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So far so good... I need to loose 10lbs before Jan...

So far so good... I need to loose 10lbs before Jan... Piece of cake... Staff has been very helpful any advise out there from my vets... Has anyone had a tummy tuck and bbl at the same time? I'm feeling anxious and a little scared. I have never had anything done before and have to fly bymyself from Cali to Florida. What recovery house is the best?

Is anyone going the same time as me

Hello I just scheduled my date. Has anyone scheduled around the same time as me. I'm feeling a little nervous going all by myself. Flying out from the Bay Area.. I need to loose 28lbs by May... with me luck on my journey..

Soon to Be Fisherdoll*** I Need to Be Under 190lbs I'm Weighing in at 218lbs...

I just booked my surg. I'm feeling kinda nervous and scared. I literally have about 39 lbs to loose.. I will be tracking my journey. For all you vets out there any suggestions will be useful. I will be traveling alone I don't have anyone that can go with me. Feeling kinda scared about that. If anyone can recommend the best recover house I would like to start booking that soon. Also what do I need to buy before my surg? I have 5 months to get everything together. I will be updating my journey on the way.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Have not met with dr fisher yet but so far so good

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