5'2" 140 lbs 36 yr old Mommy of 2

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So ladies I am new to RS and have enjoyed your...

So ladies I am new to RS and have enjoyed your journeys. I'm in need of lipo and bbl. I love Dr. Fisher work and have been emailing with Anna however I live in Ohio so if anyone that does not live in Florida can share their experience with Vanity and the process I'd b greatful. Nervous and excited!

Scheduling the last 2 wks of April

So I finally got a call from Anna the coordinator and she sent me the bank info but nothing concerning the surgery. I'm so ready to get my self confidence back but the lack of communication is concerning. I've never been away from my kids nor flown. Does anyone have contact info on Leyla because I'm going solo?

Fisher Doll May 2016

So I decided to slow my roll. From what I have gathered from all the post op ppl I am going to need assistance for atleast 2 wks so I'm going to push sx back until my oldest is out of school. Im considering Miami Escape rh. I know they are a new facility so if anyone has any reviews please let me know.

The struggle is real- Rant

I am so frustrated. My sister is the only support system that i really have and she isn't in agreement with me for sx. So she is refusing to watch my kids for the week that I need to be in Florida. Im wrecking my brain for an alternative solution. No one understands that I am so consumed with the bbl and its linked to my self esteem. I love my girls more than life itself. My first 13 yrs ago left me with a better body BC I was so skinny before her but this last 1 at 35yrs old and a c-section left me ewwww.... Long story short her father left after 5 yrs and the baby and Im not confident enough to try and date BC of this body. I know my sis just doesn't want anything to happen to me BC we are all we have but I hope and pray she has a change of heart so I can begin to live my life. Rant over

Its Official! Fisherdoll May 31 2016

So ladies, Its official. I paid my deposit and locked in my date! Im terrified and excited. I still don't have childcare lined up but the thirst is so real that ill worry about it later. Im looking for a buddy if anyone is interested in going through this together. No pain no gain.

Bbl and Chin lipo Dr. Fisher

I was in the mirror last night and couldn't believe my second chin. So I spoke with Anna today and decided to add smart lipo while im already under. I probably shouldn't have switched my sx date before I go broke and keep adding procedures. Lol! Ill add before pics closer to my date because im shy and embarrassed but I know visual stories from you ladies have helped me alot.

Count down

I'm so nervous and excited!

Made the final payment

My anxiety is at 100. I can't believe that I'm really about to do this. And do it all alone.

I'm in Miami Trick ????

1 day left until booty land. I'll have my rh mates take some before pics for me. And the plane ride was not bad at all. Me and my girls are about to be everywhere now!

Miami Escape

Dani and her staff are wonderful! The facility is beautiful and very clean. They have any supplies that you may need and bbl beds, chairs, faga, etc for purchase. So far the food has been tasty and I am very pleased with the service. Future dolls please call and book your stay.


So ladies, I go to my have my surgery today. I meet with Dr. Fisher and he begins to explain things and is about to mark my naked body and my freaking urine hcg comes back positive. So of course my surgery that I have waited on for months is immediately canceled. I'm so disappointed and overwhelmed with this unexpected news. Just 2 wks ago everything was neg and I was cleared for surgery. I need prayers from all dolls.

Omw to ob/gyn

So I have had pain on my left side and I'm concerned and kinda hoping I have a tubal bc Im days away from 37 and really don't want anymore children. I had several complications having my 1 yr old with a emergency c-section which results in bad scar tissue. My bowel and uterus are adhered together so bad that they could not find my tubes to tie them. So we will see what the doctor has to say and hopefully I can be omw to booty land soon.


Just an update. I went to the doc today for my bloodwork and it confirmed that I am currently having a miscarriage. I really didn't want anymore children but now that it's happening I'm kinda messed up. I've never lost a child and my heart breaks for my baby and any mother that has. I spoke with Vanity and the first available appt is Oct 10. Now I'm questioning why God allowed things to unfold this way and if I am supposed to have a bbl or not. I still want it badly. Guess I have some months to think over things unless someone wants to trade dates. Lol.

Vanity Bullsh%!

So I'm scheduled Oct 10 with Fisher for Bbl and chin lift. I've paid in full bc original surgery was May 31 but canceled 5 mins before due to a positive hcg. I flew all the way back to ohio to determine that my levels were not accurate for a normal pregnancy and miscarried 2 days later. In all my period was 5 days. I was told that I could reschedule in 6 wks. However there was no available appointments until Oct. And now that I am excited and the 2 wk countdown begins Vanity just informed me that Dr. Fisher wants to wait 6 months. Uuuggghhhh! I started a new job and still n my 90 days but advised them that I needed this time off before accepting the position. So my time was approved, Surgery clearance scheduled today, flights booked, and rh locked in. I am beyond frustrated and upset! Rant over.

3 wks post op

So Dr. Fisher did a wonderful job with my bbl. The first few days of recovery were rough, and the flight home. Other than that its not so bad. I loved my swollen booty and miss it. The booty greed is beyond real ladies so beware. Im inlove with Dr. Fishers work but Dr. Blinski is the truth. I'm thinking of saving my coins and going back through this. Any second round dolls have any advise?


3 wks pics

6 wks post op

Every day I feel better. The itching on the lipo areas is unbearable at times still. I'm sitting and almost pain free. I have an area on my left side that is swollen and still hard. Other than that I'm pretty soft. Today I felt her jiggling. The boody greed is real though. I've already sent in my pics for a quote. I feel top heavy now that my waist is snatched. I want lipo under my arms and my back (bra line to neck ) with transfer to my hips. My swollen post surgery booty was 43" and now it's 41". I need those 2 inches back. However my pre op waist was 36 and now it's 31 and goes down daily. I can't wait til I can waist train. It's cold now but I'm getting attention bundled up. This Fisherdoll can't wait til round 2 and summer.

I'm very pleased with my results and glad I decided to be a Fisherdoll. He's very down to earth and keeps is real with you concerning what he can deliver. Vanity nka Eres was very professional and met all my needs. My only complaint is that recovery barely allows you to wake before you are put in a wheelchair and wheeled out. I am 37 yrs 140 lbs and a mother of a 13 yr old and 2 yr old. I have my pre kid body back. Beware though bc the booty greed is real. I'm only 3 wks post op and want my swollen butt back. Im thinking of putting down a deposit for round 2 already with Dr. Fisher.

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