35 year old Hasan did his thang July 2015

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I am in search of a dr that does extraordinary...

I am in search of a dr that does extraordinary butts. I have been on this site for less than a week now and am learning alot. Its so helpful that every posts their experience as I will when the time comes. I have research doctors in Houston, Dallas, and Miami. I am leaning towards Miami only because that is the place to get your booty done! LOL - So far I am liking the work of Dr. Fisher in Miami, but the Vanity reviews are making me nervous. They do have an "F" in the BBB but that is only from 36 reviewers and complaints. I hope that doesn't deter me away from them when I start getting to experience them, I will call them when I have all of my money and ready to go because I heard of people putting down a down payment and either them losing it or changing their dates. Ain't nobody got to time get their damn date changed when they are coming out of state. Thats just ridiculous and absurd. Now on to looking at more reviews and pics! :-) If you have any experience with Vanity please reply, would love to hear from you!

couple of wish pics...

Had to post a couple of wish pics.

measured myself today

my measurements are bust 36 inches waist 29 inches in hips 39 inches I'm hoping to get obviously chest to stay the same and a waist 26 and hips hopefully 46. do you think that it is possible to go from a 39 inch hips to a 46 inch waist after the bbl? I'm trying to create the hourglass shape. wishful thinking huh.

Got some info from Vanity today...

So I got some info from Vanity today and the cost of the procedure will be 6k for me since I need the 12 areas of lipo. These areas will include lower back, love handles, flanks, full abdomen, and bra line. Does this seem like 12 areas? I guess they count 2 for each area but that still doesn't add up to 12. Or is the abdomen 4 areas itself? Does anyone have any ideas on how they count these areas to be lipoed?

For all that are tempting to do a Round 2 BBL

I'm just curious as to why you all would be doing a second round of the BBL. Is it because your results didn't come out so well or you are just wanting a more bigger but. Also if you already consulted on your round 2 will they be lipoing the say areas or do they from other areas that haven't been lipoed yet? I'm just thinking of the future since I see so many going for round 2...

Smoothing out dimples post bbl

Has anyone seen an improvement in dimples after you have had your surgery. Or do you think its made them worse. I have seen alot of pics with smooth butts. But would just like to know. I have 2 dimples on my butt and wondering if having this surgery will smooth them out.

Any Ortega dolls out there?

Any Ortega dolls out there that would like to share their experience? Also what is he charging these days and for how many areas? I'm really thinking about changing doctors and would like to see more reviews. Can you please just comment on my post to say I'm an Ortega doll and I'll just go and read your review. Thanks.

some before pics

I'm posting some before pics since I don't have any up. Hope I can get good results.

is Dailin with Vanity

Wondering if anyone know's if Dailin is still with vanity? I spoke to her a month ago and sent her my pictures and haven't heard back from her since. I am beginning to think she isn't there. Does anyone know?

questions for my Vanity ladies

Is it required for you to purchase the massage package and garment from them or can you purchase it on your own? I know I see alot of you ladies buying your own faja. Is that different that the lipo garment or is it the same thing?

Finally made my deposit today

With Dr. Hasan. So far the experience with them is driving me crazy. I know the girls are busy and all but I have already experience 2 of them not there. First I was working with Dailin, she's gone maybe another dept, then worked with Yare and she's now gone. I am now working with Shari but if I hear she is gone by the time I make my next payment Dr. Hasan is going to hear me out when I meet him in person. That office is definetely hecktic when you deal with them by email. Chatting with them is good and calling them is good because you at least are in direct contact. Shit I opened the chat and ask for Yare and she was like she is sorry but she no longer works here and immediately forwarded my info to Shari and while I was on chat I Shari was calling me.
Well I only have 3800 to pay off. I have to save my hard working money since I have to pay taxes this year which really sux. I so can't wait for this.
When I sent my pictures in Yare was like you have a low volume of fat and I don't look like i will have 4000 cc's to suck out.She was like I need at least 4000cc's to see a significant change. Is this true? isn't 4000cc's like 8lbs of fat or something?

Do you homework yall

I've seen a lot of people spreading rumors about Dr. Hasan not being Board certifed - please do your homework before spreading these rumors. Dr. Hasan is in fact Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery which means he has all the credentials to perform any of your plastic surgery needs whether you get your boobs done, tummy tuck, breast lift, or even a BBL - so please don't post or spread rumors until you get your facts straight. Yes he is a dermatologist but I have seen plenty of doctors change their specialty - I've seen Internal Medicine Doctors change to Dermatology, Family Medicine doctors turn to Gastro and so on and so on. I know that Dr. Hasan is a great Dr. and being that he is a dermatologist I would trust him more because he knows skin. So with all that being said...do your homework ladies! (insert emoji here ----> annoyed)

Finally got my date

Yay - so happy - I am now on the surgery schedule. I am still looking for my invoice now and what was included. Shari the coordinator there promised me if I paid 1k into my surgery she would give me the special of 4100 which includes 12 areas of lipo plus bbl, plus 1 free garment and 5 free massages. They need to hurry and send my invoice with everything.

Confirmed date with Moni (New Body Recovery) and Airport questions

So excited to be able to get a confirmed date with her. Her reviews are awesome. One question for the ladies traveling. Has anyone found a cheaper flight flying in through Fort Lauderdale and staying with Moni? If so, what did you do to get to her house since they don't pick up from FLA. Since I found a cheaper flight - Round trip will cost me 300 flying into Fort Lauderdale airport as apposed to 500 one way to the Miami Airport and another 500 back home. Do yall recommend Uber or a shuttle? If doing an Uber do you go directly to the Clinic then have Moni pick you up? Please help ladies. I want to purchase my flight tickets and don't want to be traveling all over the place.

massage questions

For the ladies that already had their bbl. Have u had more than one massage in 1 day? Reason why I am asking is because I have 5 massages with Vanity and 2 massages with Moni and I'm leaving5 days post up. So wondering if it will be a bad or good idea to get massages 2 times in one day for a least 2 days of my post op stay.

hope to get the results i desire

so I've been here on real self since December. and I finally got a date locked in now I only have half left to pay. my quote is 12 areas lipo included bbl but the only fear I have is that when I get there they will ask me to have an additional areas which I don't see I will need that. I have gained 5 pounds but I feel like I need to lose weight I now weigh in at 149 pounds my normal weight is 140. so that leaves me with nine extra pounds of fat. I've been getting addicted to Rs since now that I have a date locked in I love that everybody give updates also l see some disappeared. I see some of you all have disappeared from Rs which I don't understand why if you don't like your results please update your review this will be helpful to others as I will when the time comes. RSS a place to look at others before and after pictures as well as reading others before and after reviews I know people's lives get busy but then again you were on here when you first need help you should be on here after as well. I know I could talk all this know that I am waiting for my procedure but I'm totally sure I'm going to update everyone after even if its just pictures were saying other stuff like feelings emotions etc.
On a side note I am very happy to be going through with this in 3 months I Will be there. general question for those who have kids how do you tell them? Do you tell them before or do you have them figure it out I just don't know what to do. sorry this review is all over the place but I'm just speaking my mind right now and I'm not typing with my fingers so I guess it's better when you speak because you can get more out haha

reviews reviews reviews!

I can't get enough of them I can't stop reading them. Thank you for writing them. It's been really helpful. Anyways I was on ig today looking at different hashtags and came across this beautiful faja. Her ass is beautiful too. Lol. Does anyone know where I can find one? I really like it. Btw that Dr does amazing work but he's in California. Not sure how much he charges either. Most likely a pretty penny.
Side note. Sometimes when I write my review from my phone is disappears and I have to type it up again. It totally posses me off so every now and then after typing I will copy everything just in case and paste it back in. Although I have writtet my review in a note pad before and pasted it in. Just in case anyone is wondering some better solutions to writing your review without losing what you wrote. For the pics I wait until I get the green check Mark that it's good to go. Ok. Enough of my boring talk. See y'all around.

info for yall and questions of course

Hey there ladies..of course I'm on here again..checking yall out..lol - but I did want to let you girls know some info
if you have a flexible spending account through your employer. I have one and you are allowed to buy OTC items with your
card without a prescription. So far I have gotten the list and I can buy a first aid aid kit which includes things like
gauze, bandaids, cold and hot packs, compression stockings (def getting those), Epsom sait, Heating pads, Kenesio Tape (going to look into this stuff (I hear it works for pain), Lab fees, pill cutters, organizers, sitz bath, thermometer, sunscreen (30 spf or higher) Walkers, girls there were so much on that list. I just listed what we could probably use for recovery. Here some stuff you may need doctors approval or a doctors order .Urinalysis, Massage therapy ( I will def get a
note before I leave) Did anyone get a note from your doctor for this? I know this is elective surgery and all but them
massages are going to do wonders after surgery to release fluid and such.
I am going to buy a few items today from Amazon so I don't have to buy everything all at once..slowly so I don't break
myself. I think I am going to buy pure absorb iron - has anyone used this and if so, how soon do you use it? I am a little less than 3 months pre-op and not sure if this is too early to use it...hmmm descions descions..also I was thinking about getting the nusing pillows from nursingopillows.com but not sure if they will help - you can get 2 of them of 35.94 and thats with shipping - each are like 45 dollars a piece - anyone use these pillow and know if they are good or not?

Finally did some pre bbl shopping

So far I bought by ab board, a high roller to use for sitting without having to sit directly on your butt, and the urinal. I also bought an adjustable butt lifter that I can use now..lol i'm going to use it to see if my butt will appear bigger, it snatches the waist too..I will take a pic in it once I get it and see if you can see the difference. So far I only spent about 50 bucks on that stuff. I will continue to buy more every other week.

My bbl pal gals

You girls are like all I have to talk about my bbl journey since I have not told anyone except my husband. He really doesn't care if I get it done or not...of course he is going to love a big ol booty lol - I know he is a booty man and when we call and check on each other he be like what are you doing looking at butts--lmao ya'll why does he know me so well.He's funny -every time I see a girl with a gut I be like damn she can get a big ol booty out of that..he be telling me I am
crazy --too funny..I don't want to tell anyone about my bbl because there are a lot of people who talk shit and I don't trust for one my co-workers..I would never tell them --they might see that my ass is bigger one day but I sure ain't telling them.Some of them have big mouths and like to judge...f - that and if you don't pay my bills and I don't mess with you outside of work..you really have no business knowing what I'm doing with my body or life. My sister had a bbl done years ago and she wants another but she isn't like me at all she is so tiny and her legs won't match her butt if she goes and gets another round like she wants...I'm not telling her until I see her again. We live in different states and see each other like once or twice a year..I did tell her I wanted to go to MIA to get by butt done but she said she's not traveling and will go to the same doctor she did before since he will give her a discount. But I am - I don"t care I will go right to MIA and get this big damn booty that I long for..why is the time going by so slow...lol - I wish I didn't have to wait so long to get it and wish it wasn't in the summer time - girls I will sweating so bad with all that crap on..faja, compression garments,and clothes...oh lord help me now..I do not want to sweat my new booty away..

Paying for Confidence

Why am I getting this procedure done. Well for one. I need more confidence in myself..I've been broken down so many times and I feel this will lift me up...and I don't think there is really any amount of money in the world to pay for confidence. but a little help from the hands of god will get me there..and even though I will be getting this bbl I know deep down I will be gaining more confidence in myself. I have been working out for so many years and not gaining the results I want...I have done countless hours in the gym but still I don't get the results I long for. Cardio, lifing weights, eating clean, paleo crosslifting...ugghhh the list goes on...will still be doing those when I am done having my bbl but right now its not even getting me to where I want......Yes my booty was getting a little better and lifted but I never really got the full butt and roundess I was looking for. I believe if you have the money and you want to enhance yourself...why not! I'm not saying go out and get everything done, but if its something that you have actually worked on and tried to at least get there to no avail then I think its time to enhance yourself! nuff said!

Reasonings for my choice of doctor.

Well for one I love Dr. Hasan's butts and what he can do for them? Also he creates amazing booties when you are small framed and that I am. For Dr. Fisher he just wasn't doing it for me because he wasn't always consistent with his bbl's and he does way too many in a day so if you are the 4th bbl for the day it might not be a good result because he probably is tired, also another reason why I didn't pick Fisher is because he likes to take vacation or that's what the staff says out of the blue or maybe they mean they way overbooked him and I couldnt take the fact that I may have to reschedule and I really don't have the time for that being I am coming from out of town and all. I have also seen some come out with a big booty but it still looks flat (meaning no roundness)and that is NOT the look I am looking for(no disrespect what so ever, just my opinion and what I can see with my own eyes, in pics anyway). Don't get me wrong Dr. Fisher's work is amazing on lots of girls, but maybe its the shape that is hard to work with. Another reason is that Dr.Fisher uses drains and I hate drains. I've had a TT before and I had drains in for 7 days and it was so uncomfortable with it pulling at your skin and to tell you the truth that was the worst part so being that Dr. Hasan doesn't do drains I am happy with that so i can just drain naturally but I know some say they get seromas, you really just have to follow the Drs post instructions - like get your massages and walk around and don't just lay around because that could cause them. So with all that being said; Hasan is the man for me and I know he will give me what I want! A round bigger booty, snatched waist for my size and a new me ; -) ...to each is own and that is why I picked Dr. Hasan!

some more wish pics.

I need those hips, that waist, and that ass please!

the butt lifter

So here are some pics of the butt lifter i was talking about. I bought from snachyourwaist.com. it is a size large and really tight. I could have gone a size up. But it really does lift your butt. I think once I get some of this fat in the right places. It may fit better. It gives you hips too. As you can see in the pics. Anyone else have or tried this?

Back Lipo? Upper back question

For the upper back. What areas do they lipo? Do they lipo from below your neckline down? At what point do they start and end? I know I seen a picture on here somewhere of the areas of lipo, but not sure exactly where they start and end..would like to know as I have an area of concern and wondering if it would be included or maybe I will have to pay extra.

just a little update

Wanted to give a short update since I have been reading so many reviews so about time I update mines.
For starters I have bought a few items that I will need for the surgery - Bought everything on Amazon
- Boppy Pillow - 19 dollars
- Half Foam Roller - 6 dollars
- Arnica pills 7 dollars-  I will start taking these 1 week before and continue for 1 week after to keep the bruising and 
swelling down.
- Slow release Iron Pills 7 dollars - I started taking these at my 60 days so my blood is good by then - right now it is at 
13ish which is okay...anything between I think 13.5 - 16 is great, but you want to get it more close to 16 so your recovery 
will be better and you don't feel faint. So my goal is around 16.
- Ab board
P-EZ - 4 dollars - not sure if I will use this or just sit on the toilet backwards.
I am seriously thinking about getting the BBL pillow since it is small compared to the Boppy Pillow - that would be really hard to carry around all the time.
Going to buy a few more things this weekend too.
I have been saving up for a big gift for my son and that will be paid off next week so I can strictly focus on paying for my procedure. I can't wait to pay it off so I can put my mind at ease. Also I am still debating on how much time I should take off from work. Right now the way I have it I will be going back to work at 6 days post op but if I can get the two extra days off i will go back on 10 days post op and that is what I am shooting for if all goes well. 
As for weight gain, I don't want to gain another pound as I feel I am my heaviest right now at 152 lbs. My highest weight is 155 and that is being pregant so you can see cleary how fat I am feeling..I can't really fit into pants and everything is snug and I am not buying any more pants until after this procedure, so I really been wearing lots of stretchy pants which I really don't like right now because you can see my shape, lol and when I get my procedure its going to be different...oh well...let em hate..haha 
Talk to yall soon lovies.

7 weeks left

I really can't wait to get this procedure done so I can get on with my life lol - I feel like I'm at a stand still right now because I can't work out like I want to and not being able to lose weight is driving me crazy. I need this fat to be in all the right places...like...right now please!!! Anyways life is a lil stressed for me..I'm sitting here trying to get this procedure paid off before my surgery...I think I have like 2 weeks before te surgery to pay it off, so I actually have like one month and only have 2g's left to pay, which I am going to do but I guess its just the waiting game like the rest of us dolls. I already have most of my supplies and all I need now is the small stuff, like ted hose, bandaids, gauze, neosporin, the lipo foam, which will be like 50 all together. Does anyone know if we can buy the lipo foam out there?

I also contacted Vanity to see what labs I need done and this is the list of labs I need to get done - CBC,PT,PTT,INR,CMP,HIV,HCG, AND U/A. Does this sound complete or incomplete? Or is this too much? I've had work done before and my doctor said since I am healthy i don't need to do anything. Also, how come I see some girls get an EKG done? Is that required? Now I'm getting nervous becasuse I have about 6 1/2 weeks left till my surgery and the blood work needs to be under 30 days. Also, do ya'll know if its better to go to my own doctor or just have them send me the lab slip to do it on my own...

So I am getting a little heat from my husband and basically doesn't want any part of me doing this. He's says stuff like I really don't care and if we argue he's says stuff like you better watch it or you won't be taking your little trip. Gosh I wish I could just smack him..he really irritates me and I wish he could be more supportive and since he knows he is the only one that knows about it he really shouldn't be putting me through that stress. Its stressful enough knowing I will be going down there by myself..anyways sorry for the rant but that is what I am dealing with right now.

I included a few pics of what i used to lool like before weight gain and now.

Ugghh my date was changed

Here we go with the Vanity craziness. Now I have to go 2 days earlier. I'm so glad I didn't get my flight yet but I will be doing that soon. I already talked to the the Moni and she's all set..thank god for her! But wow..now I'm only 39 days away!!!
I saw my date was scheduled on July 22nd and July 24th from the get go and all of a sudden the 24th was totally deleted and I confirmed 2 days ago it was just for July 24th and now today the only date on my calendar is July 22nd and that is the date the MA confirmed...damn, what are they doing...they should have called me to verify!!!

Need help with Hotel in MIAMII

What is the closest Hotel to Vanity...are there any walking distance or within a few miles..please let me know which ones...thanks!

pain meds, the waiting game, questions, and such

Hello bellas! Was wondering if any Hasan vets know if dr hasan prescribes any kind of pain meds or any medication for that matter. I need to know cause if he doesn't i need to find some to bring down. I'm almost at my 30 day count down and i cant wait. My bday is Sunday on Father's day. I will be 35 yikes but i am getting so much closer to my new body and am getting frustrated with this rediculous weight gain. I hope to stabilize my weight now but my husband was like he thinks i eed to gain more since i don't have much fat in my stomach. I told him i have a whole back and love handles lol but i really hope i have at least 4 or is ot 5 liters of fat they can take out in Florida? I finally got my plane ticket and hotel. I will be staying at the hotel the night before surgery i will just Uber it in and Moni will pick me up the day of surgery and i will stay with her for 4 days amd going back home on day 5. I sure hope i will be fine. I will be going back to work on day 8 ugggh. It takes so much time for me to gain time off at work and thats all i can do. I have a desk job but im going to try and not sit on my fat grafts to much. Ok this review is getting to long lol i will update again very soon but please let me know about the pain meds if you know. Ttyl dolls! Chow!

29 days until the day.

Wow, girls I exactly one month away from my day; it doesn't feel like its going to happen yet but I know its going to once I start prepping myself which I've kind of done already but I want to more like one week before I will start taking my arnica pills so I don't get no crazy bruising after this sx, I also want to eat much healthier like try a cleanse or something because I have been eating like crap to gain weight. For some reason in the back of my mind I feel like I don't have enough fat but when i look at some girls reviews where they are small I get my reassurance back. I'm definetely not looking to gain anymore weight as I am done...lol because my pants are all snug and I feel fat and I am only getting 12 areas of lipo and I don't want to pay for any extras.

Girls I am not going to lie to you...I'm feeling very scared to have this surgery I have had plenty of surgeries in my lifetime with anesthesia but I still feel nervous like I won't wake up...I've had this feeling before when I had my TT and its kind of scary to think about which I probably shouldn't because it will make me feel guilty...I have also been on IG and created a sx page if you want to follow my journey just let me know but being on there is probably making me more nervous and all because I have seen some deaths in the DR and I think Columbia too and I've only been on there about a month..but I won't let that deter me away from getting this done. They say "you can't be scared to live life because if you don't you will never know what's on the other side" Take chances! and that I am because I have taken a lot of them in life...remember how I told y'all about my sister in a previous review..well anyways she is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks and I don't plan on telling her...she's probably going to say I got fat..lmao...but I will just tell her yea its stress girl and I am working to lose it...haha...I feel like she would talk me out of it or something because I remember when I got my TT she was like why?..especially when I showed her my before picture she was like you should have never done that..oh well its my body and I can do what I want...whatever I'm not stressing it though because I want this sx so bad I can taste it...I may not be prepared for the after effects but I know I can handle it..

Ok here a a few questions for some vets. Sorry this review is getting so long..I just want to give you everything that is going through in my head and don't want to leave any feelings I have regarding my procedure.. ok here are my questions..after surgery..have you changed the way you dress? Like at work because the butt is too big? Do you hid it or just flaunt it? Have you noticed stretch marks forming? and one last question...when do you start wearing your normal clothes? While I am sitting here writing this I just received my pre op instructions..wow it is getting reall...lol but why does Keyla send me the instrucion from her personal gmail account...I find that really awkward...why not through the portal..I seen my preop instructions there already but I just don't understand why send it through a personal email account...I think these girls need more professionalism and I think I will talk to the manager if I can when I get there because seriously it makes no sense to me..yes they sent it, but does she not want me to respond to a direct vanity email so they are able to track them or even the portal..okay i'm just rambling now and this review is way to long today..sorry if I bored you just wanted to get it out today...ttyl ladies! xoxo
Btw my husband sent these wish pics to me. Lol he is getting excited too. We were talking about it the other day and je says he wishes he could help me in Miami but we both know we gpt priorities home. So he is definitely coming along and is beinf supportive. Finally. Lol

woaahh check this out....

I definitely take this one. She's hot. That body though!

Quick update

so happy to see all the reviews...I mean I think everyone who I have followed have posted a review this past week and I really enjoyed seeing y'alls reviews..that makes me happy! I'm sure it does for all of us pre ops!! As I was trying to log into my vanity portal account today as I do everyday just to see if my date is still there I wasn't able to..why because the site has change...wth...instead of my.vanitymiami.com its now my.cosmeticsmiami.com - it still looks the same and you can log in the same...the site is just differerent...for some reason I get the feeling they are going to change their name to cosmetics miami or something in that sort because even emails from the MA's end with cosmeticsmiami.com instead of vanitymiami.com like before...i know i know...i'm always checking something out...kind of like an investigator...lol...but for real though..I've never seen a company change up so many times...anywho..I have 25 days until I leave for Miami and I am getting really excited, anxious, and scared as previously stated before..I am going to get my labs done next week when I no longer have my period because I don't want that to throw my levels off because I tend to bleed very heavy on my menses. I am taking my lab slip that the MA from Vanity emailed me to Labcorp to get done. One quick question..how much extra money should I bring for extra stuff...I have health insurance so if anything does happen I can go to any ER and just pay 200 dollars or they can bill me..but anything else I should be prepared to spend it on? I am staying with Moni and everything is inclusive so I really don't have to worry about transportation or food money.


How many are actually needed and will be used for sx. Also how far along do you wear them?

surgical clearance vets advice please

Do we need this if we are healthy and our bloodwork is normal?

Where my July dolls at? whoot whoot

Its final July. The month i have been waiting for. Yay my month baby!
So I have been thinking that since its crunch time and I only have 20 days left..I need to get my cardiovascular system back to what I had previously before gaining all this darn weight.I am still holding on a 153 pounds which is still about 11 12-13 pounds over my regular weight for my body type..I never wanted to be a skinny mini...just proportioned right. Anyways since I work on the 12th floor of my building I am going to walk the stairs everyday up until my surgery..I already walked it twice today and omg my heart was beating hard after the 8th floor lol but I sure enough did it and I will continue to do so..I also bought some fresh spinach and bananas which I am going to have a green smoothie a day just so I get all of my fruits and vegetables in along with my Geritol and Iron pill. I haven't really been taking anything else. Once I am one week out I will add in my arnica tablets. I have bought all of my supplies needed for the sx except for the lipofoam. I am so prepared to get this sx over with and get back to my regular life even though I don't even know the road ahead of me...lmao..but yay July is here and the countdown is real!

Emotional day...

Today my daughter left for summer vacation and she wont be back for a month. I am feeling very emotional today. I have my sx in one week but i have been balling my eyes out. I guess its the feeling of letting go and leaving here not knowing whats going to happen. All i can do is have faith and trust in the lord that everything will be okay. I have a really busy week at work so i hope this will take my mind off of a few things. I have been trying to take a break from here but its just so addicting. I need to go to realself rehab. Lmao but yea i cant seem to get off of here because my sx is so close and I'm like a nosy little child and need to know whats going on day in and day out. I will be posting a few reviews today so bare with me.

paid off, labs, and feelings

So i got this Mexican drink the other day and it was amazing. Its fruit water with pineapples, ice water. Yum! I think i will make my own at home for one week straight in hopes of getting some bromelain in my system.

I got my labs done last week and each one of my labs were within normal range. My hemoglobin was 13.9. That is high enough to get sx. Yay. I havent gotten the all clear from Vanity yet because the MA said it will take a couple of days to get reviewed. I uploaded my results to my portal, emailed them to Keyla, faxed, and printed them to bring with me. Girls i will be so prepared with documentation when i am there. I dont want them saying nothing because i am bringing everything. I also paid off my balance this past week so yay for that to be out of the way. I also received my invoice today since it was cleared.
Through out this whole process and being on RS i think i have seen more positive reviews than negative ones so I will hold on to my faith that everything will turn out okay. 
I have 8 days left until my day and 7 days until i will be in Miami. I think i am going to do a standby to get on the earliest flight there because i dont want to be waiting to get there late. If they wont let me on standby then i guess i can buy and confirmed flight for 75 dollars. I didnt realize i bought one to arrive in the afternoon. But I am not trying to spend any more money than i have to. I have been spending way to much for this sx.

Vanity VIP client

Has anyone signed up? And have you did yoir video for it? If so, what was your experience? Debating if I want to do it or not. Just a little unsure if i want to.

Future Reality Episodes..stay tuned...

Since I am nearly 5 days away and this will be my last update until I get to Miami I have a list of things I want to review shortly before and after i get my sx:
*Overall experience at Vanity - wait times, customer service, impression of doctor
*surgery day
*recovery home
*supplies I used and didnt use
*pain level, massages, scars
*flight home
*reactions of ppl i haven't told/which is alot of ppl
*back to work
*the way i feel about my body
If you have any suggestions let me know.

preop day - please let me know i should be okay.

At the airport now and have been here all night wishing for a earlier standby but all flights were full. Smh. I am so tired but i will not get to Vanity until after 1 pm. Is that too late to get there? I'm really nervous now. They didnt tell me what time to come i just told them i would be arriving today for preop and i even emailed my MA to let her know i will be arriving around 1pm and to please let dr hasan's assistant know. I am exhausted feom waiting in the dumb airport. I cant wait to get to the hotel later and crash! Anyone arrive that late for preop? All i really need to do is a urine pregnancy test so far that i know. Wahhhhhh im tired and stressed right now and yall are the only ones whom i can vent too. Lol

Today was a long day Part I

And it's still not over. Its only 430 here and I feel like its 9 o'clock at night. I'm so exhausted from being at the airport all day long since about midnight last night but anyhow I got to MIA around 105pm and I got to Vanity by 1:45. Had to wait for my luggage and uber. It took so long for her to find me because uber is not legal in Miami so you have to pretty much tell them to pick you up where no cabs are and get in the front seat like a friend is picking you up or family member. But you only got to do that at the airport. I got to Vanity in 15 minutes from the airport and i check in up front. The girls were really nice. I just walked in and giggled its been a loooonggg day. The both smiled. She asked for my phone number confirmed my name and i sat down.  I was about to pull up a realself to tell yall i am here then I get a phone call from Keyla Dr Hasan's assistant and she gave me my surgery time which is 730 tomorrow morning and went over all of the things I should and shouldnt do. Like no eating 8 hrs before sx. Etc etc she even said do not wash with Hibicleanse so I guess I won't be doing that. I will use it after sx. So while I'm on the phone with Keyla they call me back. The girls at the front let me leave my luggage up front with tbem so i didnt have to lug it with me. So i go in and sign all the papers on my god there's so many pieces of papers you have to sign literally i felt like my fingers were about to fall off! Lmao! I even asked her to print out a copy of the the fat transfer procedures concent and the in the liposuction consents.  After I was done with her I went to the back to get my pre op pictures; you go into this room it's like a photography room and you go in and while she writes your name on the card board she tells you take your clothes off. Its weird because you do it right behind her. Well i felt awkward anyway. I took everything off and I was allowed to leave my bra on. So you stand on this marked up floor and your turn in a clockwise direction  to take your pics. It was painless and took about 4 minutes. Since I already had my lab work done I didn't have to do that but they did tell me i would have to take a pregnancy test tomorrow morning but I guess everybody does just to be sure  that was all i did today for preop.
It was the fastest smoothest experience.  I thought it was going to be crazy busy because I was just stressing so much about trying to get there on time and I really didnt have to wait and good thing I didn't get there early because I probably would have been waiting so I was stressing for no reason and I am so relieved that everything went smooth and my surgery is set for 730 tomorrow morning keep me in your prayers dolls.

Today was a long day Part II

Sorry for the long reviews. I just want yall to know everything I have experienced.

Oh yeah. I also met Moni and I gave her my money because i didnt want to have that cash on me while i am put under. She was very sweet. I told her I was pretty much done at Vanity and just got there 15 mins ago. She said I got lucky and was shocked being that its only a Tuesday and is normally busy. She is going to pick me up after sx tomorrow and i will be the only girl this  week. Okay sorry to carry on. Until tomorrow dolls i will post when i can. I am going to try and get some sleep since its been a long as day. Forgot to mention this days inn i am staying at is not my cup of tea. Lmao. Wish i couls be at a Hilton. So glad i am going home with Moni tomorrow. The room really isnt that bad. Its just thw surroundings like downstairs, outside. Its just not something I would normally stay in. Its 80 dollars a night and that is the only reason i stayed. The boy that picked me up from Vanity to bring me to the hotel wa cool. I actually like uber. Its so convenient and fast! Highly recommend it for transportation. Forgot to also tell you u used a code and got a free ride from the airport to Vanity. Awesome and the ride from Vanity to Days Inn was inly 11 and some change. Ok now im done foreals. Lol

Pre Op measurements as of today

Weight 155
Height 5'3
Waist - 30
Hips - 37
Chest - 36.5
Butt - 39
Pics were taken today too.

Free transportation ladies! Uber Code

Hey ladies so i know we all are tight on money paying for these surgeries and i wanted to share my experience. Seriously Uber is the way to go and they arrive so quick and are pleasant to talk to. Its a normal car so you dont have the taxi cab look. Lol and you get there really fast. I believe its safe because you have the car make and model and license plate, and uber driver name. So you basically have everything.
But here is a code for any where Uber is available up to 20 dollars off of your first ride! I got my first ride from the airport to vanity for free. I just gave her a tip but they really dont expect it. Each driver were so greatful and was like no you shouldnt have. Lol.
But here you go.
UBER code: uber4mydolls
As you can tell by the name i created it just for us!
Oh and btw if you use it i can score a free ride too. So its a win win! Thought id share a freebie!

Here at Vanity...

Just waiting and no one is at the window. I will ve knocking at the door at 730. I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep. Too excited I guess. I went to sleep at 9pm so I got a good amount of sleep. Going to look around for people now sinces ita so quite. There are 3 people waiting as well.

almost that time

Just got dressed. Now waiting to meet the dr so he can mark me up. Wish me luck.

I made it to bootyland ...

Hey sweetie I'm going to make this short. I managed to make it to the other side yay waking up from a recovery is a bitch. I was shivering so much i had to relax and take deep breaths. Laying on your stomach is not fun. My abs hurt so much. When i take a shower tomorrow i will try and snap pics. Going back to sleep since i just took a hydro. Lol
Oh and Moni is a blessing...

Pssssst. its a sneak peek...she has arrived!

So ladies she's finally arrived and I'm here to share my day of surgery pics sorry it's going to be short because it's so hard to type while you lay on your stomach so here you go...

Post op Day 1 pics

Hi ladies. Today i got my first massage. It was so damn painful. I recommend pain meds before you get them. I didn't because I totally forgot. I have lots of fluid coming out. I guess its a good thing. I probably won't write my official review until i get home because its too much to type on my phone lol. Anywho here are a few pics after i took my shower today. Its so much bigger in person. Don't know how i would hide it lol

Post op day 2

In the beginning of the it was great. I got up ate my breakfast cleaned up and went to my follow up and 2 hour massage appt, but we ended up getting there 2 hours early so we decided to burn time by shopping. I bought some cute maxi dresses and shoes. Anything that i wore that are bleed up i  tossing out. So i get back to my appt for my massage and that massage hurt so much. I drained so much out of one incision that stayed open. I only have 2 left that are still opened. You definitely want open incisions so you can drain because you dont want to end up with a seroma which is trapped fluid. So after we get back to the recovery house i started no feeling well. I checked my temp and it was 100.5. Told Moni and she gave me Tylenol. We are monitoring every hour. Thats my update for today. Sorry not feeling well today. Also if you asked any questions i will answer at another time. Im just not feeling well today. Hope u understand.

Post op Day 3

Hey loves. Just wanted to do a quick update and wanted to thank all of you for your get well wishes but good news is that i am was feeling a little better today just a mild temp and still have it but im so uncomfortable though. The positions you have to be in are not comfy for me. Sleeping. My damn neck hurts. Need some nee positions. Anyone sleep on their sides?? I get hot flashes. Lol.

Im getting use to peeing with the pee-ez. In the beginning it was hard to come out. My body was like why are you standing up so then i had to stop because nothing came out and try again when i could not hold it anymore. It finally came along.

So long story short i am going home tomorrow. I wanted to wait until Tuesday but my body just wants to go home. So i just found the next flight and i will be home tomorrow afternoon. I cant wait to be home. I miss my family. Even though Moni has been so good to me i just need to be home.

So far the worst thing about recovery is sleeping and the fluids that need to be drained. I did some reading on it and they actually say the body reabsorbs it. If i am still collecting fluid 2-3 weeks out i may just let it go but i will drain myself in the meantime. But they also did say you have to let it dry up if its not leaking out of the incision. So you can't drain to often. Maybe ever other day.  I have a video i made i will see if i can post it when i get home because i have to trim it.

Anywho wish me luck on my long flight home. First flight is 2 hours then a 50 min layover and 2nd flight is only and hour.

worse day ever/airport experience

I know i wanted to come home early but sheesh what a day! Starting off it wasnt good. Got to the airport at 7am today get to my gate and 10 mins before boarding they tell us our plan went into service and will be delayed and hour to wait for another plane. That hour turned into an hour and a half. Standing is not fun when ypu are in pakn i tell ya. Ride was awful they didnt care about my medical note because the flight was full.  So i get to my second destination and i was 10 mins too late. It was so painful hobbling through the airport people were probably looking at me crazy so the lady put me on the next flight which was at 250 getting me home at 4pm. The original flight was leaving at 120 and was supposed tp be home by 220. Here i go waiting again. I actually kneeled on the floor because i couldn't take standing any longer it worked out ok and i didnt care who looked at me since i will never see or remember their faces again. Anyways we finally boarded and i actually got a littlw more comfortable by using my boppy pillow for my back cushion and a rolled up blanket under my legs. It worked pretty well. Wish i did that with the 2 hr flight but i didnt think was already annoyed. Ok that is only the beginning pf my nightmare. So we finally land and i get to baggage and guess what? Yes you already know. They lost my luggage. So they tell me it will on the next one and i file a claim. So i get picked up my my son and husband and they were so happy to see my as i was happy to see them as well. My husband told my son i hurt my back so he doesnt think why im sitting the way i am in the car with him in the back seat. So my husband told me earlier that the ac broke and called a service tech. The tech didnt get to the house till 7pm before he came i took a cold shower and i am so swollen i could barely take my garment off. Mind you i dont have foam on or anything except gauze and a poise pad so i dont leak. It felt so good to take a cold shower becauee it is literally 100 degrees in the house. So im so swollen i cant get my garment on. I sweated so bad. It was the worse experience ever being that hot. I was ready to go to a hotel lik frfr i couldn't take it anymore. So finally the guy fixes 2.5 hrs later and its getting cold again. Cost 450 dollars to fix. Smh. Anywho i finally am cool so i put on my garment and try to relax. So i call the airline to see where my bag is and guess what its still lost at the airport i left. So i tell the lady i need my bag asap because it has all of my medical supplies in it. She said whats in the bag and what color is it. Lol. I told her the color and i told her medical supplies. Shoot im not lying. Got my first aid kits all of my lipofoams, ab board etc etc. Oh an my other garment. Sheesh i have nothing. Anywho im still waiting for this damn bag. Its was not a.good experience today and im going to tell them since they f'd up. Sorry so long but that was my day. I will try and get some updates tomorrow since i will be home. Yay. So good to be home. Later dolls.

Vanity Review

So I promised I would do a review on Vanity and to tell you the honest truth they have been nothing but good to me. In the beginning was a little hectic because you're trying to get to best quote & trying to pay the least amount for down payment to lock in your quote.  When looking and reading the reviews on here and how people get played and tell their experience about how bad it is but as you can see.  They are very high volume office and being that all you need is a receipt you get that in a couple  of days. anyways after I submitted my payment to them i got all invoices back within a few days. There was only one instance where I thought that they messed up but it was my fault anyway because when i first booked my sx date i gave them one date and then another date. They book both dates and they showed both on the calendar.  And then one day the one i wanted disappeared and the other one stayed.  So in all reality I probably messed up and it was it really wasnt that bad because i was prepared and haven't bought my plane tickets yet. I did reserve dates with my RH and she was open so no issues there.  After I paid my down payment and after I paid off my whole procedure everything was okay. I've got my receipt the next day or 2.   You all have to know that your payment actually does have to clear the bank before they can actually give you a receipt so they are safe on their side. If you pay cash expect a receipt the next business day.
Going to Vanity and meeting them was good too. The wait times I really didnt have any wait times at all cuz it wasn't that many people in there but I did hear that sometimes you have to wait but for my experience for my pre op appt. I went in and checked in sat down for less than 5 minutes and I was called back I went to the room sign my life away then got called into the photo room took pre op pics. Labs reviewed and okayed and I was off. While I was there I got a call from Kayla told me my surgery time and everything so the next day I go in there's only one person in the waiting room and then a couple others are coming in and we all had the same surgery time with other drs. We were all excited. So we actually walked to the back to the 2nd waiting room and then I probably have been there about 15 minutes and the nurse called me back.  She started prepping me to have surgery after that it was good to go. For all of my post op visits I never really waited that much for massages.  I went and checked in for my massage went to the second waiting room it was cold so bring a sweater. But you probably wait a few minutes. they do call you on time so don't be late or be too early cuz you will be waiting other than that I rate Vanity Cosmetic's Staff a 4 out of 5.  I subtracted 1 for the language barrier and that is a big deal.

My Review of Dr. Hasan

So here is my review of Dr. Hasan.  When he walked in he greeted himself and i was.like hi and it was nice to finally meet you. He asked me where i was from i told him that i live in Texas and he said that most of his patients are from New York and Texas and also said he has done at least 1 patient from each state. I told him i didnt recognize him because he didnt have any facial hair. He laughed and was like yea no more gotee. So he asked me to stand up so he can exam me and draw on me. I told him i always thought about getting a second TT to get rid of more skin or fat and he was like it probably wont be necessary after he's done with me. I felt confident with him at that point. He asks if i worked out and i told him i havent worked out in over 6 months because i had to gain 10lbs to get my booty and not sure where the fat went cause it clearly didnt go to my stomach he said he will take care of it. I told him how i cant wait to get back in the crossfit again and he said wait about 4 months i was like wow that long he said yea because you will feel sore and he told me just wait until next summer you are going to be hot. I was like i cant wait. Lol. He also said no sitting for 2 months and i was like no boppy pillow. I had it right next to me along with my luggage. He just gave me the face like nah. Lol i asked him if i had enough for 4 liters to be taken out and he was like well that is the max and i said yes please take it all out i don't want it. He told me he is very aggressive with lipo and will take care of me. then i said put as much as you can into my butt as you can and he was like okay  So he says hang tight. So i wait for the anesthesiologist to come and he brings me to the OR. He starts puttinf stuff in my iV then dr hasan comes back and ask me what kind of shape do you want and basketball or a teardrop shape. He then says ive been getting a lot of requests for basketballs theses.days lmao i said no thank you i dont want a basketball behind me. I will take the tear drop he said okay. Me and the anesthesiologist start laughing about basketballs. Lol then the nurse came in and starts rubbing the cold stuff all over me and i start feeling woozy lol i said did you already put stuff in there. He was like yea so i get up and lay on the bed and i was out. I dont remember a thing until i woke up in the recovery room shivering. Not a good feeling. I wasn't even cold it was just the anesthesia wearing off. I finally get myself together and already had my faja on. Size XL in black. So once i feel a little better they tell me my ride is here and tell me to get in the wheel chair so i kneel on the wheel chair and Moni is prepared for me with and air mattress in thw back so i am comfy for the ride. I will do a separate review on Moni's New Body Recovery House. I never did see dr hasan after that because he went on vacation starting that Friday and i left Sunday. So if i stayed long enough i'm sure i would have seen him. But its okay. I would definitely go back to see him and i think he is a pretty cool guy and honest.

1 week po review

I dont want to be negative so i will keep this review short. Day by day i am feeling less sore and day by day i am experiencing more swelling. I looked in the mirror today and wanted to cry but I just know that this isnt my final results but i will hang in there. I am really stressed. I have only one garment. Currently it is drying and i am sitting here wearing my corset since that is the only thing that can help me with compression  since i don't have anything else. I still haven't received my luggage with my lipofoams and ab board and extra garment. Its so stressful. I went all the way to the airport today to see if i could get it but they said i cant because its at a central location that is not on site. I just cried only because if you could see the pain and the swelling im in you would be like wow. My whole mid section is so swollen, my cookie is swollen, I've never seen it so fat before. Lol my feet are now swollen and im laying on the couch with my feet up to try and get the swelling down. I just feel so heavy. I dont have any pics to share today since i dont like the way i look at the moment. I do have patience and i will give it time before really judging my results. With that said i appreciate all you wonderful ladies for helping me get through this crazy journey. Good luck to the dolls in the coming weeks with your sx. I will do a 2 week review next week. Until next time, peace.

Item/Supplies I used and didnt use

So i wanted to post this since i had a few requests. But here what i used
For Indiangirl_hasandoll and whomever needs to know.

What i mostly used
Ab boards
Chux pads
Baby wipes (to clean your self)
Iron pills
Arnica tabs
Compression socks (these need to be worn for 10 days per Vanity) they give you 1 pair you will have to buy at least 2 or 3 extras
Phone charger with extension cord
Boppy pillow or soft pillow for your new booty, bbl pillow,  booty buddy etc...
Gauze and tape
Poise pads
P-EZ for sure.
Arnica gel
Lots of camisoles
Tylenol in case you get a fever like me
Maxi dresses or big t shirts and leggings
Sweaters (its very cold in the office)
Hair ties
Some kind of oiled lotion like eucerin. You will be dry
Its hard to bend so maybe one of the grabber thingys. I didnt get one but i sure could of used one.
Neck pillow
 Pen & paper to jot down what time you took yoir meds last (set your alarm to take your meds)
Cross body purse. You dont want anything on your shoulders
One pair of nice sandles (slip on) you will not want to bend to put them on, just slide them on and go.

What u DO NOT need:
Underwear because they will not fit (i still havent wore any.
Bras because the cami and garment hold the boobies in place.

Feeling better at 10 days po

Hey there dolls.  I'm feeling a whole lot better.  I finally got my luggage last night. Sheesh that sure was a long time. As soon as i got home i put the lipofoams on. It felt so good. What i used in place of lipofoams were foams from Walmart. It comes in a roll and you just cut it to you liking. I used 4 pieces one for each side of me. I also bought a foam poster board as well and cut it the shape as my ab board. That is how i got through my week without those needed supplies. Swelling has went down a lot. Butt is softening up a little bit. Im still really tender on my sides and back. Also i sometimes get a quick burning sensation in my left butt check. Not sure what it is but its like a quick burst of shooting pain then goes a away. Ive had to sit a couple of times for short periods but nothing damaging. Hopefully not anyway. I am feeling more better but i still get winded if over exertion. Also my lipo incision on my upper back are not cute. Can't wait to scar treat them.
Here are a few pics since i didnt have any at my 1 week po review. See ya around dolls. Xoxoxo

couple of pics

Here are a few pics these last few days...

3 Weeks po

3 weeks po

Hey lovely ladies..well I'm 3 week po today and I can say that I am slowly feeling better. I am still extremely sore in my stomach sides and back; Dr. Hasan did crazy agressive lipo there so I am expected to feel sore for the next month. I haven't had any massages since I been back home but I do massage myself. I am currently looking for a place and I think I found one but they charge 100 per session; is that normal for a ELT (electr lymphatic therapy) massage? MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) massages run around 70-90 so maybe it is right. Is there anything that I can try that will work through the scar tissue, hard lumps; like Fat Cavitation or Endermologie? Has anyone tried that after lipo? I know it will decrease with time, but I just want to be smooth. My booty is definetely holding up and I haven't sat directly on it just yet. If I do sit in a chair I sit on the edge and so I am just sitting on my thighs..who needs a booty buddy, lol...I kind of finessed it..even though my legs get tired I just stand up and stretch. I feel as if I sit on the half foam roller my legs fall asleep and that is so not a good feeling. I wear my lipo foams and ab board, and triangle at night along with my garment. I am going to get a smaller garment soon since its starting to get big on my. It needs to fit really tight and have no creases so they say; if it feels good its not the right fit..lol - I had a seroma scare last week and I went to the ER to see if they could drain it and guess what..they said hell to the no we can't do that...reason being is that they can't touch a patient post op for liability reasons...they didn't charge me either because I was about to have a fit. They considered it a medical advice visit..go figure..anywho with compression and time they waterbed thingy I had on my right side went away. I have been taking my multivitamins daily, iron, bromelain, and vitamin d pills. For some reason I get tired a lot. I feel like I can fall asleep anywhere but I still think my body is adjusting and healing.  I really can't believe how sore I still am, but I have come a long way..my stomach is so tight that I feel like I have had a TT all over again..its so crazy. I can't wait till I'm feeling 100 percent again. I do have a goal that I am trying to meet and that is to start the gym back up on Sept 1st. I will be a little over 6 weeks po. Dr. Hasan said no crossfitting until 4 month po so I am going to wait for that. I can't wait to work these legs with squats and lunges and work my arms and back..I think I will feel 100 about myself come next summer..can't wait!! Girls so far this experience has definetely been one heck of a roller coaster..would I do it again, well I don't know yet...as me again when I'm no longer sore and tender..but yes I do love my results..do I want a bigger butt than what it is..hmmmm not so sure yet..still waiting for the fluff...well see yall at one month po ladies..love yall take care

1 month po

Hey yall so here i am at one month po and im feeling good. I still am tender on my stomach and sides and swollen and i think i have so inflammation because its super tender. Not sure how distinguish the two but i think with time its slowly diminishing. I will be starting the gym really soon and cant wait so i can lose 10lbs. I havent been eating healthy at all because i really dont have tome right now. My job is really busy and i will be working 12 hour shifts for the next week since we have a big upgrade and i work in IT. I feel overwhelmed on days but i manage to get through it. I havent sit on my butt completely just yet because scared lol but i will start most likely in the next few weeks. I did start to sleep on my sides but havent slept on my back either and i havent had a complete nights sleep either. I miss those days : (
So here i am 1 month out. See you at 6 weeks.

name changed. no longer a 2 be

From Hasandoll2BRightHere to HasanDoll'dUpRightHere

Compression Garments and why you should wear them.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Compression Garment During Post-Surgery Recovery?

Surgery is a major trauma to the body. Your doctor may recommend that you wear a compression garment post-surgery. Regardless of whether or not you doctor makes this recommendation, there are many reasons why you may need and should seriously consider wearing a compression garment following surgery. Compression garments provide many benefits during post-surgery recovery including helping reshape muscle, minimizing bruising, promoting skin retraction and preventing fluid shift in addition to providing comfort and support.

Compression garments help reshape muscle

Surgical incisions can cut through many layers of muscle. The compression garment helps to stabilize the muscle so it can heal properly. This is especially important with cosmetic surgery.

Compression garments help minimize bruising

A normal result of surgery is blood leakage beneath the skin, or bruising. By maintaining a consistent pressure against the skin, the compression garment keeps leakage to a minimum. Soon the surgical area will have a normal appearance.

Compression garments help encourage skin retraction

For optimal healing, the skin needs to return to its snug fit against the body. The compression garment keeps the skin in place as it heals. The pressure from the compression garment keeps pockets from forming beneath the skin which can cause unsightly bulges.

Compression garments can help prevent fluid shift

Fluid build-up under the skin is normal following surgery, causing post surgery swelling. The compression garment keeps the fluid in position and applies steady pressure against it, helping to reduce the swelling and promoting faster healing.

Compression garments provide comfort and support

Tenderness around the surgical area is to be expected. The compression garment helps provide extra support for the healing areas and keeps pressure off the surgical incisions. Additionally, the added support from a compression garment gives the patient assurance during the recovery and healing process.
Source: http://www.caribbeanshape.com/pages/what-are-the-benefits-of-wearing-a-compression-garment-during-post-surgery-recovery

just about 7 weeks po

Hey ladies its been a minute but i wanted to stop by and show you all my progress. Still a little sore and it is getting better. I have already started working out. I started 2 weeks ago and i am slowly easing my way in. I havent lifted any weights yet but i may try next week when i hot my 2 month mark. My waist is 27 inches and my booty is still holding at 42 inches. I have been sitting alot now. I started sitting at 5 weeks po. But now i sit frequently and i dont see it doing anything to my results. I also lost 5or more pounds. I now weigh 149. Pre sx i think i was 156 or so and before my weight gain i was 143 so basically if i can lose 9 pounds i will be straight. Im slowly getting my body to where it needs to be. Im going to be good for the spring. Cant wait cause that's when we start planning out yearly vegas trip. But here are some pics. I will try and update again soon. Thanks for all your support ladies.

this inflammation needs to go...

How i can tell i am super inflamed is because when i wake up my back and stomach are really hot. I still wear my lipofoams and larger garment to bed. I also wear a abdominal binder around it all so i am super tight when i go to sleep but these past few days i feel the inflammation. Think i will up my bromelain and drink some pineaple juice and take an ibuprofen. Any other suggestions for inflammation? I am open ears. Lol

3 months po

Hey ladies - I am so sorry I have been MIA for so long...I have been very depressed..not about my results but because of my relationship is falling to pieces. For some reason I feel as though this booty I have longed for has made my relationship worse. But he hasn't said anything about my results and if he likes it or not. We are on the verge of this relationship being over. It was rocky before but now its bad..sorry for ranting about my issues but its so deep that it has affected my life. Also I am thinking about a round 2 in the near future maybe end of next year. I love my results. My butt still hurts to sit. I have not lost any volume and it has totally fluffed a lot. I am 3 months today so that is why I wanted to update you girls. If anyone is going through the same issues with their relationship please let me know because I don't have anyone to talk to. I will update with pics soon. Bare with me. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them or PM me. Anyone live in the Dallas area? I need a friend or two? I am new to this area. Hit me up!

sorry for the late updates

Hey hunnies. I will keep this short. Here are a few pics.almost 4 months po

4 months po

Hey ladies. I wanted to give you all an update. Everything is good I am recovering quite well although I do get soreness in my butt cheeks but overall I am very very good. I have felt that I have fluffed a whole lot. I am posting some 1 month post op pics pics compared to now you can definitely see a difference since I am now 4 months post op. doctor Hasan said that I am able to do everything I have done previous to Surgery regarding working out. so I am good to go on hitting the gym hitting the squats hard with weights. I'm just going to continue to work out hard and get my body back to where I wanted with a plus. I do want another round but also I want to see how far I can take it with just working out and bulking up my bottom half. Well it is been nice being here I will check in again soon love you all.

couple more pics

Small updates and such...

Hey ladies long time no talk...sorry I have been super busy with everything and have been so super busy i haven't even told you all that me and my significant other have worked everything out. I have been blind to the fact of doing this research and spending so much time on the computer and phone I failed to realize my relationship existed. For some reason I think that was
one of the main reasons, but since I brought up the fact that I love him more than anything and it would kill me to lose him and that I am willing to do anything to keep us together. girls let me tell you the feelings were mutual. We both didn't want to part we just needed that love from one another. Our relationship is actually more stronger now than it has been in years..ok enough
about my relationship. So now I am back on the bandwagon of planning a round2. I know what your think..no I am not going to avoid my significant other put him last. He is actually going to come with me so he can see the process of how this stuff works when going out of town and what not...I am actually going to get my sx abroad this time around..why...hmm so many reasons
but I will do a whole other review when the time has come and since this review is my review of
Dr Hasan and Vanity. Speaking of Dr Hasan..I have heard he is no longer with Vanity per Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher said he is indefinetely but that could mean anything. But I guess Dr. Hasan had a family emergency. I hope all is well with him and his family. I will update you all with pics when I log in on my phone. I am now 6 months po..for my round 2 I want a BA, more BBL, and lipo..girls you just don't know..lmao..talk to yall soon! xoxoxo

a few pic's

Pics i promised!

Just passed 2 years post op yesterday.

Here is a 2 year post op pic. Dr Hasan!! You changed my life! Love you for that!! ????????
Miami Physician

Dr was honest and gave me what i wanted. He is very experienced in what he does. Couldn't have picked a better dr for me.

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