35 Yrs Old Much Need Lipo and Bbl

Hello RS I decided to start my journey with you...

Hello RS I decided to start my journey with you guys this site has me Hooked. I Booked my appt with Dr.Valls for Feb 22 2017. I'm 5"1 and weigh 220 I was told I need to lose 40lbs!!! Jesus Christ why do I have to lose the weigh if I'm getting Lipo? I'm thoughts lol but I'm going to the gym I also started the hcg shot so I hope this helps.. I'm getting Lipo in the back and stomach and fat transferred to my flat ass lord knows I need it. I'm excited for the change and scared at the same time.. I'm tired of being fat and uncomfortable all my friends are slim thick.. I wear my weigh well when Im dressed as you can see in the pics below but when I'm naked it's horrible.. So I'm going to get a transformation.

Weight Loss

Hey guys getting real frustrated I need to loss 40lbs by February 22nd and I'm having a hard time ????????

Dr. Valls

Are there any Vall Dolls on here so I can see some work and know how he is? Or any thick woman that got Lipo and bbl so I can see the outcome?
Plantation Physician

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