34 Year Old Single Mom of Two Doing This All on my Own

For years I have been wanting this surgery after I...

For years I have been wanting this surgery after I let myself go in my marriage, after my divorce I just finally realized I need to do something for myself and not others. This is where my journey begins I have put a deposit down with Dr. Alvarez at the Imagenes Plastic Surgery Center. I am so excited I cannot wait until April but I have to drop some weight so I will be starting to work on that and I am a diabetic so I have to make sure that is well-controlled as well. Let the journey begin!!


I have diabetes and I am a little afraid of having the surgery so I'm wondering if anybody has had the surgery that has diabetes? Are there any complications or do you have any tips?

Officially booked my date

I have officially booked my date for April 19 of 2017 with Dr. Alvarez. I am beyond excited now it's time to count down!!

Wish pics

Hemoglobin test

So I did some blood work a few months before my surgery because I am a diabetic and I just wanted to see where I was. My hemoglobin test is the most that I'm worried about because Dr. Alvarez said that he wants me at a 7.0 and currently I am at a 7.8. I'm a little nervous now because I am two months away from surgery and I'm not sure if I can get it down that fast my regular physician suggested that I move the surgery date but I really really really don't want to do that. I need to control my sugar better and lose a little more weight I'm just really afraid of not having my surgery on April 19th.

The count down begins 47 more days

I'm a little bit scared and nervous I only have 47 more days to go and I am not sure if I'll be cleared because of my diabetes everything is paid for plane tickets, recovery home, surgery. I just don't want to lose any money. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned.
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