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I have been lurking for some time now. My date is...

I have been lurking for some time now. My date is coming up soon. I had a panniculectomy in 2009. (It is kind of like a tummy tuck.) It was not the best experience because I wanted a TT. A few months after that the surgeon numbed my side with local, as much as my body could take, then he cut a football piece of skin of my side and sewed me up. This took 2 visits because local only goes so far. I have also had lasik. I am now looking to start my cosmetic procedures. I hope to have a better experience this time. I want projection to match my large natural breasts. I will look to have a mini tuck and possibly thigh lift as my next procedure in 2 years or so. Also looking into cosmetic dentistry. Kids will be grown and that means it is all about me being the wife my stud deserves. Thats me.

Getting close

I will be getting labs done this week. I have not booked or bought anything yet! I have gained a couple lbs since booking. I am now a 5'4" 177lb. I really wanted to go down but did nothing to make that happen. Maybe I can be vigilant and try doing some exercise for the next few weeks.
Has anyone tried a cleanse before surgery?
I'm feeling excited and discouraged at the same time. My first experience has left me regretful. I hope Blinski can hook me up.

2009 TT

I found these and had honestly forgot that I had lived with that flap for so many years.


All are perfect. Yay. Only 2 weeks left. Still have not bought any supplies..... I am getting very excited though. Ready to take a couple weeks from working.

Flight is tomorrow night.

I have to say that I am very excited. Landing in Miami and straight to the pre op. Tuesday is my turn. Many of his recent art pieces are perfection. I can't even think that I will finally be able to feel proportioned.

Headed to the airport!

I have 1 carryon and a purse. Feel so light for this trip but not much to bring since I will be recovering the whole time. No clothes for this doll. Thinking it could be my new motto.

Pre-op is done.

Picking up meds and checking into the BnB. It's getting too real. I'm so excited.

So nervous

Getting ready to go in.


More later butt I made it!

Had some complications

I developed a skin necrosis on my face post surgery. No tummy time so have had to be very creative to sleep. Also, no massage because can not lay down on belly. Still my swelling has gone done because I fit a large garment now and was wearing a 3x out of surgery. There are tons of reviews about post surgery here. I will update more as time passes. In the mean time, feel free to question me about what whatever.

Need to get more compression

The belly and waist is very pliable as you can see from the Lipo foam pressing. I ordered some to put under my spanxs. I am using an abdominal binder from a medical supply store to press everything. I only have about 8 inches from the breast crease to hip. This is making it very hard to find a waist Trainer. I regret not having the time to have a faja tailored for my torso length. Where I am from people don't have this sort of thing done often leaving me with a need to be a pioneer for post op vendors.

Ready to hop in bed and sleep an entire night

I am so tired. I watch everyone sleep most nights as I still have an open wound on my face but can't sleep on my back or sides. Okay. I am 3 weeks now and my rump is already getting soft. There is a tennis ball size of a hard spot that is very uncomfortable. I still have yet to get any massage because of the face. I tried to do some cleaning and my ankles swelled to the size of my knees. Had to put my old garment on. My trunk is still very sore from Lipo. I do not like the bbl pillow. It hurts my legs. I added a travel pillow to it and put it in a case. Sometimes I fashion a bed out of pillows and a pool float. That gives me some relief. If I stay that way for long, my calf starts to hurt. I am in love with my butt thus far. It will all be worth it if I don't lose any of it. Ok done complaining today.

Losing volume

Measurements are starting to fluctuate. I hope they go back up. Here are my 1 month pics.

pic update

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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