35 Year Old with 3 Teenagers - Miami, FL

Hey , hey !! So I have already paid my deposit of...

Hey , hey !! So I have already paid my deposit of $500 to lock my price snd set surgery date ????
I am 35 years old with 3 teenagers and I think it's time for me....... I had a tummy tuck done about 10 years ago but have not had anything done for my flat behind lol it's weird because I am a born Colombian and everyone in my family has a booty and almost perfect bodies . My breast are large and I don't mind them , but it's time for some booty !
After a lot of thinking and research I finally decided to choose Dr. Ghurani . Stay tuned for pics of before and after ????????????

Almost there ????

EKG , my PCP gave me clearance for surgery and labs done today .... getting closer

Otto g much to update

Just getting closer !
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet , but from what I read he is a down to earth and caring person .

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