37 Married 16 Years One 15 Year Old Son - Miami, FL

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Hey Ladies my Name is Mone..About 4 months ago I...

Hey Ladies my Name is Mone..About 4 months ago I started researching Doctors..My first Choice was Dr Fisher 2nd was Dr Hasan..After hard consideration I decided on The doctor Hasan..I have considered lipo but never really a Bbl.Which is funny because I never had any curves..lol..I guess it wasnt anything I ever actually thought I would pay for it....Well let me explain how things got to this point ..Back in November I gave birth to my daughter at 24 weeks an she died instantly once outside of my body..That was the worst pain I had ever endured emotionally and physically. ...Not only did tht experience break me but it taught me alot about myself an the ppl around..So I have been exercising like crazy trying to get back to my goal weight which is 140....But once I found realself..That changed everything for me ..Its Time I do something for myself .No matter what the price ..I deserve happiness ..So Why not fix this horrible figure of mine..So Hasan it is 4,000 12 areas of lipo. On November 3 the day my daughter was born an died.(myrebirth).I was quoted 1000 for 6 nights at vanity Recovery home ..4 massages 1 garment foam and a helper first nite..The recovery house has the worst reviews..Thats scares me abit..I haven't committed yet to staying there..I see Moni has great reviews..But I dont know How I feel about staying in someones home .. ..My husband is totally supportive ..He just wants me to be happy ..My mother hates the idea of me even considering doing this ..THEREFORE she is coming with me..Which is great..No body I would rather have there with me ... I wish we could find a nice hotel ..AN I would hire someone for transportation & nursing. We have never been to Miami..So this will be one hell of experience. . my mom doesnt like driving on the expressway ..So renting a car is out . SO if anyone has any suggestions plz feel free to share.

Dr. HASAN plz save this body..

Still Searching for a Decent Hotel for Recovery

Hello Ladies has anyone stayed at a hotel name 'Element Miami'??.The room rates aren't bad at all ..Its close to the airport. ...Well thats what Im looking into now...I have gained about seven pounds because I have cut back on my cardio.I hate it.....Im one of those ppl if Im not in the gym I pick up weight easily. ...Thats why I started running five days a week...BUt never the less Im excited for this surgery ..To finally have some curves and once I get back in the gym the way I like to be ..This body will be Vicious. .lol

Consultation last week

Hey ladies so last Thursday I went to Vanity for my consultation. .. It was so nice to finally meet the man in person ..I felt like a groupie..Couldn't stop smiling ..lol...I got to see few ppl who were coming out of surgery. .They look like they were in so much pain ..ughh......Dr Hassan answered all my Questions. .He took some of my fear away..The whole getting put the sleep stuff is freaking me out...Thankfully its almost time.

N clothes..So nervous.. Ready To be done with this Surgery

Almost that Time....yayyyyy..

Welll Its 24 hours before I get on the on the booty Train..I ..All I can say Im so ready for this..It would be greatly appreciated if all the beautiful Ladies that see this post would say a prayer for me.


Finally made it ..An Rosemary was the best..The recovery house is so clean..

Help !!!!

Hello Good Morning Ladies..I am having so much trouble with inflammation ..I drink pineapple juice all day and eat pineapples. .I just started taking Bromelain..I also drink Arnica Tea..Im 12 days post op so at this point there isnt any pain just discomfort. .I try to get massages every 3 days ..So can you plz tell what else I can do..Because this inflammation is the worst..Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. .

Left leg swollen from the knee on down

Left leg swollen from the knee on down.My right ankle is swollen also..Can someone tell me if this is normal or should I go to the ER????

3 weeks post

Feeling Disappointed

Woke up Feeling truly discussed ..My butt has went down 3 inches...Feeling like this was just another bad decision to add to the collection. ..Never really having a big ass at all that's the reason I did this ..So to be at almost 5 weeks and to look like this is so disappointing. .An Im not blaming the doctor...I guess I was just meant to have a little ass all my life..Im just feeling really stupid right now like I spented money for this look this..smfh..

6 week Follow -Up with Hasan

So yesterday made 6 weeks for me ..I decided to schedule a follow up.Plus my son turned 16 yesterday so we made a trip out of it and spent the day in Miami. I meant with the doctor for about 20 minutes ..I told him how I felt like my butt looked the same as it did before surgery ..He laughed so hard thn pulled up my before pictures. .Its crazy because I honestly forgot my body looked like tht..So now I was laughing with him because ,I instant felt foolish..lol..He explained to me how my waist will get even smaller in the next few months...He also Said I can do a low intensity workout. But no Squats or Lunges until I reach 3 months post.. He also told me to continue wearing my foams during the day while waist training.....Over all Im pleased with the outcome..Its just some moments when I feel like its not big enough..But so much better thn what My Momma gave me ..lol.

Well 3 months pos Bbl

Well this journey has been such a learning experience for me on so many levels..First I would to thank everyone of you ladies for sharing your journey with me.. .Without you dolls I dont know if I would have went through with it..Im so thankful I had no complications ....My biggest complaint was Booty Greed..lol....Just wanting more..Dr Hasan most definitely did his thing when it came to this body.The projection is down right Ridiculous. ....At 3 months I feel normal again.I wear my Garment 12 hours a day with a waist trainer So at night no Garment an I finally get to wear undies . .Who would Of thought I actually missed wearing underwear.lol..So starting next week Im back in the gym with my trainer.Through this process I picked up 10 -12 lbs...All in my face and arms from not being able to run / cardio...So Im so ready for next week..


Its been a long four months but well worth it..I feel normal at this point. BAck in the gym ..I really miss jogging but Im gonna wait until I reach my 6 month before I do it on a regular basis ..Its still some swollening in my stomach but other thn tht Im Good.I was considering getting my breast done..NOTreally a fan of implants ....Good luck to everyone and their up & coming surgeries..Happy Healing Ladies.:)
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