35 Year Old,no Kids Ready to Say Bye to the Old Me, Surgery Date 12/21@ Encore- Miami, FL

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Well, I decided to do something for myself for a...

Well, I decided to do something for myself for a change. I have always been insecure about my body,and even though my man reassures me I don't need to do the surgery...I need to do it for myself. Turning 35 this year was a milestone and I refuse to be unhappy with the way my body looks any longer...Let the journey begin! Pray for me ladies!

I'm nervous as shit!!! Where are my O Dolls?

My surgery date (12/14/15) will be here before I know it. I'm so nervous and I think I'm most worried about is the recovery. Are there any "O Dolls" that can give me some advice or share your experience /results from Dr Osak? I would really appreciate it...

Me at my friends Wedding

So ready for my Sponge Bob shape to bebgone. So tired of trying to camoflauge this bullshit!

Surgery Date details confirmed

I just talked to my surgery coordinator last week. My patient portal is set up. My surgery is scheduled at Encore Hialiah clinic 1738 w 49th st hialeah fl 33012...so I was wrong about the facility previously. He does surgery at Encore on Mondays from what I am told. Its so much shit to try and keep organized s... I was sent my scripts so I can get all my tests prior to surgery...So I hope that goes well. I also made my deposit with Mary with Elite..she was so nice over the phone and I heard great reviews of her on here. So I feel that I will be in good hands.

23 days and counting....

The countdown continues... Ladies, should I buy my faja now or buy it when it from Encore....Im alo planning on going to get my labs done on Wednesday... I'm so nervous... I attached a pic of my body, I'm so ready to be happy with my body and move on with my life.

I need Dr O to snatch me like this

Her body is everything.... I'm small frame...I'm 5'3 178lbs.... She gives me life!

LabCorp today.....

Went to get my labs done today, shit is getting real now! Lol I'm anxious about the healing and the pain of the recovery procesd. Any ladies that are previous Dr O patients that are willing to share your opinion on this, please feel free to share?

OK, got my lab results!

I got my lab results and NY hemo is low. Its 11.1 and they will like it to be a 12. I bought Floradex an iron supplement, and they want me to take 3 iron pills a day...

OK, so Dr O is canceling all his patients the week of my surgery 12/15...Wtf!

I changed my surgery date to 12/15, just got a call from my recovery nurse so I called and they told me the dates they had available the week of Christmas! No New Years eve festivities for me! They did offer me options with other doctors, but I want Dr O!

Monday is my Surgery Day! Happy who? Happy Me!!!!

I have to admit, I had to take a break from realself. With all my hemoglobin issues I felt discouraged and depressed and besides peeking in and liking pics and commenting here and there... I have been quiet. They cleared me for surgery finally on 12/17. I flew into Miami yesterday 12/19 at 10am. I hopped in a Uber and headed straight to Encore for my preop appointment. I'm not going to lie, pulling up to Encore was concerning because it is in a strip mall...but once I got in there I was ok. They greeted me, and I was asked to have a seat and wait to be called. There were some ladies there also, and having small talk with them they were also there for pre-op appointments or consultations. Ten minutes later, my preop coordinator Celeste comes and gets me, I hugged her so hard because its been a emotional rollercoaster these last few weeks. I walked back behind her and it immediately became real to me what I was walking into. There were girls waiting to be seen, they were kneeling on the couches and standing up.I said out loud "Oh this shit just got real..its ass everywhere"! And everybody bust out laughing.. I was escorted to Dr O's office to fill out my paperwork. He was in surgery so everyone was waiting. As I filled out my paperwork, I overhead a young lady say "Here he comes", so I looked behind me and there he was...he is handsome y'all! Lol I waved to him and he said "hello,how are you?" And then he turned around and told the girls waiting that he will start seeing everyone now and he walked into another office. Celeste brought my garment in and I closed the door and tried it on. Celeste came back in and asked me if I wanted to wait for him to finish his appointments or did I just want to have my appointment on Monday before surgery. I elected to wait, the other assistant came in and greeted me and helped me complete my forms. She told me my surgery appointment will be 12/21 @ 11am and I'm his first surgery. She asked that I come a hour early, so I could meet with him before surgery.
So, I left hopped in my Uber and went to my hotel. I needed to rest and get my mind right. I needed to pray and be alone with my thoughts. I called my recovery nurse and she will be getting from my hotel on Sunday to take me to the recovery house. Words can't express how nervous I am. But I'm excited at the same time. I just ask for your to pray for me as I will do the same for you. This was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. But my happiness is so important to me. The timing is not the best, and I will be away from my man/family for Christmas was hard, but all I can think about how happy I would be. Dr O past and present dolls....please comment! My nerves are shot! Lol

Here are some scriptures about fear! Fear doesn't cone from the Lord

I love my Lord and Savior! I have to be real in my journey and myself as a woman. I am incredibly nervous, but these scriptures have given me some peace.So I am passing it along for those who need it.

I made it to the other side

I'm in so much pain....by the grace of God I'm ok.

I'm in pain y'all but here are some pics

I'm swollen but here go my pics

My review Dr O

Ladies, I have to say this journey has not been a smooth one. My results I am very happy with but boy oh boy if you are not assertive and have your wits about you. You will definitely be taken advantage of.
First off, I was told that my surgery would be Monday at 11am.Dr O did not perform surgery on me until after 130p. When I got back to the room to get undressed, I was so nervous. He walked in and introduced himself. He shook my hand and I asked him for a hug lol He said are you ready to do this? I said as ready as I'm going to be. So he asked me to get up so he can take pictures and mark me up. He told me that he would be taking 4liters of fat out which us equal to 4000 cc's. He told me I didn't need drains and that he would be injected the fat from my stomach and back to my hips and butt. I told him I didn't want a boom boom Belinda ass but I wanted a fat ass to match my 5'3 frame. He said I will make you look good and give you ass and hips. I started to tear up because I was so scared. He told me I would be ok and not to cry. He smacked 5's with me, escorted me to the bathroom and we walked into the surgery room together. Overall, he was bomb! He is really nice and straight forward. He delivered on his promise. I think my ass is huge and my stomach and back are flat just like he promised.

Mary with Elite Nursing Recovery

I got out of surgery after 5p on Monday 12/21.Mary with Elite nursing took me to my surgery appointment, she did not leave until I was situated and she knew who my nurse would be and when Dr O was in route. I felt sorry for the girls waiting because no one was there as an advocate for them like Mary was for me. She is the shit! Meka who is the staff with Mary's Elite's staff came and got me. She is the absolute best! Meka hooks most of the meals up, and she feeds us good...trust! Lol Anyways, we picked my meds up from the drive thru pharmacy. She pulled over and gave me crackers,and I took my pain meds. We got to the recovery house and I had soup and went to bed. Now ladies, don't cheat yourself out of not using a recovery house. Mary with Elite was the best decision I made. She spoils us with meals and snacks ( pineapples galore lol) and she is very knowledgeable and professional. She is an advocate for you and her staff works for you to make sure you are comfortable and make sure you are getting the support and good treatment you need from the post op staff at your clinic. The recovery house is so nice and she promotes positivity which is an extra bonus in my book because while you are recovering you don't need any negative energy around you. I have a roommate and we help motivate each other through this process. Its not easy....but being at this recovery house eases the pain and they support you to no end. I'm always asked if I'm ok, if I need anything or asked how I feel. They really care about you and it shows. She books fast and she is an exclusive recovery house for Dr Miami so you have to book early. If I had to pay $300 a night, I would have because they are so worth the money!

I had my first massage today

Ladies, I'm not going to lie that massage was painful but I feel so much better. Its amazing how good the massage will make you feel.

Here are a few pics!

First off, they were not lying when they said this is a journey. This some real Jedi mind trick/ mental shit! I been away for a while just trying to get my mind right and heal. Everyday is a little better. I'm still sore, I still have discomfort and I still feel this pulling or stretching feeling in my back that makes me feel like my skin is about to tear apart. I was able to fit into a smaller garment today ( vedette 944 eBay). Shout out to Assfor2015 that told me where to get my triangle from because I am still using the one my recovery nurse made for me. All in all, I am happy with what I see. Some days it feels like my ass is small, the next day is fatter than ever. It may be mental, I'm not sure but I'm ready to stop wearing these mother fucking foams though! I am on massage #9, and in between massages my boo gives the best massages so I'm thankful for that. Well, y'all just keep it real and tell me what you think?

Seven weeks post op

Hey ladies, I've popped my head in here and there but I just wanted to share a quick review. How I feel: Still sore and swollen in my back especially when I drive or sit down. Getting up in the mornings are the worse because your back feels really tight and sore,I feel shooting pains sometimes in my back also. I have not really laid on my back yet...still laying on my stomach. And I really don't sit unless I am driving or using my bbl pillow. This journey is real. But I am happy, I get so any compliments. I didn't tell too many people so when they see me, they ask me if I've been working out and I just agree lol I attached a few pics...be blessed ladies

Dr O delivered! He gave me the results I wanted and it matches my frame! I'm happy that I chose him! He is the bomb.com

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