35 Yrs Old Much Need Lipo and Bbl

Hello RS I decided to start my journey with you...

Hello RS I decided to start my journey with you guys this site has me Hooked. I Booked my appt with Dr.Valls for Feb 22 2017. I'm 5"1 and weigh 220 I was told I need to lose 40lbs!!! Jesus Christ why do I have to lose the weigh if I'm getting Lipo? I'm thoughts lol but I'm going to the gym I also started the hcg shot so I hope this helps.. I'm getting Lipo in the back and stomach and fat transferred to my flat ass lord knows I need it. I'm excited for the change and scared at the same time.. I'm tired of being fat and uncomfortable all my friends are slim thick.. I wear my weigh well when Im dressed as you can see in the pics below but when I'm naked it's horrible.. So I'm going to get a transformation.

Weight Loss

Hey guys getting real frustrated I need to loss 40lbs by February 22nd and I'm having a hard time ????????

Dr. Valls

Are there any Vall Dolls on here so I can see some work and know how he is? Or any thick woman that got Lipo and bbl so I can see the outcome?


So I have a question i start school January 12, 2017 but I'm debating not going this semester because my surgery is feb 22nd and I don't want to miss too many days because of Surgery is the pain that bad? I go once a week per class with 3 classes I can miss one day but don't want to miss more than that. Can't someone let me know their experience as far as pain and how long are you out of commission ?

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