36 Year Old Bbl with Fisher!

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So I have been on this sight for a while now and...

So I have been on this sight for a while now and have been stalking it like everyone else. I decided to do a bbl with doctor fisher. He does amazing work. I am scheduled today the 20th. I met dr fisher yesterday and he was so nice funny and down to earth. A real relief from vanity. Vanity is such a mess but completely worth it to get to dr fisher. I decided that it was only fair that I post since I have been reading everyone else's posts and they have helped me so much. I am staying in a hotel in Miami for 8 nights with my boyfriend who will be taking care of me during this journey. I can't sleep I am so excited and nervous. Dr fisher scheduled me first thing 6:15 am. I can't believe I'm going to post these horrible pics.. But I guess we are all on here trying to improve something. I will be posting after surgery to let everyone know how it went with pics

2 days post opt

I'm going to be brief. The surgery went well but recovery has been rough. I added lipo of the arms and chin. Having my arms done with the bbl is no joke. My boyfriend snapped this quick picture. I will update with more when feeling better.

A few more pics

I went in for a massage today.. Ughh they hurt so bad but then after you feel good it's weird. So I'm not a small sized girl at all I was 5'8 204 and fisher so far from what I see he did his thing! Here is a few more pics before and after side view.

1600 cc each side!

I saw dr fisher today for the last time before flying home. They removed stitches and drain. He said he put 1600 cc in each side. I believe it because I had no butt before.. But I don't think I've ever seen that much
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