back, he gave me an IV and said he will see me in a little bit... i was out. I woke up in a room shivering being made to get dressed and call my ride, my son was in the waiting room so i called him (5:47pm), they wheeled sitting directly on my butt, really ppl wtf)me out to waiting area, gave me a juice box & went in the elevator to underground parking area and waited on my ride (UBER), no ride came so i grabbed my son arm got up and said my hotel is rite behind this building (Best Western Premier) i will walk. The lady advised tht i remain seated but i was not going to sit another minute in that chair destroying any more fat cells. Walked right to hotel and laid down. I was thirsty as ever so i drank at lest 6 cans of Dole pineapple juice while my son went to get my meds. The pain was indescribable, I will just say that.... i am a little weary from the meds so i will come back in the morning to continue with my review... U dolls enjoy your night!

First look

This was all i could manage... still not bad

The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Well its day 3 and there is lots of soreness and bruising. Im still draining from my lower abdomen. The garment they gave me after surgery was so big it wont allow the foam, ab board, or triangle to remain in place, so i sent my son to purchase a smaller one from Spectrum ($120). I was able to walk right away after surgery which is great i dont take the pain meds because they make me loopy and nauseated, so advil has been my go-to for discomfort. The itching is real tho I have heard a lot of girls say it but its like a million ants crawling over u at once. But any who lets get on with the Good... well i will say Dr. Ortega was aggressive with my back lipo once the swelling goes down im sure it will look even better then it already does and that was what I wanted. The Bad....is im not completely happy with my butt, im sure we all go threw the bbl blues but at this time i am not sure i was given enough volume at the top and middle to even see a considerable difference, and with the pain i went threw i expected to see more ass honestly. And if this is what it looks like with swelling im sure after swelling it wont look much bigger. But maybe my back-to-butt ratio will make my view a little different... we will see. And i have yet to have a BM i have been taking laxatives and drinking pineapple juice and water but still nothing my stomach is hard so I know i need to go if I dont get any relief today im going to do an enema. The Ugly... my stomach looks hideous he managed to lipo my upper abdomen but as he previously explained if I am to get a tummy tuck then the lower abdomen was less important for this particular procedure. So since he could only remove 4 liters his main focus was to address the areas that the tummy tuck would not improve (back, flanks, upper ab) yeah i get the logic behind that, truly I do, but the way this stomach is looking i am ready to schedule that tummy tuck like yesterday!! I think Dr Ortega is a very knowledgable surgeon and he will make recommendations based on his own professional experience, but with that being said we dont pay thousands of dollars to look how anyone wants us to look, so if you have a desired look tell him. Closed mouths dont get feed, u hired him to do a job and if you dont tell him how u want the job done then you wont be happy. Good luck to all of the RS dolls I will come back with a 1 month update i figure not much of a difference can be made before then ttyl


4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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