Loving my new body & booty by Dr. O - Miami, FL

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Contacting Dr. Mel Ortega's office is a nightmare...

Contacting Dr. Mel Ortega's office is a nightmare especially dealing with the only one who can assist with questions and cost is Vivian. They have zero customer service skills and the sense of urgency to recall any calls is a joke!!! After numerous attempts, I was able to get a consult. The Dr was nice spoke advised him of what I want BBL with lipo. He gave his expertise that immediately excuse himself since he had a pending surgery scheduled. I was pretty taken back since I read so many good reviews of consultations mine felt rushed and short. Since, I've seen his pictures online I decided to follow up with VIvian for further question and again the back and forth leaving messages without a response. She blamed the phone system... she didn't even have the courtesy to say I'm sorry for not returning a single call just ignored that I mentioned I left a voicemail and made the receptionist give her a hand written note. I'm still debating on moving forward ... if this is the kind of experience I'm getting prior to surgery imagine how its going to be like. :(

Now, I'm considering Dr Jonathan Fischer

Surgery is scheduled May 29th.....

After much debate and a lot of consultations! I've decided to go with Dr. Mel Ortega! Even though there a hiccup in communication, I have to admit since my 1st post on realself Vivian totally stepped up the plate and has been very polite, explained what happened, apologized and answered all my questions/concerns. Looking at the positive side, I guess it was a good thing we missed each others calls. Gave me the an opportunity to do more research and know I was making a good decision by opting to go with Dr. O. I've had many consultations any thank god for all the realself members that have posted amazing pics and results of his work! My surgery is scheduled for May 29th and I'm totally looking forward to a new sexy body!

I forgot to mention, I'm 5'5", 137lbs, 34DD, & size 5/6 (mainly med in everything i wear since my 2nd child)! I'm getting 14 areas of lipo with BBL also fat transfer in my abdominal area to correct a previously lipo I did 3 years ago that left some scaring . I'll post some before & after pics! I'm hoping to help anyone out like me who wants to ensure she's making an educated decision on a life changing experience especially the 2nd time around. Only 9 days... need to do my labs tomorrow morning.


Spectrum is INCREDIBLE!!!

Just want to say... I was totally wrong about them especially Vivian!!! This girl is on point...She has jumped thru hoops and bent over backwards to help me with all my questions. I feel like a million bucks now that i've been working with her!! She made the impossible, possible by getting me a surgery date this month.. Wow this confirms i'm where i need to be for my surgery!! Being i was pressed for time and only had May to have surgery ... due to so many events and personal engagement in the next few months!

SOOOO HAPPYYYYY ...TRUST ME if you are looking please take my word they are AMAZING!! I totally misjudged them!!!

My before pics

Wish pic

Reference guide

Great to show the dr what you want and explain based on a pic

Labs.. Done :-)

Just did my labs! Now, waiting for them to receive my results should be at there office by Friday.

Things I purchased for surgery:

Before surgery:
Arnica gel & tablets
alcohol pads
maxi pads
medical tape
funnel (peeing)
shower curtain ( don't want to ruin my bed sheets)
prune juice
Pineapple juice
Protein shakes
maxi dresses or robe
Compression garments
Cocoa butter Palmers- skin therapy oil

Waiting on my prescriptions from doctors office !

Thanks Bori123 for listing some key essential items before & after surgery! Very helpful

Lymphatic Massages .. Booked!

Booked my massages: I know these can be a bit pricey with different PS offices. Based on some of my realself sisters reviews I found Marian I hear she's amazing!!

Here's her info & what I paid:
Contact: Marian
10 massages for $280= what a killer deal!!!

Medical Massage Professionals
Ph: 786-488-8805
752 W. Flagler St., ste. 107
Miami, Fl 33130

FYI-Its best to book 1st massages 12-24 hours after surgery. However, my 1st massage is scheduled 48hrs by hubby works all day Friday. But I hear 48hrs is ok too :-)

Labs results :-)

Everything looks great! Surgery here I come!!!

Items I forgot

I forgot to mention to buy unless you have one:
Bobby pillow
Dial soap
Multi vitamins

2 days left ...

I've been taking arnica tablets 3/ 3x's daily to help with bruising prior to surgery. I've also gained a few lbs to help give me the best possible results I'm up 5lbs. Can't wait!!!

Final wish pics..

Less than 24hrs for my surgery!!!

Big day!!

Before pics :-)

Day 1 Post-op

Feeling pretty darn good, really didn't sleep all night and mainly just a little sore! Had a late surgery like around 6p, Surgery went amazing, staff was very nice for pre-op! So far best the investment was the funnel, thank god I brought it ! I woke up like 4 times thru out the night having to use the bathroom. No pee pee mess for me! :-) so far from what I can see my butt looks good just very bruised. I slept on my side just rotated from one side to the other thru out the night since I had fat grafting on my stomach I was scared to lay on it! Here are some post op pics feeling a little sore on my arms so had a hard time taking them


Post op Day 2- Pain level was about a 5 out of 10. I'm able to get in and out of bed no problem. The discomfort kicked in more on day 2. I got my 1st lymphatic massage .. It was just a little painful because it was the 1time taking of the garment! But she is truly an expert at she does, Marian was so thorough on the process and what to expect. Came home and needed to relax then spent a lot of timing peeing after which is good to drain out fluids. Still taking arnica tablets 3/3x daily and rubbing the arnica gel on my new bubbly cheeks. Also taking the meds prescribed.

Day 3- feeling so much better. Pain level is about a 3 to 4 it comes and goes when I'm up and about for too long around the house. I'm acting like I can still do everything like before & clean... Don't do it trust me! I got my 2nd massage today & it's amazing how much my swelling has gone down from yesterday to today. Bruising is about the same but my body shape is showing. Yay!!!

Monday is my 1st follow up appt since surgery with dr. O. I'll have them take pics. Since I rescheduled my initial appt which was suppose to be last Friday!!

Day 4 Post Op

Feeling much better. Saw the dr. for my 1st post-op appt, everything is looking good so far! Dr recommended 1 massage per week, avoiding all fat grafting areas, keep current garment (faja) for the next 2 weeks, incisions come out Thursday and complete antibiotics. He advised to look into a small compression garment with full coverage (faja) for after my 2 week period. If you ladies have any recommendations on fajas please send me a message to my inbox or comment below.

Here's a pic of my progress, the bruising is less noticeable.

Important things ***

A few important things I forgot to mention while you're in recovery:

** DIET- you have to try and maintain a VERY LOW Sodium diet. If you think about everything you eat it contains high sodium especially seasonings, processed foods, & can goods. And if your Latin like me.. It's hard bc everything we eat is loaded with sodium. :-(
Some healthy options I have found & use to eat before / after recovery:
- oatmeal
-egg whites
- wheat bread
- all natural pineapple juice
- chicken breast seasoned with * Mrs. Dash (no salt)
- steamed brown rice
- veggies - any greens ( I have IBS so these are limited for me)
- peanut butter low sodium Natural Jiff
- no salt pretzels
- fruits - any berry or melon
- tilapia fish
- sweet potato
- low sodium tuna fish or chicken in a can
- wheat pasta

There are tons of options, I just wanted to list a few. Just read the labels usually all the brands or products have a low sodium option like beans & soups! I hope this help! Bc if you're going to go thru a big surgery like BBL!..You want to see results and show them off.. :-)

This has to be the hardest and most uncomfortable part. I tried the side to side method but found when u have your arms done it can be very, very painful on the arms & back especially if you're laying down for a long period of time. I also noticed the side I favored the most has more bruising then the other! I arnica gel the hell out of that side since I wanted it to heal fast! Lol. I would suggest to just stick to sleeping on ur stomach, honestly it's probably the safest and most comfy! As each day goes, you start to adjust!

My 10 mo baby:
Last but not least, my little baby boy .. It breaks my heart that I can't hold him! Honestly, that's been the most trying of all this! The minute he sees me he's full of excitement, smile from ear to ear, blabbing things, jumping up and down, he puts his arms up and cries .. Bc he wants me to grab him and hug him & I can't!! Ahhhh.... Tears!!! I can only pick him up and place him in something or feed him! No cuddling .... Had to share for those who have little babies! :-(

I hope this is helpful for some ladies as you enter your journey or are considering having it done!! good luck sista's :-)

Pics Day 5 post-op

Can't wait for the swelling & bruising to go away!

Late update ..

Day 7 post -op pic

I had to go out for some groceries and put on my biggest workout plants!! Damn, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror .. I felt it looked so big from the side but I'm not complaining one bit!! Really am happy with my outcome so far

I'm still bruised all over but mainly swollen in my arms & stomach.

Today I'm on day 9 .. I'll post pics soon! Thanks for everyone sweet kind words & support!

Arms.... Day 9 update

Thank you so much for all your questions regarding the arms part of the surgery.

I took several pics trying to show the arms with the garment, without, single sleeves, combined, bruising. Also, a few pics of my overall progress.

Overall, I feel ok just look bad with the swollen tummy & bruising lol

Day 14 Post-op

Woohoo made it to the 2 week mark!! I'm feeling good overall have some bruising in all areas but it's much better. Swollen slightly in my stomach area but each day it improves.

I will say.. Please ladies get those massages, yes at times it's painful but so worth it for overall results!!

Here's a few pic I took today!

** Great info****

Thanks JazeQtNeedzABooty for sharing this info .. Had to repost!!

Had I known this before my surgery, I probably would've gone to a different location... I'm big on service!!

For those of u considering DR. Ortega! Way to compare prices & service.

Imagenes Cosmetics.... $3,500 including lipo, bbl, consultation, labs, anesthesia, follow-up visits, garment

CG Cosmetics.... $5,000 (4,500 special)
Includes lipo, bbl, anesthesia, consultation, labs, follow-up visits.

Spectrum Aesthetics.... $5,999
Includes lipo, bbl, 5-day stay at recovery house, garment, 2 post-op massages, anesthesia, consultation, labs, follow-up visits.

21 days Post-Op

Just a little update now I'm 3 weeks post-op! I ordered my 2nd stage garment, which arrived today (thanks bori for suggesting Caribbean shape wear) I bought 9412, (M) although I probably should purchased (sm). My measurements last week when I ordered it was 33,30, 41. Now, I'm 32, 29 1/2, 43 ?? My butt must of dropped lol ? Actually, It's settling nicely it was really high. I love, love, love the support of this garment my only issue is the straps are too short. I'm not that tall 5'5" but I t's cutting into my shoulders. I'm using small bath clothes under the straps until I break it in or stretches out a little.

No more arnica gel but I still have a little bruising especially in my inner thighs. At my 2 week mark, it was suggested i wear an epifoam board for my stomach, WOW major different in support and great to not have marks on ur stomach from the garment. So I've been wearing it all day & night since I'm unable to get my abdomen massaged. It's help smooth out that area.

I had some messages about how many CC's..The girls at spectrum, finally got back to me about the amount of cc's injected, only 500 cc's in each cheek not sure how much fat was injected in my abdomen to correct my botched lipo. I asked, but that will probably take them another week to find out .. Ugh! That sounds very little but going into this surgery, I was told that I didn't have that much fat so I'm not too surprised. Nevertheless, I LOVE MY NEW BOOTY & CURVES!! :-)

Well ladies, for those waiting to get ur bbl I'm super excited for u & I'll see u on the big booty side soon!! For those in post-op HAPPY HEALING BOOTYFUL !! :-)

Here's a few pics :-)

25 days Post op

Mid week check in, still getting my massages once per week! Sooooo recommend to get them!! Overall, I'm doing great but still slightly bruised in random areas especially in my inner thighs. So dying to look in the mirror without any bruising to feel pretty! :-(
The new faja I'm wearing I love! It's great on compression & shaping! It's getting big on my waist & back but still snug on my thighs & butt. So I'm not sure if I should switch it just yet, but look into getting a smaller one.
All I want to do is sit down it's been driving me crazy not to! But it's what we do for the sake of the booty & vanity lol!

It's getting very awkward being around friends when I'm visiting them since no one but my immediate family knows :-) I'm full of excuses lately every time someone says, please sit & relax!! smh if they only knew lol


Over the month hump! It's been faja madness ... Can't wait to stop wearing them! It's soooo hot in Florida!!

Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised and completely excited now that I've decided to have DR. O do my surgery!!!! Can't wait...

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