35 Year Old Wanting Her Body Back with a Little More Booty - Miami, FL

I want to get rid of this stomach back fat and...

I want to get rid of this stomach back fat and thighs... I was told that it's an extra 800 to add my inner thighs and I'm doing it my coordinator is Stephanie and she is great when I call if I have to leave a message she calls me back within the hour my husband is coming with me so I'm not staying In a recovery house

Me in 2014

I want to get back to this with more bootayy lol

Me Now ????

Ok ladies now lets get in formation

I got my new date it's November 1st so happy and nervous at the same time my husband is coming he's going to take care of me I'm getting the cell saver so I can be up and at it
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I have seen his work and it's amazing I can't wait to be an AlvarezDoll!!!!

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