35 Yo with 2 Kids Finally Having my BBL - Miami, FL

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Hi! I have read many reviews and that is why I...

Hi! I have read many reviews and that is why I chose to write one because others really helped me. I am from Illinois, but I am traveling to Miami to get my BBL. I will be going to Jardon's Seduction and Dr. Michael Rodriquez will be the doctor. I have heard great things about him. I'm excited and ready. This is something I have always wanted.

On my way to surgery

Sorry every one. Labtop wouldn't work. Well I am.on my way to.surgery now they say I.have 40 mins. My appointment was scheduled for. 2. It sucks.because they wouldn't let you eat anything after 12 am. I am at the weschester location. Surprisingly im not nervous.

One day post op

I didn't have my surgery until 4. I was knocked out sleep don't remember a thing. The staff and my doctor were excellent and very assuring that every thing would be ok. My pain level is about a 6. It only hurts when I am getting up. My fiance us here helping me. I didn't stay in a recovery home. I have been drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrate. From whatvmy fiance says i have hips and a big booty lol. The doctor showed him my pics. Dr. Rodriguez talked to him and let him know how to help me afterwards. Get ready for leaking everywhere. If you can make sure you put towels or your own sheets down because there will be blood.

Lymphatic massage

I had my first massage today. It was painful about a 7 when she massaged my stomach. She drained alot of blood. When she massaged my back i was in heaven. It really helped me relax. Being back at the hotel im moving more just make sure you drink plenty of fluids

Day 5 post op

Hey eveyone. Ran out of my anti-biotics and my oain medications yesterday so now. I am only taking extra strenth Tylenol. Believe it or not it helps and i do no hurt. I am up moving aroind and i feel fine. My stomach is still tender. Yesterday i had my first bowel movement and. I didn't take any stool softeners. I just drunk Apple juice. He are some post op pics

My after photos

Some photos from after my surgery

11 day post op

Here is a recent picture. The garment is really shaping my bottom. At first i thought it looked square to me lol. But it is really shaping and its looking really plump

4 week post op.

I love my body.i am so happy i decided to get surgery. I love the way my clothes fit and the weight im losing

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