34 Years Old, Six Kids and Engaged Getting Ready for my Wedding!! - Miami, FL

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My wedding is gonna be sometime in 2018. No I...

My wedding is gonna be sometime in 2018. No I havent set a date yet to make sure all my ducks are in a row. Im very nervous because Im not sure what to expect. I am very fortunate that my fiance' supports me 150%, I cant tell which one of us is more excited lol. He sent me the biggest ass pics via text message to use for my wish pics lol. Welp I paid my deposit $300 to lock in my price for a year. Its another $200 to lock in my date. I originally wanted it done during my childrens christmas break, but the office is closed Dec 15th 2016 till Jan 4th 2017. They go on break Dec 18th till january 3rd so I havent figured that out yet. As nervous as I am I need to do this for me! Ive started my iron and ready to get this over with so I can be happy with my body again!

Set a date

So, I paid my other $200 and my date is in April during the kids spring break. I'm nervous as hell!! I also made my fiancé swear on his life not to tell a soul. As nervous as I already am, I don't need any negativity. It's one of those things where if I back out, I will always regret it. When it comes to doing something for myself I end up talking myself out it and end up making up excuses that I need to use money for my kids when they want for absolutely nothing!! I need to get it together. After 6 kids my abdomen is a wreck and why waste the fat....put it where I want it to go lol. I am excited, terrified, scared to death, and in shock that I'm doing this. Support is really needed!!

A little Undecided....

There has been a death recently at spectrum. Ghurani was the surgeon. Now I'm in between I don't know if I should switch to Ortega, or stay with Ghurani. They both are very skilled and I have been following them both for a long time. I'm so confused! I have kids and a fiancé and Im worried about my well being. I have to live! Fat asses don't matter if they areally in a casket! But I really want this surgery. I'm not bad mouthing GhuranI at all, it has just scared me, cause I was comfortable like "my Dr has no deaths????...." Although I do understand that there is a risk with any surgery. I guess because this is elective it's a little different. I dont know, I guess all we can do is be honest with my medical history and follow there strict precautions.
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