35 Years Old Going for Round 2nd Bbl with Dr. Fisher - Miami, FL

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It's getting closer to my surgery date and I'm...

It's getting closer to my surgery date and I'm excited nervous and anxious all at the same time! I done this procedure before 5 years ago and although I am happy with my results, I have gained some weight over the years so I would like to get another bbl to give my butt a Lil more projection and to reshape my body to that curvy figure I used to have.
This is my first post even tho I have been a stalker of realself for some time now! I will keep you guys posted on my journey pre and post op as I continue to follow you all post as well!!

Thinking about changing doctor!!!!!!!

So I'm thinking about changing doctor!! I have been looking at Dr.Ghurani and I really like his work as well!! I have been trying to find as many reviews as I can on him and spectrum before deciding! I have t contacted him yet but will do so within the next few hours! If anyone has any reviews on him and spectrum pleeeeeeeeasenlet me kno!!! Thank you guys as I am really undecided right now but so need to get my shit together because I want to have this procedure asap!!!!!!

Can't decide which doc I want to go with!! Help pleeeease!!

So I'm undecided on which doctor I want to go with! Dr. Fisher or Dr. Ghurani!! Both have great prices and both have the date available I would like to go but I jus can't decide! Leaning more to Ghurani because i like the way he gives the body deep curves! Fisher is great as well and both are very consistent with their results!! What are some of you guys opinions on these docs!!!!

Secured my date!!

So I spoke with Stephanie today and scheduled my date!! It is January 12th!! Dates jus keep getting closer!!!!! I'm excited, nervous and anxious!! Anyone else going to Ghurani around that time!! Would love to hear some of ur experiences with spectrum so far!! So far so good for me!!

Count down!!

Do anyone know of any good massage places in Miami area??

Getting Close

Received all my pre-op paperwork and instructions from spectrum aesthetics!! The countdown is on!!! Still been searching for a good massage place! I want to get massages everyday for the first 2 weeks at least!! Do anyone recommend any good Fajas. I still have my garments I used from when I did my first bbl with dr Miami and they are good but they are not like the fajas I have been seeing and reading about here on realself!! I wonder what's the difference between them! Advice anyone!!

68 days away!!!

Getting close!!! Has anyone ever purchased any of the packages they offer at Diamond Care Recovery? I am thinking about ordering the Barbie Box! It basically has everything u need for recovery after a bbl!!! What do u guys think and what are some of ur suggestions on getting supplies for post op!!!!!


Does anyone know what kind of Faja you get when you go through spectrum with dr Ghurani??

Flights Booked!!!!!!

I just booked my flights! I booked first class coming back so I could be a lil more comfortable! I'm getting more and more excited as the days go by!! Now I need to book my condo I will be staying in! I'm not staying in a recovery house because I have a few people coming along to help me, one of them is a RN so I know she'll be able to take good care of me and the last time I had my bbl I stayed in a condo with jus my husband and cousin and I did great so hopefully this time be a breeze like the last!

Supplies ordered!!!

I just ordered my post op recovery box from diamond care and recovery! I price matched all the items and it came out much cheaper jus purchasing the Barbie box from them! Things are moving along and now I just need to get another faja and boppy pillow and I'm all good to go!!!

Condo booked.....

Just booked my condo thru airbnb!! It's getting closer and closer!! I'm all prepared just very nervous and anxious!! I'm very excited too tho!!!!!

Gaining weight!!

Yayyyyyy!!! I'm finally gaining some damn weight! I was told by the doc that my weight was good and if I gain, only gain about 5 pounds. Well seems like the day I paid my deposit and got my date my nerves decided to acting up and i started loosing weight because of my anxiety ughhh.. I guess I'm over it and my anxiety calmed down because now I'm gaining and gaining good!! I started out weighing 165 then I went down to 152 as of last week now I'm 158 so I'm doing good!! Wanna gain bout 10 more pounds before sx!!!!!

Wish pics

More wish pics

I want that tiny waist and tummy with some nice hips to go with it!!

A lot on my mind

So a lot has been on my mind! My father passed away on the November 19 and it's really taking a toll on me! I've been for the pass couple of days trying to prepare for his services and get everything in order for that! Emotionally and physically I am drained. I have not had time to jus think. My mind is so cloudy. Hopefully everything goes ok with my surgery because I'm starting to loose the lil weight I gained(sigh). I got less than 6 weeks away! Hopefully I can get my weight back to where I want it!! I'm 157 now I wanna be 167 by sx!! Any suggestions on how to gain a few pounds??

Getting close

I just can't wait till it's over and I'm recovering back at home.. my mind is so cloudy with all that I have going on but I'm still trying to prepared myself physically and mentally.. 6 weeks to go and now the countdown really begins!!!!!

1 month away from being Ghuranified!!!!!!!

These past few months have gone by so fast now let's see if these next few months can go by even faster! I want to jus get the sx and recovery process over ughhh!!!! Does anyone know what prescriptions Dr. Ghurani office gives for after surgery and does anyone know of any good massage therapist that come to you???

Pro op process has begun!!

On my way to get my blood work done! Hope everything is good!! Really jus worried about my hemoglobin!!

Medical clearance and ekg

So I just went to my pcp and did my medical clearance and ekg!! Everything was normal with my ekg and my clearance from my doctor!!!!!! It's really countdown time now!! All my test and exams are out the way now I just got to wait on my sx doc to clear me and I'm good to go!!!!!!!! I'm getting anxious and nervous!!!

New wish pics

Blood work cleared!!!!

I got my blood work results back today and they were good!!! My hemoglobin was a 13.9!! Yayyyy me!! I'm too excited and I haven't taken any iron supplements or anything!! Hope it stays this way it goes up higher!! The higher the better!!!!

Getting nervous

It's almost time!!! My nerves are on edge... but I can't wait to get it over with!!! Any recent Dr.Ghurani patients?? I would love to hear ur experience with him and the staff!!!

CLEARED for Sx!!!!!

Soooooo excited and nervous but I can't wait to be Ghuranified!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year sx buddies!!!! Wishing you guys all the best with your recoveries and future surgeries!!

Had to change flight!

So the airlines company changed my flight and didn't inform me! They pushed my flight back 4 hours which means I woulda missed my pre op appt. I called them and they realized they made the mistake and gave me a wayyy earlier and better flight for FREE!!!!!!! Yayyyy thanks Delta and I thank my husband that we are delta priority customers!!! Lolol.. it's almost time!!! Still excited yet nervous and a lil scared!!! Any advice is appreciated!!!!!

Traveling massage therapist

Does anyone know of a lymphatic massage person who comes to u in the Miami area or any masseuse that works on Sunday????

3 days away!!

It's almost that time!! I'm getting so nervous!! I'll finally post my before pics today or tomorrow!! I haven't posted them because I have a million tattoos on me and I'm kinda private and I know once I post people will defiantly know it's me and I didn't want to hear the negativity about getting sx!!!! Praying everything goes well from beginning to end!!!

Sx time!!!

I'll be dr Ghurani first patient this morning!!
Prayers up for myself and all of the women and men having procedures done!!! Kinda nervous but i kno it will be ok! Keep me in ur prayers guys and I'll update as soon as I can!!!!!

Surgery went well!!!

Sx was great!! I'll do a full review once I start feeling better!!

I'm still hanging in there

I am 3 days post op and these 3 day has been up and down.

To start off Dr.Ghurani did an amazing job!! He's a well respected truthful doctor!! I told him what I wanted and he told me what can be achieved.
So I went to spectrum on the Wednesday before my procedure and did all my pre-op procedures. I was told to be back at spectrum for 6:30am thrusday to be dr.ghurani's first patient!
I arrived at spectrum and was greeted with open arms. I was taken to the back almost immediately to start my pre sx pre op! The nurse came in and asked me a lot more questions then the anesthesiologist came in and asked more questions on questions on questions once he finished dr.Ghurani came in and talked to me letting me know what could be done and what can't! He actually told me I already had one of the best bodies he had seen and that he didn't really need to do anything to me and that he was kinda skeptical about doing anything to me plus he said that I really didn't have enough fat in my body.. I immediately got sad and he said don't worry I'll get u what u want and sure enough he did just that l am so forever grateful for dr.ghurani and for what he did for my body and my life.. I didn't have enough fat in my upper area so he did my legs (inner thighs) and when I say he did the whole inner thigh, he got all the fat and put it right in these nice ass hips and ass!!!!!! Loving my recovery process it's been good o far. I have the best care takers. A Person could ever ask for!
I also went and had my first massage with Yazna and she is heaven sent! So gentle and kind and makes sure ur not In pain. She was the absolute best!! I'm still kinda tired starting to feel the burning sensation people talk about but overall I am extremely happy with my results and my experience with spectrum from beginning to end

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