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After years of research I'm finally ready I hate...

After years of research I'm finally ready I hate my body I was once 300 lbs now down to 215. Finally made the decision to start my journey I originally wanted to go with Dr Andrew jimmerson in Atlanta but his prices were crazy even still I said ok and contacted the office this was last year in January.. Well I gave a deposit to hold my surgery date 2500$ and then about a week later I couldn't get a hold of the coordinator and there was a lot of bs I asked for my deposit back because I no longer wanted to deal with them and never heard from them I did get my money back from my cc company thank god and well I put it off and said I'll get it done one day ???? well now that day is coming I'm so excited to join you ladies in ur journey as well. I spoke to Shirley at Vanity she is so nice and very informative I'm stuck on Dr Fisher lol he has some pretty outstanding results and haven't seen much bad at all about him! I have to lose 20lbs according to Shirley so today I'm starting my journey!! Any info you guys can give to me would be gradely appreciated I'm so excited ! To lose weight and to be snatched with a big ole butt lol

Trying to change the price it is only 5000 not 50000

Trying to edit my price I accidentally put too many zeros

Before pic

Here's another before can't wait til I get my after

Going with Dr O

Ok so I've decided to change Drs to Omulepu it seems he does really good work on women my size and he's 1000$ cheaper do you ladies have any insight on him or experiences I'm so afraid but really can't wait to get this done

Going to start buying supplies

Hey rs sisters I'm going to start buying my supplies for surgery I don't know where to start can any ladies give me some insight on what I should and shouldn't buy? Thanks guys

Seeing bad reviews :-\

After reading many of Dr Omulepu reviews I'm starting to get a lil shakey about my choice to go with him . Ik ik the back and forths that we ladies do. I decided to bring it up to my sx coordinator Shirley this is what she told me

Second text re Dr O

Playing with the sx app lol

Compression garments ...Help Bbl vets lol

Ok I want to buy my garments before like all of you guys but I'm confused on the right ones to get ... Can somebody help me out I found a cheap one on Amazon but not sure if it's the right kind and what size to get I don't want to ruin my new body but not having the right garments I've been stalking all you bootylicious girls and I've noticed that the ladies who followed instructions wore their garments faithfully look the best even ladies with a big before tummy like me with lose skin it seemed to tighten up and u all look so beautiful!!

Found this garment on Instagram


Need to switch to a later date

Any ladies going to dr Omulepu thru vanity want to switch dates with me I'm scheduled 2/23 now it was 2/26 my coordinator said it was an error I need to go back to the 26th date or push it into March ????

No more vanity

So I am switching to spectrum from vanity because I don't trust wire transferring 1000's of dollars to a dr I have never seen it is odd to me also all the reviews on the office staff scare me so I'm going to spectrum it's the same dr so what could be the issue my husband wouldn't let me wire the money anyway lol so spectrum it is

23 days left

Got some supplies I'm already packed lol so anxious to just go already lol

22 days and all packed and ready to go lol

I'm so ready to start driving to Miami my husband thinks I'm going butt crazy lol well duh babe I haven't had an ass my whole life I'm ready lol here are some of the things I got I pretty much asked the vets what they used the only thing I'm waiting on is my Lipo foam

Labs ekgs echos ughh they better clear me

So I gotta get medical clearance and I'm 20 days away they better clear me or I'm gonna be so mad !! I refuse to put this back I finally get a chance to do something for me and my dr doesn't wanna clear me I'm jumping thru hoops God will get me thru this and to top it off my husband and family are not helping they don't understand this isn't about them it's about me !!! I do everything they want me too now it's my turn ... Pray for me dolls I'm not changing my date

More wishes

Medical clearance

So my Dr wants an actual form she can fill out ugh she's making me want to do karate on her lol but Spectrum doesn't have a form they send out a letter of what they need her to do.. My PCP feels it isn't sufficient so I made one for her to fill out if you guys have the same issues u can use mine as a reference my Coordinator says it's sufficient for Dr O

14 days left to go

So the countdown is real yall 14 days to go I gained 3 lbs stress eating ugh I hate that so this week I'm juicing to get it all off hopefully I can drop 6lbs I'm 215 right now. I have a Dr's appointment today to get my official clearance let's pray this Dr of mine doesn't ask me for anything else

I got cleared Y'all !!!!

I'm so happy my dr cleared me its official in 13 days I'll be an ODoll


Got my Lipo foam from www.chiseledlux.com it came in 5 days done with supplies 13 days to go !!!
Oh I booked my massages with Marian at medicalmassageprofessionals.com 5 post op lymphatic massages for $250 you have to pay $25 to book appointments and the rest in cash at the first appointment

Playing with the sx app counting down 10 days

For kamiesha28

Here is your pic girl playing around with the surgery app

Omg this can't be happening

So after someone commented about Dr Omulepu I went and research it and it's true his license is suspended ???? I called Emily at Spectrum and she hasn't called me back yet but something has to happen

Idk smh

So my coordinator is saying he's doing sx no not without a license its ok ill reschedule with another dr

Spoke with Emily my sx is still on !!

This is my choice I read the paperwork on Osak and I talked to my coordinator and she says his lawyers are in appeal process and he month of February and March he is going to perform his surgeries I have faith in him this is my choice so please if it is not supportive do not comment he's done 100s of surgeries and had more success then not

Over this whole thing

Well My Dr can't do my surgery I don't want anyone else so it looks like no bbl for me I spent so much money on supplies all kinda bs and the week before my surgery this all happens I guess it's a sign from God right I can't deal with it anymore good luck to all of you ladies that are continuing your journey I'll pray for you all

Roller coaster ride ughh!!

Well ladies my coordinator is heaven sent (Emily @spectrum) and thank god she got me rescheduled for my same date with dr Ortega so now let me relax and research his work

Not sure if Ortega is for me I oa

Getting anxious and nervous not very impressed with Ortegas before and afters smh

Florida here I come lol

I'm on my way to bootyland dolls can't wait to get there ! What time do they usually call you to be there the day before ?

I'm here !!!

Finally made it to Miami gonna look around and wait for my room to be ready !! Then gonna look around miami beach

Made it to the other side

Right now my emotions are up and down it doesn't look like I'm any different! Idk if it's swelling or what is going on butt I can't tell anything I woke up shakey they said he put 2000 ccs in each cheek but honestly I can't tell I go for my first massage today and I'll let you know I feel like I wasted my money and I want to cry it's hard to sleep not because of laying on my stomach but because of my arms I can walk around normal pretty much by myself at first my husband helped me I was so hungry and nervous but the staff is really nice at spectrum I went I at around 430 met anesthetic nurse and he started my Iv next thing I remember is them telling me to wake up and drink water I just kept asking is it big lol I hope it's big it does feel a little heavy and it's hard like a rock my stomach is numb and I'm draining a lot he doesn't use drains I really wishDr Omulepu didn't fuck up I feel like I need a round 2 !!!! And it's only one day post op I'll take pics later on my husband took one last night but it didn't come out good

1 day post op

Ok ladies here's a pic I'm swollen and have a lot of padding so idk yet

Had first massage with Marian at medical massage professionals

It was awesome it did not hurt I did get a little nauseous and dizzy after back massage but the fluid coming out feels so good I got 5 massages for 250$ I'm swollen really bad at the bottom lots of fluids kinda wish Ortega used veins I'm no longer selling my vadette the garment they give you at spectrum doesn't give you much compression and it feels weird on the butt all in all I'm not in much pain at all just nauseous but not vomitting I've only taken pain meds 2 times everyone heals different I was thinking I was gonna be all hurt and stuff that isn't the case I'm hungry but can't really eat much here is some pics of the swelling

Booty poking

Here's a pic with no garment or padding

Got my hunny to snap some pics

Day 3

Today was a lot better then yesterday got my massage from Marian I had a lot of drainage today it feels like ur stomach is on fire when you are getting massages but once the fluid comes out you feel 100% better

On my way home post op day 4

Ok today is the worst only because I chose to drive home instead of fly this car ride is the worst my legs hurt my stomach is on fire it's hard to get comfortable because my arms keep going numb I just wanna rip them off lol I'm draining all over my car ughh don't drive home if u live far just fly I was being cheap lol besides that had last massage with Marian I didn't drain as much as yesterday but boy say it feels good when that fluid comes out

The surgery app

Here is the app on my iPhone a few dolls asked me for it

8 days post op

Sorry guys I've been on ig posting updates I didn't forget u all tho well let's start off being honest I'm not 100% happy with my results at all swelling is going away and one side of my tummy is flat the other isn't I know I need Tt but he made it uneven it is a better foundation tho booty still boxy looking I hope when it softens it falls I'm also still draining a lot and now very itchy I need a tighter faja or to take it in I have one but then it's too tight on my butt so I'm taking mine to get it altered I have the Vadette 944 gonna order a mariae or one with sleeves from beautibybellavita here is a pic you guys can be honest it won't hurt my feelings cuz I already feel hurt

I'm pissed Osak is back y'all

I should've waited for him

Day 8

Ok dolls I'm feeling a little better tonight my body is driving me crazy I'm itchy !! Like omg it feels like bugs are in my faja crawling around lol and my butt is warm all the time idk if that's normal but it's always warm

Day 10

Feeling a little sick today but better

Day 11

Still draining a lot in if my incisions is closed I open it if I get too much fluid and yes it hurts lol my swelling is going down honestly he did a good job I feel bad for saying he didn't earlier this week it's post sx Blues lol my butt is really big and still hard I need to get a better faja with more compression in the belly I'm flat when I take off my faja but swell immediately I want to order a good second stage with arms I'm gonna get one from beautibybellavita as soon as my debit card comes I lost it in miami ughh here is a pic before and 10 days in the same clothes I ripped my shorts yesterday booty swoll up on me

Day 15

Have an abscess swelling going down in the hospital upset too much good to say

15 days post op

Ok guys I have an abscess but they say that is normal back on my antibiotics I'm ok with that my emotional roller coaster has made me forget to be thankful I know I need a Tt but let me take a step back and stop complaining that I didn't get what I wanted ! Dr Ortega did not do a bad job he did help me I look a whole lot better then my before and even tho some days I feel like I could've had a little more as it starts to shape it's actually really nice and the top of my tummy is flat I have a shape now thank you dolls for dealing with my bipolar ass lol I love y'all here's a picture I just took getting outta the shower and dolls let me tell you it made me sit back and drink a cup of stfu lol I look pretty good hahaha

Never met him unfortunately his license got restricted the week before my sx

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