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Hi ladies. I'm not exactly new to this site but...

Hi ladies. I'm not exactly new to this site but this is my first review. So I've been stalking this site for some time now. I've been going back and forth for some time now and trying to decide if whether or not I wanted to write a review. I've decided so here I am. The reason being is because I decided to go with Dr. Ghurani for the BBL yet there hasn't been any real updates in some time for him. Although there were enough for me to make a decision that I want him as a doctor (because of his natural touch, natural tummies I've seen, and great butts), I'm hoping to give another one because it might help some other gal out there make their decision. Also, there's a lot of info that most girl's leave out and I'm hoping that my descriptive comments will answer a lot of girl's questions. I'm not at home right now, otherwise, I'd try and post some pics for y'all. But don't worry, they'll be coming as soon as I figure out how to do the video, crop, snap shot, upload trick. It shouldn't take long, I know, but I'm just a busy body....and sometimes I'm a bit of a slow poke.

A Little About Me and Why I chose to do This

So basically...I'm a single women, with no kids and good career. I've been told my whole life I was attractive. And I've always believed them until one day I hit my 30's. And stuff I never had to worry about before started happening. Like the flat spots that developed on my butt that were never there before. The dents on my side thighs. The tire in the mid-section that I worked on and worked on but that never really went away....and if it did it was never completely gone and not for long. And don't even get me started on the weight gain. Then slowly but surely the necks that used to break (easily) weren't breaking anymore. I was about 162-165 lbs 6 months ago when I changed my mind about getting the bbl the 1st time. I figured diet and exercise would do the trick and it did. I lost 19 lbs and began to workout and my butt got a little cuter too. The problem is, along with the weight loss, I experienced butt loss! I used to be holding about 42 inches of butt most of my life at between 136-142 lbs. But this time around, when I got down to just 145-147, my butt was 39"! And my lower abdomen, which used to be 28", was 34"! It was bad enough that guys weren't doing double-takes at my a$$ anymore, but when my guy started telling me my butt was small and giving it nicknames, I hit the gym hardcore. My butt then went up to about 40 1/2-1/4" not due to weight gain. But that's still pretty small in comparison to my lower abdomen. So I made the decision (again) last month to have the BBL done. I've always been one of those people who save money. And while April was just a bad time for me, when the idea popped up again to do a BBL, I really couldn't see anything holding me back. It wouldn't be hot outside so the extra layers (cg, boards, ect) wouldn't be as bothersome from what I hear....and I could hide better under all the winter/fall clothes. Plus the holidays are coming so I could hide out pretty easily from work, family and friends. I work for myself and from home most of the time and rarely need to leave the fort so as long as I can answer the phone and send faxes/emails, ect, I'm good. To be honest, the only real issue would've been the guy I had been dating (up until a few days ago) for the last 4 months. I honestly plan to keep this a secret and he was interfering with that decision. Quite honestly, I didn't know where the relationship was going so I didn't feel it was any of his businesses. With that said, what the heck do you say to a guy you talk to everyday and are sleeping with on a regular basis when you go out of town for several days and show back up with a huge booty and body he can't touch for several weeks? Sounds kinda weird, right? Furthermore, what if he hates it and is no longer attracted or tells his friends? And I really don't think its a good idea to lie that big to someone you plan to build a future with: In my opinion, it could open up whole can of worms and brew more dishonesty. So our break-up couldn't have come at a better time for me. :-) I had actually been putting off telling him why I was going out of town to see if he would f*ck up again and I could break it off seamlessly. LOL. Now here I am single again and I tell ya, I've never been so happy about a break-up.LOL Nowadays I call my new booty, my "revenge booty" because I secretly hope his mouth will drop when/if he ever sees this booty again. Just joking....sort of. LOL. The idea of this new body and turning over a new leaf in my life has really helped me over the last few days. That along with my silly, cool friends. They surprise me with how distractingly supportive they can be. They don't tell you "this is me supporting you getting over your break-up" they just tell me funny stories and invite me out all the time. I feel on top of the world right now with all the love I've been getting lately. And I'm eating it up cause its only a matter of time before one of them pisses me off again. LOL. I think its important that I be clear and serious here though: I am not doing this in hopes of being a part of some big booty trend or for some guy (honestly guys still like my body and so did my guy). Not to mention, I like me in clothes for the most part---but I want to be a banger and hotter naked. I'm doing this for me. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know my ex-guy the first time I made the decision and changed my mind. I'm pretty sure I don't want a gargantuan sized booty (which is what most guys want), just a nice neck-breaking booty with a tiny waist that looks natural and will work on MY body. Honestly, while there are some girl's shapes that I admire, there isn't a girl on earth who I'd rather be besides me. I just want to be a better version of myself (and yes I do I have wish pics that I will post soon). I'm just tired of worrying about my looks and busting my butt at the gym only to be a fraction of what I want to be. Again, I'll say I honestly don't want to be any other woman. But with that said, I die a little inside every time I see a girl with a good, juicy butt because I used to have one. Even white girls (sorry girls...I love y'all and I hope I don't offend) seem to have me out numbered in the bigger butt department. Genetically, while some white girls do have naturally big butts, this isn't what I know to be the norm. And don't get me wrong, I champion any hot girl. Seriously! Get 'em, girls! :-). But I just morn the shape I used to be in and the attention I used to get. I measure myself constantly, I compare my body to other girls' bodies, not out of jealousy but to see how I rate. Its saddening at times how self conscious I have become. I've even been caught staring at women's butts before! And I'm not gay! How do you explain that to a guy? That you're not gay but just insecure about your body? Listen, I'm a very secure and happy girl otherwise who God has truly blessed. And yes I still get my fair share of attention. But every head in the room is not shook like it used to be and at 36, I'm trying to be hot as I can be before it doesn't matter no more because lets face it ladies, at some point, we all have to grow old gracefully at some point. Not to mention, (and my single ladies will agree) when you're single, you want ALL eyes on you. So when it is time to choose that special guy, you'll have a bigger (and hopefully better) pool to choose from. So that's my story so far. I'll post my measurements and wish pics later. I'm a little bloated right now from all the starches I've been eating over the last couple days. I'll check in again soon. Later ladies.

If They (Transgenders) Could Do It....

Its funny that I really haven't been nervous (thus far) about my upcoming surgery. I've actually been super excited. Seriously...I wish this date would get here already! From time to time though, I become concerned about not looking natural. But honestly, I need to let it go. Cause if these transgender ladies can have as much surgery as they did and still look natural, surely I (a 100% born female) can too. Get ready to be amazed---these ladies are ALL transgender. For all you ladies going through the same procedure, if THEY can do it (and look like real girls), then surely there's hope for us all! Ciao, ladies. xo

Wish Pics

Here are my wish pics. I'm about 151 right now but I think its water weight. I love a good tiny waist with a nice curve. A big huge booty is secondary to that though. Don't get me wrong, I love a good, big butt. But I think a big butt has a lot to do with the waist to butt ratio and if I had my option, my measurements would be small with a good hip to butt ratio....but considering my weight at 151 and my height of 5'4.75", I wonder if I'm being unrealistic. The doc can only take so much fat out. But let's see what Dr. Ghurani can do.

Another Wish Pic and Some Ranting and What I'm Hoping For Questions

Good morning everyone. I hope all is well. Also, if you ever have any questions for me, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer it for you.

I'm such a happy person for the most part. Like seriously, I can get happy about waking up in the morning and the weather being good. But not like I've-been-smoking-something-happy but normal happy. I'm just the type of person who looks for the silver lining in every cloud. Cause as far as I'm concerned, there's always a silver lining. My theory is complaining and not trying to find solutions for yourself has never done anybody any good. Being this positive is tough to be sometimes, though. People tend to get secretly mad at me because they think my life is so perfect that I must look down on them. The outcome is them competing with me. When you work towards being responsible your whole life, $hits just in order! I never look down on anyone. I compete with no one. Not my style. But also am not going to apologize for striving to be my best and winning. I refuse to secretly take the blame for how I made somebody feel about their self without me even trying. I swear I've had to distance myself from soooo many people in my past. I have since narrowed it down to just a special few, but at this point in my life, nobody is safe. But so far, so good. I just don't have time for no fake friends. So I had a new friend ask me the other day, "why are you so happy today." He looked so puzzled too. And it completely turned me off---like I needed a reason to smile. What kind of person asks that??!! Sigh. So basically, HE'S cut off. LOL. Plus his phone calls was interfering with me daydreaming about my new booty. LOLZ.

Any way, I've been riding around in my whip for the last few days listening to Bonita Applebum the remix and thinking about what look I'm trying to achieve. What I really, really want is for my boobs (these are my natural breast, by the way) to go well/great with my butt. I want projection too--- lots of it! But while still looking natural--no shelf and only round if the doc says that's what my body calls for but right now I'm thinking a heart shape or somewhere in between heart and round. Right now my boobs are big but my butt, while a decent size, is smaller than my boobs (I can't tell you how many white guys try and holla at me a day. LOL). So even when my stomach is in better shape, I look very top heavy and all attention goes to my boobs. This is not a bad thing but I used to be a girl that had both....basically if you liked it (boobs or butt) I had it. That's what guys USED to tell me. Sigh. My hips play a major role in it too, I know. Since my hips dropped, they don't stick out on the sides as far as my breast do. Draya (in pic above) has the perfect hourglass figure with a nice teeny tiny waist that fits HER body type. And that's what I'm hoping to achieve. A nice butt and hips that will compliment my boobs and a nice, teeny tiny (natural-looking) waistline. With that said, I DO NOT want bigger hips, necessarily. Lord knows. LOL. I just want them fixed where they dropped. I'm hoping for more projection of the butt than hips. I'm also hoping for minimal scarring: no dents, no drain scars. I want to be able to fit into a reasonably sized pair of jeans too. Right now, in couture jeans (7 for all mankind, Citizens, ect) I'm a size 27 skintight. I'm afraid of not being able to fit into at least a size 29-31 jean. I don't care so much about the waist part cause I can just take 'em to a good tailor and be good. But I don't want to look silly in jeans and cute pants and have to wear boutique jean and spandex all the time because nothing else will fit. I don't care if I will be able to fit into all my clothes again or not, quite honestly. But is it possible to achieve a 43-45 inch butt and still get into couture jeans? Any veterans out there that can tell me how many sizes they had to go up/down in jeans after their BBL surgery? Thanks in advance for your response.

My List

I've been stalking some other ladies pages and came up with a list of items I think I might need for my post op. After doing some research, I've also added a few of my own.

1.) P EZ cup--amazon (careful not to order from China! It'll be a month long wait if you do.)
2.) Arnica montana--Amazon
3.) Arnica Gel (already had it at home, yayyy)
6.)Q tips
7.) Bed Pillow
8.) Boppy Pillow (may get one for free from Doc...can't recall)
9.) Fresh Pineapple (will buy when I get there)
10.) Back Scratcher
11.) Lumber Support Pillow by Spa Massage--Amazon
12.) Gin Gin ginger candy chews (good for nausea)
13.) Iron Pills--already had
14.) Multi vitamin--already had
15.) DigestMore enzyme--for digestion
16.) Hypericum Perf. by Hylands---Amazon (good for nerve injury)
17.) Heating Pad (king sized)--already had
18.) Hibiclens anti-bacterial soap--amazon
19.) travel toothbrush
20.) Squeem vests---I've got one in medium, small and extra small thus far. Already had these.
21.) Lipoic Acid--already had
22.) Pro-biotics---already had
23.) Pien Tze Huang---yes I found the real deal. You must go to the manufacturer website for the real deal and get it from a dealer. There's a lot of fake ones out there. I did a TON of research to find these: Look under the list of dealers. This cleanses the liver and helps speed up the healing process but they are expensive. I can't tell where I got mine from because they don't deliver to the states. But I will be going to Toronto to get more (about 2 weeks worth) since they also carry them there. It seems no one delivers to the states. But I was also told how to take it. If you have it and can't figure out how to take it, inbox me and I'll tell you. But don't mix it in anything!

I'm still working on my list but that's what I have thus far. Still need to find drain clips, tank tops to wear under my cg with boards to protect from creases, flushable non-scented baby wipes, cortisone or Benadryl, a marble for my belly button (just in case), sterile gauze and tape, a travel kit, big dark colored maxi dresses, big comfy lounge pants and comfy shirts, and a massage bed possibly. You gals may also want to check out the benefits of Hypericum which is basically st johns wart. The Hyland's brand, which I found on Amazon, is supposed to be better than most. A lot of the tingling and itching has to do with nerves trying to reattach themselves. This Hypericum might help with that since it is for nerve damage. Its been said to make the tingling/itching go away after taking a dose. The Gin Gin candy chews are also another item I found. They are supposed to be good for nausea. They are kinda spicy, sweet and chewy. Not bad tasting at all. I bought them to use in combination with the percocets and anesthesia that I hear makes you nauseous. Ginger, which is what Gin Gin's are, are supposed to be great for nausea. Hope this helps!

Just a Tip

It looks like I won't be on my monthly cycle during surgery but thought I might give some of you other ladies something to consider. Ever hear of the menstral cup? I actually stumbled across this item on Target's website. According to the reviews its the best thing since sliced bread. Its not only re-useable, but once inserted, it can be used for 10-12 hours. Will save you the energy and messiness of constantly changing your pads/tampons every 2-3 hours. And they say once its in, you'll forget its there. Its supposed to be spill proof and comfy and its no messier than any other method we use every day. They have disposable ones too. Just something to think about. I just ordered one today off Amazon for 25 bucks not including shipping costs. If you want to know how well it works for me, feel free to ask. Hope this helps!

My Current Measurements, My Procedure & More Wish Pics

Good morning, ladies. Just wanted to tell you my current measurements since this weight from all the salt and starches I ate over the last couple weeks hasn't come off yet. So here you go:

Height: 5'4.75"
Weight (lots of water weight): 152.8 lbs
Bust (over largest part of breast): 37"
Waist (mid): 31 inches
Abdomen (over belly button): 34"
Hips/Butt: 41"

My stomach is a bit bigger than it normally is...even in my pre-op pics. I have a hard time digesting food thus the enzymes that I posted in a previous post. I'll most likely post more pre-op photos to show you. The plan is to have my thighs lipo'ed (to give me a sexier shape and a slight gap at my inner thigh) and my arms lipo-ed---not because they're fat but because I think it looks best when you lose weight overall. I also plan to have the dents filled in at the sides. Everything is subject to change based on what the doc says.

But I'm hoping for these measurements far anyways:
mid waist: 23-26
abdomen: 26-28
Hips/Butt: 43-44...45 is good too.
I might do my arm and upper thigh measurements for you later too.
I'm going to ask the doc what will work best for my size. Whatever will give me that coke bottle shape. As I said before, I love a cute tummy with a curve. I don't need a gargantuan a$$. Just a nice juicy one. I want a bit of both. So whatever me and the doc decide on. I do want my body to look closer to these new wish pics. We shall see. I might be too big.

Today's Weight & Measurements

So I weighed myself today and I'm holding strong at 152.8. I'm sure its just water weight and my insulin levels because my clothes feel no different than at 145-147. My stomach is bigger for sure and my legs look like they've been retaining water. I'm sure if I laid off the salt and sweets for at least 7 days, my weight would start shifting back. l've been trying to eat healthy but usually after 2 days of eating healthy, I celebrate doing so well by eating cookies or something. LOL. Oh well...that's the joy of getting this procedure done. I think I'm might just keep the weight until I get my new booty! Who knows? I might need that fat. I don't want any regrets. Anyhow, I took my new measurements. Looks like they are
Waist: 30 1/2bs
Over the belly: 34 1/2-35
Butt: 41-41 1/2"

Anyhow, I've been looking around for a good masseuse that does lymph drainage massages and came across this guy who not only does them but claims to specialize in them. In addition to that, he taught a free class last night which teaches you to do them on yourself! I was shocked at how gentle these massages are! Like...he barely touches you. As a matter of fact, he says the harder you massage, the more likely it is you might damage your cells or lymph nodes. But he says there is a more intense version but the best one is the lightest touch. I don't know if he's right or wrong, but I thought It would be a good idea to compare notes...his against the masseuse will in the recovery house after my procedure. He also says that its a good idea to do lymph drainage massages on yourself prior to having surgery done. He says it helps prepare/cleanse the body of old toxins for surgery. He says this can be done as much as you want. What I also didn't know is how many other benefits the massage has to the body. Its great for anti-aging, edema, ect. I tend to see my weight face. I think its usually just the sodium I eat. So I'm thinking this will be good for that. There are some good youtube vids out there too. I swear I gave myself like 3 lymph massages yesterday and was peeing all night! The swelling in my legs had also gone down. But it quickly returned after eating a handful of candy immediately when I awoke this morning. LOL. I just knew that with all the peeing I had done that I had dropped at least 2 lbs between yesterday and last night but to no avail. Oh well. Its just me and my fat until 11/13/14 I guess. LOL. Later ladies. xo

Grant Me Patience, NOW!!!!

I've been pretty busy with work for the last few days and that has worked out well cause time has been kinda flying by. But yesterday and today was pretty flexible/slow so I've had a lot of time on my hands. With that said, I've been hiding out a bit. I don't want to be seen too much right before my surgery. And it really sucks hard because I've been distancing myself from the last guy I've been seeing and at the moment, really don't see a future with us yet I don't want to meet a new guy because he will be checking out my body! Arrrrrrgggg. This is so frustrating and annoying. I've joined a new gym. Got a new gym buddy (female friend who seems cool) and I really just want to hang out! I love the fall and the weather has been extra nice lately and I feel like I'm on lockdown for the next couple weeks and following. What makes matters worse is that my friends have been really clinging to me lately. Sigh. We tend to be real supportive of each other and everybody seems to be going to something right now and they don't know about my surgery. Mind you, they don't know each other. Just me. So its not like I can pawn them off on someone else. They want to hang out. Discuss shit. I'm afraid of blowing them off because they're going to think I'm being selfish. Also, initially I was really happy because my surgery was closer to the holidays so I could have extra downtime from work. But the downside is that people will be inviting me to stuff. My mom is talking about throwing a party! Talking about I better be there and what would it look like if her own child didn't show up to her party. Sigh. My semi-ex guy is talking about wanting Thanks giving dinner. Sigh. I want to start dating soooooo bad and I can't go to my big nice ass gym where all the cute wealthy guys hang out for fear of them noticing drastic changes. Today sucks. 3 weeks seems like 3 months right now. Later, ladies.

Guess Who!!! Me...and more Wish pics :-)

Happy weekend ladies. I just thought I'd post some more pics of myself since. For one, to better document my pre-op vs. my post op. But also because my first pics kinda suck. These pics were taken in the morning before a meal so they're more realistic. And I have on a better fitting bra. The other was very ill fitting. I'm looking to have my arms lipoed so I posted a pic with my pre-op arms. And no, I don't have a thigh gap so I'm getting inner thighs too. There's this little fat roll under my ass cheek too that I also want GONE! Lol. Where the hell did that come from? LOL. Still holding strong but at 152.6, not 152.8 as previously mentioned. Anyways...I'm headed to late breakfast this morning with my bestie. Let's pray I don't get any fatter :-). Ciao

Appointment Issues w/Docs office

Im a little stressed and on edge right now. It looks like my appointment on 11/13/14 has been double booked with someone else. Initially when I called Thania, the office coordinator, we had a date in mind of 11/20/14 but when I got ready to put down my 10% deposit, I attempted to confirm that date but she says she realized that the doc would be out of the office for the holiday and she wanted to allow me enough time with the doc to get my drains removed. So she changed my date to 11/13/2014. I told her that I would be setting up my plane ticket and recovery house reservations around that day. As of today, I have my plane ticket booked, pre-op clearance from my regular physician done, and the recovery house reserved and now shes saying that the doc will be in surgery all day on 11/13/2014. I know mistakes happen but I heard of this happening with her with other patients on here and these appointments are a major deal. I run my business by myself and i rearranged my life around this date. I did everything I was supposed to do to ensure I was over prepared for my appointment and its still not right. Im very annoyed because if my dates don't allign properly, i could be working while in recovery. It could also f@ck up my holidays. As it stands, I would be sitting by Christmas. Im not too too mad at Thania though because I know what its like to make mistakes. She seems to have her hands full over there and it doesnt seem she has enough help. I just hope they can somehow manage to accommodate me. Mistakes like these make me question everything. I dont want an overbooked, sleepy surgeon doing my surgery either. I'll keep you all updated on how this goes. *Signed, Irritated :-/

Menstral Cup Review

Ok. So let me just start off with my opinion of the Diva Cup. First things first, yuck!! And NO! So I came on at about 9pm about 3 days ago so needless to say, I was fairly light. So I quickly grabbed my cup, vaguely read the directions because I was pressed to get it in considering I was already on, so I followed the common sense picture instructions and continued about my night. At about 5:30 am, I awoke to spotting so I decided to take it out. Well 1st off, I had to DIG for it. And when that didn't work, I tried to pinch the stem and HOLY SHIT!! I messed around and pinched my muffin! So I quickly and sleepily grabbed those instructions and read them THROUGH and THROUGH. If I couldve read them in spanish too, I would have. Anyhow, I learned that I was supposed to bear down like doing a number 2 and then reach in there and pinch the cup after it comes out. So thought'd I be safe this time. *buzzer. Wrong!! I then pinched yet another peice of my vagina that I didnt know I had. I swear im tearing up just thinking aboit it! The torment! But soon after, I did wind up getting the thing out. And I dont know what I was thinking I was gonna see and why me, someone who tends to get queasy at the sight of a heavily saturated tampon from time to time, when ever attempt to use a cup that would be filled with blood! Definitely did not think this one through folks. Once in (messy) hand, and 1/4 full, I felt my finger tips numb like I was going to faint. So I quickly dumped the contents in the toilet, rinsed it well in the sink, I got the thing back in there. According to the instructions, once inside, you have to twist it 360°. This is no easy feat! I had to, sleepily and at 5:30 am, dig my hand back in there to twist the cup. After 5 mins, still no luck so I got the bright idea to lay on my back and do it. And tada! I was done. Washed my hands and went back to sleep where the thing went all the way in there again. Sigh. So morning came and I refused to go at the thing again. Instead I decided to go over a friends house where we cooked lunch together. I figured that id be back home by the time I hit the 10 hr mark but I was wrong. So I asked to use his bathroom. My pantyliner was dirty...thats not good. Sigh. So here we are again. Me and this damn cup. Only this time, I couldnt lay down to get it back in. So im on my friends toilet, papsmear style, twisting and digging and turning like my life depended on it. Finally after about 10 mins, I realized i'd left some evidence behind. On his non-waterproof white shower curtains no less! But like any bad criminal, I clean the evidence as best I could...leaving behind a tiny brown dot of non-rose petals at the lower part of his curtain. I washed my hands several times, checked my nails, then off to the kitchen to finish helping him cook. *Que the terror music! Poor guy. Its bad enough ill never sleep with this guy. But now im spraying his bathroom with my scent. Lol. Long story shorter, the cup kept tipping and as we were eating tacos and studying spanish (theme day, lol), I could feel it squishish out as this was technically day 1 of my period since I started the day before after 6pm. I quickly got out of there. Took that thing out and I never want to see it again. Although I think the idea of this cup that only needs to changed every 10-12 hrs seemed pretty cool in theory, if I were recovering from surgery with this thing, I would cry. Good luck with your decision though to use or not to use. Ciao :-)

Got My Appointment Date Back!! :-)

Whoooo hooo. Thania called me back today and straightened everything out. She apologized for the mix up. So back to my countdown :-)

Loving My Mensies today :-)

Sometimes I can hate my period so freakin' much. Then there's other days.... Like that sigh of relief you get when you didn't think it would show up but then it does. Or when your a raving bitch and were just about to go off hardcore on the wrong damn person but then you go to the bathroom and it all makes sense. Lol. Then there's days like today, when you can't figure out why your so fat until your period comes and takes some lbs's with it! I'm back at 151.5 lbs y'all. All is good in the world today. :0) :0) :0)

Progress Toward Surgery

Good day everyone. So today I paid my remaining balance. I ran into another small issue today though with my credit card company. Apparently there is a daily spending limit on my card. But Thania was very nice and accommodating and says she will run it 3 times over the next 3 days until the remaining balance is paid. Awesome.

So to date, I've booked my plane ticket, reserved my room at the recovery center, paid my balance, found a lymphatic drainage massage specialist at home for when I get back, got mostly everything on my list, I'm mostly caught up on work. All that's left for me to do is grocery shop for healthy, quick foods I'll want to eat when I return home and give my place a thorough cleaning. Perhaps I'll get new sheets too. Not that I need them, but I want to sleep on new sheets when I return. I really wish I could leave tomorrow. Oh well. Later.

Been Sick

Been a little under the weather for the last few days. Its just a sore throat and a slight fever though. No runny nose, ect. I think its from hanging out in coffee shops working all day some days. Its not good to be in a closed room with so many people right up under you with all the weather changes going on: Its just too many germs. But I'm glad I got sick now rather than later. I'm already starting to feel better and at least I know I'll be completely better when its time for my surgery. All things considered, I'm going to buy some of those surgical masks for my nose and mouth for when I'm on the plane. Later.

Important Hair Tips and Randomness

So I've been walking around here looking like a gorilla at the legs because...well at some point they weren't long enough to wax. Now, a few weeks later, it doesn't make sense to get them done when I can just wait another 6 days and get them done (and have them be super smooth) before I go out of town and have my surgery. But not only my legs, my under arms (although not as bad) and my cookie too. To makes matters worse, I plan to get me some this weekend. Sucks to be him if he don't like all that hair, I guess. What I also plan on doing for the first time in my ENTIRE life is.....wait for it....drumroll please....getting a weave!! And let me tell you, I am mad excited about it too! I've told my shampoo girls this and they are all like "really??" because I guess its the thing to do these days: everybody's had one. Some girls I know (well...women but aren't we all just girls on the inside, lol ) crack up at me because I've never had one but yet I'm so fascinated by them. But I never really HAD to get one but I'll get to that in a moment. So considering I'm going out of town and won't be able to sit in a salon chair for several weeks, this seemed like the perfect time. And I think I'm going to get a really long one too :-D. My hair has always been medium long. Basically it will grow thick and just slightly above the middle part of my back. So whatever I needed to do to my hair in the past I've always been able to accomplish without a weave. When my hair is at its best, people think I'm wearing a wig. They also ask me what color hair I have but this is my natural color. This has always been the case up until about the last several months. 1st of all, I've been going to the same hair dresser for about 6 years now and never an issue. At some point, my hair started breaking off on one side which is the reason why I left my initially hair dresser. So this time, 6 years later, my hair started doing it again! But this time it was worse. It started on one side and then started creeping around to the back of my head. Before long, I looked like I had an A-symmetric hair cut. The more my hair began to break, it also began to look thinner. I would notice that my hair would be crunchy on the shorter side but just figured it was just left over product, not frying. After all, I don't have any relaxers or other chemicals in my hair...not really. I had some color put in about a year before but had no issues. My hairdresser suggested that I get deep conditioning treatments every month. So I did. One day it just started snapping off. Even in spots without the color.

So one day I was on the phone talking to my mom and it just so happened that I was in route to my dermatologist's office. And she, an ex-professional hairdresser herself, told me to tell my hairdresser to stop putting Keratin in my hair. She said that it will break your hair off and that nowadays its not considered just a keratin treatment when its labeled as conditioner. Because our hair is made-up of keratin, a lot of hairdressers think "the more the merrier". She said a lot of times they will put it in your hair and its labeled as a deep conditioning treatment or something else. Its actually in a lot of stuff we put in our hair now. The use of these items make it easier for your shampoo girls to detangle, dry, and press your hair. She said she had the same thing happen to her hair and her dermatologist said the same thing. I then got off the phone with my mom and went into my dermatologist's office where he confirmed it. Basically what he said is that keratin is not bad for your hair its the overuse of flat/curling irons with keratin that is bad for your hair. Basically, after heat is used to seal that keratin into your hair, applying more later on in the next week when you are in between hairdresser appointments, will cause your hair to become chemically damaged. Imagine that :-/ . He then ran his fingers through my hair and took a few strands that came out when he removed his hands. And right before my eyes, he took these strands and pulled them apart to show me how easily my hair could break. And then he said "your hair shouldn't be this easy to break". He said my hair was considered chemically damaged and gave me a script for it. I told my hairdresser immediately upon returning to see her. She seemed dumbfounded by my discovery. She didn't even seem 100% sure what products her shampoo girl was using on my hair at the time. I then went to another girl in her salon (this is her own salon so this is cool with her...she encourages it) to wear my hair up and told her my hair was damaged so no heat. She said "Oh...then I'm going to do a deep conditioning treatment on you. Can somebody pass me that keratin conditioner?" and I said NO! That's why my hair is breaking off. No more Keratin!

The moral of this story is; always check to find out if there is keratin in the products your shampoo girls are using. Also understand that your hairdressers might not necessarily know the dangers of keratin on the hair. Because its not a "treatment" they think of it as a magic detangling product. The use of keratin products are fairly new and weren't necessarily taught to every hairdresser in school. Do your research. Know your own body and hair. Don't let them sell you on that check your thyroid, buy a silk pillowcase, silk scarf b.s. If you have chemical damage, buy a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner, and lay off the blow dryer and flat irons and have your hair put up for awhile. If you can get a script from your doc for a medication that will help stop the damage, then do so. And if you plan on allowing a hairdresser to put products in your hair containing keratin, be sure the person who puts it on you knows what they're doing and that they inform you of how to maintain your hair. And do NOT curl your hair without washing it first with a clarifying shampoo. You've been forewarned. If she had given me the option of having keratin conditioner in my hair and told me the side effects of it, I would have never allowed her to do it. But good luck out there with your decision. Ciao

10 days till post op and randomness...

Its crazy how time is flying. Not nervous at all yet and I'm wondering when the nervousness is supposed to kick in. Lol. I'm really just ready to get this thing over with and start the recovery process and my new life. I'm kind of over staring at my wish pics and wondering what I'll tell people. I just want to do the surgery already. Lol. I did decide to do my measurements again today to make sure they were accurate. The results were:

Waist (Mid): 30 3/4"
Over belly button: 33 1/2"
Lower belly: 35 1/4"
Butt/hips: 41"
Upper thigh: 24 1/2"

Thus far, I'm packed. I just need to print out my wish pics and buy some sun dresses. I've got pretty much everything on my list except compression sleeves. Well...good nite. I look forward to going to sleep now...gets the day over faster. Later.

Can't Wait

Today is such an annoying day for many reasons. As I mentioned before, I've been trying to lay low and not meet any new men because I don't want them checking out my old frame and asking to go on dates with me during recovery. With that said, I've been keeping my on again off again guy around because I think I'd be miserable considering I'm more to myself than usual. But he should've been banished from my life by now and under normal circumstances, he would be. He doesn't deserve a relationship/friendship with me. I'm just using him for affection until my surgery is over. Being too into him and our non-official relationship, I got distracted and never really dated other guys while dating him. Its been 5 months now and I'm so frustrated I could scream because I'm so ready to turn over a new leaf. As I said before, I've really been looking forward to my new booty and its been my silver lining for these past weeks as I've been going through these ups and downs with my guy. I definitely can't see us working out right now. As of today, I don't plan to see him anymore and it sucks. I wish my surgery date was here so I could have other more important things to concentrate on. Can't wait till tomorrow because I'll be one step closer to my post-op date. I guess I'll be up till late tonight staring at wish pics. Later, ladies.

Feeling Weird

So today I've been thinking about my surgery. Actually, I've been thinking about it for the last few days. I'm not so much nervous as I am feeling a bit weird. did I get here? There was a time in my life when I would've never considered surgery as an option. I may have even secretly judged some other poor woman for making the decision to better herself. Now here I am, 36 yrs old and about to let some strange doctor I've never met before take a tool to my body for non-medical reasons. So weird. I will be going in looking one way, a way that I've grown accustomed to looking my whole life, and looking like a different person. And I can't help but wonder with all the major advances in science being made everyday if there will be an advancement in a couple years that will make what I'm about to do to myself obsolete. I wonder if I will then regret what I've done to myself. How will I face my nieces and tell them to love themselves no matter what when I made this decision? Will I feel like a hypocrite from post-op ongoing? Or will I get to the gates of heaven when I die and have to explain to God why I decided to mess with my body and find that he is disappointed with me? Perhaps I'm worrying for nothing. With all that said, I'm really excited about my surgery on Thursday. I'm not so much nervous about the recovery or the surgery itself. I worry about not being accepted in the same way by the people in my life once the surgery is complete....Like what will I tell my on-again-off-again guy? Will we stand the test of time anyways to the point that it will matter. And if we don't will it be my fault cause I lied and it effected my relationship? I guess time will tell. But none of this will stop me from going in Dr. Ghurani's office on Thursday and getting the biggest, nicest ass that my money can buy. I deserve to feel and look my best. And won't be bothered by what other people have to say about me. They really can kiss my a$$ if they talk sh!t behind my back about what I might have done to myself. I don't have kids, never been married. This really is one of the happiest times of my life and the greatest gift I have ever given myself. I can't wait. Later.

More Progress

As of today I'm mostly done with my thorough cleaning (still have to finish detailing my car though) and I got myself some new sheets and most other things on my list. I think I want a new blanket too so I'll get that tomorrow. Still gotta find a couple more dresses too but I'm good for the most part. My car needs a tune-up so my friend offered to do it for me. He'll be doing that on Tuesday before I leave so I'm glad about that because I worried about finding the time to get it done. Also I'm doing a big grocery shop tomorrow. Come Monday I've got to make a bunch of unexpected work calls that must be complete by Tuesday but its not the worst thing in the world so I should be good after that. Today I'm feeling blessed and pretty content with where I am and my preparation for my surgery. Later, ladies.

3 More days

Wow. And 2 more days before my plane takes off. I'm not really nervous about the surgery. Just don't want to be seen or bothered until my recovery.

Surgery Update!!...Sorry so late :0(

The Consultation:
Hi ladies. Sorry for the delay. It turns out that on my day of arrival in Miami, FL I had to put a small work fire turned big and wound up working most of the day. By the time I was finished, I decided to shut my phone off and all media to avoid a mini nervous break-down. Lol.

Upon arriving in MIA airport, Karla from the recovery house that I was referred to by Ghurani's office came to pick me up. And right on time too because I had just got done putting out my fire. She was a breath of fresh air when she arrived. She had a pleasant attitude, welcomed me to Miami and attempted to grab my bags from me and put them in the truck...which was squeaky clean and new, by the way. But true to the independent woman that I am, I couldn't just let her grab my bags by herself so I helped. It was so nostalgic for me to hear her lovely Spanish accent and see those palm trees. I missed Miami and was so glad to finally be there. I addition to missing Miami, I was one step closer because I was on my way to my room and to meet my doc for the 1st time.

I arrived at the recovery house and discovered that it was a condo within a subdivision. It was built probably circa 1970s-1980's and was the standard stucco exterior in the classic Miami peach colors. This was not what I expected. Mind you, I had no expectations that were sold to me so this was no ones fault but my own. But I had waited for 2 months to here and had built it up to be more in my head than what it was. Quite honestly, I had never even heard of a recovery house until I scheduled my appointment. I was expecting a nursing home. Lol. But it was cool. Nothing posh. Not a hotel. But good. When we walked in, I was pleasantly surprised. I was 80 degrees outside and slightly muggy. We walked in to central air conditioning blowing and it was remodeled just enough--new floors, fresh paint, new comfy looking furniture. It was good. Its not as posh as my own room at home (isn't that what we all look forward to when going out of town? Lol) but it was good and that's what was important to me. I'm used to nice things but I'm no spoiled brat--don't get it twisted. I had the master suite which contained its own bathroom and fridge so that was cool. After I was done wrapping up my work calls, I realized I had an hour to make it to the Walmart which was within walking distance to the recovery house but I had access to a rental car courtesy of my neighbors occupying the other room (so nice). According to my GPS, I was only 4 mins away. What I didn't account for was how long it would take for me to get there and back due to traffic and slow check-out lines. Took me a full hour to get there, grab a few groceries and get back. My appointment with Dr. Ghurani was at 5pm and that's when I finally made it back to house. Needless to say, the person responsible for driving me there gave me a thorough talking-to about how Ghurani don't play that and has been known to cancel surgery appointments due to time restraints. She also warned me that our little 20-30 min trip to the office could possible take an hour due to traffic (what!!???). Turns out traffic wasn't as bad as I expected and we arrived only 30 mins behind schedule. Ghurani came out of his office right as I arrived and I finally got to meet Thania too. They were both really pleasant and friendly. The office was remodeled and really nice. I loved that when you arrive, you arrive in an underground garage where there is an elevator that opens right up into Dr. Ghurani's office. When you have surgery, you really don't want anybody to see you and the underground garage offers you that privacy. You are totally under the radar. The elevator to the office lobby is great because there's the feeling of no waiting. And there really hasn't been any waiting. Its crazy how prompt everyone is!! They are very polished in the way--this includes the recovery house which drives you to the doc's office and the doctor. They are all in close communication with each other and on top of things. Upon walking realizing this, I knew I was in the right hands. They (Thania and Dr. Ghurani) then lead me to a nice room in the back and had me get undressed. The doctor was very assertive in making me feel comfortable with getting undressed in front of him and assured me he wouldn't make me get dressed if he didn't have to by saying, "if only I had x-ray vision, I'd use it." Lol. But I'm not shy and he was a perfect gentlemen. Not to mention, quite handsome. He was able to answer all my questions. He also explained to me that he wasn't interested in seeing wish pics because he goes by what the body tells him to do. And ultimately that's what I wanted anyways. I just want to look like a better me. I didn't ask him for some ginormous booty. I asked for an hourglass figure and told him I was not afraid of a big booty and asked that he just make it go with my body type and he agreed that would be best. And assured me that he did NOT do ghetto booties and he does natural looking booties. I was glad to hear that. He was satisfied with my body type and was glad to see that I had tight skin, muscle mass underneath all the fat (I used to be a bit of a gym rat) and projection already that was being hidden by my love-handles. I ascertained that I really didn't need a bbl but it was no since coming all that way just for lipo so he was going to give me some booty---not his though. My own. Lol. I left his office feeling pretty satisfied and looking forward to my surgery the next day.

Without Further A-do :-\

Sorry again, ladies. I always have every intention on updating but then life gets in the way. With that said, I didn't expect to take so long. So here are my updates from post op through now:

Post op day 1: So I got up bright and early and showered and texted my best friend (more on that later) to tell her that I was headed to surgery. I also provided her with the phone number, ect for the doctor and made sure she had my mom's number which I started not to do any of this but something about this day made it all real and if something had happened, I would've hated to have my mom not have a clear understanding of what happened and nobody knowing where I was. I wouldn't never want to do that to my family. So while to the date, I have not told my mom or family about my surgery, I did tell my good Judy to call my mom if there was an issue and if she didn't hear from me. I arrived at Ghurani's office on Nov. 13 @ about 8:15am prepared for a surgery at 8:30am. Unfortunately, due to no fault of Dr. Ghurani's office, there was a delay in starting my surgery due to the anesthesiologist being late. I knew this might be an issue the day before. But it wasn't the biggest deal in the world either way. I filled out some paperwork, did some urine work for the nurse and sat around for a sec and by the time I was done, the anesthesiologist had arrived and I was ready for surgery. And he was a real misogynist too---talking about how women are crazy doing this to themselves and all we want in life is to be perfect. He didn't say all this in front of anybody though. And it was clear based on his conversation with the doc that they had never used him before. I wasn't too upset by his comments though. I just blew him off. Nothing was going to ruin my moment. I was not scared. I was just a bit eerie climbing up on the narrow operating table in a tiny room and realizing I was 100s of miles away from home having an elective procedure that would change my life. My mom didn't even know I was out of town, let alone having the procedure done. Anyways, despite the anesthesiologist's douchey personality, he was very thorough with his questions in regards to my health. That made me feel comfortable. It also felt good knowing that the doc was never anymore than 10 steps away (for the most part) since the moment I arrived that morning. As I was walking in to climb on the surgery table, he told me i'd feel like I'd been ran over by two trucks but I was in good hands. We both had a good chuckle, I climb onto the table, turned to my side where the doc was standing while the anesthesiologist injecting my vein with anesthesia and BOOM! I was out. I woke up feeling like I had been ran over by two trucks for sure! I was on my side being helped into my garment by some nurse wearing a mask who could barely speak English. She just kept saying roll over, so I did. I had to keep taking small breaks due to my dizziness and nausea. As she was trying to fasten my CG, she kept hitting my tender ass stomach and if I didn't know any better, I swear she was doing it on purpose. They really need to let this lady go honestly. She just wasn't the most patient and caring nurse around---she seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere and not very concerned about being careful but she did give me time to get my garment on. My garment wasn't very tight at all. As a matter of fact, Thania assured me the day before that it shouldn't be and has nothing to do with how well you heal. Afterwards, I was off to the recovery house. The ride there was about 20 mins but it seemed like an eternity considering I was still drowsy and nauseas. When I arrived at the recovery house, I had two nurses help me up the stairs and to my room. One tried to help me pee into a urinal cup but I couldn't yet due to the pressure in my stomach. Then another asked if I was hungry. She was surprised to hear that I was. You could tell she was a stranger. Lol. Apparently she didn't know I was greedy as hell. Lol. But according to them, this was good because this could go either way and the recovery is better when you eat. I vomited once and ate--not necessarily in that order--then went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later feeling coherent and healthy. Still not ready to walk though. The only tenderness I felt was in my tummy. My butt felt like a thousand pounds. I was able to pee when I awoke. Laying comfortably was a bitch because of the chux, blood, drains, and tenderness so when I laid down, although I could get up, I did not want to. But all in all, pre-op one went great. I watched tv and went to sleep pretty much on and off until the morning.

Post op day 2: I was covered in blood, strapped with two drains, and stiff as a board so getting out of bed was complicated but manageable. My nurse, Maria, was awesome! Apparently she decided to do this after she retired, but was really a doctor in Cuba where she was originally from. Total godsend. Somehow this woman was always right there before I ever needed to call her. I was encouraged to begin walking as soon as I felt well enough to. So I did. I had some slight nausea from my oxycodone but those Gin-Gin's I bought were also a godsend. I never had to take the prescription I had for nausea because the Gin-Gin's worked so well. This is also the day I went back to Ghurani's office for follow-up. My garment was removed at this point and it wasn't so bad. Not bad at all. I was then provided with foam boards and sent home. By the middle of the day, I was walking around every two hours but was hunched over slightly like an old woman due to stiffness. But as time went on, probably by the end of that day and after some consistent walking, I experienced spurts of walking upright. I was eating pineapple, drinking water (no Gatorade), drinking pineapple juice, and popping oxycodone, arnica montana, and hypericum like no tomorrow. Never missed a dose. It was recommended that I take a shower this day by Thania this day but my nurse and I agreed that we'd do it on the 3rd day instead.

Post op day #3: I got a little help getting out and into my garment which is encouraged by the doc--you gotta learn somehow. Showering felt grrrreat! I washed my wounds with hiberclens and the rest of my body with regular body wash. I put some Neosporin (bad idea...this irritates the wounds. Just get generic triple antibiotic instead. Do not cleanse wounds with alcohol or peroxide either) on my wounds, covered them back up with gauze, and put my garment back on. The day before, I bought a second garment in the same size so I could alternate while my other garment was being washed. Which was a good idea. I like to take 2 showers a day at a minimal. So this worked out great. I also had my first bowel movement since surgery which is good. It was hard like I was constipated (side effect of meds) but I had been taking enzymes with my meals and I'm also pretty regular otherwise. So while my BM was as hard as a brick, it was a lot. Thank god I didn't need a plunger---talk about embarrassing.

Post op day #4: I was walking upright, getting out of bed on my own, walking to the store on my own, got my freakin period (grrrrrr), eating like a pig and taking two showers a day, getting in and out of garment with no help. Good thing the food was healthy at the recovery house. Got my first massage. While my stomach was tender, the pain was tolerable. It was the heat that made my temperature rise caused by the ultrasound massager that was a bitch. The 1st massage was actually better than the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. Only 2 massages were provided in my package. But I purchased 3 additional massages so that I could get my drains out asap and didn't have to fly home with them in.

Post op day #5: Feeling like a million bucks but my front drain were tugging. Ready to get them out ASAP.

Post op day #6: Same

Post op day #7: Same

Post op day #8: Same

Post op Day #9: drains removed. Yaaaaayyyy!! Felt like a trillion bucks! Miraculously, I didn't feel quite as stiff.

Post op Day #10: The flight home was a real bitch! Not only did I get gas and nausea on the plane, I had to sit with a lumbar support bar under my thighs while on top of a pillow, also under my thighs to ensure I didn't dent my booty. The cool part is I flew with Delta airlines. The lady I presented with my doctors note didn't even bother taking it. I just explained to her that I hurt my back and she wound up finding 3 free seats and gave me the option of laying across them. I never walked on the plane. I slept pretty much the whole 2 1/2 hours home. Arrived at the airport, I sick and sweaty and carrying heavy ass bags by myself. I opted to not have my friend pick me up because she had been acting weird (kinda jealous) since my surgery. Plus I didn't really feel like anybody giving my body the once over. I don't think I ever will. So I called a cab to ensure they'd be there when I arrived but they were late. So when I arrived, I had to stand for about 30 mins waiting for my cab. That was after 30 mins of walking to get my bags (remember I had surgery and was still stiff and had a fever). I made sure my cab driver knew I hurt my back and had soft back seats. He was very accommodating. My ride home was long---45 mins but tolerable. I finally made it home where clothes I had ordered while in Miami were piled up at my door. Lol. I gathered my stuff, bags, and my mail. Suddenly I felt great again. I was home. :-)

More pics

These pics were taken today. Sometimes I think my hips are too big. Feels weird. But overall I like my shape. I just think I need to lose about 10 lbs to get back to my most comfortable/typical weight. I've tried sleeping on my sides (about a 1/2 hour each side) on about 2 occasions...I've also gotten 1 massage while lying on my side and my hips did go down about an inch. But I'm not going to do this anymore even though the doctor encouraged it and said it was ok. I just don't want to take any chances losing volume or changing my shape. I'm hoping my waist goes down much more because right now its 30 1/2 inches. Initially coming out of surgery it was about the same give or take a 1/2 inch. Anyhow, I'm hoping to get down to at least 27-26 inches in the waist---fingers crossed. My hips were about 46 1/2 coming out of surgery too. They are currently 43 1/2 which I love. I don't want them any smaller. I just want my waist smaller and to lose weight overall. I love my body some days, other days I think my thighs are too big and look unnatural. My 2 month mark can't get here fast enough.

Pics wouldn't post initially...but here they are :-\

These photos were taken today

About My Scars and What I've Been Doing to Promote my Healing

Those damn scars. I secretly refer to them as my little snitches. Lol. If it weren't for them, I think I'd feel mostly natural. The drain scar in the front is slightly raised. So are one of the scars on my back and under my boobs. The scars on my butt are totally flat though (thank god). Initially I was using Scar Away silicone sheets but those were kind of annoying because I had to keep un-curling them after removal for showers and sometimes, when wearing oil or something, they wouldn't stick very well and would fall off and get lost. Plus at 17 bucks a box, it just made more sense to purchase a bottle of bio corneum (not sure I spelled this right) from Ghurani's office which is a higher grade of silicone cream. You have to go through a box of silicone sheets every week for about 2-3 months, why not just buy a big bottle of cream for $120? So I did. But they didn't seem to make much difference in the 5 days I had started using it, so true to my over obsessive form, I took my healing to the next level and went to my dermatologist. He basically said that the silicone sheets and cream have their place in my healing process but not quite yet. He was concerned about the raising and told me that if my scars didn't fix themselves on their own, he'd have to give me a shot to manually flatten them out. He also told me to stop using the silicone cream and sheets and prescribed me a professional grade ointment called mupirocin 2 %. With my insurance, I only paid about 8 bucks for this. Within 3 days my scars stopped itching as much and turned white which I assumed is a sign of it starting to dry out and heal. Today, after 5 days of using the ointment 3 times a day like clockwork, my scars appear to have shrank and appear to be healing nicely. However, I decided to take it a step further. Thanks to NellyJelly, I decided to do a little research on Castor Oil and its miraculous effects on internal and external scar tissue. I decided to pick up a bottle of castor oil today and am currently covered in it (all over my belly, lower back, and all scars including my butt incision which I can't tell if it closed or not and freaks me out) and am laying on a heating pad which I've been on for about 30 mins thus far, with a towel between myself and the sunbeam heating pad on high. I plan to do this everyday until I see the results I want. I've also been using Arnica gel on my bruises---talk about an improvement! I had a large blood shot blue/red scar in the middle of my chest immediately following surgery (it looked like somebody hit me in the chest with a mallet), it was completely gone within 4 days. I believe the fresh pineapple I was eating all day every day had alot to do with my healing as well. My other bruises are much much lighter although not completely gone. There is about 3 that I'm sure will be gone by next week. My lipo bruises on my stomach look way lighter too. Although my scars are little assholes, my bruises have not been an issue at all and are practically gone. Oh...I also was quite fearful of that lipo belly button. Thanks to my tight skin (which I learned I have great tight skin from the doc), my skin went back to normal appearance within a few days. But my belly button was trying to take on many shapes so I wasn't having that. I put gauze in my belly button on day 2 pre-op but that made my belly button heal like a pot hole. On about day 4 when I was able to go to walk to the store on my own (walking distance from the recovery house), I was able to find a small marble and tape it in my belly button using a band aid. Worked like a charm. My belly button looks totally normal today. I just stopped using it about 2 days ago. I've also been using hypericum 4 times per day and thus far, not much itching...just every now and again. No prickling and very little burning which I think has to do with fluid build-up and not wearing the cg and foams on a regular basis. I get carried away from time to time after a shower and tend to spend about 2 hours in the mirror without my cg. But I think that bug is over and I plan to stay in my cg more often to help my tummy go down. I still don't need a smaller cg. I've been eating about the same as I did before I went into surgery and am about the same weight but plan to diet and exercise at the 4-6 week mark (diet in 4 weeks I think and exercise lightly at 6 weeks as per the doc's orders). I plan to I'll keep you updated on how all this works out for me. Good luck ladies and happy healing.

Friend or Foe? You Be the Judge

So my initial plan was to tell absolutely no one about my surgery. But when my "best" friend confided in me that she was having her surgery done months earlier, I figured what a coincidence! And what better person to share this information with. After all, if we were going to go through the recovery, we could go through it together and support each other. Well soon after mentioning that she might need me to help her with her recovery after surgery, she stopped talking about it. But me, being so excited about my own surgery kept asking her about hers. Finally, my anxiousness got the best of me and I decided to tell her about my own surgery one night after stopping by to see her and catch up. To my surprise, she was irritated after I told her. Maybe even mad! Her eyes got big. She start ranting about how I stole her idea. It definitely through me off guard. I actually had to pull out my phone and open my email to prove that I knew about the surgery and had had my consultation well before she even mentioned her surgery to me....which quite frankly I didn't know what difference it made. She then explained that she believed me and that I didn't need to explain any further. Then the question of money came up. This chick asked me about my finances and how I was looking to afford the surgery. Now I don't know about y'all but don't nobody, including my momma, know shit about my finances. That was strategic and I think its best that way. They know I make good money and I keep it at that. When shit comes up that I want, I get it. Sometimes shit comes up that I want but I don't buy it because I'm nobody's fool--I like to save as much as I spend. So when she tried to school me on the difference between a savings and checking account and told me she was "concerned as a friend" about my spending habits, I suddenly didn't trust that bitch. As I was leaving from home earlier that day, I got a letter that I hadn't opened yet so I pulled it out as we were talking. She then asked me "what's that" and bent my mail down so she could see who it came from (probably hoping it was a bill). Now I'm seeing this bitch is more concerned about my pockets than she's been putting on. As the evening progressed, she disclosed to me that she had the money to get her own surgery but that she had a lot of family issues come up for herself. She then offered to show me how much money she had in her account. I told her that wouldn't be necessary cause that's not my business. Its important to tell you that while she makes decent money, she's hood rich. In other words, she pulls side stunts from time to time to keep her money how she likes it. I don't. Its funny how people who live their lives that way think everybody else does but just hide it better. So she's been looking for some dirt for awhile and trying to impress and I think she was beginning to unravel under the pressure. And I think its just unfortunate---how many woman do this with me! I'm not being arrogant, I'm just saying...just be yourself! But I digress. So she disclosed that she weighed 250 lbs now and at 5'6" she has been advised that it is unsafe for her to get the surgery. She cried. My heart went out to her at that point. Suddenly she was my sister again. Now y'all know me at this point. If I can help, I'll do whatever I can. Especially if you know me personally--I will fight side by side with you. I gave her some tips on losing weight like I did. I even gave her the names of some docs that might be able to make her surgery happen for her and switched the conversation from positive things about me to positive things about her. We even planned to diet together. She seemed to feel a bit better so I felt good about that. But I think its also key to mention here that she is always that girl that's trying to impress the next chick. This is where her and I differ. I could care less about labels and being flashy in the worldly sense. There's more important things in life than trying to impress somebody and quite frankly, if you feel I should be trying to impress you, then you're not good enough to try and impress. Now I do have naturally expensive taste. But if I wind up with a name brand on my back, its just cause I really liked what I saw and didn't care about the cost. And that happens more often than not. Money is just fun to me but it doesn't make me who I am. In other words, I'm not Lil' Wayne. Lol. Now my home girl? That bitch is Lil' Wayne. Lol. To be quite honest, we couldn't be more different. But the reason why I consider her a friend is because we always had each other's best interest at heart--so I thought. To me, having each other's back to the fullest is what makes or breaks a friendship. I could care less if we like the same kinds of shoes and purses or are cut from the same cloth--I have learned over the years that that shit is secondary to genuine people with a good intentions. But as my surgery date approached and I was feeling anxious, she didn't let me get a word in edgewise. Anytime I would bring up that I was feeling anxious, she would change the subject or shut me down. You could literally hear a pin drop some days. Finally, as the date approached even closer, she began to ask me about my surgery and my anxiousness and she was trying to act like my sister again. She told me that I was going to be fly and asked me if I was going to change into a different person on her. I found that to be funny but valid cause so many people do that...but she should have known that ain't my style. But regardless, I assured her that I wouldn't. She then said that she was going to have to make sure I didn't get the big head. Huh? Later on, future date, I began talking to her about a situation I had going on. Usually, she's that friend that's all like, " f*ck him, you're better than him, you'll replace him tomorrow" but suddenly, as she was giving me her usually words of encouragement, she noticed me feeling encouraged and stopped short in the middle of her sentence and looked at me like I was doing something wrong by feeling better. It was pivotal for me. I suddenly realized I couldn't depend on her opinion anymore. Good thing I never really do anyways. But I digress again. Now I've always gotten a lot of attention for my appearance, always been blessed financially, always been a cool chick that people want to be around. So a girl's gotta wonder, how many times has this bitch pulled this card? And how would she act if I married the man of my dreams, got a bigger house, nicer car, made more money, then what? As the date of my surgery approached, she acted super supportive. She even offered to drop me off and pick me up from the airport. On the day of the surgery she wished me well. I provided her with all my info about my doc to give to my mom in case of emergency. I told her I love her and vice versa and off to the surgery room I went. We texted afterwards to let her know I was alive. I called her on the phone when I got my energy back and she almost cried...I think she was just happy to hear her friend's voice and that I was ok. I think I felt the love. But also some weirdness. Suddenly, I'm noticing her voice is all fucked second its high and the next second its low. The conversation about future outfits came up following my bbl and I let her know that I had no intention on wearing hoe clothes. She then attempted to school me on what she would wear as if I was naïve or something. She then told me that she was glad she had my surgeon's phone number cause she wanted to use him. Huh? My mind started recalling how everything in the recent past I've bragged about liking, she shoes (several pair and no, we do not have the same style so this made no sense), lipstick, ect. I then just stopped talking. Anytime a bitch think they can do you better than you can do you, that's jealousy at its finest in my book. The worst is when they get mad at you for being yourself and start trying to come up with bullshit reasons to judge you. She hit all these points at some point or another since finding out about the surgery. Lol. I changed the subject to weaves. I began to complain about mine. Considering I recently got my first one, I'm not loving it and expressed this to her. My spidey senses began to tingle and I could hear her wheels spinning like I was ready to accuse me of judging ALL women with weaves (mainly her) so I just changed the subject. So long story shorter, I cut the conversation short. I spoke to her the following day and apparently she had some other stresses on her mind that she disclosed. I understood. But couldn't figure out if she was stressed because of me or stressed about the other situation and taking it out on me and others by accident. Either way, I opted not to have her come and pick me up from the airport. Considering how aggressive she got with me regarding my mail, I figured it was best---my guard was too low to have to wonder about this bitch. Plus she kept telling me she was in no mood to see me and that she had to "lose some weight first". What? She said this jokingly (more than once) but obviously I took this to heart. Talking about I'm going to be too fine to hang out with? Huh??? She did invite me over for thanksgiving--told me I could spend the night too. That was cool....or was it? Was this bitch trying to catch me slipping so she could go through my shit while I was sleeping? I passed. She might've even tried to spit in my food. I hate to think that but all things considered, I'm questioning everything. Maybe I'm overreacting? I've seen her do some dirty stuff to other people over the years but never to me. Maybe I just don't trust her because of her past. We usually exchange gifts at Christmas. I opted out of that too. Who wants to exchange gifts under these circumstances? This is the best time of my life and I'm going to enjoy it. She is the type of friend that offers her help before I ask and tells it like it is. I've got a spare key to her house. So its tough to right her off...especially after 20 yrs of knowing her. So I still consider us friends but toxic friends and I've been distancing myself and am sorry I shared any of my information with her. Is this something anybody else has gone through with a friend? Am I overacting? Should I give her space and patience or cut her off immediately? Feel free to weigh in. Ciao.

3 Week Progress Update

Not much has changed in the past couple weeks except for my measurements. My friends are starting to nag me about hanging out and doing our usual routines. It kind of sucks because I really want to go out so bad and get back into life. And I really miss them and they miss me and I keep making up excuses. I feel like I'm missing out on fun. Sigh. But back to my progress.

So I hadn't been eating fresh pineapple since I returned from Miami. Instead, I had been drinking store brand pineapple juice I bought during my big grocery shop. I notice that while in Miami, my bruises were healing crazy fast using Arnica gel. One super duper dark reddish blue one went away pretty much completely within 4 days. Now here I am with some of the same scars from 3 weeks ago and I'm almost finished with my 3rd tube of arnica gel. So I was trying to retrace my steps to figure out what changed. Then I realized it: the pineapples!! I went out and bought about 3 big containers of fresh pineapple yesterday along with some dole pineapple juice and guess what? Today my bruises are noticeably lighter. My guess is that they will be gone within the next few days. Which I hope so. I'm tired of spending money on tubes of Arnica and I'm tired of the scary, uncomfortable drive I have to go through to buy it. I'm also tired of nursing these bruises. I'm also noticing that my butt isn't perfectly round anymore but I think mostly only I would see it or care, which I don't. My butt looks really good. I also see some tiny cellulite dimples trying to come back. I don't really care about those either. My hips aren't perfect but once again, I don't think they are noticeable unless I point them. Even I have to stare to notice. But they do match each other. My tummy is still tender but not as tender as it was coming out of surgery. It is also not as tight so it might be my scar tissue starting to loosen up which is good. My belly and belly button look great and natural. Sometimes my stomach burns but its usually not a lot and is easily remedied by adding more compression (squeem vest), doing a lymphatic massages on myself, and taking an anti-inflammatory such as clove oil or pineapples. Works like a charm. My waist is smaller now---28 3/4 inches. My butt is 43 1/4 inches which is fine by me. I just want to keep most of it. I'm hoping it stays where it is or only goes down uniformly with the rest of my body when I lose my last 5-7 lbs. The castor oil I've been using has been working out pretty good on my scars so far. I use it along with the prescription from my doc. I notice that the drain scar in my butt has smoothed out. I was worried at first that it was going to heal as a weird open hole but it did not. It is completely closed. My scars are not tender anymore (accept the 2 on my butt cheeks. Sometimes 1 or 2 of my drain scars itch but it's not often. I think the script I got from my dermatologist helped with that. But I'm not really seeing any real difference in my scars between this week and last week (besides my butt drain scar being smoother and noticeably closed). I just wish these little pink scars would flatten and turn black already so I can start using Arnica on them and get them back to normal tone. I'm looking forward to my week 4 which means I'm out of the Red Zone and can sit if I want (4-6 weeks). I think I will attempt to wait the full 6 weeks though. I definitely will be waiting longer than that to wear jeans though or anything too tight on my bum. Later ladies. Feel free to ask questions if you need to. :-)

Oh And I Forgot to mention...

My butt is getting soft! The top part (about 30%) is soft, so is the crack area and the bottom. The middle was hard as a brick...more firm that it would be if it were muscle, if you ask me. But now, it feels slightly firm. I was doing circulation exercises on my butt within the 10 days and noticed the softness up top within the 1st week but I stopped because my butt seemed to be getting smaller. I did it again last night and it looks like I lost another 1/4 inch. I'm probably just being paranoid but either way, I think I'll just wait it out now until it softens on its own. Ok. That's all. Unless I think of something else. Later.

Happy Belated 1 month-iversary to.... new booty! You have been an awesome new addition in my life and I love the running jokes that only you and I have been in on (I'll tell you all what I mean in a sec. Lol.). I still have yet to sit on you. And I will do my best not to for at least 6 weeks post op which just so happens to be Christmas day. How fitting is that?? I guess that will be my Christmas gift, huh? Lol.

No friends have seen my booty thus far but that is subject to change real soon because my ex is in town and at 5 1/2 weeks post op he and I are going to hook up for drinks or dinner (just as friends). This should be interesting. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to show it off or hide it. Chances are I'm going to hide it because I have to lie and tell him I hurt my back to give an excuse to not sit on my butt. If he sees my butt AND I say I hurt my back at the same time, the jig might be up. Lol.

So I can be really modest when it comes to attention for my looks. Quite honestly, I know I'm cute. I've been told I was pretty my entire life and I was usually popular in school for being one of the prettiest girls there (please bear with me y'all...there's a point to all this. Lol). But honestly, I was never really THAT girl. What I mean is it was never a talent of mine to purposely finesse a situation to impress a guy---it just happens naturally. While I am definitely a girly-girl on the outside, I am still very much the tom-boy type on the inside who rolls with lots of guys in my crew. At the end of the day, I could care less about chipping a nail and being seen as less than perfect in front of a guy (for the most part). And this served me well---while guys are attracted to my looks, they usually wind up liking me for other reasons and accept me as a friend---some even want to marry me. I guess I just speak their language. Because I could never really finesse a situation, I never really felt sexy like other girls. Yet I get told I am sexy all the time. But if I try and turn-on the sexy to attract a guy, it feels really silly. Some girls have such talent and are able to turn on their sexy charm at a moments notice. I've always found this fascinating because I'm not sure I know how. It just sort of happens. So I find it funny as HELL when I'm in the grocery store the other day and random guys are striking up conversations with me about b.s. for no apparent reason. Or when the coke-cola guy pushing the soda around on the dolly felt it necessary to start pulling it instead so he could be backwards and stare at my butt. I swear I bust out laughing/grinning EVERY time. And I kick myself for being such a goof-ball! Jesus! Lol. But the running commentary in my head is like, "Yes!!! I did it! They don't know my booty is brand, spanking new!" Lol. I swear, when it happens, it feels like I'm writing a documentary on people's reactions to my booty but they don't know it---just me and my booty knows. And I always kind of glance back and catch them looking and in my mind I'm like, "Ah HA! Caught ya!" I keep record in my head of my demographic of fans and the whole nine. Lol. I swear I actually heard one guy scream. Its like he forgot where he was or something! I was shocked when I saw his wife join him from the grocery line and they walked out of the store together. If he was my man, he wouldn't have been for long. Talk about disrespectful. But it didn't stop me from grinning/laughing to myself as I caught him trying to steal more glances at my face and butt as he tried to walk out the door with his wife. Lol. He probably caught me laughing/grinning too. My booty is ruining marriages y'all. Lol. an attempt to stop being such a goof ball about this extra newfound attention, I figured I'd try a different approach. I'd be snobby instead. Lol. While at the mall, the eyes were still watching the new booty--even when I'm wearing big ass coats (how the heck do they know??), people are not pleased with the stank look on my face and the dry attitude. And neither am I. I was just seeing what I could pull off. Lol. So I guess next time I go out, I'll be my regular self...if I can manage to get it together. Lol. I just have to get used to all this extra attention and stop telling jokes in my head! Quite frankly, it hasn't been a frenzy yet---never any makeup, my hair is a mess, my eyebrows are going to start kissing in a second, and give it a week and I could probably finger-wave my armpit hair. Lol. Sorry. I know...TMI. But soon enough, when I am able to sit in a salon chair, I will be waxed up, done up, and causing as many frenzies as I can. And most likely updating you on them all. Ciao :-)


Some updates---I ran out of the ointment my dermatologist gave me which was basically just an anti-bacterial ointment. So since my wounds appear to be completely closed and are no longer itchy (except the one in my butt every blue moon), I began using the Bio Corneum silicone cream that I got from Ghurani's office again yesterday. I've been taking my multi-vitamins again on a regular basis along with vitamin c (which promotes healing). And over the last couple of days, I have noticed that my scars appear to be taking on a normal color. They were white and/or a bright pink. They are still raised though. As a matter of fact, the scars on my butt appear to be slightly raised now but not keloids. My guess is that these will go down. The drain scar and incision scar near my bikini line looks like it is keloiding but the compression garment is helping alot with remedying this so I'm not going to worry about them. They are not bad either though. I also hear that this is normal for the first several months and that they will very likely flatten on their own. I also encourage them to flatten by massaging them everyday (all of them). I'm not using the castor oil anymore. I'd rather use the silicone cream which has been tried and true by other people. My back isn't as stiff so sleeping is getting better. My body isn't stiff when I get out of bed in the mornings. My bruises are still here! I can't believe it either. But they are much, much lighter. I bought another tube of Arnica Gel not too long ago and it looks like I might have to get another. But from the looks of my bruises, I think that will be it. I also decided to get a bottle of bromelain. This lightened my bruises almost immediately following my first dose. The acid from the pineapples were starting to make my mouth sting so I stopped eating those as much but I'm still drinking pineapple juice. Not getting all my water intake but I am still getting down about 45oz a day---I guess that's better than nothing. My waist is still 28 3/4", hips have gone up--43 3/4" which might be due to swelling since I didn't have the bottom part of my garment altered. I just wear my squeem over it. I wear a small squeem vest now on its last hooks. I've been eating pretty crappy lately but start my diet this week, I think. I'm still getting 2 massages per week like clockwork and have about 4 more to go before I'm complete and I am looking for to it. I miss my old masseuse--he is sexy and masculine with strong hands and I'm looking forward to him massaging my new booty. I can't say the same for this new masseuse. Well...that's all for now. I will post more pics soon. Later ladies.


Here's wishing you a great holiday!! :-)
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