33 Yrs. Old, 2 Children... Looking Forward to a Fabulous Transformation. Miami, FL

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Hi ladies, I've been on a count down since April....

Hi ladies,
I've been on a count down since April. I'm so looking forward to going to have my BBL done with Dr. Salhauzer aka Dr. Miami. I'm booked for August 2016 and as the time approaches, I'm getting very anxious. I'm so excited about this journey. I finally decided to book it after researching for over 2 years. I have the best dream team for support n I'm so looking forward for the best results. I'm sure u can't go wrong with Dr Salhauzer.. I will upload Pre- op pics when the time gets closer n i will definitely unload post-op pics.. until then I will continue on my count down.

Just One Of My Wish Pics


Hey ladies,
At this point I'm ready to book my flight and looking into staying at Elite Nursing Concierge. Have any of you ladies stayed there? If so, can I get a short review of your experience... Thanks ladies!

Changed My Doctor...Going to Dr. Yily De Los Santos In D.R

So I decided to change my doctor for the BBL procedure that i so want. I've canceled my date with Dr Salhauzer and I'm just waiting on a reply from Dr Yily to confirm my date. I will be staying at a recovery home there which is included in my all inclusive quote, however I don't know which one to pick. I guess I'll be doing some additional research so that I can pick the best one..I'm so excited, going to apply for my passport today and looking for airline tickets for the best possible rate.. Can't Wait!...

Changed My Doctor, Now going To See Dr . Yily De Los Santos ?

Hey Ladies,
So I have decided to change my doctor. I now will be going to see Dr. Yily De Los Santos In D.R. for Lipo and BBL. I'm extremely excited and working on trying to organize everything at this point. I'm scheduled for October 13, 2016 with an arrival date of October 12th.. I can hardly wait...

Stay In D.R

Hey ladies, I'm scheduled with Dr. Yily De Los Santos In October 2016. I'm really thinking about going in June or July. I really don't want to stay there 8 days.. have any of u ladies finish your recovery at home? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...

Calling Out All Dr Ghurani And Dr Blinski's Dolls

Hey Ladies,I've decided that this year I will be getting a BBL. I'm looking to going in June however I haven't decided on what Dr. to go to.. I'm torn between Dr. Ghurani and Dr. Blinski. Lol.. I really, really would like to get this done only 1 time and so I'm aiming for the Dr. that can make that happen for me. I didn't see many pictures on here of any ladies that went to either Dr. So if u ladies don't mind sharing post op pics, I would really appreciate it. I'm like all over the place with thus decision at this point n really would like some feedback.

1 Fabulous Lady Looking Forward a Smooth Transformation

Hey Ladies,

So I must say I'm finally on a count down to getting my procedure done.This has been like the longest wait ever. So much to coordinate and get together and I must say I got through it. I'm finally going for my procedure on June 23rd with Dr. Ghurani at Spectrum. Just got cleared for surgery yesterday and everything has gotten so real at this point. I can't believe I'm finally getting this done and can't barely wait.. I'd like to hear from any ghurani dolls out there and your experience...

Made It To The Other Side

Omggg ladies, I Made it to the other side today... Dr. GHURANI IS THE BOMB.COM. .. he Is the best. .i will post pics once I'm able to. .

Before And After Pic.. Dr Ghurani Is The Best! ????

Before And After Pic, Dr Ghurani Is The Best! I So Love My Results..

18 days post op and still loving my results. Dr. Ghurani Is The Man...

18 days post op and still loving my results. Dr. Ghurani Is The Man...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ghurani is the best.. so honest n easy going.. thank you so much Dr. Ghurani, You have me looking bomb.. I so love my results...

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