35 Years Old, 5 Kids... Switched To Dr Fisher!!!

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I've been reading some good reviews about Dr....

I've been reading some good reviews about Dr. Omulepu and I can't wait to schedule my appointment!!! I'm hoping to get in by the end of the year!!! I wanted to do the tummy tuck at first until I started reading reviews. But then I decided that I would do the BBL so that I can have some fat to transfer to my buttocks. I'll do the tummy tuck after the BBL. Have any of you dolls had your procedures done in this order?

Tummy Tuck

How long do you have to wait after having a baby before you can get a tummy tuck? I heard some people have gotten theirs done right after a c section!!

Recovery House

My sister and I are just getting the process started and we need to know some information about Karla's Recovery House. What's the cost and does she have a room with a double bed?


I'm having a hard time deciding on which doctor to go with... Dr. Omulepu or Dr. Hasan!!??? I Love Both Of Their Work!!!!

Wish Pics/ Decisions

Still undecided on which doctor to choose... Dr. O or Dr. Hasan???

Iv'e made My Decision!!!

After months of research and being addicted to RS... I have finally made my mind up. I am going with Dr. O!!!! I will be making my deposit soon hopefully to be having my surgery I'm thinking March and no later than May. I will be posting some before pictures once I make my deposit. I'm looking forward to a great journey, support from My Hubby, and some awesome followers!!!!


I am so ready to book my procedure with Dr. O!!! I will be posting more pictures with no clothes just as soon as I make my deposit!!

Before Pictures

I am ready to get Hassanified!!! My body at the age of 35 and after having five children!!!

Changed Doctor's

I couldn't figure out how to change my Doctor's name under my review so I contacted RealSelf and they changed it for me!!! I have been researching for almost a year now and I've finally made my mind up to go with Dr Hasan!! I love the look he's giving his Dolls!! I will be in Miami in March and I'm READY!!!

Deposit Made/ SX Booked

Yayyy... My deposit has been made and My SX is Booked for March 15, 2016!!! Now I am currently looking for somewhere to recover. The Recovery Home that I had in mind does not allow your guest to stay and I will most likely be bringing my hubby or my mother. I will be having my procedure done at Vanity so if you Dolls have any suggestions on Recovery Stay please let me know!!!!

Need A Recovery House / Hotel

Hello Dolls... Can someone give me suggestions or information on a good recovery house for vanity or the closest hotel near vanity?? I'm having my procedure done on March 15 2016 and I need to move on to where I'll be staying!!!! Help Please!!! It's possible that my sister will be coming with me to have her surgery done as well so it'll most likely be two of us!!!

Recovery House Booked

I have chosen to recover with Mary Kay at Elite and I have already made my deposit Today!!! I am too ready... 5 months until I'm Hasanified and all I have to do us finish purchasing my supplies and book my flights!!!!

Hasan Doll Wish Pic

Supplies Are Coming In...

I get more and more excited ya'll every time I get a package. I refuse to wait til the last minute to start getting my supplies. I am almost 4 months pre op and some things take a long time to come in especially the inexpensive things with free shipping and handling!!! I have luggage already and everything... READY!!!!

Before Pictures!!

I can't wait to fit in these joggers like POW!!!!!! I'm ready to wear my joggers with my tanks again!!! Can March come already!!! Lol


Follow Me to Hasan's World!!! barbiedollz

Just Some Pre Op Pics...

I know Hasan is going to snatch this waist and give me my shape back!!! I am about to start gaining a few pounds for SX. I was going to wait to at least two months before surgery but with the holidays coming up why not start now. I can just wear my spanks when I get ready to go out!! lol...

Post Op Pictures

These are some pics that I took today with one of my dresses I bought and a jumper for recovery. I can't wait to take after pictures in the same outfits!! I've been on a shopping spree y'all. I really can't determine what size I'll be in after surgery but I'm thinking still in a medium bit just filling my clothes out more!! What I haven't been buying is my work scrubs because that might be difficult to determine right now.

Counting Down

I'm 4months pre op!!!!


Hey Dolls... I'm am 4 months pre op now and Iv'e gotten most of my supplies in the mail already and I am so excited. I thought I was ordering stuff too soon but I have been catching some deals on EBay and some things are taking awhile to come back so I am glad I started early. I found maxi dresses on EBay for like $3.00 & $4.00, Compression socks for $2.00, EZ Pee for $2.00, tanks for $1.00 @ Walmart. And I am still bidding on some things on EBay. I am ready Dolls!!!! LOL... I get my luggage off layaway this week and I can start filling it up!!!


Do anybody know if Hasan does arms and how much does he normally charge? I think I want to add lipo to the arms!!

4 months pre op

I'm tired of trying on clothes with this body!! Ready for my new body...

Loving Irene The Dream

Excuse me y'all but I'm officially obsessed with IRENE THE DREAM'S body!! Give em curves baby!!

Pre Op Picture

Three more months y'all!!!

New Wish Pic

Black Chyna has a very nice shape!! She's my official wish pic...

More Packages

I'm going to be ready come March!!! I've received almost all of my packages!!


The countdown is so real y'all!!! I'm packed and ready for March 15, 2016

Weight Gain :)

Y'all I am like super happy!! Since my weight gain journey I've went from 155lbs to 169lbs and I'm still at a BMI of 30!!!! Yayyy lol.... I went and bought a scale and couldn't believe the numbers so I took it back to the store and told them it didn't work. I know.... hilarious right?! So I went and bought another one from elsewhere and it said the same thing. Everyone keeps saying my weight looks good on me BUT HUNNI JUST WAIT!!!!! Ready to be HASANIFIED!!! The countdown is too real!!

Time Off From Work For BBL

So I've taken 3 weeks off from work to recover for my BBL. Do ya'll think that is too long because I really want to take off another week to go ahead and make it a month. I WILL NOT I REPEAT... WILL NOT BE SITTING ON THIS A##!!!! Lol...
I've been hearing from the vets that the more you don't sit on her the better your results. I teach so standing up all day won't be an issue but I am also getting lipo on the arms and I don't wanna be sore and I really don't want my co workers staring at my butt neither.... I am so ready ya'll :)

Counting Down

54 more days y'all!!!!

Vanity / Hasan News

So I called Vanity and I thank God I was calm. They told me that my March appointment had not been cancelled and they don't know when Hasan is coming back it hadn't been confirmed yet. They told me that I could keep my date as of now until further notice so I took it upon myself to ask if I could book Fisher so that I can secure my date!!! I don't mind paying the extra money because I have researched him as well and baby his prices are well worth it He SNATCHES WAIST TOO just like Hasan!! They're running a race!!! But for all my dolls that's going through right now I wish y'all the best of luck!!!

New Review

How do I start a second review but keep everything for my first one?

Counting down

35 more days!! I wasn't nervous until I switched from Hasan to Fisher!! I hope I made a great choice.

Getting Labs Done

I can't believe how time is flying by!!! 27 more days!!! I'm sure my Hemoglobin level is good because I've been faithfully taking my iron for about 4 months now!!


I am excited about my labs being cleared because I use to be an anemia and my HEMOGLOBIN came back 14.2 yayyy!!!! I'm ready for surgery!!!


Does anyone have any information on Kayla's Recovery House or the new one please let me know!!!

Packed and Ready

I'm completely packed and ready to go!!! 2 more weeks FINALLY!!!

Medication / Count Down / Hasan

Hello Dolls ... I am counting down!! 10 more days and I really wish Hasan would return for my date. Can someone tell me about how much is t gonna cost to get prescriptions filled with no insurance and what type of medication does the doctors normally prescribe for a BBL???

Keyla's Recovery House

Are there any Dolls staying at Keyla's Recovery House next week March 14-18???? Let's Meet!!!!!


What do you do for a bad cough 3 days before surgery??? What kind of home remedies or can I take something????

I made it!!

Hello luvs... I've had my surgery with Fisher I was his last patient before he left for vacation and I must say HE DELIVERED and gave me what I asked for!!! I've been trying to load pictures but they won't load I'll try again later. Sorry I'm just now posting but I had a hard time... couldn't stop vomiting after surgery but I'm better now!!

After Pictures!! Fisher Is The Bomb!!!

I am 4 days post op and finally I can post some pictures!! I was Fisher's last patient before he left for vacation and I must say he took his time with me and gave me what I wanted. I'm sure my results will get better as time goes by. Fisher was so sweet he asked me age and told me "Black Don't Crack" he said that I already had a nice bubble butt so he was just gonna help me out..lol!! I'm not sure how many CC's were given yet but I'll find out on Monday. He also filled my hips in more!!! I'm loving it yall I can imagine what it'll be like once fluffing season comes. Well... I'm back home now as of last night and I feel better and better by the day. I'll post some before and after pictures and about my recovery stay and flight!!!!


About how long does the healing process take? I am getting better and better by the day but I was just wondering...

How long does it take to start fluffing?

How long to wear the board and foams?

I know the doctor give po instructions but I want to know what worked best for the vets?

Swelling, Inflammation, Booty Dropping & Fluffing

So how long does it take for the swelling to go down and what can I do for the inflammation?? How Many weeks post op does the Booty starts to drop and fluff?? As I read reviews and talk to other post op girls I see that I'm not the only one who gets depressed about my Booty looking the same, smaller on some days, and big on some days!!! I'll post more pictures later... I'm just tryna get this swelling to go down!!!

Help Dolls...Drain hole

After the drain is removed how long does the hole still drain and when will it close???

6 days Post Op Picture

I am six days po and I'm getting better and better by the day... I just decided to try some leggings on in between washing my garment!!

Before & After Pictures

This is almost 2 weeks post op wearing the same dress and I also have on a Diane garment. I am still very swollen I can't wait for the swelling to go down some.

Another Picture

I forgot to add this picture... almost 2 weeks post op. FISHER!!!!

1650 cc's

Dr Fisher is Amazing!!!! OMG!!! I can't wait to fluff and pictures does no justice!!!

2 weeks PO Pictures

I am 2 weeks post op and I am still loving my results!!! I can't wait til it starts to get soft and this inflammation is gone my sides are still sore and I still have some bruising but I am still on my pineapples and I just ordered some bromelain pills for that.

The Only Picture I Showed FISHER!!!

What do yall think?? This is the only picture I showed Fisher and he said that it would not be hard at all to achieve!!! I told him that I wanted my cuff just like this and since I already had a natural cuff I am sure to get it once I drop!!!

19 Days P/O Pictures/ Swimsuit and Butt Lifter

I was trying on a 2 piece swimsuit and I know it will look better once my swelling goes down more. The Butt Lifter is too damn small and I could hardly get it off I don't even see how I got it on over all of this ass Fisher gave me lol!!!! I started taking Bromelain pills yesterday so hopefully that will help with some of the swelling as well!!!

1 month 5 days

I am one month and five days... I still wear my garments, foams, and board. I went out a few times but I wore my tighter garment and a girdle but I didn't swell bad I was very comfortable. I am loving my results y'all and I can only imagine what I'll look like once the welling goes all the way down.

New Picture

2 month Pictures

3 months P/O pictures

I'm loving my results!!! I still have some swelling to go down but I'm loving it y'all!!!

3 months Post Op Pictures

Loving my results.. I still have some swelling to go down but I'm loving it!!

One more pic

5 Months P/O

I'm sorry guys I haven't really been on here but here are a few pivtures!!

7 months P/O Pics

Just a few pictures since I haven't been on here in a while... I really want a round two lipo... No more ass because my husband can't deal with the attention!
Miami Physician


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