35 Years Old Going for Round 2nd Bbl with Dr. Fisher - Miami, FL

It's getting closer to my surgery date and I'm...

It's getting closer to my surgery date and I'm excited nervous and anxious all at the same time! I done this procedure before 5 years ago and although I am happy with my results, I have gained some weight over the years so I would like to get another bbl to give my butt a Lil more projection and to reshape my body to that curvy figure I used to have.
This is my first post even tho I have been a stalker of realself for some time now! I will keep you guys posted on my journey pre and post op as I continue to follow you all post as well!!

Thinking about changing doctor!!!!!!!

So I'm thinking about changing doctor!! I have been looking at Dr.Ghurani and I really like his work as well!! I have been trying to find as many reviews as I can on him and spectrum before deciding! I have t contacted him yet but will do so within the next few hours! If anyone has any reviews on him and spectrum pleeeeeeeeasenlet me kno!!! Thank you guys as I am really undecided right now but so need to get my shit together because I want to have this procedure asap!!!!!!

Can't decide which doc I want to go with!! Help pleeeease!!

So I'm undecided on which doctor I want to go with! Dr. Fisher or Dr. Ghurani!! Both have great prices and both have the date available I would like to go but I jus can't decide! Leaning more to Ghurani because i like the way he gives the body deep curves! Fisher is great as well and both are very consistent with their results!! What are some of you guys opinions on these docs!!!!

Secured my date!!

So I spoke with Stephanie today and scheduled my date!! It is January 12th!! Dates jus keep getting closer!!!!! I'm excited, nervous and anxious!! Anyone else going to Ghurani around that time!! Would love to hear some of ur experiences with spectrum so far!! So far so good for me!!
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