34yrs Old Wit 6 Kids Not Having No More Kids I Need my Makeover - Miami, FL

I want a big booty to go wit my breast thinking...

I want a big booty to go wit my breast thinking about after my surgery I want my breast lift.im ready counting down its seems so far away but I no it's going to come quick feb 23 2017 come on it worth it I can't wait.i hope dr Ortega does a good job it's different reviews that say different things.just waiting for my date

WHY !!!

I wanna no why people are saying don't go to dr.ortega he doesn't do Wat you want for your Bbl I seen a lot of women who was satisfied with there results can whoever went to dr.ortega comment on you experience

Countdown till my surgery



I went to the fat Doctor I weighed 191 she took five pounds off so 186 I feel real good now starting tomorrow on my healthy kick

Changing my doctor

I'm changing my dr.to dr.ghurani I'm not trying to waste my money

How do you delete pictures from your account

I wanna delete a picture

I can't wait

I'm a addicted to realself.com countdown my surgery seems so far away well it is far away ????????????????????????I can't wait tho

Thinking about going to workout

I need to shed some more pounds I'm trying to get to 170 pounds I can do it healthy eating no drinking alcohol some working out

I hate my back rolls

Miami escape recovery home

$170 a night and $40 for supplies closet I guess I will be going by myself I don't have to bring nothing but clothes and money until
I get home

Approved for credit

I've applied for credit to early they approved me for 6900 United medical credit I'm just thinking about just using my credit I don't no


It's seems so far away

Just looking at same things

I have 5month before my surgery

Weight loss

My weight is dropping I'm happy from 186 to 176 pounds

Can't wait

I can't wait it's seems so long away I'm ready feb23 I'm not buying my ticket until November paying my deposit for recovery home in October I like to get things together early so I don't have to worry about things I can't wait

I feel good today just renew my nursing license

Can't wait till my surgery !!!!!!!and to see how wonderful up coming surgery Bbl looks !!!!!


My weight lose is going well a journey to a better and new me!!!!!!

I can't to get my Bbl done

I'm want to get a breast reduction I'm a 44dd I want to get them lifted

October will be here before you no it

For all the Bbl queens that's getting there surgery next month I can't wait to see your booties motivation for me

I'm happy

I'm down from 203 pounds to 180 pounds eating healthy and keeping my calories count under 2000 a day I can't to get my surgery

Recovery home

Assistance 4 life spectrum giving out discount $740 recovery home 7days 7 nights I think this is a deal for real I was going to go wit Miami escapes they cost 1200 for seven days but I can just buy my own products I'm just ready already
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Emily was very helpful and nice I paid my down payment

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