34yrs Old , 2 Kids , So in Need to Have That Hour Glass Shape !!! Miami, FL

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Becoming a Fisher Doll soon!!! Excited but soooooo...

Becoming a Fisher Doll soon!!! Excited but soooooo nervous at the same time but reading these dolls testimonies are VERY HELPFUL!!! Put a lil ease at mind I pray that my surgery be safe successful !!!! My consultant is Ms.Regla she's a sweetheart!!!! IF considering Jonathan Fisher deal with her!!! I sent in my pictures & I was told I had enough far for the precedure , I was also told when to start eating healthier , when to stop smoking or drinking prior surgery if it applies to you & was given a list of things to increase blood level if it's low & for iron. I'm so excited but more nervous !!!!!


So I had made my deposit to VANITY for FISHER for the BBL procedure ... I sent the consultant REGLA my pictures I was told I was a good candidate for the procedure... So it never came across my mind if I really need a tummy tuck or just lipo because of the amount of fat I have ... So I posted my pics on " ask a doctor" two doctors said tummy tuck would be more preferable to get that flat results .... I'm kind of upset because DR. FISHER should of notice the same thing as well & should of mention it to the consultant smh so now I'm considering getting my refund & thinking about another doctor... Ladies do y'all think I'm doing the right thing or get sum more opinions???? Considering DR .Salama... He had GOOD reviews as well ... Any one who had him or a friend plz let me kno their experience with him!!!!!

Booked my RH with KEYLA!!!

I'm almost a fisher doll!!! So anxious but yet scared!!! I just booked my stay with Keyla I was referred by someone I met of here she stayed there & had nothing but great reviews about her !! So now I'm gona start prepping my body for this BBL !!!! I will keep you guys posted !!!

30 days to becoming a FISHER DOLL!!!

Just booked my flight for my BBL for FISHER on 2/16/16!!!! So excited but nervous at the same time !!! I will keep u guys posted with my journey !!!wish me luck & safe procedure along with a fab booty!!!

21 more days to become A Certified Cutie With A Booty!!!

Feb 16 just days away to become a fisher doll soooo excited !!!! Praying for a successful & safe procedure!!!!

Exactly one week away!!!!

2/16 exactly a week away gods willing I will b becoming a very sexy fisher doll!!!! I'm so anxious of this make over!!!

4 more days till this body be snatch by fisher !!! 2/16

Sooooooo anxious but nervous at the same time !!! Tuesday is just around the corner!!! Just praying for a safe & successful SX & good results along with happy healing I will be posting as my journey starts into the new booty world lol !!!

Today is the day!!!!

Well it's 6:05 I'm here at Vanity the first SX like literally!!!! I'm just gona pray & ask God to be with me during this procedure & a safe and successful one!!! I post pics Lata dolls wish me luck !!!

Officially a Fisher doll!!!!

Hey ladies surgery was great fisher great...he knows his work ... When he marked me he said everyone body frame is proportion differently so in my buttocks itself was small to put but so much fat in them but they was nicely round where as he can fill the part in .... Basically I have a shelf but it will later on drop& fluff.... I'm satisfied with my results so far ...he did a great job on my back & stomach...I was told by many doctors I wld have to get a tummy tuck but Thas not true...as the months passes my stomach will shrink as long as I wear the ab board & compression foams ...but overall I didn't have much pain but a slight burning feeling .... Today I'm sore ass hell!!!! The pics from vanity sucks its lop sided but u can see the difference

Massages are no joke!!! Feels good but hurts !!!

2nd post op... My shelf top booty is dropping slowly & getting rounder ...massage went well they massage out the fluid from my back & stomach so I'm not draining as much ....waist is snatch just can't wait until the final results

10 days post op body by fisher 2016

Loving my results & the round ness it's forming !!!just need this inflammation to go down :(

Before June 2015 After Feb 2016

I'm loving my new booty !!!!

11 days post op !!! Fisher Doll!!! 2/16/16

I'm soooo loving my new stomach!!! I was told I needed a tummy tuck!!! Doc where!!!! Fisher did his thing!!! Love him my stomach looks 100percent better !!! Just the beginning of this new journey of body goals!!! Measurements 28"waist 39 butt/hips

2wks post op !!! Fisherfied!!! 2/16/2016

Loving how my results turning into.... So love my stomach how flat it is & I don't mind the lil loose skin over the navel area it's cool fisher said that was a possibility that would happen but I'm still happy with the outcome ...Still have inflammation in my stomach area & sides...my back is so numb I can't feel anything it hurts to touch :(... Still a lil bruising but I need to start using merderma for the scars I been using vitamin E capsules they been doing fine so far ...Buying a new garment this week by fajaté they garments are the best I was told great compression to the body & good fabric on the skin .... When I get it I will post pics ....

3wks post op & new garment

Hey ladies I'm feeling so much better I been going to my lympthatic massages & it has been painful but yet a good feeling ...I had a lot of hard tissue so I was given carboxy shots which is a shot that looses & break of the hard tissues to even out lumps omg them shots hurt like hell & burn like fire !!! But after I was done it felt 100% better !!!

24 days post op !!!

Loving my results ... Just waiting for that time for the fluffing come into place...& working on smoothing & tightening the lil bit of loose skin over my belly button but it still looks good & flat

5wks post op

Making it thru this journey it's a emotional roller coaster sum days my booty look big then days it looks small lol but I've been told that's normal during this recovery....but overall I'm liking my results!!! Fisher blessed me!!! & I just can't wait to see what the next weeks to come will look like !!! My lymphatic massages are the best I go to plastymunecas spa in Brooklyn ny these Colombians ladies are great & helping me get my body looking more better !!! Ladies u can also follow me on Instagram @shadabody_fisher216
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far dealing with vanity they been VERY PROFESSIONAL !!! Communication is great !!! Responds back to calls & emails !!!

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