35 Years Old No Kids Will Be a Dr. Miami Doll Soon BBL, ARM and THIGHS Lipo. I Am So Nervous.. I Have No Recovery House Yet - FL

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Hi girls my surgery is come up August 10 th with...

Hi girls my surgery is come up August 10 th with Dr. S aka Dr. Miami... I have my pre-op visit July 28th to see what is going to happen. I have tones of questions. I wonder what do these recovery houses nurses really do? My mother is a CNA and I'm a health care provider so , you know I'm going to keep it 100 with you guys. I need some honest feedback on what I'm going to need.. Yes I'm a procrastinator..

Should I go to a RH or should i let my mother take care of me?

My mother is a CNA and I was trying to see if it was worth it to spend the money at a RH or stay in a hotel and have her take care of me. If they are going to do basically take me to the bathroom or feed me. I can save some money. What do you guys think? Will upload some pics.

list of ites

I need the list of items needed for bbl lipo...I found a post once and can find it anymore. ...

Pre-surgical clearance

All right girls, it's official! !I'm cleared by Dr.Miami to go along with the procedure! !! Ugg...My nerves are shot....I asked about the recovery house and he said if I have good support system I should be good. He will provide surgical garments. .lymphatic massages could only be done 1 week post-op. I am going to increase taking my iron pills and starting like a pineapple diet.lol..

OMG !!! One more week till my big day!!! I don't feel ready!!!

I don't even have my lipo foam , and they told me at the office that I don't need a special bbl pillow a boppy pillow will be just fine. ugg. Taking bromalin and eating pineapples starting today. Any suggestions?

4 more days!!!

Got my hotel...Thanks to my co-worker husband who allowed me to use his discount...Post op will be chilling with my mother and best friend...uggg...I'm nervous! !!!I see so many people on here cry about the pain and some just say they feel sore...Oh trust me I'm going to keep it 100! !!!Lol..

Omg!!!I'm sooooooooooo nervous! !! Time is flying. ..

I will be a Dr. Mami doll soon!Is it wrong for me to ask if my butt looks big after the lipo not to enhance my butt?...I think my nerves are settling in....I got my foams, I got my pills, been eating a lot of pineapples, been taking my iron pills. ..My period still didn't come.... Hotel booked...Mother and best friend set....oh...pictures. ..lol...will post today

Some pictures. .... ..

When the day comes will post better pictures.

lymphatic massages !!

Has anyone with Dr. Maimi has this done? If so who did you go to?

I made it!!!!!

I will give yous the run down later..but baby the pain was no joke...

What really happened !!!!!

Was suppose to have surgery at 5pm then got a phone call bumping it up to 4:15pm..Chelsea Think that how to spell her name. She was an angel. . Mom,fried and sister was there . When I woke up...Holy cow..I was on fire. Chest pain and was getting blood. No one was around nurse left by herself. .my mother did not like that at all...If anything was to happen to me..she kept saying he's across the streets...smh...I had chest pain and palpitations. ..Nurse was suppose to come the next day and got stuck in traffic. .Didn't show up till 5pm..
If you expect a phone call from Dr. S forget it . Not even to make sure if your doing ok.. Did pass out once.. Thank God my mother is in the medical field so was my Bff....the hotel that stayed in is residence Inn surfside....They are awsome...5 min away from Dr.miami ..New hotel 4 months old..free breakfast
....As for my body...booty is huge hope it goes down some...My period was suppose to come and didn't. ..Thank God...vomited twice...Headache out this world...office said because of being anemic....The more you walk the better you will feel....My first boppy had to go to the trash soaked with blood..whoha swollen...I'm pale as hell...Mom is juicing and taking my iron pill...cooking some liver and spinach. .. Dr.s is cool...I think he is overwhelmed so much other stuff to keep up with than his patients. ..

man when I tell you...

Here I am thinking this will be a walk in the park...Nope....Must have!!!!!!A person by your side at all times. .Thank God for family and friends. ...Take your vitamins 3 month not one in advance. ..When I say do your research do it...I'm feeling a lot.better today tender to touch...I'm happy Dr.S put in drains because it would have been a bloody mess...My as don't hurt my inner thigh swollen all the way to knee...I'm taking excedrin migraine helps with headache and pain...No poops yet but passing gas...lol..my brother helped me change garments after bathing cause my sister couldn't handle it..mom stepped out...Taking my meds. ..Still swollen..Still draining. ..I think I over did it today. ..Thanks for all the prayers. ..much needed....Will post pictures when I have the strength. ..My booty is big...omg...I know it will go down. ...Dr.s I'd good ..wish he had better post op manner...No one checked up or call to see if I was ok...

Dr. Miami. ..

I can really say that him and Yeni listens and cares about their patients well being or anything to make them better...He loves what he does, and you can tell when he talks to you.....
I made the right choice. ..Ladies wait till your week is over to write your reviews you go through so many emotional highs and lows...This ain't no walk in the park...

constipation. ..

Can't poop and body feels like it's getting swollen worse. .nor feeling good

Finally pooped! !!!

7 days no poop that's crazy. .still no appetite. ..Go in the morning to get drains removed than a massage. .my belly is hard back on fire...In comfortable! !!!!Thanks mom for suppository, prune ,Milk of mag...

Omg, the tingling and burning!!

Anybody has a good lymphatic massages person here in Fort lauderdale tonight...cause my body is stiff tight and full of fluids can't even eat!!!!

my first lymphatic massage

First off yesterday I had my drains removed and I had to receive IV fluids because I was dehydrated. That was the worst thing ever it blew me up like a balloon it's like starting from square one all over again. So today I went to get my lymphatic massage in Miami with Miriam. Can I say OMG It Hurts So Good. I had so much drainage coming out of me and I felt better afterwards. I couldn't fit my surgical garment I went to the store and try to buy extra spanks it will not work for me. I just got home I put on my original surgical garment of course it was washed and it fits. This lady is good at what she does. Do I like the location now do I like her work yes. And she's a teacher for lymphatic massages. If you have any questions just inbox me. Pictures are soon to come I'm still a little weak. I took a shower by myself today I get up by myself I walk around by myself so I'm on the road to recovery.

Update pictures

Medical massage went great... is interesting to see how much fluids I'm still building up. I love my massage therapist she's the best ever. Well here go my picture updates. Dr salzhauer did his damn thing. Mind you in the pictures I'm still swollen.


Why am I still so stiff...I feel like my body is turning into stone...Is that normal? What should I do?

keeping it 100% How is my recovery process?

I'm getting a lot of questions about my recovery process. I'm also getting questions what I ever do this procedure again. post-op Days 1 through 4 was rough you are dizzy have to take a lot of meds which sometimes make you vomit. With my provider I had a recovery nurse the next day after surgery to come bathe me and I have to keep on my compression garment. Around day three or four I was ordered to remove all my compression garment because it was too tight and my thighs was turning black because of the swelling. He want to tell me not to even wear any compression garments because you going to swell up regardless. My doctor said that compression garments are just made to help decrease swelling but it's going to decrease itself over time. I was asked if I still wear my compression garments the answer is yes. I feel better when I wear it it's not the same one. I just went out and got some spanks.

What my body is going through!
Z The swelling is ridiculous no matter how much massages you got it's just blows up. I realized that I have to decrease my salt intake Point Blank. And girls be careful with the Gatorade or Powerade because it consumes a lot of sodium. I noticed I swell more at night or when I take naps so I'm slowly considering not having my garments on when I take a snap or sleep well that night but I'm afraid that I won't be able to get back in it.
Surgical massages
It feels good when you go get your lymphatic drainage massage but after she gets your body soft you put your compression garment your body goes right back to the way it started. And I heard you have to do continuous sessions for you to see the difference well damn how many sessions do we need! My flanks and my back super tight I feel like I'm being squeezed and it's not even my compression garment my inner thighs from the liposuction is tight bruised and uncomfortable and sensitive to touch. If I knew it was going to be like this I would never done my thighs and my arms. I would have waited for another occasion. If you were to ask me what I do this procedure all over again I would say hell to the naw. Make sure you girls take at least 3 to 4 weeks off of work because thanks can happen along the way. I needed a blood transfusion even though my iron was where it needed to be you never know what can happen.
Man I'm drinking a lot of pineapple juice and eating pineapples taking anica pills gel and lotion still feel the same...
Remember everybody's body is different! If your family is not strong enough to take care of you go to a recovery home. This procedure is no walk in the park I'm talking about the aggressive liposuction not no local anesthesia lipo...
Fast food vegetables liver beet shakes and remember if you have a day full of sodium you going to pay for it at the end of the day cuz your body is going to blow up like a balloon and you're going to start getting the tingling and numbness in the pain.
If you girls run on more stuff by no means add some more.
Get some milk of magnesia get some real prune juice warm that up and take your milk of magnesia that should make you go. Walk as much as you can.....

Beach chairs and how do you sleep at night...

So I was wondering if anybody can post a picture of their beach chair and how to cut out the booty part. So I got me the booty Boppy Pillow I got the regular Boppy Pillow and I got the doctor Miami pillow and let me tell you I use the booty Boppy Pillow Moore and the Boppy Pillow. The doctor Miami pillow is cool but I need to bring it in tomorrow for him to show me how to really use it because I'm a big girl I'm a big girl it looks like it's made for a smaller frame petite girl. Can you girls show me some of your positions that you sleep being that you have a BBL and what's up with a donut that you use for swimming some girls used to sleep at night?

Going back to work next week...

Saw Dr.S yesterday he's getting ready to film fo wetv. ..Oh yeah he's going to have his own show on tv... Thank God I didn't have a seroma this time...I had a seroma the last time and I got a needle underneath skin..ugg.. My butt went down a little and he told me wait for the fluffing!!! My abdominal flanks are still hard...PS said is it will get better over time...


Tightness still there...2 more weeks on my belly...They td me six weeks ugg.. can't eat salty foods or you will feel it!!!!
Love my new body..butt went down. .:(


Love my doc...butt went down....Love my shape. .

Getting there..

I have good days and I have my bad days...I learn to eat any food that has sodium in the mornings after 1pm...no sodium or you will just blow up and feel super tight..Itching started, skin flaking even with oil or lotion. .Butt went down a lot....Over all Dr. Miami stated to wait for fluffing So guess my butt is going to get bigger. ..I hope not...I love it this size...Man there is so much into liposuction and bbl..Im.happy I starting to get over it...2nd round is a heck no for me...Im.ok...Oh...He forgot to do my bra pit..I'm not happy about that..He said he will take care of me when I'm much better with no charge. .. Waist trainer is my friend..I was given the ok to sit on my butt...umm no I'll wait till six weeks..My duty is nice and soft now...My flanks are still tight and I massage myself every night and morning ...With the Walgreen massager that I got...

Workingout and sitting

Man I couldn't take it anymore. .Went to the gym and omg..The guys were all eyes on my butt...lol..I needed to start working out Asap...I am not going to let my money go to waste...
Body still stiff and sensitive. .Sharp pains on and off/itching here and there..
Started sitting on my butt but leaning forward to pit more support on my thighs...Can't sleep on my side... Still uncomfortable on one side..
Feet swells up at the end of the day....Belly still a little hard.. I love my shape butt gone down. ..I'm ok with that cause it was too big...But the fluffing is next...
Good luck future dolls...:)

8 weeks in!!!!

Still swollen a little..Hate going to sleep because when you wake up the tightness and burning sensation. ..I wear my garments to sleep and waist trainer.Working out, because my eating is bad. ..Guys and girls are loving my body...lol...If they only knew...Still taking iron.

Three month plus

At night still tightness noted I still sleep with waist trainer. At night I'm swollen..Do not eat to much salty foods because you will pay for it...smh...Don't waist your money on arms and thighs...not worth it...Everything else worth it..iron still low...Working out...
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