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Hey dolls!!!.... I've been a RS stakler for a few...

hey dolls!!!.... I've been a RS stakler for a few months now and I need a beautiful body to go with my face(everyone is always saying "your face is so pretty")so I decided to go with Dr. Ortega of Spectrum Aesthetics. My coordinator is Liz (she's beautiful) she was very nice and answered all of my questions! I was told that I need to loose weight first (no really lol) about 50lbs. After seeing how lovely his dolls look in so motivated!!

ugggg..hea are the pics!

I'm going to post my pics so we can track my least if others see them I have to hold myself accountable for weight loss (or lack their of lol) hea goes! 257lbs (good boobs flat ass!!! lol)


Good morning dolls!! I've been basically overdosing on green tea (to lose weight) and all night I couldn't sleep because I was so dam itchy even my most private parts (TMI). so I decided to get out of bed (2am) and Google...I learned if you drink (or take green tea supplements) an excessive amount of green tea it will cause you to itch like crazy!! especially if your blood type is A+. I took some Benadryl (it calmed it but still itchy)...ugggg

wish pics

"I like my girls BBW. The type that wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you. Yeah, so thick that everybody else in the room is so uncomfortable. Ass on Houston, Texas, but the face look just like Claire Huxtable.”-drake

weight loss

hello dolls!! I'm down 10lbs. its been hard work! I walk 3-6 miles a day and eat around 1000-1200 calories per day and not after 7pm. its killing me last night I dreamed I was at a buffet! and when I go out to eat (salad) with friends or my man I steer at others eating like a hungry lil puppy!

Liz is the bomb!!

hey ladies like I said earlier I'm a realself stalker!!!....I notice a lot of dolls say they have trouble with their coordinator responding to them. I feel so blessed to have Liz at Spectrum she always replies to me within minuets! I started buying supplies and ordered 2 garments. I lost another 5lbs!!!


so ladies after alot of stalking and loss of sleep I've decided to change to dr.osak omulepu!! I've seen alot of reviews on Ortega and he seems to do what he wants (butts not big,waist not snatched) not what you ask for.

OMG ladies!!

So i never poasted that when I made my initial consultation I thought I was 255lbs but no my scale was broken i was actually far the biggest i've ever been!! im 5'9 248 (new scale) I still gotta get down to 22lbs but would love less!!

yayyy weight loss!!

hey dolls... I'm glad to say I now weigh 240!!! on my way! I will post pics when I reach 220ish so we can see the real befores and afters.

Friendship ruined?

I'm not knocking gastric bypass or sleeve...but today i was telling my friend how happy I am that im down 37lbs and instead of her being happy for me she replied "thats nothing try loosing 113lbs then you can be happy" not for nothing I did this by my self with diet and exercise (hard work and dedication) Im not mad at anyone who needs medical intervention but it really sux for a "friend" to put you down. I was so happy for her weight loss no matter how she got there!.....I was so upset and hurt i replied "I would never let myself get that fat" I know better and I'm so disappointed in myself for saying that! I truly dont feel that way at all. I saw her struggle with her weight for years and all her pain but she really hurt me... then she said " your gonna be a fake ass bitch"...I laughed cuz it was true but i said "well this ass gonna be fatter than yours on your fattest day" we both laughed and apologized to each other....but its always gonna be in the back of my mind. I wish I just kept that I'm getting a BBL to myself because it seems like people are acting funny or always got something to say.


Hello lovely ladies! So I wasn't goings post anything about this because I didn't want to give the negative whore any attention or satisfaction . But a few day ago I cheak my inbox and a worthless low class slut (won't call her by her name) had the nerve to say you should loose more weighe because if your goal is 5'9 220lbs that is still very fat and gross. She also said the heaviest I should ever be is 170lbs and she personally thought that was still to big! She also stated that all the girls on my wish pics are obese and are probley going to die from a heart attack as will I. Of corse when i go to her profile no pics. Whoth that being said...MISS ME WITH THE NEGATIVITY! Im allways encouraging and uplifting everyone on Rs and for the most part I've received the same.


Good morning dolls!! Today I woke up feeling blessed! I just wanted to say never in my entire life have I felt so much support, compassion, encouragement as I'm getting from you dolls!! And I abosutely didn't think my heart has ever been touched so much by people who I dont know. You ladies have made me laugh to the point I actually spit out my drink hit my phone and broke it! Cried from hearing your stories and prayed for you unti my knees hurt! I just want to thank all my beautiful dolls!???????????? With that being said Im down to 228lbs as of this morning. That 42 lbs in aprox 2 1/2 monthes!! So now that im lower than the max bmi requirement for dr. Omulepu (didn't think I would make it) I will just keep going until my sx????

I'm no pro but...

So ladies after talking to many dolls and researching on and off here this is what I'm gonna do as far as my faja. I ordered a maria e faja #9182(it has 4 rows of hooks and extra strap pads it is butt in) now method of my madness....they run small so i ordered it 4 intches bigger in the butt. Because my butt will be bigger I know my waist will be smaller but at first i will be swelling and ab board an lipo foams. When it gets loose in the waist I will get it taken the waist by 4 inches at a time (20-30 bucks compared to a new 90-100 dollar faja) i will also get the 1st 1 they give me for surgery taken in because I will be in that 1 when my marie e faja is being washed or taken far as washing faja us baby detergent or gental detergent (they have faja detergent) on gentle cycle on cold. air dry it and if your extra anal you can stick it in a ziplock bad in the freezer over night then air dry...this is to prevent it from stretching,shrinking or losing its shape(this is whats going to mold our bodies ladys it needs to keep shape) it will be like a custom made faja if you do thease things!...I hope this helped my lovely dolls!
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