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I've wanted a BBL for like, forever!!! I've...

I've wanted a BBL for like, forever!!! I've learned a lot from several Hassan Dolls post from this site. I was undecided at first. I was highly thinking about Dr. Fisher but I feel Dr. Hassan is King. Thanks for sharing your pictures , videos and feedback. They are so informative and helpful. My goal is to have my BBL in June 2016. I'm 5'4 , weight 185 lbs. My Measurements are Waist 40 inches , Hips 46 inches. My goal is to get down to 169 or 170 as far as weight. Have to get my BMI Below 30 and make sure my iron level is 14. Also , I will make sure I complete my lab work 30 days prior with walk in labs. Just want to make sure I'm straight and have no issues later. As far as recovery houses ,I'm thinking New Body Recovery or Elite Recovery with nurse Mary. Planned to stay 7 days so , I can take my time and recovery normal . I don't want to leave early in case something pop up.

Me Pre Op/ A Work In Progress

Looking Forward To My Turn

I want a basketball Ass lol. I want my money worth. Just in case I do lose some volume. I'm not using no Wish Pics. I want to be my own Masterpiece .lol I plan on contacting Vanity to end of Dec 2015. I want to make sure I have 2k to put down to lock in my date for surgery. 2016 is my year, this is a gift for me. I'm so ready.

Vanity Thanksgiving BBL Sale!!!!

I will never pay full price. I am a bargain shopper to the death of me. Lol I will wait until December to catch this sale.In the mean time , I"m stacking up my funds.


Spoke with Lia, she was cool at first but when I started asking about the price /special for the BBL thats when the conversation got intense. I asked about the New Year's Eve special and was told it was for lipo only & not for BBL. She then stated to me that the BBL now cost 5,000. That's when I got Heated!! Girl Bye!! I requested the required information to get the process rolling via email. I have sent in my pictures and information. Just waiting for quote so ready to set my date.Wish me luck guys:-)


I'm so happy right now. I'm no stranger to surgery , but this is a much needed body boost for me. I know the first day will be Hell, but the end result will be well worth it!!!





Everything is starting to come together. My main focus is to get down to 170. I hope Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels DVDs do the trick.Im almost done with my supply list. Can't wait to have the ass of my dreams .



I'm just about done with my supply list. Just need to get the BBL pillow. Looking for the best deal possible. Some sites have it for $100.00 not willing to spend that much on it. I'm glad I have until May to lose 20lbs. I want to lose it the healthy way. My goal is to tone up a little not to much . I have more than enough fat to work with. I hope moderate exercise leafy greens & protein do the trick. Wish me luck RS sisters;-)


If any of my RS sisters have any suggestions on how I can better tone up my legs pre surgery , please let me know ;-)

Can't Wait to get to single digits!!!!

Looking forward to Booty Day;-)




I PAID MY DEPOSIT FOR Dr.Hasan Only!!! Now my patient portal looks like this. It's now showing Dr. Fisher.. I'm like WTH. I didn't get no phone call, email nothing . The Drama is real!! Future dolls don't put your money down or pay in full, because Dr. Hasan has been M. I. A. Since Jan 2016. Vanity are assigning Dr. Hasan patients to other Dr's... Does any other Dr. Hasan patient portal looks like mine?


Gallardo Lawyers Office:
8490 SW 8th St.
For Dr. Hasan Confirmation


Pay by credit card or bank cashiers check only!!! Don't send Bank Wire as payment!!!

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has been Scamming and Taking people money for years!!

The Truth !!!! The shadiness of this company will not end until they are out of business.


I'm back on track dolls. I was torn between Dr. Alfonso C. Findley and Dr. Alvarez. But I finally made the right choice for me. I love that fact the Dr. Alvarez has his own practice . He's not at Spectrum nor Vanity. His staff is "Amazing ". Very accommodating & personable. Dealing him and his staff is a "Breath of Fresh Air" compared to Vanity.I'm so at ease that I'm not dealing with a company that make me feel like, I'm a product on a "Assembly Line".I'm so excited . May is right around the corner. Even though Dr. Alvarez don't have many reviews , he is still spoken highly of. I'm confident he will Deliver and give me what I want.I will make sure to post before and after shots . So you dolls can truly see his work. Have a beautiful day loves.

My Pre Op Body

I want my waist to be snatched & my ass to break necks lol


Since I'm all packed, only thing left for me to do , is prepare for my lab work next month. I've been going hard on eating iron based foods like liver,spinach and beets. Also, been taking my supplements daily as well. Vitamin C, Potassium, Multi Vitamin, B-12,Folic Acid,Zinc, Iron-Hema-Plex (capsule)/ Pure Absorb (liquid).So I should be good.l'm also trying to tone up as well. Mainly my legs & arms.

Current BMI

I think it's best I lay off the weights because my scale isn't moving. I know that muscle weigh more than fat, so Cardio it is... I'm not trying to lose to much fat . Just trying to get healthy enough for surgery;-)

Massager on Deck!!!

Walgreens had it on sale , so of coarse I had to get it!!! Special shout out to RS Sister Tawana4372 ;-) Thanks for your helpful review , tips & always being available to answer my questions. Love ya ;-)

Went to Lab Corp Today!!!!

So I paid for my lab work at Walk In Labs online. There was a Easter Sale, 21.00 bucks for CBC/ w diff.I only did this one to see where my levels are and know what I need to improve on. I will take the Lab order that Dr. Alvarez gave me, to my primary care provider. I will complete those mid April;-)

Lab Order for Surgery....

Some doctors don't request this much. Nine test in total . It's best to be Safe than Sorry.

Got My Test Results!! Hemo 13.2!!! Yesss

My Hemoglobin is a 13.2!!! Which is highlighted in orange on my lab report. Now I know , that I'm doing "Damn Good " with my iron intake. My goal is to get my Hemo to a 14. I've also included a "CBC " chart for comparison . To show what normal / abnormal results look like.;-)

Vanity Refund Received (HALF OF MY MONEY)!!!

Vanity Cosmetic did not give me my full refund :-(I will have to call first thing tomorrow to see where the rest of my money is. If I don't receive the rest of my money before my surgery date . Then I will be assed out ,of having my BBL this summer;-( Pray for me dolls

I Want My Cheeks To Be On Fleek!!!!

I have booty greed frfr. Lol I have a little hips and ass. But I'm hungry for more & projection.

Received Second Portion of My Refund Today;-)

I'm finally "Paid In Full"!!! God is so Good. I'm so glad , now I can relax a little;-)

My Body Three Weeks Post Op

Here's some front and back shots of my body. I try to ensure that I have good lighting and for you all to see the detail in my body frame. I'm so excited I have no words. Stay Blessed Dolls;-)

Finally Paid Off Dr. Alvarez (May10)SURG

May 10, 2016 Here I come;-) This has truly been a journey for me. I'm finally starting to have something to be happy about. Yes honey, to the new , improved and enhanced me. It's been a long time coming. I'm doing this for me no one else. #GodisGood

Follow Me On My Surgery IG Page

I will try to keep you dolls updated on both. Even though I have thought about deleting my Real Self account several times. I figured it would be selfish of me to do so. So in the mean time , I will continue to be a blessing to future dolls. Stay Blessed loves;-)

Changed Recovery House

So I'm no longer staying at Keyla RH. After reading negative reviews I had a change of heart . I decided to book with Claudia Recovery House instead. I like the fact I will have my own room. She charges 130.00 a day . Provides three meals a day plus snacks, airport pick up / drop off. Fills your prescriptions and pick up. Provides transportation to and from your pre and post appointments. She uses your flight reservations to hold your spot. She only takes cash as payment when you arrive. I'm looking forward to my stay with her;-) She's always prompt with her responses. I will update you guys after my stay;-)

Still Going Hard with my Iron

I take the pure absorb in the morning. Lunch I take one Hema-Plex capsule. Dinner Liquid Geritol or Hema-Plex. I try to rotate the two for dinner.

Working on My Cardio

So ladies I've invested in a stationary bike for home. Let me just say, best decision ever!!!. I really wanted something that is going to tone my legs and body at the same. So far so good. I'm starting to see some of the dimples on my legs subside. Which I'm very happy about. I still have a long way but I'm motivated. My Polar chest and Watch are "Life Savers". They really help me to stay on track They let me know how hard I'm working , calories burn etc. Without these tools I would be lost. Best Wishes Dolls I Love You All;-)

Eating Healthy Daily

So before I decided to eat my meal. I decided to post it , to show what's on my plate. Today for lunch is sautéed liver with steamed mixed vegetables. One orange to help absorb the iron and water for hydration. I try to consume a gallon of H20 a day. I've really cut back on my portion control and started being more active physically. It's truly a amazing feeling . This BBL journey is really whipping me in to shape. Mind , Body and Soul. Waiting on my turn to "Stunt" / Show Off". Lol

My Answer to Weightloss

The combination of these three products are doing wonders for my body. I'm not a fan of honey so I use Light Agave instead. I use Two Tablespoons of Organic Braggs Vinegar , Two Tablespoons of Lemon Juice , One Teaspoon of Light Agave mix with a Bottle of Water/ 16oz. Omg , this stuff is amazing!!! It helps curb my appetite, lose weight, detoxifies etc.. #HandsDownTheBestStuffOnEarth

Got My Prescriptions ;-)

So dolls I received my prescriptions via USPS yesterday. Lena is such a sweetheart, she mailed them to me per my request. I won't be able to get my Percocets until I land in Miami, the day before my surgery. I'm so excited I have no words. I'm almost there;-)

Waiting On Medical Clearance...

So today I had lab work done. Now I'm waiting to see if I'm " Cleared for Surgery ". This surgery has truly been a test of my patience and wallet. Lol No one really talks about how pricey this surgery journey can be. So far I have spent 6800. Keep in mind Surgery Fee, Flight Tickets, Recovery House / Hotel ,Massages, Hospital Co Pay, Prescriptions , Suppiles, and Spending Money.I'm so ready for this pre op situation to be over and fast forward to recovery status. Lol I just want " Jaw Dropping Results ".

I'm So On Edge Right Now!!! Ugh

I feel like crying , I hope I get cleared for surgery;-(

I Have Faith!!!

All this drama because of a bad EKG reading. I'm still hopeful;-)

I'm Cleared For Surgery!!!!!

My Cardiologist , PCP and Lena confirmed I'm cleared for surgery;-) My hemoglobin is 14.1!!! After several back and forth blank trips to these hospitals , I'm glad the madness is over. Now I'm finally able to relax. I recommend doing labs three weeks prior to surgery, because you never know what might pop up. Love you dolls;-)

Just Landed in Miami!!!!

I'm finally here, it feels so so real. Tomorrow is the big day !!!! I'm excited to see Dr. Alvarez today.

Met My Doctor Today!!!

My pre opt appointment went very well. Dr. Alvarez and Lena are so nice and accommodating . He answered all of my questions , listened to what I wanted and gave me his undivided attention . He is very caring and funny . He took some before pictures of me , he also took a look at my body , stated what he can do for me . Also , he complimented my frame & stated that he is going to enhanced what God gave me ;-) I signed some pre opt paperwork and the rest is history . Looking forward to Booty Land lol

Surgery Tomorrow !!!

Today is the Big Day!!!

I'm bout to be snatched by Dr. Alvarez;-)

Surgery Was A Success ;-)

Feeling sore not in pain.

I Felt Well Enough To Take This:-)

God is Good;-)

Sneak Peek , Day 2

Bare with me dolls, still sore but I'm able to walk freely still. Trying to use the toilet is a workout in itself. I have to raise the seat and pee backwards. I didn't have to take any of my pain medicine which is a blessing. I'm just trying to finish up my antibiotics. I will have my follow up appointment tomorrow. Everything is going ok. I will be Miami for seven days, I leave on May 16. I'm glad I decided to stay longer, just wanted to make sure I was well enough to fly . I'm surprised I'm not swollen just a lot of soreness. I keep my ab board and foams under my faja which helps keep everything compressed and flat. I tend to walk every three hours to keep blood flow going I my legs & body. More pics coming. Love you dolls;-)

First Massage , Day 3

Went to my first follow up visit saw Lena , she cleaned my wounds and checked to see if I was ok. I will see Dr. Alvarez on Saturday. I need for him to drain me. I'm on day three all of my incisions are closed. I have a lot of fluid below my belly button and towards my vjj.I had my first massage today which was bittersweet . The massage was amazing but no fluid came out of me. My skin is still tender to the touch and feels very raw. There's no way in hell , I could have completed a massage on day 1or day 2. Some areas of my stomach and back or still filled with fluid. In a way I wish I had drains. Because this fluid is uncomfortable. I will try to update you dolls as much as I can. The only thing is keeping me sane is that everyone in my RH keep saying "How Big My. Booty Is". Lol I try to post more pics when I get a chance .Xoxo;-)

Encore Death Today!! Please Research Your Doctor

Heather Meadows die at Encore today. Saw this on the news today and had to share this information with my RS sisters. Please be careful ,research and check for board certification when choosing a doctor.

First Shower , Day 4

I've been living off wipes the pass couple of days ( which are must haves). I was finally able to take a shower today per doc request . OMG it felt like Heaven. Lol I was also able to put on my garment by myself as well. Huge acomplishment ;-) I tried to reopen my incisions but are still having a hard time .I can't wait to see Dr. Alvarez tomorrow hopefully he can reopened them or drain me. Either way I will be satisfied;-) In the mean time here are a few pics of what my results look like do far. Bye my loves;-)

Got Drained , Day 5

Hi dolls, so today I went to my last appointment to see Dr. Alvarez . It went well then later today I went to Medical Massage Professionals. Let me just say , Marian is the " Creme De Le Creme" of massages . Lol This woman hands is the " Answer" for sore, stiff, tensed and fluid filled bodies. I'm so grateful Marian made room on her schedule for me. She opened my incisions with no problem and drained me. We stopped two times because I almost pasted out. She is super sweet and professional . She gave me pineapples and juice to hydrate me , and had me to lay down during my session. She gave me "First Class Service " all the way;-) Marian did wonders for my body today. I went to her as a "Filled Balloon" left out Fluidless, Regenerated and Relaxed;-) I so wish I could just take her shop and place it in Dallas. Lol She's just that good!!! Also I left my Claudia RH today. Claudia was great . She is truly super sweet . You can tell she loves what she does , but to me there are pro and cons to staying there. Pros: Food is fresh, you never good hungry , she's a good cook, food is served through out the day, she and her husband take you to all your appointments, she does your laundry, she gives massages for $45, she gives you your medicine when needed. Cons: There is only " One Bathroom" for the Entire House. She has a two bedroom home , with a Den. Each bedroom has three beds with curtains dividing the beds and one T. V. In each room. The den also have three beds in it. Paid customers don't have access to the refrigerator , paid customers are not allowed to leave the house. During my stay , "City Inspectors " popped up at the RH. I'm not certain if that happens often with RH's but I didn't like it. It had me feeling uncomfortable . Also, her female helper nor her will help "wipe your vjj or butt " when you use the bathroom. I was highly upset by this. Keep in mind your body will feel raw , sore and swollen. You won't be able to reach , like you want. I felt like I didn't the service that I paid for. It was a learning experience for me. I did meet some beautiful dolls during my stay but I will never book a RH again. Just wanted to share my journey. Bye my loves

Got Drained, Day 5

So dolls, today I had my last visit with Dr. Alvarez it went well . Also today I went to Medical Massage Professionals. Let me just say Marian's hands are the "Truth" . Her hands are the "Answer" to stiff, sore, fluid filled bodies. I'm so grateful I was able to get drained by her today. She reopened my incisions with no problem. During my session I had to stop and lay down because I almost passed out. Marian gave me some pineapples and juice to hydrate me. She is supper sweet and genuine at what she does . She is the "Queen of The Lymphatic Drainage Massage". She laughed when I told her that. Lol I really wish she had a location in Dallas. But overall I left her business as a happy customer;-) Today I also left Claudia RH. She is sweet and really takes pride in what she does. But there Pros and Cons to staying there. Pros: food is fresh and healthy, you are giving food throughout the day, she is a great cook, she does your laundry , her and her husband brings you to your appointments, she give your medicine when needed, she provides massages for $45, she change your bedding. Cons: Paid customers don't have access to the refrigerator , you are not allowed to leave the house, there is only "One Bathroom" for the Entire House. ( it was a full house when I got there) Claudia has a Two Bedroom home. Each bedroom has Three Beds with curtains diving each bed. Each bedroom has one TV. Her house also has a den , which she has three additional beds in. ( so don't expect privacy when booking) , she only takes cash on arrival, during my stay "City Inspectors" popped up. I'm not certain how often this happens at RH's but it made me feel uncomfortable . Also when it's time for you to go to the bathroom Claudia or her female helper will walk you to the toilet , but you will have to wipe your own vjj and butt ( this had me very upset). Keep in mind your skin will feel raw and fragile . Your body will be sore and swollen , you will not be able to reach behind yourself. I feel the service was worth I paid for. Overall my stay was ok but I would never do a RH again. Positive note I did meet some awesome ladies during my stay. I had written this review earlier but for some reason it didn't post . It didn't load my drainage video either. I wil post it when u get home. Take care loves;-)


Hi dolls , just wanted to update you guys. I'm now three weeks post op. Dr. Alvarez did deliver on snatching my waist and back. But my "BBL" results was an "Epic Fail" . The first three days of my surgery my butt was nice and big due to the swelling. Now that I'm three weeks , the swelling has gone down and I don't see any enhancement in my butt. Dr. Alvarez only concentrated on my waist and back . To me he only put a few CC's in my butt. I wanted the max amount of fat and I didn't get that. I'm very disappointed ;-( There won't be any fluffing of my butt, because I didn't receive much fat to begin with. I've did everything I was suppose to do prior, during and after my procedure. I haven't sat on my butt since my surgery , my knees are dis colored due to me being on them so much. I only sleep on my stomach , which is very uncomfortable . I haven't drove my car in weeks , which is driving me crazy. My feet and body tend to swell up when I'm at work even with the faja on. My body still is tight and stuff in some areas. My vjj is still semi swollen but it's going down slowly. I have three incisions scars on my back, which I'm not happy about. He closed the incisions with dissolve able sutures. Now I have to work on fading the scars. This recovery process is no joke. I've also been using Aveeno products to keep the "itch episodes" at bay. Which really helps out a lot. Overall I'm not happy with my results , my bbl could've turned out better considering the amount of money , I paid . I didn't get 5500 worth of results. In my case, I wanted head turning results , a boost in my ego and to be happy in the choice of having this bbl done. Instead I'm depressed, dissatisfied and regretting that I put my body through this trauma. I have uploading some pictures of my body now at three weeks.Stay blessed dolls

4 Weeks Post Op / Still No Butt

Hi loves, I'm now four weeks post op. I truly appreciate your compliments , feedback and opinions . But at the end of the day , I'm still not happy with the results from my BBL. Dr. Alvarez did not give me a butt , "Point Blank Period". I did not get what I paid for. Since I've been home I have not gotten any compliments on my body nor have I experienced the " Attention is Real" phase. Lol It would have been nice to have gotten that validation , that I made a good investment in myself and boost my ego just a pinch. Lol I'm now able to bend down which is nice because at first it was impossible . I'm still getting my lymphatic and deep tissue massages still " My Butt Hasn't Been Touch" doing the process. I've have yet to sit down ,which is annoying. I just wanted to update you dolls with some pictures of my progress. I've requested for the number amount of CC's but have yet to get that in writing. I'm just so done with all this recovery crap. It's so hard for me to be happy when my butt looks so jacked up. Stay blessed dolls.

1 Month Post Op

Hi my loves, just wanted to update you all on my progress . My stomach and back is healing nicely. I hate the three incisions Dr. Alvarez left on my back. They are now raised and has turned into keloids. I never had this problem before. Now I can't wear any clothes with my back out. I'm super pissed. So now , I have to see a Dermatologist , to see how I can diminish these scars. My butt still hasn't "Fluffed Out" yet. I can't wait for month three to get here. I'm so ready to workout and tone my body up. I need to invest in a selfie stick, so I can take better angles for you all. I requested my money back from Dr. Alvarez @ his private practice and was unsuccessful . He is very aware that I'm not happy with my results from my bbl and I'm not bout to pretend that I am. I have asked him over the phone how many CC's did he inject in my butt he told me he didn't have my chart. Mind you this was last week. I asked his office manager via email the exact same question and got the same response. The damage is done and I'm forever scorn because I didn't get what I wanted. I've also tried to get my money back through my bank and that was unsuccessful as well. Even though I was within my 90 days to dispute payments. Since my claim was a surgical procedure it didn't fall under the terms and conditions for a charge back. It's up to the merchant / his practice. I was told his accounting department could not refund me because the money went to surgical fees etc. Which is bs . So now , all I can do is , take this as a loss.

Sooo Dr. Hasan is Back at Vanity!!!!!

So dolls , I received a unexcepted email from Vanity Cosmetics today. It stated that, Dr. Hasan is back at Vanity . He's bbl price has went up drastically . When I first got on Real Self he was 3500-4000 to book. Now Dr. Hasan BBL price tag is 6K !!!! I'm glad to here he's back but not feeling the price. I've spent that much and plus some on my first round , and didn't get the results I wanted. So for me Vanity is still a no go.

Still Healing

I love my frame, I just want projection in my butt....

2months and 4days post op...

Just wanted to update. I have three incisions on my lower stomach . One is higher than the other two. I also have three incisions on my back. Two are on the upper back and one is on my lower back. I'm still working on trying to fade those. My body is healing great. It's 100 percent now. I've been doing light cardio , such as walking and squats nothing major until August. Stay Blessed dolls;-) I don't know why my videos never post on here.


Since my surgery I've been working on trying to fade these scars. Nothing is working. I've used Scar Away Sheets and other products. If you past dolls have any suggestions let me know. I wonder why no one ever post their surgery wounds??? This surgery isn't glamorous at all. Future dolls really need to be aware that a BBL is a life changing surgery. Not all surgery results end well. Even if you do everything right , before during or after surgery . The outcome can still be disappointing.


Deleting this page, goodbye dolls. It's been Real....
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alvarez is super sweet, funny and professional. I went to him due to the high ratings off Real Self. So I booked with him with high expectations . He did an excellent job on my back and stomach. But my after results from my BBL left me disappointed and dissatisfied. He did not give me the projection nor the max amount of fat to my butt that I wanted. Overall he is a great doctor and enjoys what he does. My BBL didn't turn out as spectacular as others.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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